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One can only wonder whether the judgment of God will fall on the nation of U.S.A.

The depravity of the Roman Caesars and the Roman Empire included God forbidden sexual acts, as Obama’s abominations and his ’sodomization of America’. That was one aspect of Rome’s cesspit of iniquity, with the added perversions of the Babylonian, Medo Persian, and Greek Empires, which resulted in its fall.

To all of this was added the evil of Emperor Worship, along with the abundant images of the various Caesars and the required oblations to be made, which many Christians refused to perform.

It was not only their flagrant and open sins. Nero in particular, as were others, was guilty of gross persecution and making martyrs of innumerable Christians, particularly from A.D.64-A.D.68. This shedding of innocent blood was not unnoticed by God.

Tacitus, that great Roman historian has recorded an account of the depths of Rome’s evil and depravity.

Gibbon, the 18th century English author of ‘The Fall And Decline Of The Roman Empire’, attributed it to the homosexuality, lesbianism and similar depravities as those of the guilty Obama.

It is evident it contributed greatly to the fall of Rome, on consideration of the Caesar’s and Rome’s rampant homosexuality, same sex marriages even of Nero’s to a boy in the dress of a woman and on it goes. The Book of Revelation reveals that judgment fell on Rome. She did fall, that evil Babylon, the Scarlet Woman.

Will America find its end in like manner. The reproach she has allowed to fall upon her could have this result. Will the hoped for ‘God bless America’ eventuate in a curse she has brought upon herself.

Irene Bonney Faulkes, Real Jew News 12 Comments [7/26/2017 8:09:25 AM]
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If you want to love God, then as Jesus said, you will keep God’s commandments. Therefore, to love God is to love what God loves and to hate what God hates. The LGBT hates God, so they love what God hates and hate what God loves.

Andrew Bieszad, Shoebat.com: Awareness and Action 14 Comments [7/26/2017 11:38:08 AM]
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Strawman Award

Quote# 129740

Eric Hovind, Eric Hovind's Facebook page 27 Comments [7/26/2017 5:11:22 AM]
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Quote# 129758

To think, our Orwellian society could have had
War is peace
Freedom is slavery
Ignorance is strength

And instead wound up with
Men can be women
Women can be men
Children can consent to sex


der-prinz-aus-stahl, Tumblr 11 Comments [7/26/2017 9:49:20 AM]
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Quote# 129741

Others have spoken out harshly about the proposal [to build an adaptive facility for people with disabilities on Miami Beach], arguing that people with disabilities should be in a pool, not the ocean, that having them in the water would be a liability to the city, and that the facility would limit the public’s access to the beach.

“My specific concern is that we are benefiting special interests and limiting the right of the general public to use the beach and the park,” said resident Diana L. Rodriguez at a public hearing in April.

The tone of the debate has offended those who want to see people with disabilities have easier and more frequent access to the ocean. Conversely, they feel the facility will make the beach more inclusive, so the disabled and able-bodied can enjoy the ocean together.

“I think [their arguments] are just completely silly,” said Susan Solmon, a podiatric physician and clinical pharmacist who has benefited from the adaptive beach days. “They are made by people who are scared of something that they don’t know. I would encourage them to come out and be part of an adaptive beach day.”

Diana L. Rodriguez, Miami Herald 15 Comments [7/26/2017 5:11:41 AM]
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Quote# 129767

The extremist anti-choice group Operation Save America is making national headlines this week as it begins a week of protests aimed at shutting down the last remaining abortion clinic in Kentucky. The group has been testing the enforcement of the FACE Act, the federal law guaranteeing access to abortion clinics; 11 Operation Save America (OSA) members were arrested for blocking the doors of the Louisville clinic in May and the group has now agreed to abide by a temporary restraining order allowing access to the clinic during their protests—a decision that OSA is portraying as a victory.

OSA picked its target carefully: Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin has also been taking aim at the Louisville clinic and personally met with OSA leadership when they held a planning meeting in February. In December, OSA’s Rusty Thomas wrote to his group’s supporters that he was also planning to “meet with a Congressman who is a dear Christian brother who is serious about restoring his state in righteousness. He has graciously offered his help to OSA in establishing our comings and goings in his state.”

OSA’s goal, however, involves more than shutting down the last abortion clinic in Kentucky. The group has been urging state officials to defy federal law on abortion rights altogether and refuse to enforce the protections of Roe v. Wade in their state. The primary advocate of this strategy is Matt Trewhella, a Wisconsin activist who signed a statement in the 1990s supporting the murder of abortion providers. Trewhella is a fixture at OSA events and spoke at a press conference with Thomas this week. Thomas has said that Bevin praised Trewhella’s book about defying federal laws on abortion rights and LGBTQ equality when he met the group in February.

Speaking to Slate’s Michelle Goldberg about Trewhella’s “Doctrine of the Lesser Magistrates,” Thomas said, “It just appears that Kentucky may be the first ones who take it seriously enough to cross that line and finally do their duty in the midst of this Holocaust.”

In a press conference this week, Thomas insisted that it was the Supreme Court that had broken the law by ruling in favor of abortion rights: “We are not the lawbreakers. The Supreme Court are the lawbreakers. We are the law-keepers.”

At OSA’s national event in Wichita last year, the group held a mock trial in front of a federal courthouse in which it declared Supreme Court decisions on abortion rights, LGBT equality and the separation of church and state to be “null and void” because they are “not lawful in the eyes of God.”

