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How the rightful heir to the throne of England can be restored to the throne.

I realized that since the legal system in the UK has the monarch give royal assent to laws passed, it would be impossible to use the system to change the monarchy.

Because of that, I propose that the secret organization, infiltrates the US government having members of the organization becoming President and members of Congress, so that the US government can use the CIA to kidnap a child heir to the throne from the line of primogeniture to raise to become King or Queen and invade the United Kingdom to put that person on the throne(of course if the heir is still a child, when it happens, there will be a regent until the monarch comes of age).

Jacob Harrison, FSTDT Forums 10 Comments [7/22/2018 2:28:56 PM]
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Submitted By: Pharaoh Bastethotep

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(Note: These are fundie reactions to Brandon Hatmaker, explaining why he and his wife Jen have come out in favour of gay marriage in 2016 after years as evangelical leaders. This is just some of the qoutes, and so many that the fundies can't exactly be pin pointed or named.)

1. "Did you not read the part where it says marriage is between one man and one woman ?"

2. "Their suffering is conviction by the Holy Spirit."

3. "I don't think you understand just how many precious souls you're putting in danger!"

4. "You call holy what God calls unholy."

5. "You have let the world in at your door."

6. "The Bible only has to condemn homosexuality once and that'd be good enough for me."

Various fundies, Facebook 3 Comments [7/22/2018 2:25:45 PM]
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Today's Laugh 7-21-18

Caption reads: Democrat candidates model the real names on the ballot.

Names written on foreheads: Comey, Strzok, Whoopie [sic], Maxine Waters, Brennan, Mueller, Clapper, Rosenstein, Obama, Hillary

Mick Williams, Disqus - Faith & Religion 8 Comments [7/22/2018 9:13:28 AM]
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Is There any gay person thats honest WHO HAVE THE BALLS TO TELL. The TRUTH AND will post the BAD after effect of being fuck in the ass BY DICK theres no good in this fucking man on man SHIT.

NO! there isnt

life6stinks, Tumblr 4 Comments [7/22/2018 2:29:15 PM]
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Congratulations in hindsight to the more than 20 prices and nominations for your short film "Ausstieg rechts" in the year 2015, that I sadly somewhat late, but thanks to the spread in social media was still able to see. It means, that late viewing enjoyment had maybe something good. Because so I had an insight in the crooked perception of less talented, cineastically uninspired, posessing zero knowledge of storybuilding, especially however systemconformist directors/screenwriters, that in expectation of further grants from the bag of state culture prophylactically lick the boots. It's no miracle that this 5-minute movie about "everyday racism", due to its speech and writing, has been demanded 8 state and semi-state parts with tax coals, that for their money also wanted to deliver a knot-free commercial for their fantastic multicultiural and population exchange agenda. It is thus pure contract labor.

Actuallly this propaganda clip isn't worth it to lose many words on, as it only serves the status quo of the Austrian and German self-hate and the legend of the always good stranger with a learning film that should be smart and funny. It convinces everyone, who is still convinced, and nobody with a contracy conviction. The reason why I am still getting into it, is in the first line endebted to the astonishment about so much unrealistm and handworking botch. It's especially its absolutely totalitarian message that stuns me, that we may ostracize people when one believes to stay on the right side, thus the side of the state ideology. Which is something the press sees totally differently.

Original German:
Herzlichen Glückwunsch nachträglich zu den mehr als 20 Preisen und Nominierungen für euren Kurzfilm “Ausstieg rechts” aus dem Jahr 2015, den ich leider etwas spät, aber dank der Verbreitung in den sozialen Medien doch noch sehen durfte. Das heißt, der verspätete Sehgenuß hatte vielleicht doch etwas Gutes. Denn so erhielt ich einen Einblick in die damalige schiefe Wahrnehmung von mindertalentierten, cineastisch völlig uninspirierten, von Storylogik null Ahnung besitzenden, insbesondere aber durch und durch systemkonformen Regisseuren/Drehbuchautoren, die in Erwartung weiterer Förderungs-Budgets der Staatskultur-Kaste prophylaktisch die Stiefel lecken. Kein Wunder, ist doch das 5-Minuten-Filmchen über den “Alltagsrassismus” von sage und schreibe 8 staatlichen und halbstaatlichen Stellen mit Steuerkohle gefördert worden, die für ihr Geld auch eine astreine Werbung für ihre fanatische Multikulti- und Völkeraustausch-Agenda abgeliefert haben wollten. Es ist also eine reine Auftragsarbeit.

