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Protestant Apostasy

Below is Time Magazine's March 2005 Issue, featuring the Great Whore, now being worshipped by some Protestants.

[Image: a painting of the Virgin Mary]

David J. Stewart, Jesus is Savior 23 Comments [2/15/2018 12:37:13 PM]
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Quote# 108963

After claiming that a man would meet his masturbating hand “pregnant in the afterlife” and “asking for its rights,” a Muslim televangelist has set Turkish social media aflame.

Self-styled televangelist Mücahid Cihad Han dived into some delicate matters on May 24 when he answered his viewers’ questions on private television station 2000 TV, Turkish media has reported. Han initially looked puzzled when a viewer said he “kept masturbating, although he was married, and even during the Umrah,” a pilgrimage to Mecca performed by Muslims which can be undertaken at any time of the year, in contrast to the Hajj.

After repeating the question a few times, Han claimed that Islam strictly prohibits masturbation as a “haram” (forbidden) act. “Moreover, one hadith states that those who have sexual intercourse with their hands will find their hands pregnant in the afterlife, complaining against them to God over its rights,” he said, referring to what he claimed to be a saying of Prophet Muhammad.

“If our viewer was single, I could recommend he marry, but what can I say now?” the televangelist added, advising the viewer to “resist Satan’s temptations.”

Mücahid Cihad Han, Hurriyet Daily News 26 Comments [5/28/2015 3:07:18 AM]
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I have just read a review of a book written by a liberal atheist about the state of play on American Universities. He highlighted the fact that these bastions of free speech have become bastions of politically correct speech, meaning that free speech no longer exists. One thing that he discovered to his surprise was that Christians were the most persecuted group on campus. Your comment that we were not persecuted is not what I would call the facts as you so quaintly put it. As for your links and citations, all you are doing is garnering information that supports your cause, like my rabid homosexual friend on the other site. Most of it is rubbish and is coming from discredited organisations that have compromised themselves. By way of example the American APA which is constantly quoted by the homosexual cause, is totally compromised for the following reasons. One. A retired president of the APA has publicly said that scientific rigour has been jettisoned in favour of the politically correct agenda. Two. In a comment about abortion they said that there is no evidence that any women suffers as a result of abortion. A comment that says "don't bother me with the truth."Three. They say that reparative therapy for homosexuals is wrong because it causes suicide and depression and doesn't work. They forgot that in their charter it says that members must give help to anyone who requests therapy to overcome their homosexual attraction. In addition, their statement means that thousands of people who were homosexual and no longer are have to stop being heterosexual and become homosexual again. In 30 years of research, I yet to find one homosexual that can prove that once homosexual, always homosexual. The best they can offer is that I know I was born homosexual. Of course that begs the question "how do you know." As you can imagine, unless you have ideological blinkers on, that we don't place much faith in so called experts who tend to say what certain people want them to say and that we have a bit of a laugh when you talk about correcting misinformation on this site.


"There is nothing about homosexuality that causes HIV" - And here you fall flat on your face. The evidence suggests otherwise. You try so desperately to defend homosexuality with little to no evidence. NO evidence suggests homosexuality is natural or healthy. In my observations Shooter over a period of two years, I have noticed that the pink mafia are totally devoid of evidence for their claims. It seems that they come up with a statement (which is nothing more than spin) and present that to the media as the truth. It is usually backed with a lot of emotion and a pity party. As the media are supporters of their cause, they accept what they say without question so evidence is not demanded of them. I have read numerous articles in the media in support of the pink mafia that you can shoot holes in. Despite this, it is uncritically printed without question. Then along comes someone who knows what the truth is and they call their bluff and this brings out their aggression 101. "How dare you question what we say" is their response and this is followed by ad hominen attacks and pejorative language which shows how intolerant, bigoted and hateful they are.

Truth v Lies, MercatorNet 5 Comments [2/16/2018 12:02:59 PM]
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Anonymous: yeah, the us wants you to hate kim jong un, it doesn’t want you to sympathise with north koreans

egowave: yeah and obviously theres many reasons to hate kim jong un but us empire wants north korean citizens to be portrayed as like crazed inhuman people who worship everything he does rather than oppressed people living under a shitty government

“There many reasons to hate Kim Jong-un”, if you are living in a core imperialist country this sort of position is no different or more ideologically principled than U.S. state department propaganda. You follow with, “us empire wants north korean citizens to be portrayed as like crazed inhuman people who worship everything he does”, which is true and has been the modus operandi of U.S. imperialism towards countries that rebelled against capitalism and imperialism (and set up their own revolutionary governments, etcetera). What is strange is that after recognising how U.S. imperialism operate, you lapse into repeating the same U.S. sponsored anti-DPRK propaganda, “rather than oppressed people living under a shitty government”.

