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Traditionalism is the Future, Not the Past

In response to the accusation that traditionalist monarchists want things to “stay the same or go backwards,” I must repeatedly reference the following Evola paragraph:

Traditionalist particularism is the future. Cosmopolitan democracy is the past. Most of the world’s human beings haven’t even embraced cosmopolitan democracy, only a slice of the urban elites have, and everyone else is just dragged along. Cosmopolitan democracy is nothing more than an experiment which is currently in the process of failing, a speedbump on the road of history in which hierarchical identitarianism is the norm, and always will be. In retrospect, cosmopolitan democracy will be viewed as little more than a curiosity. The far future is most definitely hierarchical–given the possibilities of human enhancement, it’s difficult to see how it could be anything else. “Progressive Transhumanist” is a contradiction in terms. Since hierarchy is completely inevitable, let us aim for benevolent hierarchy, rather than deceiving ourselves that futuristic democracy is even an option.

Cosmopolitan democracy is the past. Around the world, and in the heart of Europe, people are already rebelling against it. Give up the past, get with the times! The future is in a further articulation and perfection of Tradition, not in the continuation of dead forms such as Democracy. Advocates of Democracy are just romanticizing the past, the revolutions of 1789 and 1848. All the vibrant thinkers of Democracy are dead and the current upholders of the “immortal ideals” are only running on intellectual fumes. Their ideas are not adaptive to the challenges of the 21st century. The future is with Tradition.

Michael Anissimov, More Right (via archive.today) 18 Comments [1/30/2018 1:36:12 AM]
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1.”The estuarine crocodile is 23-feet long, as reported in the Guinness Book of World Records.”
That’s a pretty big dinosaur! Or at least what the preachers of evolution, claim is the nearest relative of the dinosaur(along with finches of course!).

2. The Komodo Dragon “The largest verified wild specimen was 3.13 meters (10 ft 3 in) long and weighed 166 kilograms (365 lb)”.
That could easily be considered a “terrible lizard”(you know a “dino-saur”). Not only is it big enough to kill you with its mouth or tail, it’s even venomous!

3. Longest Anacondas on record are argued between 32ft. 9.5in. and 42.5ft. That is large enough to eat you, a friend and your pets. Hmmm. A giant reptile!

The only reason these aren’t considered dinosaurs is because they contradict the current state/world religion.

Three Crosses, CSE blogs 58 Comments [1/12/2008 1:59:49 PM]
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["But they do recognize that almost all progress in civilization comes from science and a President who doesn’t believe in evolution (or atomic theory or acids and bases or electromagnetic theory or any core science) would never be able to set the right priorities."]

This is one of gondramB's standard strawmen. Eliminating evolution would in no way impact science, and gondramB knows it. Nothing of value has ever come from evolution or its promotion. The vast majority of scientific advances have been by, or at the direction of creationists, and without them we would all have to work much harder.

If we could remove the search for the imaginary 'glue' that connects evolution to science from the various government budgets, we could cut taxes by 50%.

Editor-Surveyor, Free Republic 50 Comments [1/13/2008 3:37:12 AM]
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Advancements in scientific education require the honest admission that Darwin was wrong.

Dom, abc news blog 38 Comments [1/12/2008 4:26:58 AM]
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For all those who claim there are thousands of religions, it seems there's only 2 major worldwide religions to consider - Christianity and Islam (Muslims). The next religion, Hinduism, is mostly an Indian religion and the fourth highest, Buddhism, isn't even a religion. It would seem unlikely that God would only reveal himself to some isolated group of people and ignore the rest of the world.

Therefore, people have no excuse. It's clear God exists (only the 2%ers, the atheists who probably hate God, disagree) and there's really only 2 religions to consider. I think everyone should examine Christianity and Islam to see which is most likely to be true.

Zendell, WrongPlanet 50 Comments [1/12/2008 2:02:34 PM]
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All elements in the universe (periodic table) get their properties based on their combinations of 3 specific sub-atomic components. Protons, Neutrons, & Electrons. No element has the same combination. (ie...Gold has 79 protons, 118 neutrons, 79 electrons)Carbon (man) has 6 protons, 6 neutrons, 6 electrons. [666]. This will be the number in which the Anti-Christ will be identified by. And because a clone does not have working sexual organs, this explains why a "cloned" Anti-Christ will not have need for a woman.

