Quote# 5318

If We Evangelical Christians Are Still Here In Five Years... How far do you believe Liberals and Atheists will have made it in their quest to outlaw Evangelical Christianity in America?

Stevangelist, Rapture Ready 28 Comments [11/1/2003 12:00:00 AM]
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Quote# 50213

Fred Phelps is a fraud. He's actually a liberal out to make anyone who opposes homosexuals look evil and psychotic. He's dedicated his life to making a sham of all attempts to show homosexuality as a sin, ensuring his face and funeral protests are the first image that comes to mind whenever anyone calls homosexuality a sin.

He's the greatest and most damaging ally the homosexuals have. More and more Christians are supporting homosexuals because of the act Phelps puts on. His act of outrageous and over the top hatred fuels a stereotype of those who oppose homosexuals and their agenda, causing many religious leaders to forsake the Bible in favor of looking "humane" in order to avoid being equated with Phelps.

Perhaps Uganda has it right, and the Homosexuals should just be rounded up and sent to their own island where they can't do any damage to the rest of us.

Alexander Cornswalled, Fred Phelps, The Gay Agenda's Greatest Ally 58 Comments [10/19/2008 8:00:23 PM]
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Submitted By: Nick

Quote# 130235

[On a 1940s Cold War propaganda cartoon]

This is not propaganda. CNN and MSNBC are propaganda. That pink guy stands for almost all leftists. People were more knowledgeable back in the 1950 then they are now!?

Beca Rose, YouTube 12 Comments [8/7/2017 11:27:22 PM]
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Submitted By: The Reptilian Jew

Quote# 130230

A Pervert Nation
Who is Really Running the World?

Dear Friends,

It has been a most frustrating ordeal to try to understand what happened to us. Why did we lose the Embassy of Heaven Church grounds? What did we do wrong? Today we have received revelation about the true nature of the enemy and we are now at peace.

One of the most powerful myths in this country is that the United States is a Christian nation. Forget about this being a Christian nation. That's a lie. This is a Pervert nation! Perverts are running the world.

How did the perverts take over? Simple. In the United States, no religious test is required to hold office. Article Six of the United States Constitution says, "No religious test shall ever be required as a qualification to any office or public trust under the United States."

That means any wicked sinner can hold office. If you're a fornicator, or idolater, or adulter, or effeminate, or an abuser of yourself with mankind, or a thief, or covetous, or a drunkard, or a reviler or an extortioner, you can hold office! Unclean persons can fill every office from lowly clerk to chief executive - no religious test required.

A bunch of perverts.Now let's say that I'm a pervert. The kind of pervert that does not obviously hurt his neighbor. Not a murderer or that kind of sinner, but one who scripturally is a pervert. What comes to mind are those known as "queers," "lesbians," or "homosexuals." There's a whole "race" of them out there, gaining in numbers. They are everywhere you look. You see them in the newspapers and out marching in parades. "They declare their sin as Sodom, they hide it not" (Isaiah 3:9).

The Scripture is very clear on what is to become of them for their abomination. They shall not inherit the kingdom of God. (1 Corinthians 6:9-10). The wrath of God is upon them because even though they know that those who commit such things are worthy of death, not only do they continue to do these things, but they also have pleasure in them that do them (Romans 1:32).

Under the law of Moses, homosexuals were to be killed. "If a man also lie with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination: they shall surely be put to death; their blood shall be upon them " (Leviticus 20:13).

In other words, "Rid them from the earth. Don't let them even get a start." The homosexual community has already suffered Sodom and Gomorrah (Genesis 19:24-25). Now their offspring are doing the same abominations that caused God to rain down fire and brimstone.

Now if I were a homosexual, I would not want to be reminded of God's judgment against me. I would not want Christians speaking out against me because I want to remain in sin. I will do anything to defend and justify my sin.

One way to cover my sin is to get into positions of authority. As a legislator, I can make laws that protect me from being punished or killed. Since the United States requires no religious test, I can get into office, even though I am a pervert. A person who fills an office does not need to be of high moral standing. He does not have to acknowledge God the Father or His Son Jesus Christ.

Here is my opportunity to put me and my buddies in power. We would fill government offices with perverts of all kinds. According to Webster's dictionary, a pervert is not limited to just a sexual deviant. A pervert is a person who turns from what is considered right, good, or true. A pervert changes or misapplies the meaning of something or brings it into a worse condition. A pervert leads astray and corrupts. This is exactly what we would do.

I would see that my fellow perverts are in key positions in the Executive Branch so that we can have lots of fun without being exposed. We would fill the Legislature and make laws to protect our perverted activities. We would occupy the Judicial Branch to ensure that our lawmaking is upheld. Why would we do it? Because we know what the Word of God says about us and we don't want the Word of God. We would infiltrate all three Branches and cover our sins with power.

What we sinners want to do is protect ourselves. We want to make laws to make our sin legitimate. How would we do it? By filling government offices and changing God's Word. This is our whole function. If we are going to survive in this world, we have to change the truth of God into a lie (Romans 1:25). We have to replace God's Word. We have to make our own laws.

Dead mens bonesNext, we would persuade everyone of the ultimate deception - that this country is a Christian nation. We would "cloak ourselves" with the covering of Christianity. We would clean the outside of the cup, but inside would be dead men's bones. Then we would pull the dirtiest trick of all. We would convince the professing Christians that the Bible says they are to obey the "Law of the Land." They are to obey the laws made by and for the benefit of perverts. They are to obey the "higher authorities," even though they are perverts.

Embassy of Heaven, Embassy of Heaven 17 Comments [8/7/2017 11:26:55 PM]
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Submitted By: The Reptilian Jew

Quote# 130222

(On an article regarding the movement to resist and impeach Donald trump.)