This is not a matter someone can flake between sides and expect this to be interpreted as a well structured ideological thought – it comes across as opportunism, and in the end indirectly endorses the dominant idea of the DPRK being an ‘evil entity’ rather than a victim of U.S. imperialism and its allies.

If you are on the left, you are expected to support the struggle of third world peoples, you are expected to oppose amerikan thought, and understand how our actions reflect theory, and how theory reflect our actions. This is not to say that certain criticisms can’t be made regarding the DPRK, but you have to ask yourself and analyse if this is the most opportune time, or platform to voice said criticisms, or if it’s more sound to show support to the DPRK, its people, its government and party, and reserve said criticisms for when the DPRK is not on the bullseye of U.S. imperialism.

juchechat, Tumblr 3 Comments [2/16/2018 12:02:40 PM]
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Submitted By: The Reptilian Jew

Quote# 136503

So. You reveal your true character. Kiss up and kick down. I happen to be a member of a privileged group, but I could not disagree with you more. It does not bother me a bit that a handful of white people can't go to Harvard because a handful of black people are admitted. And you have a very Asian view of what capitalism is. It's a view one small step away from the absolute corruption of supposedly capitalist places like China. We are capitalist. We are also a democracy.

I should have said Chinese. The better minds in America have always tried to soften the rough edges of capitalism to keep it from becoming just the law of the jungle. And we generally disapprove of nepotism and passing through generations of unearned privilege, as well as approve of trying to improve the lives and therefore the entire society by helping those who have faced generations of unearned discrimination.

Rob, The Crimson 10 Comments [2/15/2018 7:59:38 PM]
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Quote# 136662

Very sneaky of this tub of soy to use the category “middle eastern refugees” rather than the more precise and relevant “moslem”, which includes all moslems residing in America rather than just those officially designated as refugees recently escaping a war zone. The latter category — “moslem” — has a terrorist attack rate in America 5,000% higher than the rate for non-moslems.

[When you miss the point so hard you get a PhD in the new geometry you invented]

And the vapid conflation of terrorist attacks with falling down stairs is par for the shitlib course. Stairs don’t surprise us with pipe bombs in the subway. We all know where the stairs are and the risks inherent in climbing or descending them. But the goal of moslem terrorists goes beyond their kill count; their objective is to spread fear and panic that death could come at any time and in any place. And, unlike stairs, moslems kill in the name of a religion, and have deep and wide networks of fellow moslems helping them in their deranged cause. They have an agenda, which stairs do not.

Finally, one has to scoff at the asterisked fine print on this bugman’s posterboard. He went out of his way to assure viewers he has “citations” for his claims.

But who will fact check the fact checkers?

(anyone with descended testicles)

Anyhow, that PURE CUCKFACE is a lesson in physiognomy. A quick glance at his problem glasses and his smug doughy androgynous puffboy mug is all you need to know he’d be the type to WELL ACHSHUALLY about moslem terrorism and welcome an invasion of hued hordes….into somebody else’s neighborhood. It’s also the look of a pasty blob who just hit the button on his rectally-inserted orgasm egg.

CH, Chateau Heartiste 10 Comments [2/15/2018 1:56:03 AM]
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Quote# 136663

Sermon 23: Big Pharma

By The Rev. William H. Grimes

Psalm 118:8 says "It is better to trust in the Lord than to put confidence in man." Galatians 6:3 says "For if a man think himself to be something, when he is nothing, he deceiveth himself."

Big Pharma is a problem in this country. God hath ordained NATURAL REMEDIES, but now we have all of these opioids, SSRIs, cross-sex hormones, $1,000 Epipens, and all of this other overpriced profiteering by the AMA and the APA as shills for the FDA, the DEA, and the rest of the government! Little Jimmy thinks he's a girl, so they break out the puberty suppressors and horse estrogen pills! Bob gets laid off his job and feels a bit down, so he gets hopped up on Zoloft! Kids are riling up in class, so give them Ritalin! Martha has a headache, so they prescribe OxyContin to make more money! THIS IS SHEER WICKEDNESS AND MADNESS! SAY AMEN IN THE HOUSE OF GOD! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!