How do you think this was written in God's word about the anti-Christ being a man that his number will be 666? When the knowledge of protons, neutrons, and electrons was not even known? It is because the word was written just like God said. It was inspired by God, to where man could write it without flaw. And the knowledge was God knowledge, not the knowledge of man.

ikester7579, Bibleforums 120 Comments [1/12/2008 2:09:41 PM]
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[If God gave us the KJV as an inspired translation, why would God not repeat the process again in modern language in each language?]

The question assumes that the A.V. was written in common or Elizabethan English. It was not. The English of the A.V. was specifically designed to receive the words of God in a language that could be understood by English readers. It is a pure language, untainted by secular meanings.

Ekkman, CSE blogs 41 Comments [1/12/2008 2:16:46 PM]
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["When you or your family members go to the doctor, do you get antibiotics developed to treat drug-resistant bacteria, or do you insist that because evolution doesn't exist you should be just fine with the drugs from twenty years ago?"]

Frankly, I would never take an antibiotic; there are far safer and more effective treatments, but all that aside, nothing that you mention above has the slightest connection to evolution. You are propagandising by attempting to mix evolutionism with biochemistry.

Editor-Surveyor, Free Republic 78 Comments [1/13/2008 12:19:19 AM]
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It is not known whether God created oil when he made the earth 6000 years ago, or whether oil and coal deposits were generated during Noah's flood 4000 years ago. It does not mattter. What does matter is if you don't believe that God created the earth 6000 years ago, you are going to Hell.

unfit_commander, Yahoo answers! 109 Comments [1/15/2008 4:18:47 AM]
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[In reference to an article about ISP's getting ready to implement anti-piracy technology]

Yes. Not only that they'll probably ban religious web sites like rapture ready, voices of evangelism. For instance, If we instant message something about anything that involves Jesus, God, the bible or anti-Bush, three possible things might happen.

1. your entry will be rejected.

2. your connection will automatically be terminated.

3. Spyware gets into your computer even if you didn't download it.

If all else fails, we'll use Freenet to bypass their filters.

CommanderTaylor, The Resistance Manifesto 50 Comments [1/13/2008 11:36:03 PM]
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In response to: Are you implying that death is unnatural?

I am indeed implying that death is unnatural. If you read the whole Bible, it starts out with no death, is plunged into death, and in Revelation (and throughout the NT and OT) describe no death again.


Considering how it's such an exellent device for change, how do you reconcile the fact that most people fear death? Shouldn't anticipation of death have "evolved" if evolution is fact? Perhaps only "Takers" fear death and not "Leavers"? It would be an interesting survey; I don't have that data. I don't fear death, and I'd venture to say most "born-again" Christians do not either.

Buho, Quinn Forums 50 Comments [1/18/2008 2:44:34 AM]
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[Abortion is evil...in your opinion.

And before you say it, you're not entitled to speak for God. You're entitled to speak for you. Nobody else.]

Sorry. Wrong again.

Read the Bible (hint, Mt. 28). I speak for GOD. Abortion is murder!

Stop the murder, or the hammer of GOD will drop on this nation.

ShieldOFaith, foru.ms 46 Comments [1/18/2008 6:34:54 PM]
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Far-Right “Legal Consultant”

The office of the “Deutsches Rechtsbüro”1, founded in Aprill 1992, could originally be contacted through a post-office box in Hamburg. Its leader at the time was a Hamburg lawyer. In the mid-Eighties, she was considered the main activist of the Bund Heimattreuer Jugend2 and worked for many years in the law firm of the still active right-wing extremist Jürgen Rieger..

The DRB sends its members court decisions from its own archive and brokers lawyers for checking the legality of printed material and other legal advice. Furthermorem it conducts legal training seminars. According to its own self-conception, the DRB is “a coalition of legal experts and people interested in legal matters who would like to pass on their knowledge” and “a self-help group for the preservation of rights, particularly fundamental rights”.