REV 19:He (Jesus) treads the wine press of the fierce wrath of God, the Almighty....this is no longer speaking of his own blood, but the blood of his enemies....war is inevitable....then, peace will come....come (birds of the air), gather together for the great supper of God, that you may eat the flesh of kings, generals and the mighty, of horses and their riders, and the flesh of all people, free and slave, great and small. Solomon's kingdom would never have manifested if it wasn't for the preceding wars of King David, the father.

[Another person calls Alex out for inciting violence.]

I do not advocate violence but there is such a thing as righteous judgement "with justice he wages war". To say that God is only Mercy is wrong. The Lord The Lord God. A compassionate and merciful God. SLOW to anger and abounding in loving kindness and truth; who keeps loving kindness for thousands, who forgives iniquity and transgressions and sins. YET HE WILL BY NO MEANS LET THE GUILTY GO UNPUNISHED....God himself described who he is in these verses. He is not just the LAMB, but also THE LION OF JUDAH.

[Deleted comment.]

Pretty much everything God does, good or bad, he does thru human beings. I cringe when I hear the atrocities of ISIS, but I also believe that they might be in part God's judgement on a world which has shunned him.

[A different person calls Alex on his bloodthirsty BS.]

no one is advocating violence, false accuser and devil. Your pride and arrogance gives you no right to sit on God's throne to judge me or anyone else on this thread. I notice you shoot off your big mouth without addressing the scriptures I put before you in this thread. My point is that, although incredibly long-suffering and patient, God is not Mercy only. He is a righteous king (judge). And just like there is divine Mercy, there is also divine Judgement waiting for those evil-doers who refuse to repent, be washed in the blood and sanctified in the Word. God is not beheading ANYBODY, but his hand of protection can be removed in order that judgement take place.

[Person #2 doesn't back down, demands Alex admit he's advocating violence.]

Don't forget, I called you a devil too. I also said God is not beheading ANYBODY, as the devil (that would be you) falsely accuses me of. But why argue? Let God's Word speak for itself : AND WHEN THEY FORGOT THE LORD THEIR GOD, HE (GOD) SOLD THEM INTO THE LAND OF SISERA AND INTO THE HAND OF THE PHILISTINES AND INTO THE HAND OF MOAB, AND THEY FOUGHT AGAINST THEM. God also sold Israel to Assyria and Babylon for their unrepentence. When we forget God and mock him (as the vast majority of America and the entire world is doing today), when we pile up aborted babies by the tens of millions, when those who are called priests live homosexual lifestyles and abuse children in despicable manner (those would be the priests of the Catholic religion which you follow), when we call good bad and bad good (homosexual marriage), God's hand of protection is removed and we too will be judged and given into the hands of our enemies (ISIS).

[Person #2 and a third person remind Alex that god doesn't make ISIS behead people.]

And you need to learn about repentance and that we are called to such, even as we are washed in the blood of Jesus. Otherwise, you remain a child on milk, never having matured into righteousness. Or do you not know that evil doers will not enter the Kingdom of God? Get YOUR theology straight!

Alex, Charisma News 7 Comments [8/7/2017 11:25:34 PM]
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Submitted By: DiarrheaMan

Quote# 130180

The very essence of our representative democracy is Anti-God.

The whole purpose of our system of government is to exclude God and His Commandments from society and allow men to make their own laws as they go. They do not want to follow absolute law and that is why all democracies degenerate.

The U.S.A. is the Anti-Christ and always has been. It is one of the heads of the U.N. beast that runs this world. Who also gives power to the little beast which is todays Israel whom we are forced to worship.

It’s all right there in Scripture. We are indeed living in the last times of Satan’s final (post millennial) deception of the world to fight against God and His Word. Judge the tree by it’s fruit.

Aaron, Real Jew News 19 Comments [8/6/2017 8:55:28 AM]
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Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 130223

(In answer to the question of what evidence there is of God)

.... research the fibonacci sequence

SweetPea, Religion and Ethics 13 Comments [8/7/2017 11:25:40 PM]
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Submitted By: Nearly Sane

Quote# 39343

Simply put, if you are a liberal, are you really a Christian?

Hence my reason for desiring a conservative mate.

stormgade4, Christian Forums 42 Comments [5/16/2008 2:23:18 AM]
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Submitted By: Markus6

Quote# 50990

[From an an article on MSNBC.com about the Christian Right increasing it's attacks on Obama in the final days before the election.]

But among the strongest pieces this year is Focus on the Family Action's letter which has been posted on the group's Web site and making the e-mail rounds. Signed by "A Christian from 2012," it claims a series of events could logically happen based on the group's interpretation of Obama's record, Democratic Party positions, recent court rulings and other trends.

Among the claims:

A 6-3 liberal majority Supreme Court that results in rulings like one making gay marriage the law of the land and another forcing the Boy Scouts to "hire homosexual scoutmasters and allow them to sleep in tents with young boys." (In the imagined scenario, The Boy Scouts choose to disband rather than obey).

A series of domestic and international disasters based on Obama's "reluctance to send troops overseas." That includes terrorist attacks on U.S. soil that kill hundreds, Russia occupying the Baltic states and Eastern European countries including Poland and the Czech Republic, and al-Qaida overwhelming Iraq.

Nationalized health care with long lines for surgery and no access to hospitals for people over 80.

Focus On The Family, MSNBC.com 32 Comments [11/2/2008 1:11:53 AM]
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Submitted By: GoFast

Quote# 130143

("You know according to your own science male eyes emits such radiations which can cause skin cancer demage etc of a female
So hijab also prevent them from such harmfull radiation.")