OSA, which grew out of the protest group Operation Rescue and has a long-running feud with the group that currently calls itself Operation Rescue, is not shy about saying what it hopes will happen if abortion is recriminalized in the U.S. Thomas wrote on Facebook earlier this year that a woman who has an abortion has committed murder and must “face justice just like any other person who commits crimes of this magnitude.” Jason Storms, an OSA member who conducted youth seminars at last year’s Wichita event, told CBS this week that “A mother who has knowingly, willingly, chosen to kill her own child out of pure selfish motives, she’s guilty as a murderer in the eyes of the law.”

Extremist anti-choice, anti-LGBTQ activist Dave Daubenmire has been streaming his daily webcast from the Louisville event. He was a featured speaker at OSA’s event in Wichita, where he declared that “the only thing standing between tyranny and liberty is a Christian, heterosexual man.”

Despite OSA’s extremism, their mission of closing the last clinic in Kentucky seems to appeal to less bombastic anti-choice groups: the large anti-choice legal group Americans United for Life tweeted about the protests this morning.

Operation Save America, Right Wing Watch 10 Comments [7/26/2017 11:37:32 AM]
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Submitted By: Demon Duck of Doom

Quote# 129743

[Video Description]

Since the first family was micro-Chipped in 2001, there has been a huge campaign to promote and condition society to accept the human micro-chip implants. In 2004 the FDA approved the RFID micro-chip for safe human implantation and ever since then the idea has become more and more accepted.

Believe it or not, the Vatican has decided to use the micro-chip technology to track it's clergy and employees also. wow.

The US Government desperately wants to pass a Law forcing all Americans to be Micro-Chipped by March of 2013. Although that Law temporarily failed, it is certain that in the near future you will be arrested if you refuse to be micro-chipped. Our government, a newly formed dictatorship, will find a way to make it happen.

We might as well have implanted micro-chips, the way we are treating people. They are using palm scanners at schools and chipping the police already. Children are getting expelled from school for not wearing the micro-chips on their bodies so that they can be tracked. Why would the FDA approved a drug that contains a tiny micro-chip inside it, meanwhile the government is trying to illegally FORCE vaccines on the public.

Other Countries and local states are already Micro-Chipping their government officials and making it ILLEGAL to use Cash. Italy and Louisiana have already made it illegal to use cash for simple purchases. Sweden wants to end the use of cash also. Even our retail companies like JCPenny will not be accepting CASH anymore. They are even starting to detain people at highway Toll Booths now for using cash to pay the toll.

There are many companies that will not hire you if you're not micro-chipped for security purposes. If you want to work, buy or sell anything at all, you will be required to have a micro-chip implant in the very near future.

Entire Governments in Other Countries are forcing the RFID BIO-CHIP on their top official. World Leaders are now calling for the widespread mandatory use of this technology. It will be Enforced Eventually by a World Dictator for everyone, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive as his ID Mark on their Right Hand or Forehead. Don't think that you can hide from this. The military is making thousands of tiny insect size "Spy Drones" and "robots" that can run faster than humans to hunt us down.

TOP TRUTHS, Youtube 16 Comments [7/26/2017 5:12:13 AM]
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Quote# 129759

[Commenting under "A good question about prison nation ... dodged"]

Maybe I can get some traction here with my ideas:

I produced the following under the basic theory that any convict chosen for rehabilitation deserves enormous resources dedicated toward that end, while those not so chosen deserve nothing more from society..

The basic plan goes as follows:

1) Upon felony conviction, of whatever level ranging from first degree murder to passing bad checks a new quasi-jury pool is chosen. These panel members, unlike the guilt jury, come from localities where the crime did not occur. Also unlike the guilt jury they are not actually convened into a sitting panel.
The size of the pool is inversely proportional to the severity of the crimes of conviction, though never falling below a minimum threshold.

2) Each member of this new pool is approached in turn, one at a time. They are not told their order within the pool. The pool member is presented facts about the convict, though some material is held back (race and name as race proxy being two that come immediately to my mind). A defense representative will be part of this process to ensure that no improper information is conveyed. If any such information is conveyed then the results of that pool member are disqualified if adverse to the convict.

3) The pool member is asked whether they wish to rehabilitate the convict. If the answer is "yes" then the convict is placed in the pool member's home in some form of legal guardianship and is once more considered to be a juvinile for legal purposes. A stipend calculated to make the convict's presense and rehabilitation financally neutral shall be paid in order to negate at least most cost-benefit analysis from the pool member's mind.

4) If all pool members say "no" the convict is placed in prison where they are given a chance for a normal set of appeals. When those appeals are exhausted the convict is executed, not for the crime of conviction, but for being considered unfit for living within society.

5) Upon completion of the term of legal guardianship, the the convict is returned to full civil status with no restrictions whatsoever on their liberty.
The only time the prior conviction can be discovered through legal means is during a subsequent penalty determination.

This system is intended for use only in felony cases, misdemeanors should be reduced strictly to incarceration/fine with no other effects outliving whatever term of probation is also given. Also no actual juvinile is to be placed in this system, though many juvinile cases make the natural parents appear as a significant issue.

I realize the distance requirements of step 1 would be far easier to acheive in the federal system and large states like California and Texas than smaller states. I believe this could be overcome by setting up some form of convict exchange. I include this step for the purpose of removing the convict from
an familiar environment, and hopefully make it at least somewhat more difficult to establish contact with whatever criminal element exists in the new location.

This system would also reduce the value of plea bargaining, the remaining options being immunity or a negotiated pool size larger than contemplated for the criminal category.

I also realize that current precident would not allow the above system to be implemented and that amendment(s) would be required to effectuate that change.

Soronel Haetir, Sentencing Law and Policy 13 Comments [7/26/2017 9:49:27 AM]
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Submitted By: JeanP

Quote# 129765

(Someone holding a sign reading:"Don't be comic conned. Your life is not fiction. Get real with Jesus.")