”True-hearted3 Max”

The early days of the DRB saw the creation of the first “Max Trueheart” brochures, which remain the core of the DRB's public work to this day. The premise is always the same: The fictional Max comes into conflict with the law, and his example is used to demonstrate the steps that need to be taken to avoid culpability for far-right activities. From the long list of topics: “Max and the Foreigners” on the topic of incitement of hatred (§ 130 Criminal Code), “Max and the State of Injustice” on the topic of defamation of the state and its symbols (§§ 90, 90a CC), “Max and the Planes” on the topic of unconstitutional propaganda material and symbols (§§ 86, 86a CC), as well as “Max and the Music” on the topic on media harmful to young persons (§27 Youth Protection Code).

Networking, not legal advice

Currently, the DRB is situated in Birkenwerder near Oranienburg. On the office's web site, Richard Miosga is named as contact person. Miosga is not a legal expert. Rather, what qualifies him for his elevated position in the DRB would be his manifold contacts collected over the course of hiBerlin House of Representatives. Afterwards, he was active in the Hoffman von Fallersleben Training Institute, in the far-right “Prussia Culture Society of Berlin” and in the party “the Nationals”, to name just a few stations in his activism. Together with the leader of the now-disbanded Märkischer Heimatschutz (MHS)4, Gordon Reinholz, he spoke on conferences, and he campaigned as a candidate for the NPD for Berlin-Tempelhof in the 2015 Bundestag election.

Through his biography, Miosga is an example for the true intentions of the Rechtsbüro: Only for the sake of appearance do they put their focus on the “preservation of fundamental rights”. In truth, however, the DRB is more concerned with networking right-wing extremists of all factions, from party members to the neo-Nazi “Independent forces”.

1 “German Legal Office”
2 “Union of Youths Loyal to the Homeland”, a neonazi youth organisation, successor of the Wiking Youth, banned in 2009
3 literally “loyal-hearted. It's actually an archaic term for naïve.
4 “Homeland Protection of the March ”, a Brandenburg (originally a margraviate) network of Kameradschaften (loosely organised neonazi cells)

@Original German:
Rechtsextremistische „Rechtsberatung"

Das Büro des im April 1992 gegründeten „Deutschen Rechtsbüros" (DRB) war anfangs über ein Postfach in Hamburg zu erreichen. Leiterin war damals eine Hamburger Rechtsanwältin. Sie galt Mitte der achtziger Jahre als Hauptaktivistin des Bundes Heimattreuer Jugend und arbeitete mehrere Jahre in der Rechtsanwaltskanzlei des heute noch aktiven Rechtsextremisten Jürgen Rieger.

Das DRB sendet seinen Mitgliedern Urteile aus einem eigenem Urteilsarchiv zu und vermittelt Rechtsanwälte für die Überprüfung der Strafbarkeit von Druckwerken und sonstige Rechtsauskünfte. Weiterhin führt es juristische Schulungen durch. Nach eigenem Selbstverständnis ist das DRB „ein Zusammenschluss von Juristen und juristisch interessierten Personen, die ihr Wissen gern weitergeben möchten", und „eine Selbsthilfegruppe zur Wahrung der Rechte, insbesondere der Grundrechte".

„Treuherziges Mäxchen"

In der Anfangszeit des DRB entstanden die ersten Broschüren unter dem Titel „Mäxchen Treuherz", die bis heute den Kern der Öffentlichkeitsarbeit des DRB darstellen. Das Konzept ist immer das Gleiche: Die Phantasiefigur Mäxchen gerät mit dem Gesetz in Konflikt und an seinem Beispiel wird exemplarisch vorexerziert, welche juristischen Schritte zu gehen seien, um eine Strafbarkeit rechtsextremistischer Handlungen auszuschließen. Aus der langen Themenliste: „Mäxchen und die Ausländer" zum Stichwort Volksverhetzung (§ 130 StGB), „Mäxchen und der Unrechtsstaat" zum Stichwort Verunglimpfung des Staates und seiner Symbole (§§ 90, 90a StGB), „Mäxchen und die Flugzeuge" zum Stichwort Verfassungswidrige Propagandamittel und Kennzeichen (§§ 86, 86 a StGB), sowie „Mäxchen und die Musik" zum Stichwort Jugendgefährdende Medien (§ 27 JuSchG).