Eigentlich ist der Propaganda-Clip es nicht wert, darüber viele Worte zu verlieren, dient er doch nur dazu, den Status quo des österreichischen und deutschen Selbsthasses und die Legende des immer guten Fremden anhand eines pfiffig und witzig sein sollenden Lehrfilmes zu konservieren. Er überzeugt jenen, der schon überzeugt ist, und keinen mit gegenteiliger Überzeugung. Weshalb ich ihn mir trotzdem vorknöpfe, ist in erster Linie dem Erstaunen über so viel Irrealität und handwerklichem Murks geschuldet. Vor allem jedoch macht mich seine absolut totalitäre Botschaft sprachlos, daß man andere Menschen ausgrenzen darf, wenn man glaubt, auf der richtigen, also der Staatsideologie frönenden Seite zu stehen. Was die Presse natürlich ganz anders sieht.

Link to the short film he commented on:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q3Jse8j7pZc

Akif Pirinçci, Der Kleine Akif 1 Comments [7/22/2018 2:30:51 PM]
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to any incels that reproduce, I FUCKING DESPISE YOU

to any incels that ascends and manages to reproduce, i fucking hate you. youre the reason why incels like us exist in the first place, im looking at you itsOVER. despite all the looksmaxing i do i will never fix my ethnicity, my shitty feminine narrow head, my eye area, my mental state, my lower third, my height etc. i will looksmax to my potential, give myself about another decade but if thats not enough believe me im taking the easy way out of this life, i will fucking end myself. i will always hate my parents for having me cos i never asked to be put in this world and now due to their selfishness im sentenced to suffer another 60 years on this planet. also doesnt help i have only one x chromosome. i hate having to brush my teeth because everytime i do i have to look at my disgusting reflection in the mirror which makes me want to ldar all night or more preferrably stick a bullet in my wig. passing on your tainted poverty genes is up there with murder imo if anything its worse than murder because at least victims had a life b4 they were murdered whereas its over by the time your dad jizzes in your mum. your fate is sealed. if you have shit genes and your considering having children you need to either off yourself or ldar and accept your fate. dont be a selfish twat and put another innocent life what you went through.

EDIT: and to all the fakecels and larpers, please just fuck off. you will never know what its like to be walked allover because of your physical appearance. cunts like you will turn this into lookism 2.0

Chadani, incels.me 5 Comments [7/22/2018 1:15:23 PM]
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I feel spiritually raped. By Bruce Jenner becoming a woman. All my younger life I ate Wheaties and admired Bruce Jenner has one of the masculine figures that I wanted to be like big and strong and fast. He was a good male image to me and I looked up to him. As did many children of my age group. Then he turned around and turned himself into a woman. I feel like somebody has shoved a cactus up my butt!

arimatthewdavies, Y! answers 7 Comments [7/22/2018 2:38:10 PM]
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Would you hate a man, who's 30 who dated a 22 year old. No! Would you hate a man, who's 22 who dated a 14 year old. You shouldn't!

People who have a problem with the age difference just need to grow up. My parents are 51 and 59, but you don't see anyone calling my mom a you know what! Anyone flames my parents on this forum you better hope an admin deletes your comment before I see it, because an admin is going to have to clean up mine. No offense to the admins.

a 22 year old is an adult. a 14 year old is a child. I don't see how this is such a difficult thing for some of you to grasp.

see now that raises another question, is an 18 year old really an adult? i've met plenty of 18 yr old's that give off the impression that they're more like 14 or 15 maturity wise

kylewarner7, mtgsalvation 2 Comments [7/22/2018 2:31:15 PM]
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Today's Laugh 7-19-18

(NOTE: Difficult to say what is going on in this comic strip but I will identify the various things being said and the reader may try to understand for themselves)

Man labelled Brennan with 666 on his forehead: TREASON!
Man walking across bridge labelled Helsinki: I'd trust people like Putin over the fake media.
Creature labelled ABC: ...ahuh, wha...I smell blood.
Creature labelled CBS: Sedition. Heresy.
Creature labelled NBC: At long last-we have him!

Mick Williams, Disqus - Faith & Religion 5 Comments [7/22/2018 2:37:54 PM]
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Quote# 139074

Real people are being hurt by the left’s New Witch Hunt, and they don’t care

The eventful year of 2016 is over, and as the holiday season approaches and busy schedules perhaps allow a bit more time for some reading, I have an urgent recommendation for you: Get your hands on Mary Eberstadt’s short but powerful book It’s Dangerous to Believe: Religious Freedom and Its Enemies. It’s only 126 pages long—I read it in a few hours—but it lays out succinctly and with beautiful clarity what she calls the battle of the creeds, the war between the Sexual Revolution and traditionalist Christianity that has been waged with increasing sound and fury since the advent of the Pill.