Anonymous, Facebook 16 Comments [7/26/2017 11:32:39 AM]
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Submitted By: Demon Duck of Doom

Quote# 129736

Kevin Swanson, a homeschooling activist and radio host who last year hosted three GOP presidential candidates at a forum in Iowa, devoted his radio program on July 12 to complaining that Christians are merely trying to change public schools rather than abolishing them altogether.

Swanson invited Kevin Novak, the author of “Abolition: Overcoming the Christian Establishment on Education,” to discuss the issue, and the two concluded that it would be best if the public school system were to collapse and be replaced by a system run by conservative Christians that would give everybody “more freedom.”

“Academically, the educational system’s turned into a really, really, really big joke,” Swanson said. “It seems to me it’s gonna fall on its own weight, so I’m not sure we are going to have to bring about the fall of Jerusalem or the fall of the public schools here. It seems to me that this thing’s gonna fall on its own weight.”

Novak responded, “Well, I think, let it happen, you know? If Christians really believe the Scriptures, then we’re gonna be the ones to reconstruct society. We’re gonna be the ones with the answers, and that’s already happening.”

Novak claimed that when he ran a homeschooling group, non-Christians would ask his group for help and for “answers” regarding education.

“We Christians have the answers, and for those Christians out there—a lot of them are in the homeschool community—I know that there are issues with homeschooling and private Christian schools, but I like to think that we’re part of the solution and not the problem, we’re at least trying,” Novak said.

Novak continued, “But we’re the ones with the answers, and we’re the ones that are going to save liberals from themselves because liberals actually have more freedom when Christians are in charge than when their own people are in charge, and let’s let the civil government school system collapse.”

Novak warned that upon the public school system’s collapse, Christians must be prepared to call for “…less law and less taxation, less regulation, and complete autonomy to be able to educate in the nurture and admonition of the Lord.”

Kevin Swanson, Right Wing Watch 23 Comments [7/25/2017 3:01:56 PM]
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Submitted By: Kuyohashi

Quote# 129735

A Florida youth pastor charged with the cold-case murder of one teen and the sexual abuse of others wants his guns back while he awaits trial.

Ronnie Hyde pleaded not guilty to second-degree murder and child pornography charges in March related to the 1994 slaying of 16-year-old Fred Laster, whose dismembered body was found in a Dumpster.

Laster’s decapitated torso was found behind a trash bin near Lake City, but the remains went unidentified until a DNA test in 2015 matched the slain teen to his twin sister.

Police said the 61-year-old Hyde befriended the runaway teen more than two decades ago as youth pastor at Strength for Living Church in Yulee, prosecutors said.

Investigators strongly suggested they suspect Hyde — who had been a counselor at Crosswater Community Church in Nocatee up to his arrest — is a suspect in other unsolved cases by plastering his face on eight billboards seeking information in the Jacksonville area.

New court documents show that prosecutors are also gathering evidence in two additional sex abuse cases dating back to the early 1990s.

A man came forward after Hyde’s arrest in March and said the former youth pastor had mentored him as a runaway in 1992, brought him to his house, used the guns to impress him, showed him pornography and sexually abused him.

Hyde’s attorneys are seeking the return of some of the evidence — including a Toyota Scion, firearms, guitar equipment, a cell phone and a wallet — gathered from the former church leader’s home, which was demolished in May as a biohazard.

FBI agents who raided the home found multiple code violations, such as no running water and a bathtub used as a toilet.

Prosecutors said they’re willing to return Hyde’s car, wallet and music equipment, but not the smart phones or guns.

The city held no condemnation proceedings on the home, and a demolition permit was issued at the request of a Hyde family attorney as part of a property sale to a new owner.

Defense attorneys want Hyde, who had previously been named in an international child exploitation case, to be tried separately on the murder and child pornography charges.

Hyde, who is due back in court next month, remains jailed without bond.

Ronnie Hyde, Raw Story 17 Comments [7/25/2017 3:01:45 PM]
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Submitted By: Demon Duck of Doom

Quote# 32789

You people are so sick! I am 29, successful, and a virgin. It may be stressful, but I know I'll find a woman one day. The truth is, anyone who fornicates without being married, masturbates, or has sex with prostitutes may feel it is fun now, but will burn in hell forever. That's right, read the bible, the book that tells the truth about everything. You sick atheist cowards, disgusting gays, perverted prostitutes and prostitute chasers and slutty sleazy women will burn FOREVER for your sins. You will literally feel the pain of burning alive nonstop FOREVER. In a million years of constant burning with no sleep, you will not have even completed 1% of your punishment for your fornication, masturbation, prostitution, etc. So I hope you feel good now. Enjoy it, it won't last. You are evil and make a mockery of people like me. I've found 3 women who wanted to marry me but when they told me they weren't a virgin I told them to leave and never speak to me again. I save all my money for my future family, but I only like women close to my own age, at least 27, so I will wait for the right one. The only virgins I've met so far that age are obese, which is another sin you will burn in hell for all eternity for, so I said no thanks to that, but I've signed up with a service that promises to find me the right one. Even if I live to 90 with no sex, it's better than being tortured forever. I go to church every Sunday and will never forget the sermons. You people need to repent. It's too late for most of you but most of you don't even teach your children that sex, masturbation, prostitution and homosexuality carry a penalty worse than the death penalty, PERMANENT SUFFERING BY TORTURE! God does not appreciate your thanks and will punish you for what you did! God didn't make a hooker, the devil did. You will get what you deserve you sick fuck! Don't come to Texas or I'll shoot you in the head you disgusting piece of perverted shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

random craigslist poster, s f bay area craigslist 122 Comments [12/24/2007 5:29:48 AM]
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Submitted By: sarah

Quote# 129742

“What do I do?” I asked.
“Wait, Anna,” my Father said.
There was silence in heaven. It was as though everything held its breath. Everyone in the throne room was silent. Gradually, with a gentle, pleasant breeze, the garment moved toward me. I held out my arms as if someone were going to help me put on a coat. The mantle was shimmering. It was like breath. As I slipped into it, however, I realized that I became transparent, invisible in certain areas. The only parts of me that could be seen were my hands, my feet, and my head.°
Before I could think about this further, Jesus said to me, “Anna, take these.”
“What are they?” I asked.