Netzwerk statt Rechtsbeistand

Seinen Sitz hat das DRB mittlerweile in Birkenwerder bei Oranienburg. Auf der Webseite des Büros wird Richard Miosga als Ansprechpartner benannt. Miosaga ist kein Jurist. Was ihn für seine hervorgehobene Rolle beim DRB qualifiziert, sind wohl eher seine mannigfaltigen Kontakte, die er im Laufe seiner rechtsextremistischen „Karriere" gesammelt hat. So war Miosga von 1989 bis 1990 stellvertretender Fraktionsvorsitzender der Republikaner (REP) im Berliner Abgeordnetenhaus. Anschließend wirkte er im Hoffman-von-Fallersleben-Bildungswerk, in der ebenfalls rechtsextremistischen „Berliner Kulturgemeinschaft Preußen" und in der Partei „Die Nationalen", um nur einige Stationen seines Engagements zu benennen. Er trat zusammen mit dem Anführer des mittlerweile aufgelösten Märkischen Heimatschutzes (MHS), Gordon Reinholz, auf Tagungen auf und kandidierte bei der Bundestagswahl 2005 in Berlin-Tempelhof für die NPD.

Miosga ist mit dieser Biographie ein Beispiel dafür, wie die wahren Interessen des Rechtsbüros aussehen: Nur zum Schein stellt es die „Wahrung der Grundrechte" in den Vordergrund. Es geht aber dem DRB vielmehr um die Vernetzung von Rechtsextremisten aller Lager, vom parteilich Gebundenen bis zu den neonazistischen „Freien Kräften".

Deutsches Rechtsbüro, Verfassungsschutz Brandenburg 6 Comments [1/30/2018 1:36:14 AM]
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"I think"

And that's where your problem began.

Royce E. Van Blaricome, The Stream 16 Comments [1/26/2018 8:47:10 AM]
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I am only working to remove those who blatanly defy the will of God... Sometimes people must die... to show others... maybe your family could die... maybe your children could die...

Cam Sheets, facebook 72 Comments [12/29/2007 12:20:40 PM]
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Stop begging your wife for forgiveness. Be a godly leader and tell your wife to forgive you and to submit to your godly leadership. If she says this is too hard, tell her welcome to the living the true Christian life is often a difficult battle club.

truthisfreedom, Every Man's Battle 66 Comments [1/18/2008 1:14:59 AM]
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The most common objection to the Doctrine of Predestination is that it is unfair. Why would God choose certain individuals and not others? The important thing to remember is that no one deserves to be saved. We have all sinned (Romans 3:23), and are all worthy of eternal punishment (Romans 6:23). As a result, God would be perfectly just in allowing all of us to spend eternity in hell. However, God chooses to save some of us. He is not being unfair to those who are not Chosen, because they are receiving what they deserve. God’s choosing to be gracious to some is not unfair to the others. No one deserves anything from God; therefore, no one can object if he does not receive anything from God. An illustration would be a man randomly handing out money to five people in a crowd of twenty. Would the fifteen people who did not receive money be upset? Probably so. Do they have a right to be upset? No, they do not. Why? Because the man did not owe anyone money. He simply decided to be gracious to some.

If God is choosing who is saved, doesn’t that undermine our free will to chose and believe

sold out for jesus, so4j.com 10 Comments [7/2/2016 4:31:16 AM]
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You are one degenerate cuck. You envy Derbyshire? WOW!!! Are you trying to import an Asian woman into the USA? People of different political view and races can love each? You sound like a teenager. I don’t respect liberal men because logically they are idiots. Blacks/Asians are inferior races so why would a Caucasian pollute his offspring’s bloodline? I listed facts about his worthless spawn and you consider them a fine family? WOW!!! I did give Derbyshire a chance. Asian genes can be recessive over time. What he would have to do is go to an AmRen conference and announce that he knows the West is best, being white is best and then his wife and children would have to go on stage and say the same thing. They would give thanks for being a part of the West. But when Derbyshire gave me his Stalin/Harding comparison, he basically stated that the Chinese are superior to whites. I don’t know if he realizes that the Japanese are smarter than the Chinese. The Japanese are still inferior to Caucasians/Europeans though

Attilathehen, Unz 10 Comments [1/29/2018 2:10:26 AM]
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Parents Are Making Their Children Drink Bleach to 'Cure' Them of Autism

Parents are making their children drink industrial bleach to cure them of autism—with the potentially deadly practice linked back to a U.S. cult.