Fahed Qadeer, Facebook 25 Comments [8/5/2017 5:25:43 AM]
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Submitted By: Yossarian Lives

Quote# 130138

I saw a Big Foot, so it cannot be a myth. Many of today's "Christians" do not believe the Holy Bible which states that many so-called mythical creatures exist. Some of these creatures could be animals, but many of them are in what might be called the "supernatural" realm. Nebuchadnezzar was turned into a wild beast apparently for seven years, covered in thick, long hair and having long claws. Who knows, maybe Nebuchadnezzar wasn't the only one? His fate was decreed not by an angel per se, but by a "watcher," a holy one -- another "mythical creature". While it is okay to be doubtful about things that most likely do not exist, and it is natural to desire proof of said creatures, if such creatures exist -- they exist. We are to preach the gospel of Christ to every creature. Why was the command to every creature? Shouldn't it have been to every human? While I am pretty sure that verse is not a reference to creatures who cannot understand the gospel, it is certainly a directive for us to preach to all the different kinds of creatures with understanding. Does that include a Big Foot? We do not know what Big Foot are, are they man, or beast, or like Neb. a man who God turned into a beast? What if they are like the watchers, or the "nephelim", half man, half "son of God"? Or, like so many others, would you doubt the Word of God too?

Spok, CBN 10 Comments [8/5/2017 5:22:40 AM]
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Submitted By: DiarrheaMan

Quote# 57989

[New Rapture Ready Rule: You won't get into Heaven, unless you've been quoted by fstdt.]

There is a website especially dedicated for ridiculing and hating us.

If you are on there you are more than likely receiving a crown in heaven.

If you are not mentioned you need to question your salvation

My thanks to the pagans for solidifying our security

Buzzardhut, RR 151 Comments [2/1/2009 12:25:11 AM]
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Quote# 130154

Liberals: Killing the rich won't solve our economic and social problems
Me: Well, we have to start somewhere.

Sassy Socialist Memes, Facebook 37 Comments [8/5/2017 12:33:40 PM]
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Submitted By: Nemo

Worst Religion Ever Award

Quote# 130191

Saint Elliot the Innocent:

O guiltless saint that dwells in skies above,
That watches us from on the golden cloud,

We give you thanks for your sweet splendent love,
Magnificent, you make us all so proud.

Defender of supreme chaste gentlemen,
You struck the whores and fought the slutty chicks,

Our sacrificial lamb who stormed the school at ten,
And gave his life to spare us from those six.

Incel4Life, r/IncelSafeHaven 26 Comments [8/6/2017 12:00:02 PM]
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Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 130105

(OP by fschmidt)
Incels are dumber than octopuses


An octopus can learn from observing another successful octopus, but an incel is too stupid to learn from observing another successful former incel.

If you are an exception, and not stupid, then I invite you to /r/IncelDiscussions.


You lack critical thinking skills. A 5'4 guy sees a 6'3 guy reach a book on the top shelf. The 5'4 guys learns from observing this and grows to 6'3 through sheer force of will and grabs a book.

Looks matter you dumb fuck.

"Some people can do the exact same behavior as someone else and one person can be perceived as creepy while the other person is not" http://faculty.knox.edu/fmcandre/creepiness_results.html



You can't just ignore empirical truths.

fschmidt and Berry9939, /r/IncelReddit 6 Comments [8/5/2017 12:28:54 PM]
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Submitted By: Pharaoh Bastethotep

Quote# 130213

There is probably no single group that has benefited more (legally) from Obama’s presidency than the LGBT community.

He accomplished far more than any other President on gay rights thanks to his two lefty Supreme Court appointments. Jewish legal power was what made Obama change his mind on gay marriage, after he initially opposed it.

Naturally much of the LGBT community in America is alarmed by a new Republican administration. But I wouldn’t expect much to happen different in the future as far as existing rights.

If people are happy being homosexual (sexual orientation isn’t usually a choice, though behavior is) and can’t live as straights I say let them do what they want and not be discriminated against but also let other voices be heard on the issue.

Contrary to what we always hear from the Jew mass media on homosexuality, there is still no evidence that homosexuals are “born that way” or anything such as a “gay gene” exists.

Most gays are people with sexual identity issues stemming from childhood abuse or other experiences. There is an ex-gay Christian movement growing in America and hopefully this can get more attention.

AJ, Real Jew News 14 Comments [8/7/2017 9:34:55 AM]
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Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 130207

In A Heartbeat, declared by millions to be “the cutest thing I’ve ever seen,” is a short animated video about a young boy's middle school ‘crush’ on another boy, currently melting a few million hearts around the world each day.

Posted on Monday, the four-minute video quickly went viral. By Tuesday afternoon, it had garnered 3.7 million ‘views.’ By late afternoon Wednesday, the number of views had doubled to 7.4 million. By Thursday morning, it was headed toward 11 million views.

On the one hand, it’s popularity is no surprise. It’s a totally engaging, masterfully crafted little film, bound to receive many film festival awards. And because there’s no dialogue, it offers global appeal and reach.

Yahoo’s movie reviewer cheered it, saying, “Hopefully, given the response the short film has gotten, major studios will take notice of the fact that LGBTQ stories should be told, and that no matter your sexual identity, people can relate to those first flushes of love.”

The LGBT Human Rights Campaign (HRC) and others are showering it with praise.

Don’t be fooled!

While many inside and outside the gay world may find it heart-warming, resonating with their own inner-awkward-middle-school-boy, there’s a problem with it. A big problem.

In a Heartbeat is getting a whole lot of attention but will do a disservice to those it aims to help. It will further undermine strong, healthy — extraordinarily necessary — male adolescent relationships. Once boys and adolescents are herded toward gayness in order to deal with the very common experience of social anxiety, directed to question their sexual orientation, their sexuality risks becoming ‘re-wired.’ And once 're-wired' in that way, it's hard to undo. I should know. I was one of them.