When Eberstadt refers to the targeting of “Christians,” she is of course referring to traditionalist Christians—those who still hold to the two-thousand-year-old teachings on sexuality that Christians have always believed.

This is a distinction that is now necessary. The Sexual Revolution has managed to generate a contingent of religious quislings, “progressive” Christians who have more or less abolished notions of sexual sin but magnanimously want to keep a messiah around to forgive their neighbors of the sins of homophobia and judgementalism. But these Christians are a very new breed. This new “progressive” Christianity is not only less than a century old, but already shrinking—a recent report noted that it is conservative churches that are growing while liberal churches continue to empty out, putting a bit of irony in the claims of so-called progressive Christians that they are “on the right side of history.”

It is worth noting, for a moment, that if Christians with the traditionalist view of sexuality were placed on one side of a scale, and progressive Christians were plopped on the other side, the sheer lopsidedness of the scene would be rather hilarious. On one side, we have everyone from St. Paul to the great Christian martyrs, from Tolkien, Chesterton, and Lewis, to Jonathan Edwards, Augustine of Hippo, and even the liberal Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. On the other side, we have a handful of so-called progressive Christian intellectuals—and who can name any? —who have abandoned two thousand years of Christian teaching, announcing with staggering arrogance that everyone else was wrong. When the weight of history is dropped onto the scales, it lands on the traditionalist side with such force that such progressives are flung into the stratosphere.

But secular progressives and their post-Christian cronies have made such advances because the position of religion in society has been weakened so much in the first place. So-called progressive Christians are really just hybrid heretics, as they do not see themselves as abandoning Christianity, but rather attempting to reconcile our culture’s two warring creeds. To announce loud support for gay unions, the transgender agenda, abortion, and the other secular sacraments while attempting to twist into a theological pretzel that allows one to claim that such beliefs are actually an expression of “Christian love” may seem to be a solution to the problem of “picking a side,” but in reality it makes a mockery of everything Christianity has ever stood for and a fool of the one attempting this oil-and-water cocktail. This is why we often see “progressive” Christians turning on their supposed co-religionists with such fervor—they are virtue-signalling to their secular comrades, and displaying the fierce eagerness that collaborators so often do.

In Eberstadt’s view, there were two main events in recent history that weakened the standing of religion in society: The Catholic priest child abuse scandals and subsequent cover-ups, which dramatically decreased people’s trust in “organized religion,” and 9/11, which made many people feel as if religion was a dangerous and toxic set of beliefs that could, after all, inspire men to fly planes into buildings. The growing creed of secular progressivism responded with its own apostles in the form of the New Atheism movement, led by the “Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse”—Christopher Hitchens, Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris, and Daniel Dennett. What was new about this atheist movement, it turns out, is that it sounded rather familiar—the child abuse scandal gave the evangelists of New Atheism fodder for all the moral fury and righteous indignation they needed for an anti-religion crusade. The New Atheists, with no sense of irony, began a moral panic: Religion poisons everything. (One of my friends and I used to joke that Hitchens did in fact believe in objective morality, he was simply offended that it predated him.)

This segued nicely into the ongoing demonization of Christians by the sexual revolutionaries. Christians were “homophobes,” “transphobes,” “bigots,” and “haters.” Consider for a moment, Eberstadt pleads with the reader, just how repulsive and ugly it is that millions of people are being convicted by smear campaigns of being hateful without evidence—their Christian beliefs alone are the only proof necessary to prove that they have hate in their heart. Hate, when detached from what any person actually feels, simply becomes a meaningless word. Eberstadt lays out, in careful detail, the absurd but stunning parallels between the ongoing stigmatization of Christians and the witch-hunts of 1600s Massachusetts. Secular progressivism, she reiterates, is a form of religion—and it sees the Christian view of sexuality as an original sin.

In other words, it is not that secular progressives don’t believe in the Devil. It’s just that they believe he happens to be a Christian. It’s not that they don’t believe in saints and sinners, it’s that in their creed, saints and sinners have swapped places: An athlete announcing his homosexuality can get a congratulatory call from the President of the United States, while a pastor renowned for his work combatting human trafficking can be forced to withdraw from offering a prayer at that same president’s inauguration as the result of a smear campaign targeting him for his Christian position on marriage.

Some may find the word “persecution” to be too strong a word to use in describing what is going on today in the West, and Eberstadt recognizes that. She does, however, detail very carefully the type of targeting that is going on: People losing their jobs, losing their businesses, being ostracized in social settings, refused admittance to universities, and finding their right to educate their own children under attack. Secular progressives are even targeting home-schooling while insinuating that Christian parents are a danger to their own children by virtue of the beliefs they teach. This fundamental right—the right of parents to pass their beliefs on to their children—is where most Christians, even those who simply wish to be left in peace, will finally draw the line and join the culture war.