According to British tabloid the Sunday People, six British police forces have probed cases in which children as young as two have been forced to undergo the potentially lethal treatment.

The treatment being administered is CD (Chloride Dioxide) or MMS (Miracle Mineral Solution)—with a secret Facebook group touting its use to desperate parents in the U.K.

The method has been promoted by a controversial U.S. church with a branch in Los Angeles - the secretive Genesis II Church, founded by Jim Humble, a former scientologist.

A 2016 investigation by Eyewitness News and ABC News found an underground network clustered in southern California promoting MMS on Facebook as a cure for ailments including cancer, Parkinsons, and autism in children.

The previous year the BBC exposed a secret conference in which leading figures from the church travelled to the U.K. to promote the use of MMS, which it claims is a non-dangerous religious sacrament.

They believe that autism is caused by pathogens and parasites, which Chloride Dioxide kills. Doctors say that the claims of adherents are groundless, the solution is untested and can cause serious harm.

The solution includes two chemicals – sodium chlorite and hydrochloric acid – that combine to make bleach. It is sold to be used orally or as an enema.

Proponents recommend mixing it with a fruit juice, but medical experts warn that this causes the solution to acidify and produce chlorine dioxide – a potentially lethal bleach used for stripping textiles.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration warns that the product “used as directed, produces an industrial bleach that can cause serious harm to health.” It is banned in Canada.

The British Food Standards Authority warns against use of MMS, and says it can cause nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea, reduced blood pressure, damage the gut or cause respiratory failure.

There has been one death linked to use of MMS and several cases of those taking it reporting serious injuries.

However, the substance remains available to buy on the internet.

Dr Jeff Foster warned of the potentially deadly consequences of using MMS.

“Autism is a neuro-developmental disease which is not amenable to any form of tablet treatment. ‘It’s developed in the womb or early stages of life. ‘You can’t just reverse it and anyone claiming that does not understand the condition,” he told the People.

"When you have very extreme measures like this to “cure” a condition it’s just a roulette game,’ Dr Foster said. ‘

"Eventually someone will die. It’s only a matter of time."

A British parliamentiary commission focussed on autism is expected to tighten the laws around MMS.

Genesis II Church, Newsweek 29 Comments [1/29/2018 2:01:59 AM]
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Asians in America, and most particularly Chinese in America, are in danger of getting themselves a reputation as the whining minority. From a tiny number of instances of "discrimination," many of them of very questionable significance, "Asian-American" activists are building a case for special treatment like that accorded to blacks, homosexuals and so on. They are, they want us to believe, victimized. They are, they claim, "distressed" by words they find "demeaning."

The Wen Ho Lee case has been a godsend to these nuisances. The FBI went after Lee just because he was Chinese, they tell us. Well, of course they did! If vital national secrets go missing, and if it becomes known that the Chinese have got their hands on them, and if one of the people who had access to them is of Chinese origin, then of course he is a prime suspect! Who on earth should the FBI be scrutinizing in such a case? Hungarians? If the lab employee has, in addition, been downloading classified material to unauthorized tapes, which he has then lost, he really shouldn't be too astounded to find himself in leg irons.

Is it really such a secret that China's intelligence agencies target Americans of Chinese origin when trying to recruit spies? Where is the outcry against this "racial profiling" by Chinese intelligence agencies? Nobody from the Chinese government ever tried to recruit me as a spy. However, if I had a Chinese name and worked at Los Alamos for many years — during which years I made trips to mainland China — I should be astonished not to have been the subject of approaches. I happen to think, and have argued before in this space, that Lee is the victim of a bureaucratic cover-your-rear operation; but part of the blame for his misfortunes is his, and a much bigger part is the Chinese government's.

You can't sell any of this to the "Asian-American" activists. They have convinced themselves that they are "oppressed" — that they are at the receiving end of a plot to … to what, exactly? Turn them into chattel slaves? Deprive them of the vote? Force them to work as cooks for railroad-laying teams? I don't know what they think, and they probably couldn't tell you themselves. Probably they just want designated victim status, and the cash benefits that go with it. And they want to whine.