The big problem:

An official description of the movie tells us, “A closeted boy runs the risk of being outed by his own heart after it pops out of his chest to chase down the boy of his dreams.”

The problem is this: The red-haired boy who is pictured is not a "closeted boy." The animators may think they are portraying such a boy, but they are actually telling a completely different story.

They show us a boy who demonstrates an extremely high level of social anxiety. When we first see him, he appears scared to death. He’s nervous. He’s panting. He experiences heart palpitations. He jumps behind a tree to hide from the second, dark-haired boy, and by so doing demonstrates his debilitating discomfort and inability to relate to his male classmate.

And who is the kid he’s running from, but clearly attracted to? He’s a boy who displays any easy self-confidence — the type that all socially awkward boys envy and would like to be like. He appears unflappable, problem free, in complete control. He’s so cool he can even spin an apple on one finger while walking and reading on the way to school. The fact that the red-haired boy hides behind a tree to avoid him reveals just how unnerving his feeling of not being accepted by his male peers troubles him.

Let’s be clear: Shy boys at that age aren’t searching for romance with their same-sex peers. They want just one thing and they want it desperately: acceptance. At that age, acceptance is more valuable than gold.

‘In a Heartbeat’ is a dangerous distortion.

The red-haired boy is not romantically attracted to the second boy, although that’s what the movie’s creators want you to think. He’s attracted to a boy who is his opposite, self-confident and trouble-free.

The movie’s creators misinterpret their own character: He’s not ‘closeted’ and he’s not "outed" by his own heart.’ He simply experiences a very high degree of social anxiety.

And the answer for this young man is not ‘romance’ with another boy. The answer is acceptance — to develop and persevere in friendship, and in that to find acceptance. Romance between males is a mirage, always proving to be elusive.

The movie promotes escaping social anxiety disorder by “coming out” and being “gay.” But this is an escape from the disorder, not a means of healing it in order to become whole and healthy as a person.

Dr. Richard Fitzgibbons, an expert on marital and child healing, told LifeSiteNews that the movie is “psychologically harmful to youth — not helpful to kids experiencing social anxiety disorder.”

Yet it is precisely those kids the movie is aimed at, and they are the ones put at risk by the narrative it promotes.

According to Dr. Fitzgibbons’ ChildHealing.com website, “Social Anxiety Disorder (SAD) is the most prevalent of all anxiety disorders. A 2011 study of 10,000 American adolescents revealed that anxiety disorders were the most common disorder in youth, occurring in approximately one-third of adolescents.”

“SAD is a marked and persistent fear in social situations characterized by pervasive social inhibition, timidity, lack of confidence and fear. It has an early age of onset, by age 11 years in about 50 percent and by age 20 years in about 80 percent of individuals.”

Most important, “Research has shown that youth suicide risk decreases by delaying self-identifying as a homosexual. One study demonstrated that suicide risk among youth with same-sex attractions decreases 20 percent each year they delay labeling themselves as gay.”

Homosexuality: A thoroughly unsatisfying dead end for young males

Quentin Crisp, in his novel The Naked Civil Servant, identified the conundrum facing gay men: “If the Great Dark Man met me, he would not love me. If he did love me, he could not be my Great Dark Man.” In other words, Crisp is saying: “If I found the man of my dreams” — as the boy in the ‘Heartbeat’ video seems to — “no matter how attractive, masculine and virile; if he were interested in me either sexually or romantically or both, he could no longer be the man of my dreams because he would no longer be 100 percent ‘straight.’ There would be a huge chink in his armor, and he would disappoint me.” One senses the snickering of Satan somewhere in the wings behind the hopeless, discouragement-fraught dreams of many gay men. No wonder so many become depressed. This is also why same-sex marriage will evaporate over time.

Michael Glatze, now a Christian pastor and subject of the movie, I Am Michael, was a practicing homosexual and gay activist until he experienced conversion to Jesus Christ. In 2013, he married his wife. In an open letter to Ricky Martin after Martin came out, Glatze wrote, “Homosexuality is a cage in which you are trapped in an endless cycle of constantly wanting more — sexually — that you can never actually receive, constantly full of emptiness, trying to justify your twisted actions by politics and ‘feel good’ language.”

He also told his own former “lover": “God loves you more than any dude will ever love you. ... Don’t put your faith in some man, some flesh. That’s what we do when we’re stuck in the gay identity, when we’re stuck in that cave. We go from guy to guy, looking for someone to love us and make us feel OK, but God is so much better than all the other masters out there.”

The world today, influenced heavily by the LGBT community and an undiscerning media, undermines close relationships between adolescent males, causing them to question their romantic and sexual orientation. This is precisely what this video sets out to do and is why it is so dangerous.

Can’t a kid just really like another kid without it being interpreted as either romantic or sexual? ALL boys want close friendships with other boys. It’s a basic human need.

Doug Mainwaring, LifeSiteNews 16 Comments [8/7/2017 3:36:54 AM]
Fundie Index: 9
Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 130129

How is Spiritualism a Science?

Science is the intellectual and practical activity encompassing the systematic study of the structure and behaviour of the physical and natural world through observation and experiment.

This study may lead to finding the cause and the effect of the nature of the experiments which support a real and rational conclusion through evidence. The conclusions reached may not be final and must remain open to the light of new evidence, which may compound or disprove the theory. This is true of all sciences. Therefore Spiritualism in its’ scientific aspect is open to continuous research in all areas.