The Shoes
“Shoes of porpoise,” he said.’ I felt this was a play on the word “purpose,” but I did not know why.
I looked at them. They too were gossamer. They laced up the front like high-top work shoes that covered the ankle, but there were no soles in the shoes. “They have no soles,” I said.
Jesus smiled, “No, the Godhead is to be the expression of the soul.” (He seemed to enjoy His pun.) “These shoes keep your feet naked, touching the holy ground above, but leave you unjustified before mankind. You will be invisible to man but intimate with God. These cover the ankle and the heel also. Invisibility will work the cross in your life to the point that there will be no exposed heel nor any strength in the natural man displayed.”

I sat on the sea of glass to put them on. “These are the strangest shoes I have ever seen,” I said.
“Yes,” Jesus answered. “Few want to wear them. They are out of style.”
“Will they stay on?” I laughed.
“Yes, unless you yourself take them off. You can expose your walk before mankind, but there will be no life in it. The worm of death will crawl in and out of that exposure, Anna.”° Then He asked, “Can you walk in the fire of invisibility that mankind will not give you glory? Few alive today will wear these shoes, for they want their glory from mankind instead of God.”’
I finished lacing the shoes and stood. The tops of my feet were invisible. “Lord,” I asked seriously, “am I going to be able to do this?”
“No,” He smiled, “but I will, if you will let Me.”
I searched His face. “I believe,” I said softly. “Help my unbelief.”

A Burning Flame of Love
Suddenly, the throne became a towering column of fire, roaring louder than any forge on earth. I involuntarily stepped backward, for the fire seemed hotter than the furnaces that melt iron ore into molten magma.
“Anna:’ my Father said with a voice of thunder, “can you live within the fire?”
“Father,” I said hesitantly, “I cannot wish for painful experiences, but I can wish for You. Give me the grace to desire You more than life itself.”
Huge hands of fire reached out to me. “Come,” He said.
With a big gulp, I began to move forward slowly.
Jesus took my hand. “I will go with you,” He said gravely.
Suddenly, when Jesus took my hand, my yearning for my Father grew more intense. I began crying out in my desire for more of Him: “Daddy, Daddy, Daddy, Daddy!” As I began to call to Him, it was as though God opened Himself with a great, silent cry or hunger on His part to have me closer also. It was as though we were instantly sucked into Him.
We were standing amid coals that were white from the intense heat. I too began to heat up. The light was so bright that I could barely see Jesus for the glory within the blazing, white haze.

Anna Rountree,  Divine Revelation Of Opened Heavens 12 Comments [7/26/2017 5:12:09 AM]
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Submitted By: Denizen

Quote# 129744

Krystle Nichols hoped to avoid diving into arguments centered around a Kalkaska leader’s Facebook activity but quickly found her business immersed in the debate.


Nichols berated Sieting while the room listened and at least six members of the group Great Lakes Three Percenters — a group that states its purpose is to protect Americans’ constitutional rights — patrolled outside, armed with assault rifles, pistols and bullet-proof vests. Group members reported to Kalkaska after hearing rumors and threats that never developed, according to Gary Howell, a member of the group from Zeeland.

Sieting said he was unfamiliar with the group and continued refusing to apologize for his Facebook activity.

He shared his post that called for the killing of “every last Muslim” for historical reasons, Sieting said. He blamed unknown opponents’ “malice intent” in looking for something on his Facebook page they could use to “inflict damage” on him.

Jerrica Temple, a village resident, said the recent attention was an attack on his First Amendment rights.

“They’re not attacking what he’s saying, they’re attacking his freedom of speech,” she said, agreeing with his anti-Islamic post. “I support Jeff wholeheartedly.”


Joyce Golden, a county resident, fears the impacts the argument is having on the village. She joined others who wore shirts asking for prayers for Sieting and President Donald Trump. She wanted to show Sieting support and hopes to see the arguments subside so business can go back to normal.

Kalkaska, MI village President Jeff Sieting and village residents, Traverse City Record-Eagle 11 Comments [7/26/2017 5:13:38 AM]
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Submitted By: A'isha

Quote# 129729

On his radio show yesterday, right-wing pastor and Virginia Republican politician E.W. Jackson claimed that people who prefer to be referred to with the gender neutral pronouns “they/them” do so because they are under the “possession” of “multiple demons.”

“This whole thing of going to a plural pronoun,” Jackson said, “to me, it is a subconscious spiritual admission of demon possession by multiple demons.”

“The only single individual I’m familiar with who spoke from the plural pronoun was Legion,” Jacking said, referring to an incident in the New Testament in which Jesus cast demons out of a possessed man.

“Who is the ‘they’ in there?” Jackson asked rhetorically. “We know who the ‘they’ in there is: a bunch of devils.”

Jackson condemned the “transgender toolkits” that have been provided to many teachers in the hope that classrooms can better accommodate students who do not identify with the gender binary, saying that these schools “don’t need a transgender tool kit” but instead need “a whole army of exorcists to cast all those demons out of people who are pushing this mess.”