So, this is a problem when mere man thinks he's better than Almighty God! The Almighty Lord of Creation who created the world in six literal days and rested on the seventh. We are ruining lives and turning people away from Christ with these pharmaceuticals that are insanely expensive since Big Pharma has lobbied the government and they don't allow competition in the marketplace. God created a plant that actually helps with pain and anxiety with FAR FEWER SIDE EFFECTS! IT'S CALLED CANNABIS! YET THE GOVERNMENT HAS DECLARED IT A SCHEDULE 1 DRUG SINCE MAN THINKS HE IS BETTER THAN GOD AND THAT PHARMACEUTICALS CAN WORK BETTER THAN GOD CREATED AND GOD ORDAINED REMEDIES! JEFF SESSIONS, A STOOGE OF SINFUL ADULTERER WICKED DONNY, THINKS HE KNOWS MORE THAN THE GIVER OF LIFE AND THE CREATOR OF THE UNIVERSE! WE NEED TO GET RID OF THIS SINFUL BIG GOVERNMENT IDEOLOGY! HALLELUJAH! NO DEA, NO FDA, NO NSA, NO DHS, NO SINFUL DEEP STATE! OWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



The Rev. William H. Grimes, New Testament Baptist Church 20 Comments [2/15/2018 1:57:09 AM]
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Quote# 136625

Tony received word of this listing of his comments through the agency of the Holy Spirit, speaking through another Christian brother at church last week. Please remove Tony's comments from your satanic website. This is not the way Tony wants his comments to be used. Tony's comments are there to glorify God not there to let other satanists have laughs at Tony's expense.

Tony has not lost the ability to refer to him in first person. Tony chooses not to. Tony refers to him in third person because Tony is a creature created by God read Genesis 1 and 2. Tony does not deserve any of the credit or glory for what he says or does it is all God's work. God gets all of the glory. "I" is the most deadly word in the human language!! It is through focusing on I me my that Satan/Lucifer fell and was cast into the pits of hell where he is burning to this day for glorifying himself. Tony does not want to glorify Tony; Tony wants to glorify God. Tony refers to him in the third person to show that Tony is just a created being a messanger of God and not someone to respect. Respect God and fear God that is in Proverbs. Tony is a man of God and that is why he refuses to focus on himself as an individual.

Tony, FSTDT comments 22 Comments [2/13/2018 1:30:09 PM]
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Submitted By: Pharaoh Bastethotep

Quote# 110431


Playing cards – The basic deck of playing cards (some have reported problems with these – especially when used for gambling,) Dark Pokemon cards, Digimon, Yugio, Magic: The Gathering, tarot cards.

Posters of stars: For example, Marilyn Monroe and other movie stars, rock bands, athletes, etc. (They can help form unholy soul ties to the person on the poster. The owner of the poster can start to suffer the same problems that the star suffered from, such as drugs, unhealthy relationships, broken marriages, etc.)

Board games and other forms of games: Mah-Jhonng, Jumanji, Dungeons and dragons games, (and other role or fantasy games,) Ouija boards, (that one is a HUGE problem item for believers to have!)

Video games: Some of the worst ones are – Doom, Dante’s Inferno, Shiu Megami Tensei: Nocturne, Tecmo’s Deception, Guitar Hero III, Deep Down, Devil May Cry series, The Ninja Kids, The Binding of Issac, Castlevania: Lord of Shadow, Diablo, Requeim: Avenging Angel, Rune Quest.

Books: Twilight series books and other vampire books, Harry Potter books, book of Mormon and their literature, satanic bible, Morals and Dogma book by Albert Pike, other Masonic or illuminati texts, books and tapes on any false Christian doctrines, Jehovah’s Witness literature, Taoist literature, literature from cults, any books that combine biblical Christianity with modern day psychiatry, magic books, new age occult books, witchcraft books, and the writings of C. S. Lewis.

Some secular music: Some popular music has words and symbols that are illuminati based. Others promote un-Christian morals or values, and some are even openly satanic. Watching or listening to this music can cause an open doorway for demons to attack. So make sure what you listen to is clean as well. Even better, listen to Christian music. (Make sure the Christian music is not in name only! Some Christian bands are not of Him and are working under cover for satan instead. Their lyrics and their album covers give clues to this.)