Applying logical thought and reason to Spiritualism helps us to realise that there is a Science at work. It is a science in which we can all take part by giving consideration in the simplest of terms, or by more complex study.

Natural Law:
Everything that occurs operates within ‘Natural Law’. In terms of observing and considering anything that happens we can be sure of two things, there will be a ‘cause’ that creates an ‘effect’. Natural laws apply to everything, including, the non-physical attributes of our selves. Our mind, thoughts and emotions can cause us to act and react in words or actions and may, for example, have an effect on others. It can be seen that ‘a cause’ results in ‘an effect’, and that effect can be the cause of another occurrence and another effect, and so on. This helps us realise that Natural Laws control everything that happens and that spirit communication is not dependant on religion or philosophy. Mediumship is a science with controls (natural laws) that determine how the information is transferred and the process is repeatable, providing evidence of survival of the person’s intelligence beyond physical death.

Psychic ability:
The word Psyche is from the Greek language meaning ‘Soul’, hence Psychic is ‘of the Soul’. We, as physical beings, have a soul so we all have psychic abilities to some degree, however, it must be borne in mind that our abilities vary across many activities. A psychic can sense and interpret information about a person or object, but cannot, communicate with the Spirit World.

Mediumship is the transfer of information from the spirit of a deceased person via a medium to a recipient. A medium is psychic but is also capable of communicating with people in the Spirit World through the further development of their psychic faculties. Communication with the Spirit World using mediumship is a means of enabling Spirit People, some of whom are our family and friends, to communicate with us to ensure us that they:

Have survived physical death,
Have retained their personality, character, mind, memories, etc.
Have continued to learn and develop in the Spirit World

Mediums cannot call up a particular Spirit person to communicate with us because, like ourselves, they can choose whether to communicate or not. Mediums do not all develop every form of Mediumship. Each medium’s abilities and qualities vary, because everyone is individual in their personal attributes. ( Read about: Guidance for a Private Sitting...)

Mental Mediumship:
Mental Mediumship involves the medium perceiving information via their psychic senses from a spirit person. This can manifest in several ways; they may receive visual (clairvoyance), auditory (clairaudience) or sensory information (clairsentience) including smell or taste. On occasion mediums simply know something by virtue of the information having been received in their mind without any form of sensory manifestation.

Spiritual Healing:
Spiritual Healing involves the use of healing energies being directed by Spirit people, via a medium, to assist a physical person to become healthier at all levels of being.

Physical Mediumship:
Physical mediumship is the ability of the Spirit people utilising the energy of a medium and others present, to create effects that can be witnessed by everyone present, whether they are mediumistic or not. This type of mediumship was much researched in the 19th century by various people, including eminent scientists such as Sir Oliver Lodge, Sir William Fletcher Barrett and Sir William Crookes. The experiments that they carried out with mediums convinced them of the authenticity of the phenomena.

Modern Research:
In January 1991, A group comprising seven scientists, who were psychical researchers, and seven mediums was set up as a research group. It was titled Psychical Research Involving Selected Mediums (PRISM), and the research group was named ‘Council of PRISM).

The group developed and carried out a series of scientific experiments under strict protocol to determine the amount of information given by mediums to recipients being acceptable or not, with regulated requirements in place concerning the mediums and audience. Statistical analysis showed that the ‘intended recipients’ acceptance levels were higher than non recipients, the odds against chance being a million to one.

PRISM maintain they have a repeatable experiment, providing the protocol is adhered to and good mediums are used. Their results were submitted to the Society for Psychical Research, and were published in their journal (JSPR).

21st Century thoughts:
Modern scientific theory continues to expand and encompass more that just the physical aspects of our Universe. It has moved from looking at the origins and vastness of our Universe to looking at the smallest particles that hold our physical world together through the scientific principles of 'Quantum Theory'. Today there are many who see answers to the unseen worlds and the 'divine' natural law present in the resulting research and equally those who would disagree with the 'divine' presence and express it merely as natural law.

Science and Religion may always be uncomfortable bed fellows and for the Spiritualist, we accept that we will one day have some further answers and evidence, may be not in this phase of life but certainly at some point in the next.

Spiritualist's National Union, Spiritualist's National Union 7 Comments [8/5/2017 5:21:05 AM]
Fundie Index: 2
Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 130227

(=Authors note: In this comic, the woman is the straw man liberal Christian and the man is completely in the right=)

Woman: Watcha reading ?

Man: Exodus.

Woman: Why do Christians even read the Old Testament ? The God of the Old Testament was so mean and like judgy and strict. Then Jeus came along and made everything about love and peace and happiness and forgiveness and acceptance. I seriously love the New Testament.

Man: Uhhh you might wanna read it a little more closely. But anyways, "The God of the Old Testament" ? And then Jesus came along ? God doesn't change dear.

Woman (afraid): But in the Old Testament God like killed people and stuff! And in the New Testament Jesus seems as sweet as a cupcake...he even let little kids sit on his lap and all that.

Man: God is love and God is also just. God is merciful and God is also a consuming fire. This is clear and true in both the Old and New Testaments. Besides, where do you think Jesus was before the incarnation ? Sitting in the clouds doing crossword puzzles or something ? We're talking about Jesus here. The second person in the eternal trinitarian godhead. The one who is "The Same yesterday today and forever." God the son. God. The son. God doesn't change. Are you following ?

Woman (visibly getting nervous): Wait...so you're saying ?

Man: Mmmmm. Yeah.

Woman (completely mortified): The judgements...the flood...the wars...the plagues...?

Man: Yup.


Man: God is God. The father, the son and the Holy Spirit. Notice the son in there. Jesus is God. Now and in the Old Testament. Jesus has always been God.

Woman: How do you know all this ?