Additionally, Eberstadt lays out the horrors of real, physical persecution that are being inflicted on Christians in Iraq—and asks, pointedly, why our secular progressive leaders do not seem to care. Indeed, there seems to be a backlash against the mere suggestion that Iraqi Christians, who like the Yazidis are often targeted for persecution by both ISIS and Muslims in the refugee camps, be prioritized because they are in the greatest danger. The reason vicious persecution the world round is ignored and escapes mention, while Barack Obama uses National Prayer Breakfasts to berate Christian leaders for historic sins, Eberstadt posits, is because those being persecuted are Christian, and secular progressives have no sympathy for Christians.

In the creed of the secular progressives, everything hinges on sex. Christians can believe, without controversy, that stealing, murder (except for abortion and euthanasia), lying, and swearing are wrong. If sex enters the picture, however, suddenly everything changes. It is for this reason that secular progressives are willing to hurt thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of poor and needy men, women, and children in order to inflict damage on Christian charities that do not agree with them that two men have the right to raise a child simply because they want to. Eberstadt records one heartbroken adoption worker noting that once the Catholic foster system and adoption services were “sued out of existence,” who would take care of the children? The progressive heresy hunters, of course, would have already carried their torches and pitchforks over to the next guilty charity and begun their shrieking anew. The message to Christian charities, lauded for decades even by secular sources for their sterling work with needy children and their mission to serve the poor, is simple: Change your beliefs on sex, or we’ll shut you down. Just as we see with abortion and so many of the other secular sacraments, children can always be sacrificed in the name of sex.

It is worth noting, as Eberstadt does, that this is not a theoretical question. Real people and real children are being hurt badly by this war against Christian charities, carried out by fanatics who would rather deny people life-saving services than agree to disagree on moral beliefs. If Christians are forced out of charity, much of the charitable system will implode, especially since religious people are far more likely to give to charity than secular people are. For example, people who pray every day are 30% more likely to give to a charity than people who do not pray, people who devote time to a spiritual life are 42% more likely to give to charity than those who do not, and interestingly, “people who say that ‘beliefs don’t matter as long as you’re a good person’ are dramatically less likely to give charitably (69% to 86%) and to volunteer (32% to 51%) than people who think that beliefs do matter.” Eberstadt’s chapter detailing the attack on Christian charities, titled “Inquisitors vs. good Works,” makes her book worth reading all by itself.

Eberstadt’s conclusion is a plea for common ground. Feminists and Christians, she points out, have found themselves fighting side by side on issues like pornography, surrogacy, and the objectification of women. It is possible for us to ascribe to the other the best possible motivation, while still disagreeing in the strongest possible terms. But for this to happen, says Eberstadt, the secular progressives must shut down their witch-hunt. They have to halt their demonization of Christians, cease their storming of Christian charities, and stop their attacks on Christian education. “Is the suppression of independent thought,” she asks, “really going to be progressivism’s historical signature?”

It certainly appears that way.

Jonathan Van Maren, LifeSite News 11 Comments [7/22/2018 9:13:47 AM]
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Quote# 139066

Today’s Laugh 7-20-18

Presumably Whoopi Goldberg: Who got Trump derangement syndrome? #?% you! Get the #?% outta this buildin’! #?% you! Get the #?% out!!!

Woman: (thinks) Absolutely classic manifestation.

Mick Williams, Disqus - Faith & Religion 3 Comments [7/22/2018 2:37:36 PM]
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Submitted By: Jocasta

Quote# 139045

I’ve never been to a country outside of America, yet I continue to believe other countries exist.

Why? Because people who have experiences in those countries have come back and told the detailed stories of their experiences. They tell what they’ve seen and heard, how the people behave, etc. They bring back souvenirs, pictures, etc. (otherwise known as evidence.)

But if I, having no experience in another country, were to tell those people, “No other countries besides America exist!” what do you think they would say?

“You’re crazy! We’ve been there. We’ve seen the evidence!”

If I say, again, from my lack of experience in those countries, “there’s no evidence! It’s all a fairy tale myth!” I might be able to say it in a way that sounds intellectual, but I’m still trying to convince people with an experience that my lack of experience is a more reliable piece of evidence.

It’s silly.

So what is the only way I’ll believe if I don’t accept the stories and souvenirs people bring back as good enough evidence?

I’ll have to go to one of those other countries and see for myself.

When it comes down to it, regarding why I believe, no argument, no matter how convincing, will satisfy the need some people have to see for themselves. Even if I bring back tangible evidence, people will yell “Trickery! You made that in your basement!”