T.V. Shows, movies, and computer web pages: Mystic Knights & their action figures, Inuyasha, Avatar, the new TV show ‘Coven’, The Lion the witch and the wardrobe movie, The Passion of the Christ, I Am Legend, (that movie was a HUGE problem for our family! It literally filled our whole house with demons.) Carrie, Harry Potter films, Avatar, vampire movies, Lord of the Rings trilogy, The Blair Witch Project, (and other witch craft movies and TV shows,) The Evil Dead, The Exorcist, movies about the dead, demons, satan, or hell, Omen, Stephen King’s It, Fallen, Rosemary’s Baby, The Unborn, The Convent, The Rite, The Gate, The Ninth Gate, Paranormal Activity, Pumpkinhead, Case 39, Amityville Horror, Silent Hill, Sinister, Child’s Play, The Exorcism of Emily Rose, Splice, other horror movies, and any program or movie that positively features a false religion in it. Also be cautious where you go while surfing the web. The computer screen can become a portal for evil to go through, depending on what is being viewed. Our family has had problems with pictures of demons, aliens, false gods, reading false doctrine, and any of the symbols listed here. We have also had trouble with the face photos of certain criminals, as well as facial photos of those who practice Santeria. Often times as a believer, you can sense if what you are viewing is o.k. or not. You will have a sense of unease, irritability, dirt, disgust, or even out right fear after seeing what you are seeing. (When I view a web site with a picture of a demon or alien on it, I get a sudden shock of fear go right through my chest.) If this is sensed, stop, close the offending pictures, ask for forgiveness for looking upon it, and then cast out any demons that may have gone through the doorway, and then close the doorway in the name of Jesus. (For an example of this, see: https://dreamsofdunamis.wordpress.com/2013/07/07/a-demon-came-through-the-computer-screen/ )

Holiday items and holidays: Christmas items – including tree shaped candy bars, decorated Christmas trees, Valentine’s & hearts, cupid, Easter items, Easter egg candies, Halloween decorations, Halloween toys, Easter rabbits, elves, santa, and reindeer, etc.. These holidays are from the Mithra religion, (and other pagan religions,) and are not from biblical Christianity.

New Age items or teachings: serpent coils, drums, rainbows, bells, some angel statues, sundials, gazing globes, (now often seen in lawn ornaments,) unicorns, crystals purchased from new age stores, birthstone jewelry, new age visualization items, witchcraft items, palmistry, tea leaf readings, yoga, astrology items, homeopathy, bach flower remedies, orgone boxes, good luck charms, horoscopes, Carl Jung’s analysis and writings, hypnosis, emptying the mind meditation, acupuncture, rabbits foot.

Toys: He-man, She-ra, Smurfs, care bears, cabbage patch dolls, the joker character from Batman, teenage mutant ninja turtles, dolls – especially cabbage patch dolls, troll dolls, some Barbie dolls, Brat dolls, toy voodoo dolls, and puppets, big bird from the Sesame Street program (other characters may be good to avoid from that show as well,) teletubbies, gremlins, rainbow brite, sprites, elves, punk rock dolls, go bots.

Items and symbols from Eastern religions: Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, Sikhism, Taoism, Shintoism, Confucianism, east Asian Buddhism, African traditional religions, voodoo, dragons, spiritism, mediums or channeling spirits, shiatsu, mind control – Silva or other, Anything Buddhist – especially their statues, pictures, or Incense, (often made in the Buddhist temples by their priests,) Yin & yang – tai chi symbols, foo dogs, Guan Yin statues, African statues, katchina dolls, Taoism art, mala beads, I Ching, Kung fu, Tai Chi Chuan, Hsing I, Pa Kua, Aikido, eastern meditation systems, religious items given to you by a guru, tikkis, African jujus, Chais, incense made from the Hare Krishna cult dedicated to Hindu gods, Mughal prayer rugs, Vishnu, Shiva, Rama and etc., karma items or literature, reincarnation, ascended masters, avatars, mandalas.