E.W. Jackson, Right Wing Watch 15 Comments [7/25/2017 2:56:57 PM]
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Submitted By: Demon Duck of Doom

Quote# 129692

A North Carolina church that is already under investigation for kidnapping a gay man and attempting to beat his homosexuality out of him is once again in the spotlight after it was revealed that church members have been importing worshipers from Brazil and turning them into slaves.

According to the Associated Press, the Word of Faith Fellowship recruits young members from two affiliated churches in Brazil to come to the U.S. on tourist and student visas where they are put to work on the church’s 35-acre compound in Spindale for no pay.

One man, identified as Andre Oliveira, told the AP that he was forced to work 15 hours a day, usually for no pay, cleaning offices and warehouses owned by the evangelical church. He well also forced to work at private businesses owned by some of the church’s ministers. Olivera stated that failure to comply resulted in beatings and shaming from the pulpit.

“They kept us as slaves,” Oliveira explained. “We were expendable. We meant nothing to them. Nothing. How can you do that to people — claim you love them and then beat them in the name of God?”

According to AP, “Under U.S. law, visitors on tourist visas are prohibited from performing work for which people normally would be compensated. Those on student visas are allowed some work, under circumstances that were not met at Word of Faith Fellowship.”

Former congregants who came from Brazil said that they had their passports taken away and lived in “horrific” living conditions, with as many as eight people living in the basement of a church leader’s home. What little money they were paid was immediately returned to the church to pay for their living expenses.

“Brazilians came here for labor. I’m telling you, that’s it,” claimed Thiago Silva who was recruited at age 18. He called the treatment “a violation of human rights.”

The church is currently being investigated by the U.S. Attorney in Charlotte for crimes that may go back years and involve hundreds of young Brazilians.

Word of Faith Fellowship, Raw Story 13 Comments [7/25/2017 4:51:53 AM]
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Submitted By: Demon Duck of Doom

Quote# 129766

What I wanted to discuss instead is where youth organisations would be without those who genuinely love children, and who can keep their hands off them. The keeping of their hands off them is important. I see very little wrong with window-shopping. Touching is a totally different matter.

Today we are prurient. We insist on knowing what others do with their genitalia. News media fantasise about what might or might not have taken place, what might or might not take place.

So where would the different youth movements, those for boys, those for girls, be without those who love children, potentially those who have fantasy liaisons with some individuals, but who never touch?

Timmy, It's Only Me From Across The Sea 9 Comments [7/26/2017 11:37:20 AM]
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Quote# 129724

The problem is, witchcraft is not fantasy; it is a sinful reality in our world.

Unknown, Christian Answer  19 Comments [7/25/2017 2:17:35 PM]
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Submitted By: P.E.T.F

Syncretistic Stupidity Award

Quote# 129717

Ever since seeing this ancient stone which I have called by the name White Stone of Ing the design of the carvings has eluded me, even though I have always seen it as being familiar. The Ing-Rune in its English version can be seen as two Edel-Runes joined as one, which looks very much like an ancient symbol for the Divine Twins - joined at the head. Although the central 'cartouche' is rectangular and not diamond-shaped the 'arms' and 'legs' connecting at the top and bottom do suggest a very similar image.

I can now see some importance in the stone itself, which is a White Stone, since the three major religions of Judaism, Islam and Christianity are all connected to the Black Cube which suggests darkness and matter. Could it be that the White Stone is the counter-religion to the darkness and matter based around the Black Cube or Black Stone? I have shown before how Revelations shows how the finding of a 'White Stone' would lead to a 'new name of God', i.e. the name of the god or archetype who rules the New Age. In this case the god Ing is the name found on the stone. The importance is obviously that of the 'White Stone' which is the colour of purity.

The message 'Gift of Ing' is found on the stone, with this being linked to 'Fire' and to the meanings of the Ken-Rune. The Ken-Rune also represents the Fire-Serpent which is linked to Ingwe and the Rune of Ingwe. Agni of the Vedas is linked to the Aswins who are the Divine Twins; both are associated with friction-fire and the kindling of the Sacred Flame. Here we seem to have a connection between Ingwe and the Divine Twins, if I am right in seeing the twin-Edel-Runes in the symbolism of the stone.

There is of course a very strong connection between the Ing-Rune and the Edel-Rune since the former is the Rune of the Blood and the latter is the Rune of the Homeland. The Ing-Rune, as stated here, is in itself twin Edel-Runes which form the ancient symbol of the Divine Twins joined at the head. The Edel-Rune has the shape given to the Greek god Atlas, the God of the World Pillar. The globe is the world, held up by Atlas. Both runes also contain the message 'Gift of Ing', something which has never been explained. Both the Rune of the Blood and the Rune of the Homeland are connected to Ingwe.

Of course, with such figures as Hengest and Horsa we naturally assume that the Divine Twins are always both male. In the case of Hengest and Horsa, who are the founders of a nation, this is obviously true since they parallel Romulus and Remus and other 'twins'. But there are various different aspects of such figures, and there may be a case here to consider that Ingwe is the male 'twin' but the other figure is perhaps female. In this case we could guess at the sister of Ingwe - Freya. Twins are not necessarily both the same sex. There is also the legend of 'Od' to consider here, for Freya loses her 'Od' and searches to find him again. The name 'Od' forms part of the Od-al Rune.

Mercia Eliade hints that fire is held within the 'Eternal Feminine' where man may seek to find it. It is perhaps significant that the Ken-Rune on the stone is a variant used by the Anglo-Saxons, and not the usual rune-shape which has an upright stave with a downwards or upwards pointing offshoot. In fact the alternative can be seen as an ur-glyphic Ur-Rune with a vertical line above it - fire with smoke going upwards. We know that Freya is also associated with fire since she wears the Brosingamene Necklace, the word 'brosinga' being associated with fire.