The campaign for designated-victim status plays into one of the great cultural weaknesses of the Chinese, in fact: they are, as a nation, awfully fond of self-pity. Much of Chinese literature is unreadable on this account, from the epic whining of 3rd-century-B.C. poet Qu Yuan (he had lost the favor of his monarch and been exiled) to Lin Daiyu snivelling herself to death in the 18th-century classic novel Red Chamber Dream. The mid-20th-century Chinese writer Bo Yang (author of The Ugly Chinaman and the Crisis of Chinese Culture) used to ask his students at Peking University to keep diaries of their social interactions with classmates. One of the most frequent patterns he found was that classmate A would write: "Classmate B was openly rude to me today. After I have been so nice to him! After all that I have done to help and encourage him! I am so wronged! It is so unfair!" … and that classmate B's diary would say exactly the same thing about classmate A.

You find the same thing with the endless whining of official Chinese sources about their mistreatment at the hands of foreign countries in the past. "You forced us to sign 'unequal treaties'!" they pout indignantly. Apparently the treaty forced on the government of Tibet (pop. 6 million) by the government of China (pop. 700 million) in 1950 does not count as "unequal." And for all the bellyaching about "foreign imperialism," no foreign power ever treated the Chinese as badly as they treated each other. If there is a prize awarded in hell for killing Chinese people, the easy winner for the 20th-century division must be Mao Tse-tung.

A foretaste of the coming great Wen Ho Lee whine-o-rama was provided by novelist Gish Jen, who is of Chinese ancestry, in an Op-Ed in the 9/15/00 New York Times. How to restore faith in the American dream? Ms. Jen whimpers. Well, I mix with Americans of Chinese origin every day — I am, in fact, married to one, and the father of two more — and they are living very well. None of them is poor; none of them is in jail; none of them is the victim of anything at all, so far as I can see. Like Ms. Jen's ancestors, they have attained not only the American dream, but the Chinese dream, the great dream of all Chinese people throughout history: to escape from Chinese government. None of them is "oppressed" in any degree at all. It is true that none of them works at a nuclear-weapons research lab; but the right to do such work is not guaranteed in the Constitution.

In fact, when we are faced by a power like China, which is violently anti-American in its propaganda to its own people, which has deployed a full triad of nuclear missiles, many of them aimed at us — whose government officials have, in fact, openly threatened us with nuclear attack — I think our own government is perfectly within its rights to deny employment in classified facilities to persons who have connections in China. This may cause some hurt feelings among U.S. citizens; but do hurt feelings really outweigh the rather obvious dangers of a contrary policy? Ms. Jen: "Since the Wen Ho Lee case began, the number of Asian and Asian-American scientists applying to work in our nation's weapons labs has declined dramatically." Well, good. I think our nation's security problems have therefore diminished in proportion — for which benefit, putting up with all that whining is a small price to pay.

John Derbyshire, John Derbyshire 6 Comments [1/29/2018 2:10:36 AM]
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Quote# 119216

Fragmenting the soul

I don’t know how much of a person’s soul is actually exchanged through sex, I’m just using fractions to illustrate the reality of sex and fornication as it was revealed to me.

As a virgin, let’s say I’m 100% me. If I have sex with Keisha, now I’ve given her 10% of me. I’m still a whole human being, physically, but my soul is made up of 10% Keisha and 90% me. My soul isn’t whole. So, I have 10% of Keisha’s mind, will and emotions (in whatever condition they may be in). The more I have sex with Keisha, the more of her emotions, will and mind I’ll get and vice versa. Old married couples think alike for this reason.

So now, I’m 90% me and 10% Keisha – assuming Keisha was a virgin too. If Keisha wasn’t a virgin, I would get a portion of Keisha and a portion of Cortes (Keisha’s other “boyfriend”). Now I’ve got 5% Keisha and 5% Cortes in me. Now, if I have sex with more women – you do the math. Can you see the problem with fornication?

Nealreal, Let's Please God 42 Comments [5/24/2016 3:38:54 AM]
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Quote# 120026

WATCHING PORN IS DANGEROUS it is Witchcraft you are performing SEX MAGICK with Demons

Pornography is Witchcraft

In our current world pornography is used by witches and sorcerers to bind souls to the kingdom of darkness; hence, pornography is witchcraft and sorcery.