My friends and I used to travel towns and pray for the sick. We would see a lot of miracles happen: Broken bones being instantly put back together, people getting out of wheelchairs, deaf ears opening, migraines disappearing, etc. All the same evidence Jesus brought from his country.

Still, no matter how much the evidence, no matter how many verified doctor reports there were, no matter how many videos we published, there were a ton of people (including Christians) screaming, “Trickery! You’ve falsified those claims!”

Why? Because they lack the experience.

I believe because I’ve seen the other country. I’ve tasted the food. I’ve participated in the recreational activities.

I’ve seen so much evidence that even when I don’t want to believe that other country exists, I can’t stop because my life has been full of the evidence.

I believe because I’ve seen plenty of evidence (too much, if you consider my previous statement). If it’s not good enough evidence for others, that’s their deal. It doesn’t cancel what I’ve seen, heard, tasted and touched.

Daniel Silva, Quora 10 Comments [7/21/2018 3:01:32 PM]
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Quote# 139054

How do I deal with a husband (stepdad to my daughter since she was 2; biological dad is not around) who tried to touch my 16 year-old daughter’s private parts?

Divorce is legal in the USA and I am sure there are advantages to it. But people should not use divorce whenever however etc. Stop using divorce as an excuse to every little problem.

When there’s a will there’s a way.

Many people have suggested “NO TALK!” here. I am trying to compose and control myself here to abide with the BNBR policy but every time I see that, and remember the broken families very much common in western countries, I feel my blood boiling inside.

No talk? Imagine if nations on the brink of war had a “no talk” policy? An ambassador was assassinated? No talk, we bomb you! A foreign national was kidnapped and beheaded? No talk, our soldiers are landing at your beaches.

Sometimes problems can’t be resolved by communication but it SHOULD be the first attempt. You send a message or call the other head of state instead of launching missiles at once.

Am I saying a divorced family is worse than an abusive family? No.

Am I saying an abusive family is worse than a divorced family? No.

Both are terrible things. Both are things a child should not go through.

What I noticed though, is that the OP has a daughter and this husband is her stepdad. Which means the OP has already left and divorced her first husband, and daughter’s biological dad. These ladies have already gone through the experience of being in a broken family and divorce.

This incident has happened. That is clear. What’s done is done. The man has done it. He did this. He has broken their trust. He is at fault. I am clear on that.

Let us consider the possible outcomes.

She does get up and leave right there and then, taking the daughter with her. This will 100% guaranteed they are both going to go through the pains and struggles of divorced and being in a broken family again. That we can be sure of.

If they all decide to sit and talk it can end as:

he is given a 2nd chance. He tries it again sadly. Abusive family. They divorce and leave.
she decided to leave regardless of talking. Divorced family.
they work things out. He becomes the father he wanted to be, she gets the father she never had, OP gets the husband she deserves. Happy family.
There is a CHANCE at making things right. A CHANCE to be a happy family. Where as in the first option, that is absolutely 0.

When you get burnt by your oven, do you toss it away suddenly or try to fix and check it at first?

When you accidentally get zapped fidgeting around the wiring of your PC, do you punch the screen, kick the CPU and scrap your PC, or do you carefully check the wiring first and see what might have caused it?

“Until now, there was no attempt from both ends to sit down and talk about what happened and how to move forward”

Can you blame them? This is probably difficult for BOTH of them. She is embarrassed and scared to face him. He is embarrassed and scared to face her. If you just sit and wait, nothing will happen.

If you make a mountain of a molehill, if you escalate the situation drastically, chances are you might cause an unexpected negative reaction and lasting impact to either or both of them.

he could turn spiteful, depressed, violent or suicidal
she could turn spiteful, depressed, violent or suicidal
you could turn spiteful, depressed, violent or suicidal
I would suggest you personally plan, and sit down together with BOTH of them. You will act as the middleman and the neutral ground between two of them. You will be the one in charge of keeping the mood as non-aggressive and calm as you can. Tensions will rise and you will have the responsibility to make sure to call for a time out if it gets too much.


This is not a random stranger on the bus or street, this is your husband and her stepdad.
You are married to a human being who is not perfect and can make mistakes. You are not married to the son of god or something.
Would he do it again? Maybe? Maybe not. It is the first time. You can not judge and condemn a person outright for a first time mistake.
She is not a child anymore, but still not an adult. She is 16. She is bothered by this but she is already capable of facing it and learning how to deal with life problems and situations, things she will surely face herself in the future.

It is up to the OP and her daughter to decide, and that the husband can only agree to whatever decision they make.

But talking opens up opportunities to hear both sides as well as for OP and daughter to set new rules and restrictions for husband and challenge him to regain their trust.