Man: "Cupcake Jesus" talks a whole lot about it in the Old Testament that you love.

Woman: This totally ruins the mental image I have of Jesus.

Man: The Bible is good at that.

Adam Ford, Adam4d.com 8 Comments [8/7/2017 11:26:37 PM]
Fundie Index: 5
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Quote# 130075

As a human who considers the idea of sex with aliens as abhorrent, I am writing to applaud the Singapore censors for banning the video game that included a sex scene between a female human and a female alien. In fact, I contend that the Singapore authorities have not gone far enough.

Given that sex between 2 humans of the same sex was recently evaluated and deemed criminal (Penal code Section 377A), it's clear that we also need a law criminalising alien-human sexual acts -- which in the unnatural order of things, surely ranks higher (or is that 'lower'?). Not criminalising alien-human sexual acts (which I will henceforth call aliensexual acts) could potentially send Singapore society down a slippery slope to where just because it was legal to have sex with an alien, some might eventually come to find it acceptable for all humans to engage in indecent acts with any other human. Our society must send a strong message now that it will not tolerate such behaviour.

This new law should criminalise ALL aliensexual sex, meaning both heteroaliensexual and homoaliensexual acts. This is important since humankind has never actually encountered any actual extra-terrestrial life and we need to take into consideration that beings from outer space might have more than one sex (even earthworms from Earth do) or some might even have no definable sex (yet still want to have sex for some alien reason). This would certainly confuse matters. Thus a blanket law criminalising ALL human-alien sex would thus be the most pragmatic. Not to mention suitably ‘kiasu’. We can call this law Section 377A-L-I-E-N.

I would urge the MPs and NMPs who spoke so eloquently on the topic of not repealing Section 377A to take up the 377A-L-I-E-N cause. Since it is a cause with obvious parallels to the principles they have already so passionately expressed in Parliament. After all, aliens might actually have straw-like appendages for noses from which they might deliver liquids to their stomachs. Thanks to the fiery speech of one very convincingly human NMP, we know that is something we never, ever want to see... or for that matter to hear about ever again.

Religion has been a very useful partner in ensuring that sexual behaviour other than the norm is deemed abhorrent. It will be harder for us to evoke 2000 year-old Christian values in this fight, since aliensexuality isn’t specifically mentioned in the bible as being a sin, let alone mentioned. But this should not stop us. After all, Jesus himself never once said that sex between 2 men was a sin but churches from Zambia to Korea still consider it a sin of the highest order. And for those (potential) pushy aliensexual activists who might contend that His immaculate conception was by it's nature a form of conception between a terrestrial female and a extra-terrestrial being, that is sacrilege. God is not, I repeat 'NOT', an alien! He is a higher being who does not need a spaceship or a teleportation device to fly from one wild wild west-end of the galaxy to the other like real aliens do.

As for other religions, I am afraid I cannot speak in a qualified manner about them as they are alien to me.

Finally I would like to add that we should not condemn any human or alien who fall in love. 'People Like Them' will surely tend to be creative, talented and of course, adventurous. They would, after all be experiencing something quite literally 'out of this world' on a regular basis. These are qualities we want in our worlds to make them better places and so we should treat these aliensexuals with a mixture of pity and compassion. And while the saying "they are born this way and we are born that way" may take on a whole different meaning once we actually know how aliens are born, it would behove us to put up a straight face, look them in the eye (or all 8 if necessary) and say with conviction that "we are all the same, but you could go to jail if we decide you are too uppity".

Bottom line is we need to make space and outer space for these aliensexuals, while (of course) keeping them branded criminals. That would be a neat 'social contract' which will surely ensure that human-to-human heterosexual sex remains universally (and here we really so mean the whole universe) the only accepted kind of sex until the end of time.

Elim Sanctuary, Elim Sanctuary 29 Comments [8/3/2017 12:14:16 AM]
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It is narcissistic hyper-eroticism; there is no objective, functional form of sexuality between two members of the same sex.

You can shove two male or two female plugs together as long and hard as you like; no AC electrical current will flow.

I believe we must go back to the beginning and take back the English language from subversive collectivists.

In both vocation and avocation, I have been in close association with many homoerotic males over the past 20+ years. I find that their aberrant vulgarity is not only tolerated but celebrated - especially by heterosexual women, who think they are adorable.

No heterosexual male would be allowed to say and do some of the things I have witnessed by such persons in public, ostensibly professional, surroundings.

They have taught me to find them disturbing. As a Christian, I used to strive to treat them with compassion and, as warranted, with charity. Now I really do not want to be near them.

YogicCowboy, Free Republic 23 Comments [8/7/2017 3:36:45 AM]
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Many of you are slowly being initiated into witchcraft through unknowingly participating in occult activity.

Tattoos, piercings, horoscopes, fornication, masturbation, using dildos and other sexual objects, yoga, tantra, watching occult-based movies such as Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, Harry Potter, etc; and listening to secular music such as pop, rock, and especially hip hop: are opening people up like never before to having actual encounters with real demonic spirits.

These are but a sampling of the different ways people are being led down a dark path into the world of the occult. People are literally being initiated into witchcraft, and they don't even know it. And in case you were not aware: you can also be initiated into witchcraft through SEX.

Some of you have literally laid with witches unawares, thinking you were just having a good time.

But that witch actually imparted something spiritual into you that has been attached to your life ever since. And this is most likely what has been keeping some of you from getting married, staying married, having stable income, or being able to prosper at anything for any length of time.

This type of demonic initiation that happens through sex also manifests in the form of reproductive health problems, a recurring infection, mental or emotional health issues, depression, suicidal thoughts, substance abuse, sexual addictions, nightmares, night visitations and sleep paralysis, etc.