The ur-glyphic Ur-Rune thus suggests the Primal Fire and the CGF version of the Ken-Rune is shaped as an Ur-Rune turned sideways. I have shown how the English Ing-Rune can be seen as either an Ur-Fusion or Ken-Fusion which parallels the ideas that I have looked at here. Indeed, the shape of the White Stone of Ing also suggests an inverted Ur-Rune at the top and Ur-Rune at the bottom.

Gyfu is the Rune of Gefion who is the Gift Goddess and an aspect of Freya; we have thus Ingwe and Freya shown within the two runes which make up the phrase 'Gift of Ing'. The 'Fire-Rune' (Ken) is actually linked to the Ing-Rune, suggesting a closer link between these two runes. This may be stretching a point too far but these two make the word 'ken(n)ing'. This is likely a coincidence though we cannot rule out that it is synchronicity.

Ingwe is of course also known as Frey, a title meaning 'lord'; Freya means 'lady' which makes up the pairing. Indeed, this is no doubt where Wicca gets its 'Lord and Lady' from originally. In the law of the Waene (Vanir) sister and brother can also be married through a Sacred Wedding. Both Ingwe and Freya are linked to the planet Venus which is the Morning Star and Evening Star. It is most likely that Freya is the Morning Star and Ingwe the Evening Star, though of course the planet is one and the same. Whatever the case Venus is connected to the concept of resurrection.

If the 'Gift of Ing' is the Primal Fire then Ingwe is clearly associated with the Vedic god Agni. Agni is in fact one of the original 'trinity' of gods prior to the later Brahma-Vishnu-Shiva. I believe that with the name 'Ingwe' we are going way back into very ancient times, maybe even linked to the title 'Igg' given to Woden when he hung upon Iggdrasil. Noting the following we can see a pattern emerging here -

Ingwe & Freya
The Divine Twins
The Rune of the Blood
The Rune of the Homeland
Ingwe was known in these islands well before the later Germanic invasions or incursions.

The 'Gift of Ing' is the Primal Fire or Creative Fire which provides not only 'Light' but also the heat needed to germinate new life. The White Stone of Ing has obvious connections to the creation of the English Folk-Nation through the idea of 'Blood and Soil'. The connection here between the Divine Twins - Hengest and Horsa - are obvious, for they are the 'Founding Twins'. The White Stone of Ing has obvious connections to the idea of the Resurrection of the English Folk-Nation. It is also connected to the White Dragon of the English. This 'resurrection' is linked directly to the sinking of ancient At-al-land. We know this through the importance of the Hale-Bopp Comet.

"In the end, K is something programmed into the computer code of the universe — a fundamental fore integral to the world, and designed to arise spontaneously, due to the designed nature of it. Once arisen, it guides the evolution of every self sufficient organism’s form and function. K may even be the fundamental force really driving the universe’s organizaiton, if not the underlying purpose of the entire Creation. In its most basic form, K is about the fostering of a specific quality within the Universe’s organization. The quality can be loosely be described as “greatness,” – encompassing such variables as complexity, ability, resiliency, sophistication, creativity, adaptability, etc.

If one examines the world around them, they will quickly come to the realization that, over the long haul, it favors K innately, and that this is likely an engineered design. God does not want to crack the hood on His Creation, only to look out upon a Universe of a worlds that all look like the world in the movie Idiocracy, filled with imbeciles denigrating the lone eloquent smart person. Indeed, were the universe designed to favour R-evolution would never have even made it that far. All God would see in a perpetually R-universe would be ever more rapidly expanding blobs of goo, each unit of goo competing fiercely with the others, to see which can expend less energy on greatness and complexity, to focus on repoducing more of an ever less-evolved goo."

I had just mentioned the word 'synchronicity' when I was beginning to run out of ideas that would complete this post. I had to look up my emails to sort out something for the coming Folk-Moot when I opened an email with a link to a site called 'Elfnationalist' which contained the above quote, and which compared what is termed R-evolution to K-evolution. What struck me so hard was the use of the 'K' which is connects directly to the K-Rune or Ken-Rune, and underlines yet another reason, and perhaps more important reason for the use of the rune on the White Stone. The basic meaning of what is being said is that 'R-evolution' is based upon quantity, equality, and the masses whilst K-evolution is based upon quality, inequality and an aristocratic order.

Again, speaking of 'synchronicity', the article here was about Tolkien's Elves, and the next section of my post was about Ingwe-Frey as 'Lord of the Elves'. The elves are depicted as Nietzsche's Superman or Overman, as the next stage of the evolution of Man. We are thus back to the idea of 'resurrection' and the ideas put forward here. The 'Gift of Ingwe' is thus the gift of Immortality and the creation of the Sun-Man or Sonnenmensch. It is the 'Fire of Re-Creation'.

The Ken-Rune is also the 'Rune of Kingship' and thus directly related to inequality and to the creation of the Divine Order of Caste. Ingwe is in a sense the Sacral King wedded to the land, to 'Sovereignty' (Freya). This is a very important concept since everything centres around Man and the Earth, to the mystical link between Blood and Soil - the Edel. The key to the 'awakening' is The Hooded Man whose rune is the Edel-Rune!

One last comment here. Does not the phrase - '...imbeciles denigrating the lone eloquent smart person...' ring true when we look at every form of attack upon anyone who stands up against this rotten, corrupt, degenerate system? We see this at every turn where anyone with a bit of common sense and intellect is ridiculed by the 'imbeciles' who make up the masses, the 'mob', the 'herd', the 'people' - the representatives of the multi-racial system that brooks no opposition nor criticism to its falling world.