She can organize the talk, give a chance to the man to prove himself, and at the same time still protect her daughter. She is NOT leaving her daughter as bait.

Also I noted that the daughter chose to go and talk to him at first, even before this question was asked, leading me to assume that the daughter herself wants to work things out. This is what the daughter might want. The OP is just there to be with her throughout this.

You have said you has been with this man 14 years (daughter is 16 and he has been with you since she was 2)

which is why we should not resort to divorce outright!

Red Subijano, quora 1 Comments [7/22/2018 2:32:22 PM]
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Quote# 139051

(This happened in March 2018)

An Oxford Hills School Board member who resigned last week amid an outcry over divisive comments he made on social media says he’s not a racist and doesn’t deserve the scorn heaped upon him by critics. “I am not the problem. The problem is what’s being taught in the public schools to Christian boys and girls,” said Robert Celeste, a former construction company owner who calls himself pastor of the web-based Church for the American Christian Patriot.

“God created four races – white, red, yellow and black,” he said Monday. “Man created a fifth race through rape, slavery and prostitution – the mixed race.” Celeste has a history of making racist comments on social media. In a November 2015 post on Facebook that followed deadly terrorist attacks in France that killed 130 people, Celeste posted “An Open Message To Members Of Maine State Militia” that said in part, “Last night in Paris, France the Obamites showed their hand. I and others expect something like it will happen here, on US soil.”

An image of a handgun firing a bullet accompanied the post and bore the words: “To All Muslims: The USA has the highest concentration of Armed Christians in the world. Just in case you forgot.”

In a June 2016 post about how to break up an anti-Trump rally he included a picture of a poster that said: “How to break up a Black Lives Matter protest!” The poster showed black men running and a little boy in the foreground with a speech bubble that said, “Are you my dad?” Elected to the regional school district’s board in 2016 when his only opposition was a write-in candidate, Celeste also regularly submits opinion pieces to various newspapers expressing his views on race and religion, often prompting rebuttals from members of the community.

He believes there is nothing wrong with trying to protect white people. “Nobody tells the yellow race they need to integrate and water down,” Celeste said.

Richard Colpitts, superintendent of the regional schools, said Celeste always has been polite on a panel that has diverse viewpoints and had not brought up many of the issues that appear on the website for his church. Colpitts, however, was surprised by the contents of the website and said Celeste’s decision was “probably in the best interests of the board.” The Oxford Hills district comprises Paris, West Paris, Oxford, Norway, Harrison, Waterford, Hebron, Harrison and Otisfield.

Celeste said he gave up the seat because his wife is becoming more ill and he was diagnosed with terminal colon cancer four years ago. He knows his time is limited and he wants to complete a Bible translation he has been working on. “I’ve put in my dues,” he said. “It’s time for someone else to do it.” Celeste is no stranger to controversy. He began fighting for gun rights and other conservative issues more than three decades ago. The barbs tossed his way didn’t bother Celeste, he says, because his beliefs are rooted in the Bible and his love for America’s freedom and Republican government.

“I have said nothing controversial,” he said. Public schools, on the other hand, have much to defend, he said. Take dinosaurs, for example. Celeste said it has been only about 6,450 years since the fall of man in the Garden of Eden, a place where people and animals lived in innocence and harmony. So when books and teachers in schools say that dinosaurs lived “millions and millions of years ago,” Celeste is more than just dubious. He is outraged. “What that is saying is that God lied,” Celeste said.

Public schools are telling Christian children, he said, that what they learn at church is wrong. Without offering proof, Celeste cited as an example his belief that dinosaurs were still flying around “out West” when cowboys first ventured out toward the Rocky Mountains. Most scientists agree that dinosaurs disappeared from Earth roughly 65 million years ago. Celeste said Christian parents ought to teach their children at home or send them to a church school, although he is open to letting them take specific classes in public schools on subjects such as chemistry or vocational training that don’t provide “lies” meant to undermine faith.

Celeste blames public education for much of what he does not like about society today. “Where are they taught guns are bad and abortions are good?” he asked. The answer, he said: public classrooms. It is tough to be a Christian these days, Celeste said.

For example, there are a lot of 14-year-old girls wearing clothing that is “too provocative.” “Why do girls want to make me want to commit adultery?” he asked. Contemplating his own question, Celeste said that even if one of those girls pranced naked between him and the television, he is so old and sick that he would just tell her to get out of the way.

Robert Celeste, Press Herald 11 Comments [7/21/2018 3:14:55 PM]
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Quote# 139055

Read your bible for you do not know God at all ! God does not go along with you people killing your innocent unborn babies and all the killing that you do to your own selfish , evil ways !