Witchcraft is real. And one of the most effective ways to establish covenants within witchcraft is via sex.

Far too many Christians remain oblivious to the methods Satan is using to stifle their gifts, callings and the purpose that is on their lives. He knows that if he can get a believer into sexual sin, he can attach a demon to them: sometimes even for life.

I do my best to expose these things here on my blog, on my Facebook page, as well as through the various ebooks that I write and make available to the public. You can download these at any time right here on this website.

I'm warning you about these things because the occult realm really does exist; and Satan's tools are NOT to be played with. Holy living is your only shield against the demonic in this evil day.

Be mindful of the type of music you listen to, the movies and TV shows that you watch, the books that you read, and the types of other seemingly harmless things people often do (like yoga and getting tatted up for instance); without any awareness that those things are also subtle doorways through witch demons gain the right to access a person's body and mind.

And don't just be a Christian: be an enlightened Christian. Read. Educate yourself. Buy books. Study the Word of God like your life depends on it. Because it does!

Make it your mission to know why fornication is wrong in the eyes of God. Know why there is such a big push in society for homosexuality to now be out in the open. Be aware why 7 out of every 10 movies released from Hollywood now feature some element of witchcraft, demonic activity and the occult.

In fact, know why Hollywood is even called Holly-wood in the first place! FYI: the holly tree was the sacred tree from which witches and warlocks (male witches) made their magic wands.

So "holly" "wood" is none other than the magic wand of witches used to cast spells over the unsuspecting. That has always been the purpose for making movies. Entertainment is just a modern form of spell-casting and bewitching.

For instance: I was watching one of those "Hobbit" movies not too long ago, and it blew me away when several of the characters started speaking in demonic tongues right there in the middle of the movie!

Who knows what spells or incantations were being cast during that scene? I couldn't even enjoy watching the movie after that demonic sneak attack.

And if you're a Christian who thinks you are immune to the occult simply because grace covers you, and therefore that makes it okay for you to watch or listen to it: you're only fooling yourself. Satan will make a slave of you if you keep engaging in his stuff!

Spiritual wickedness is coming HARD these days. Meanwhile, Christians are busy having debates over how 'nice' a person's tone should be when warning others to turn away from sin and darkness.

Avoid fornication. Quit masturbating. Turn off the TV set and spend that time studying your Bible.

Turn down that #6 value meal every once in a while, and spend the evening fasting and in prayer. Find a good church and stick with it. Up your godly spiritual power!

And whatever you do: stop entertaining yourself with demonic stuff! This is for you horror movie hip hop tattoo-loving "saints." Ask yourself: why are you so attracted and drawn to dark and demonic spiritual things?

Some of you need deliverance, and you don't even realize it. But that's okay. Just stick around a little longer, and those demons will run screaming out of your life before you know what hit you.

Make sure to download my ebooks if you want a deeper education on these sort of things. And whatever you do: draw closer to Jesus in this hour like never before. My ebooks will help.

Satan has pulled out all the stops. And only those who are rooted in Jesus Christ can withstand the onslaught of evil that's coming. God bless.

Mack Major, Eden Decoded 29 Comments [5/3/2016 3:04:45 AM]
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[From "Alarm Bells are ringing in taxpayer's ears"]

Far-left advocacy group Public Interest Alberta (their slogan: "helping unions make Alberta as pleasant a place as Detroit or Venezuela") has unleashed a report on "increasingly unacceptable classroom conditions and lack of support staff" in the province.

Specifically, this push survey asked a bunch of teachers and parents how much money they'd spend if there was no limit to what the province had stolen from taxpayers this year.


Okay, onto our next respondent: a Calgary parent
As integration of students with complex needs becomes more and more common, the teachers are expected to provide an education to all of these different types of learners with little support.

I have a crazy idea.

It's totally bonkers.

It's loony tunes.

It's so absolutely balls-in-another-man's face retarded that if it was a student it would be in a little class by the boiler room waiting for the short bus.

How about we stop "integrating students with complex needs" and instead go put them back in a little class by the boiler room waiting for the short bus? The reason we did that is because most of these retarded kids cannot learn anything. At best, we can try to get these mongloid little hormone factories in good enough shape that when they get to the age where they want to screw everything that moved they understood what the words "don't do that" was when we told them to not do that.†

Instead, we end up in the ridiculous situation where 85% of classrooms have "special needs" kids in them. That's completely unacceptable, and is by design encouraged to require "handlers" for each kid in each class. I've seen a class with no less than three retard babysitters required to watch each individual retard.

† This is, by the way, one of the primary reasons that we needed (and still need) to sterilize mentally incompetent people who are wards of the state. What happens is they tend to screw and make more wards of the state. Years back, the Mitchener Centre in Red Deer learned this the hard way: their retarded clientele couldn't tie their shoes or spell their name or say hello without slobbering over their chins. They couldn't figure out forks, radio knobs, or zippers. Yet when their adult hormones kicked into gear, these horny mongloids had no trouble figuring out doors, keys, light switches, and fences: staff routinely found them screwing in the bushes. 9 months later, the Province of Alberta was greeted with a new ward of the state. Yes yes on occasion the baby produced would be perfectly normal, and eventually would go onto be a functioning member of society. But the genetics don't fib.


My daughter in grade 1 has been told to ignore the Kindergarten boy who repeatedly punches other students whenever he is upset. She came home and said “It was my turn to get punched today Mommy”

3 children in the school that need diapering, have no speech, one who usually rolls around on the floor and moans. Staff regularly bruised and bitten. Recently teacher was bitten so badly blood was spurting out of her arm. These three are so labour intensive that other children in other grades with special needs get no service. No proper services for the three children. No proper supports for the staff team being pulled in to keep finger in the dike. Staff have been issued protective arm sleeves. Give me a break.