This we must remember - they represent a falling world, a world quickly falling into decay and ruins, a world on the brink of destruction. Their own greed and foolishness will bring about their own destruction. The 'Black Cube' will symbolise their own destruction. The 'White Stone' and the 'White Dragon' symbolises the victory of Light over Darkness! The White Stone of Ing is held within the ancient Isle of Albion - the Isle of the Elves.

Wulf Ingessunu, Inglinga 16 Comments [7/25/2017 9:20:19 AM]
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Quote# 129697

Lady Checkmate's headline: "Atheist Lies": Freedom of Religion DOES NOT Mean Christians can't PRAY in certain places"

Atheist lie and state that freedom of religion limits an individual's right to practice their own religion. That is a blatant lie. Freedom of religion means you may choose your own religion and practice it freely. DO NOT believe anything the alt-left tells you.

*"Atheist Lies" will be a new category on Faith & Religion (like "Sunday Service") to expose lies the enemy uses the alt-left to perpetuate.

Don't forget to RECOMMEND. Lets get the Truth out so that Light may shine bright in this dark place and Jesus Christ may be glorified.Even if the discussion is closed, please still RECOMMEND.

Lady Checkmate, Disqus - Faith & Religion 27 Comments [7/25/2017 4:55:11 AM]
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Quote# 129753

I will take lectures from American “conservatives” on what unhealthy or racist motivations there were for Brexit when they’ve put up with new flags, new anthems, pan-American Parliaments in Bogota & Montevideo, having laws struck down by a court in Havana, a free movement zone stretching from Anchorage to Buenos Aires and repeatedly being left with the bill for a currency union between Canada, Bolivia, Mexico and Haiti.
Please, do feel free to tell me how this is motivated by racism when you have lived under that system long enough to know what it’s like. Until then, a period of respectful silence would be appreciated.

fukuyamasutra, Tumblr 8 Comments [7/26/2017 8:11:59 AM]
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Quote# 129689

The bright future of the pro-family movement is in the hands of the man we hired to drain the swamp in Washington DC, and who hasn’t yet backed down in that fight despite the remarkable scorched-earth campaign of destruction and discreditation being waged against him by the establishment elites of both parties, Hollywood and the media.

Scott Lively, Scott Lively Ministries 19 Comments [7/25/2017 7:28:14 AM]
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Quote# 129751

The Anti “Halalification” Crusade of Chinese Netizens
By Manya Koetse

The “halal-ification” (????) of food products in China has been a hot issue on Chinese social media over the past two years. Discussions on the spread of halal food in China broke out again this week when food delivery platform Meituan Takeaway (????) locally introduced a special halal channel and separate delivery boxes for halal food. What especially provoked online anger was the line used by Meituan to promote its new services, saying it would “make people eat more safely” (Literally: “Using separate boxes for halal food will put your mind at ease.”)

The image of Meituan’s promotional campaign for halal food that went viral on Chinese media: “Make you eat more assured.”

Many netizens said the measure discriminates against non-Muslims. They called on others to boycott Meituan and to delete the app from their phone. In response, the topic ‘Is Meituan Going Bankrupt?’ (#????????#) received over 3.7 million views on Weibo, with thousands of netizens discussing the issue under various hashtags.


A popular Weibo imam called Li Haiyang from Henan wrote a post in March titled “Raising Awareness about Islamic Dietary Law” (“?????????????“), in which he discussed the importance of national standards on halal food in China. Li Haiyang, who is part of China’s Henan Islam Society (?????????), wrote that all Muslims should follow the classic rules and abide by their beliefs, of which Islamic dietary laws are an important part, and that the PRC cannot discriminate against Muslim ethnic groups by refusing to legally protect Muslim halal food.

At the time, the imam’s post was shared over 500 times and besides much support, it also attracted many comments strongly opposing the imam’s views. A typical comment said: “China is a secular country ruled by an atheist Party, and firmly boycotts Islamic laws!” Despite backlash, there are multiple accounts on Weibo dedicated to informing people about halal food, such as ‘China Halal Food Web’ (@??????? 3100+ fans) or ‘Halal Cuisine Web’ (@?????, 3950 fans).


In the halal food debate on Chinese social media, the term qingzhen fànhuà (????) is often used – a new term that popped up in Chinese media in 2016. It basically means ‘halal-ification’ or ‘halal generalization,’ but because qingzhen also means ‘Islamic,’ it can also imply ‘Islamization.’

And that is precisely what is at the heart of the discussion on the spread of halal food on Chinese social media: those who oppose the spread of halal food in the PRC connect the normalization of Islamic dietary laws to an alleged greater societal shift towards Islam. The spread of ‘Islam’ and ‘halal food’ are practically the same things in these discussions through the concept of qingzhen.


On Baike, Baidu’s Wikipedia-like platform, the page explaining the term qingzhen fànhuà ???? says: “The term [halalification] originally only referred to the scope of the specific diet of [Muslim] ethnic groups, and has now spread to the domains of family life and even social life beyond diet, including things such as halal water, halal tooth paste, and halal paper towels.”

Advertisement in Ningxia public transport for halal paper towels.

The Baike page explains that halal products are hyped by companies that are merely seeking to gain profits. It also says that halalification is “not good for national harmony” and “not conducive to the healthy development of Chinese Islam.”


The ‘No Halal Web’ account wrote: “This already is Muhammed’s Shanghai.” They later stated: “In the Islam world, the demands of Muslims are not as simple as just wanting a mosque, they want their environment to be Islamic/halal.”