Dawn Heistand, Quora 9 Comments [7/21/2018 4:02:34 PM]
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Teenagecels Should Be Honored, Not Cast Away

I find it very silly when I see comments, especially aimed at the user Sadness saying "you're only 16 this place is terrible for you, this will be the reason you are incel" or "you're too young, you could ascend!". I find comments like those very illogical and harmful to the incel community for a variety of reasons. I will list them.

1. The fact that people are recognizing the true nature of genetic determinism, hypergamy, foid psychology, and the 80/20 rule at such a young age shows how intelligent they are. IT criticizes us a lot for manipulating the youth and "brainwashing" them with incel rethoric. We never did that. Sadness discovered this place by himself and is very intelligent to figure out at his age that looks are the overwelmingly primary factor he is in the state he's in.

2. Mental state, psychology, and your """"attitude"""" do not have an impact on your life. The idea that this place could somehow ruin a future Chad is absolute non-sense. If someone was raised from birth with incel logic, hit puberty and became a Chad, their life would become just as normal (better than normal) as any other person. Your beliefs, attitudes, and personal philosophy mean nothing in a world that is skin-deep.

3. Even if we are screwing people over with a terrible """"attitude"""" and ensuring possible normie/Chads never become normal and descend into inceldom, that is a GOOD THING. We should not want more normies and Chads living happy lives, we should want more people falling into inceldom to suffer with us. Why should we celebrate the fact that a teenager gets to grow up and have the life we never did? We should hope he remains an incel for life.

FoidsDeserveCancer, incels.me 3 Comments [7/22/2018 9:13:31 AM]
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Being incel is a result of a combination of stats.

Think of it as a character RPG sheet.

You have 4 stats, and you can have between a 1-100 on each stat.

Face (looks)
Status (Money)
Mental (Charisma, confidence, humor, sanity)

In general, if you have 150 points you can probably get laid.

If you have 100 in status 25 in height and 25 in face; you can get laid.

If you have 50 in face, 50 in height, 50 in status; you can get laid.

However, if you are an ugly, short, middleclass guy; tough luck.

An incel is an ugly, short, low status and unattractive guy.

You could be 7 feet tall, but if you're an autist with a shitty face and no money; good luck.

Improvecel, incels.me 6 Comments [7/22/2018 9:13:33 AM]
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Submitted By: Pharaoh Bastethotep

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There is a lot of negative stigma about it, but women used to marry older men at the age of 13 and were expected to have children, and somehow it wasn't viewed as horrible back then. It's all stigma and ignorance. If you can have a meaningful relationship with someone, wouldn't it be a greater injustice to terminate the relationship just because a couple of closed-minded people didn't agree with you?

Alexander of future ruins, mtgsalvation 7 Comments [7/21/2018 3:02:16 PM]
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Only satanists, like the Cathlics who are satanists on the account of not being Christians (Matthew 12:30), would need this ridiculous writ relative to the modernist reinvention of birth control and promotion of carnality! Is the so-called "birth control" a new thing? NOT! Pagans throughout history used various means to increase and excuse their engagement in carnal activities in the name of satan. Ancient Egyptians, whom our Jesus punished with the exodus of the Jew, ate crocodile feces and European pagans rubbed weasel testes over their faces to be able to do the dirty deed without shame of producing bastard progeny. The Cathlics are no better in that they encourage carnality and instruct the female, that Sister of Eve, to time the activity of the satanic bestial joy to the "right time of the month".

But as Christians, we study the Bible and can learn by implication that our beloved baby Jesus despises ALL carnality, including those occurrences of the inseminatory procedure conducted within the confines of marriage! Was there all this rumping around like dogs in heat nonsense in the Garden of Eden? NOT! It was only after the Fall that carnality became a shameful part of human condition, one that up until recently Christians had to engage in for the purpose of being fruitful and multiplying.

But none of this is even needed now, especially when one lives in the United States of America, where we have modern technologies like in vitro fertilization! What a great solution to common carnality and proper Christian family planning, is it not?! The female can be simply taken to a Christian doctor about once a year to have proper insemination conducted in clean and healthy medical setting, thus ensuring a consistent flow of good quality genetic stocks of young Christian soldiers into our communities and churches. And all without any bestial and sinful (Ps. 51:5) intermingling of flesh! Praise and glory to the Lord!

Tony Demarcus, Ph.D., D.D., Disqus Grace and Truth 7 Comments [7/22/2018 1:15:39 PM]
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Benham brothers blast LGBT ‘bully mafia’ waging ‘witch hunt’ against Christian HGTV stars

Chip and Joanna Gaines of the popular HGTV show Fixer Upper are a "wonderful family" and "don't hate anybody," David and Jason Benham said in a video supporting them. The Gaines couple is under fire after a Buzzfeed report on their pastor's belief that marriage is between a man and a woman wondered if Chip and Joanna believe the same thing.