Again, here's a suggestion that's so simple it's a black mark forever on the "educators" in the system that they've never suggested or thought of it: get these fucking retards out of schools and into rubber rooms where they can be sterilized and ignored forever. We're paying for this level of "service"? Why, exactly?

It might also help with this Grade 1 class issue in Edmonton:
Autism - limited verbal, screams high pitch screams often, runs every 7-10 mins, functions at about 3 yr old development level, funding only provides .5 assistant time ... The child cannot be left alone so two EAs are required throughout the day and funding is only providing .5 of an assistant. School had to go thousands into debt to ensure adequate coverage. No extra support for the remaining students with high needs.

Instead of schools going into debt for "adequate coverage" of retarded kids who will never function well enough to pay a dime of taxes for the rest of their lives, cut it off.

Okay, enough about the retards. We're coddling them and putting them in classes trying to pretend they are in any sense "equals" with the normal kids they're seated along with. It's a disaster, the teachers unions and the far-left are complicit in it, it needs to end. What else is going on that's negatively impacting classroom education?

Feynman and Coulter's Love Child, The Third Edge of the Sword 21 Comments [8/6/2017 8:02:50 AM]
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In a horrible case of real religious persecution, a 7-year-old boy in Indiana was punished and ostracized by his public school teacher after saying he did not believe in God.

Disturbing details are emerging from a lawsuit filed against teacher Michelle Meyer at Forest Park Elementary School who allegedly punished her 7-year-old student with “banishment” for not believing in God.

According to the lawsuit, Meyers forced a second grade boy (identified as A.B. in the lawsuit) to sit by himself at lunch for three days as well as ordering the boy not to talk to any of his classmates after the boy told another student he doesn’t go to church and doesn’t believe in God.

The following is an excerpt from the lawsuit, via the Washington Post:

"9. On or about February 23, 2015, A.B. and his classmates were on the playground during
the school day immediately before lunch when A.B. was asked by one of his classmates if he attended church.

10. A.B. responded by stating that he did not go to church and did not believe in God. He also stated that it was fine with him if his inquiring classmate believed in God.

11. The classmate said that A.B. had hurt her feelings by saying that he did not believe in God and started to cry.

12. A playground supervisor reported to Ms. Meyer what had happened.

13. At that point the students were going to lunch and Ms. Meyer asked A.B. if he had told
the girl that he did not believe in God and A.B. said he had and asked what he had done wrong.

14. Ms. Meyer asked A.B. if he went to church, whether his family went to church, and whether his mother knew how he felt about God.

15. She also asked A.B. if he believed that maybe God exists.

16. [The teacher] told A.B. that she was very concerned about what he had done and that she was going to contact his mother — although she never did.

22. On the day of the incident and for an additional two days thereafter, [the teacher] required that A.B. sit by himself during lunch and told him he should not talk to the other students and stated that this was because he had offended them. This served to reinforce A.B.’s feeling that he had committed some transgression that justified his exclusion."

In addition to Meyer’s punishing her student for saying he did not believe in God, another Forest Park Elementary School employee also harassed the little boy for saying he did not believe in God:

"8. A day or two after the initial incident, A.B. and his fellow-student who had become upset with his comment on the playground were sent to another adult employed at Forest Park Elementary School.

19. This person asked them what the problem was and A.B. indicated that his classmate had become upset when, in response to her question, he had said he did not go to church and did not believe in God.

20. Upon hearing this, the adult employee looked at A.B.’s classmate and stated that she should not be worried and should be happy she has faith and that she should not listen to A.B.’s bad ideas. She then patted the little girl’s hand.

21. This was, again, extremely upsetting to A.B. as it reinforced his feeling that he had done something very wrong."

To sum up, one student told another student he doesn’t go to church and doesn’t believe in God. Apparently that upset the other student, who said the statement hurt her feelings. As a consequence, the student was punished by his teacher and another school employee for simply articulating the fact that he does not believe in God and does not attend church.

The district, who for some reason is not named in the lawsuit, released the following statement about the unfortunate affair:

"It is clear that it is not the province of a public school to advance or inhibit religious beliefs or practices. Under the First and Fourteenth Amendments to the Constitution, this remains the inviolate province of the individual and the church of his/her choice. The rights of any minority, no matter how small, must be protected."

The most tragic part of the story:

"31. A.B. came home from school on multiple occasions crying saying that he knows that everyone at school — teachers and students — hate him.

32. Even now there are some classmates who will not talk to A.B.

33. Even now A.B. remains anxious and fearful about school, which is completely contrary to how he felt before this incident."

“He was publicly shamed and made to feel that his personal beliefs were terribly wrong.”

Michelle Meyer and another employee, Patheos 22 Comments [8/5/2017 12:30:06 PM]
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Quote# 130133

All he had to do was maintain the speed limit and pass me in the left lane. He came close to getting himself wrapped around a concrete light pole.

Lucky break he’s still alive. That kind of stuff is ridiculous. Did you know that car insurance premiums are twice as high for 16-26 year-old males than females? I came to learn this with my 3 sons. The money I’ve / we’ve paid is obscene. Your example is probably one of the reasons.

Yes, for which reason I did not have car insurance until that was not a factor.

Yes, seriously. I will not be subjected to what under any other circumstance would be unlawful discrimination.

Imagine insurers charging black drivers twice as much as white drivers. We should not tolerate any of that sort of thing.

As for “oh but something could have happened!”, yeah something can always “happen” but happenstance is not a stance and I take responsibility for my own actions.

G2geek, Daily Kos 8 Comments [8/5/2017 12:29:58 PM]
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