Verified net user ‘Leningrad Defender’ (@???????, 254465 fans) posted photos of a segregated ‘halal’ checkout counter at a Jingkelong supermarket in Beijing’s Chaoyang area, wondering “is this even legal”?

‘Halal’ checkout counter at a supermarket in Beijing’s Chaoyang area.

A Weibo user named ‘The Eagle of Great Han Dynasty’ (@????001) posted a photo on July 20 showing a bag of infant nutrition from the China Family Planning Association that also has a ‘halal’ label on it. He writes:

“What is the Family Planning Committee doing? Why is this halal? This is Jilin province, are we all Muslims? What is behind this, can the Committee tell the public? This is financed through the state, the public has the right to know!”

Infant product by the Family Planning Committee that is labeled ‘halal.’

Others also responded to the photo, saying: “State-financed products should not be religious.”


One of the key arguments in the debate is not so much an opposition to halal food in itself, but an opposition to a normalization of ‘halal food’ (with the complicating factor that the Chinese qingzhen also means ‘Islamic’ and ‘clean and pure’), which allegedly discriminates against non-Muslims and increases social polarization. Many netizens said that if there are special boxes for food for Muslims, there should also be special boxes for food for Buddhists, Daoists, atheists, etc.

It is not the first time that the separation of facilities/services for Muslims versus non-Muslims triggers online discussions in China. In September last year, the introduction of special “Muslim-only” shower cabins at a Chinese university also provoked anger about alleged “Muslim privilege.”


A female netizen from Beijing wrote:

“Why are so many brain-dead people opposing Muslims these days? How does Meituan’s separation of halal food hinder you? What do you care if your yogurt is halal? If you don’t want to eat it, don’t eat it. There are plenty of people who will. Use your brain for a bit. Not all Muslims are extremists; just as not all people from the Northeast are criminals.”


One young female writer says:

“(..) Under the current national policy of protecting ethnic minorities, Muslims enjoy special privileges in the name of national unity. If this continues for a long time, the inequality inevitably will spread to other domains of society. Today it is about separate boxes for food; tomorrow it might be about separate seating areas in restaurants. And what’s next? Segregated neighborhoods? Trains? Airplanes? It might seem like a trivial matter, but if you ignore this, then those who are privileged now will go on and get greater privileges. The distancing of Muslims will only grow. I’m not saying this to alarm you. It’s self-evident that unequal benefits and the privilege of an ethnic group will eventually create conflicts between the people.”

They later say: “What we want is national unity, not religious solidarity. (..) You have your freedom of religion, which app I use is my freedom. Separate boxes and other special services will ultimately be reflected in the costs, and I do not want to pay religious tax. Luckily I have the freedom to delete this app and stop using it.”

No Halal Food, et. al., What's on Weibo 20 Comments [7/26/2017 8:10:53 AM]
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Quote# 129691

Rep. Brian Babin, Republican of Texas, joined the Family Research Council’s “Washington Watch” program on Friday to discuss unsuccessful Republican efforts to repeal the Affordable Care Act. Babin was particularly upset with the ACA’s requirement that insurance plans cover maternity care and addiction treatment, complaining that the law requires families who are “law-abiding” and “make wise decisions” to have coverage that they “probably would not have to have.”

Babin claimed that most Americans were against the Affordable Care Act at the time it was passed and that they want to “get rid of this thing” now that “we’ve had a taste of socialized medicine.”

“So, failure’s not an option,” he said. “I think my colleagues in the Senate need to get together, and let’s get something that we can offer the American people to give them freedom and choice. And why should a 25- or 30-year-old man have to have maternity insurance? Why should every policy have a drug rehab clause in it, coverage in it? These are just the government-knows-best insurance regs that make the prices go up. So we’ve got to give them some choices here.”

Later in the interview, Babin said that the ACA requires insurance plans to cover things that people don’t need if they’re “law abiding and they make wise decisions.”

“You know,” he said, “if you’ve got a government that’s going to force you to buy a private product like health insurance and then make you—and this product, they tell you exactly what coverage you’ve got to have, it covers all these things that most families, if they’re law-abiding and they make wise decisions, that you probably would not have to have, then I think the price is going to come down.”

Babin added that if the ACA’s individual mandate is repealed, “a lot of folks” will probably go without insurance. “But whose choice is this?” he asked. “This is America, this is not the Soviet Union.”

Brian Babin, Right Wing Watch 19 Comments [7/25/2017 7:28:49 AM]
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Quote# 129690

During a recent appearance on SkyWatch TV, “firefighter prophet” and right-wing conspiracy theorist Mark Taylor declared that churches that operate under a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) status have entered into a covenant with Baal and have a “demonic portal” hovering over them.

Despite the fact that Taylor doesn’t seem to understand what 501(c)(3) status actually is, he is convinced that churches that operate under it do so because they have a “slavery mentality” and have taken a “bribe” from the government.

“It’s almost like they’re having a demonic portal over the top of them,” he said, “so it’s influencing each person and each ministry in a different way, depending on their spiritual maturity. This is why we’re seeing such moral issues, the financial corruption going on in the churches, this is why we’re seeing people leave because they’re tired of this stuff. But it’s that slavery mentality where they want to be governed, basically. They don’t want to be the one to rule and reign, like God called us to.”

“Ninety-five percent of our churches,” Taylor continued, “are under that 501(c)(3). They’re in covenant with Baal. That is a covenant with the kingdom of darkness, basically. They took a bribe from 1954 and entered into a covenant.”

Mark Taylor, Right Wing Watch 11 Comments [7/25/2017 7:28:29 AM]
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