The Benham brothers, who lost their HGTV show over their pro-life and pro-marriage beliefs, said the "bully mafia agenda" attacking the Gaines couple is trying to "bully this family into submission to force belief upon them."

"Chip and Joanna are a wonderful family, and Chip and Joanna are believers in Jesus Christ," said David Benham. "They’re not anti-anything. They’re pro-God. They’re pro-Bible. They’re pro-people. They’re pro-Jesus...what’s happening right now is a witch hunt."

The Benham brothers encouraged those who support Chip and Joanna to "buy their products" and express support for the couple on their Facebook page.

"This isn’t HGTV’s fault," said Jason Benham. "They’re getting pushed into this and bullied into this and we know what those conversations are like when HG has to call and say, 'hey Chip, Joanna, we got a problem. Cosmo and Buzzfeed are coming at you guys.'"

The Benham brothers said that when they were filming their show's first set of episodes, Chip and Joanna were filming Fixer Upper's first set of episodes. Jason said the very first supportive phone call the brothers received after they were fired was from Chip.

David Benham expressed hope that this would be resolved the same way controversy over a Duck Dynasty star's alleged "homophobic comments" was. Millions of Americans stood by the show, which remains on the air.

"We pray that millions of Americans would stick behind Chip and Joanna Gaines and support their right to believe and exercise their beliefs, which are held by millions of Americans across this country," David Benham concluded.

Claire Chretien , LifeSite News 7 Comments [7/22/2018 9:13:41 AM]
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The Bible very clearly explains the days of creation the Bible says that God lives in unapproachable light. God dwells at the speed of light there for when God gives you a timetable it's his timetable the one that's on Lightspeed that's considerably more than the time of a man. I've actually done the calculations the Bible draws the conclusion that if you were going by man's timetable you would have a 6900 year time.. using one day is a thousand years to the Lord. But that's simply not true. if you set there and properly do the calculations you will find that the real age of Earth is 4. 769 billion years old using the light speed calculation.

arimatthewdavies, Y! answers 5 Comments [7/22/2018 9:13:44 AM]
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Is wagecucking as a teacher the ultimate cuckoldry?

You're basically devoting your time to the education and upbringing of a whole bunch of other people's offspring, while you have none.

Incel called Chad, incels.me 8 Comments [7/22/2018 9:13:53 AM]
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Submitted By: Pharaoh Bastethotep

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(In response to: Actually… By definition; God is a superhuman being or spirit worshipped as having power over nature or human fortunes; a deity. Not inherently moral or immoral.)

That’s what a god is. Apollo and Thor were called gods but were specialized deities with flaws and limited powers and finite characteristics. That’s what an evil god would necessarily be as well. You can’t call such beings “God” because they have names to be distinguished from the other similar deities. God, Capital G, properly defined, is the name we English speakers ascribe to the greatest possible being. There are different ideas about what specifically God does and how he expresses those maximally great attributes to us, but that’s the foundational definition.

Kane Taylor, Quora 3 Comments [7/21/2018 3:22:28 PM]
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In response to a man whose girlfriend got an abortion

Those fire-and-brimstone protesters outside the infanticide center already did my job for me, but I thought I would just offer a casual reminder.

Enjoy your unending nightmares where you imagine the baby smoothie scrape. and/or sucked out by the doctor and tossed into the trash bin.

I bet your son/daughter must have felt a sudden surge of shock in its neurons as it was destroyed into a paste. It never would get to say, "I love you Daddy" even once.

Maybe next time you can actually be a man with your wife instead of an accomplice.

"I love you Daddy"

akolyth, Reddit 9 Comments [7/22/2018 12:37:26 AM]
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Life is barbaric suffering / prolonged torture, for us.

For many of us, our introduction to life out of the womb, was having our genitals mutilated by a surgeon. Then to attend public education that systematically hates boys. Then to realize you're an incel for whatever reason. Then to develop mental problems. Then to work cuckwage jobs until your soul has been murdered. Then to reach NEET/LDAR only to be threatened that if you don't "get back on track" you'll be homeless. Then to contemplate roping. Then to realize you're just as scared of roping, as you are of living.

What in the actual fuck are we supposed to do ? How could this possibly be real ? This entire experience is a wide awake nightmare from HELL. I wish more of us had the resources and the nerve to ERadicate the cause of our suffering. The only thing that brings a smile to my face is the rare occasion when normies get a taste of their own goddamn medicine.

Hikikomori, incels.me 9 Comments [7/18/2018 11:40:46 AM]
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Submitted By: Pharaoh Bastethotep
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