Of course not all involved in the porn industry production are witches and sorcerers, some humans do it because it gives them joy and easy money. Not every female model in porn is a witch, though there are many witches there, rather a big percentage do it for money and as a way for income. Whores, who sell the use of their bodies for money, are also a big part of the female porn models specially by doing porn they earn a lot more money than from prostituting themselves to individuals.

Often a witch female when she does porn (besides doing a service to her master Satan, the evil one) she is after fans to admire her and she is after gathering followers since she considers those hooked to her as belonging to her, their souls, their spirits belonging to her.

Obviously, she writes, there is a spiritual force that the Bible is warning us about. It causes us to take leave of our senses. Witchcraft releases strong confusion against our minds so that Jesus is not the clear focus of our lives. Once that happens, we are more vulnerable to the vain imaginations the enemy whispers to our souls. We have a responsibility to know about this spiritual wickedness and guard ourselves against it. With that said, she writes, here are eight signs you are under a witchcraft attack:

1. Confusion
2. Trouble paying attention
3. Wanting to hide in your cave [she means cocoon yourself]
4. Forgetting who you really are
5. Discouraged, depressed and ready to quit
6. [Feeling of being] Angry and frustrated
7. Sickness, aches and pains
8. Just plain worn out.

Anonymous Coward, Godlike Productions 33 Comments [6/23/2016 3:01:44 AM]
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Quote# 136315

Of all the races, Native Americans are the most poorly adapted to modernity. Despite reasonably high intelligence, complex social structures, and having a unique, thriving culture, they never built any kind of civilization. In fact, their entire bloodline up until the arrival of whites, was about impermanence, not leaving any kind of permanent mark on the land. We need attitude now, and its entirely feasible to draw up laws that place large amount of land under reservation control, so that it isn't eaten up by corporations. In an ethnostate, you would have to simultaneously increase their sovereignty, as well as dependence on the US. For example, they need to have a solid, federal education system on the reservation in order to be able to move between and function in the two entities. The Red's love of and dependence on alcohol is even greater than that of the Celt, so increased federal DEA presence is a necessity. Likewise, you'd have to modify or complete get rid of certain laws that allow corporations to take advantage of things like imminent domain and tax evasion.

DancingWithDarkness, Reddit 14 Comments [1/29/2018 2:01:36 AM]
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Quote# 136201

'IS' claims deadly attack on Save the Children office in Afghanistan

An attack on the Save the Children's office in Afghanistan has ended killing two and wounding 20, in the latest violence to strike a foreign aid group in the country. So-called 'Islamic State' has claimed responsibility.

An attack on Save the Children's office in the eastern Afghan city of Jalalabad has ended with at least two people killed and 20 wounded, an official said on Wednesday.

"The fighting has ended. The security forces are clearing the building now," Attaullah Khogyani, a spokesman for the governor of Nangarhar province, told the French news agency AFP.

The four assailants — reportedly dressed as police — fired a rocket propelled grenade from a car outside the British charity's compound in the eastern city of Jalalabad.

They then clashed with security forces for about three hours, a provincial government spokesman said. Afghan TV news channels showed a plume of black smoke coming out of the compound and a vehicle on fire outside the office.

The so-called Islamic State (IS) group later on Wednesday claimed responsibility for the attack. "A martyrdom-seeking operation with an explosive-laden vehicle and three immersing attacks targeted British and Swedish foundations and Afghan government institutes in the city of Jalalabad," IS said via its propaganda arm Amaq.

Jalalabad is the capital of Nangarhar province, on the border with Pakistan. The province has become a stronghold for the so-called "Islamic State" (IS) terror group.

The attack comes days after Taliban militants attacked the Hotel Intercontinental in the capital, Kabul, which killed at least 20 people, including 13 foreigners.

Red Cross 'drastically' reducing presence

The violence against Save the Children, which has been working in Afghanistan since 1976, is the latest in a number of assaults on foreign aid groups in the country.

The International Committee of the Red Cross and Red Crescent announced in October it would "drastically" reduce its presence in the country after seven workers were killed last year.

The decision by the charity highlighted the growing dangers for aid employees, who have increasingly become casualties of a surge in militant violence in recent years.

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