Items and symbols from Western religions: wiccan, paganism, druidry, church of satan, anything Islamic, Baha’i faith, Unitarian Universalism, Humanism, (we have found some darwinism texts to be problematic,) Jehovah’s witnesses, Christian Science, Judaism – anything the pharacees added to the religion outside the bible, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (LDS), Scientology, Indian art, Native American art work, dream catchers, Native American carved walking sticks, Obeah canes, totem poles or other carved wood art, Hawaiian gods or goddesses, Catholic statuaries such as crucifixes (that show Tammuz dying,) and statues of Mary, (who is actually Mithra’s Semeramis, the queen of heaven,) Catholic prayer cards given out at funerals to remember the dead, pictures of Catholic saints, rosaries – even the links and pieces of rosaries, Catholic missals, Catholic bibles, Catholic hymnals, Catholic prayer books, Marian apparition memorabilia, hex sign (or also called the Pennsylvania Dutch sign,) Italian horn jewelry, SS runes, skull and crossbones, winged horse, pentagrams, (inverted or upright,) hexagrams, hexagram in a circle, statue of liberty memorabilia, the Louvre memorabilia, pyramids, Ankh, Mexican sun art, moon art, flamingos, alligators, leviathan, goats head, family altar for worship of dead ancestors, anything given to you by a witch, witches masks, protectors from the evil eye, Kabala items, 9 candled menorahs, hand of Fatima, Easter Island statues, shaman items, any Greek or Roman gods, fairies, totem poles.

Symbols on items that can make the item cursed: Marijuana leafs, disguised 666, (this looks almost Celtic in nature. It is the logo of the New King James Bible.) 666 or FFF, the V sign made with the hands, the V sign but with the two fingers held together, the horns sign – made with the pinky and index finger held up, with the rest of the fingers held down to the palm. The capitol letter A in a circle with the middle bar extended to the sides of the circle, inverted cross, the labrys ax, (double sided curved blades,) pontifical cross of Lucifer, peace sign or witches foot, swastika, unicursive hexagram, paisley designs, horseshoes, charms, wishbones, four leaf clovers, the evil eye or one eyed symbols, Jewish Hamsa hand, zodiac signs, some tulip art work, six petal rosettes, twelve petal rosettes, Rosicrucian items, eight pointed star, goose with blue ribbon around its neck, square and compass, symbols or icons from false religions and secret societies, (or logos from other items listed on this page.) As a side note, be also aware that not all pictures of Jesus are of Him. (In the ancient ruins of Greece and Rome, many carvings that are thought to be of Jesus, are actually of the god Mithra.) Again, some are manipulated and used by satan to gain entrance into your heart and home. (http://www.demonbuster.com/idols.html – Demonic jesus face from promise keepers meeting)

Drugs: Hard liquor, (they don’t call it ‘spirits’ for nothing!,) marijuana, heroin, cocaine, peyote, other illegal drugs, some prescription drugs such as pain killers and drugs taken for depression or mood disorders, or any other man made poison. (Again, check with God. For us we found that some antibiotics such as cephalexin and narcotic pain killers such as codeine were cursed and giving us problems.)

Secret society items: Illuminati items and symbols, Masonic items, Shriner items, De Molay items, Eastern Star items, Elk lodge items, IOOF items, (odd fellows,) Job’s Daughter’s items, Klu Klux Klan items, square and compass, Eastern Star items, rainbow girls items, Illuminati items, Job’s Daughters items, all-seeing third eye, lambskin apron – actual apron or symbol, owls.

False teaching items: Scientology, life stream, Napoleon Hill’s teachings, Robert Schuller’s teachings, Roy Master’s teachings, Rick Warren’s teachings, any teachings that combine God’s Word with pop psychology. (http://www.lighthousetrailsresearch.com/ is a good place to check for current new age false teaching authors.)

Other items: Candles – especially colored ones. Emergency candles and tea lights we have seen less oppression from. (This was a hard one for me to give up, for I love my candles! But it did stop the demons from attacking my kids whenever they were lit. Olive oil candles are a good substitute.) Frogs, Nike label, bells, items autographed by someone famous, Fleur–de–Lis, the distelfink goldfinch bird, cornucopias, caduceus the winged wand of mercury (doctor’s symbol,) magic 8 ball, Sara Coventry jewelry (which started out as ‘Sara’s coven jewelry’,) and her eye glass frames or other items, Pythagorean items, fez hats, mardi gras items, aliens, some UFO photos, masks – especially ones used in rituals or ceremonies, Alienware computers – the ones with the face of an alien lit up on its cover, (covering up the alien face made the demons stop coming out,) hard or soft pornography, and sometimes even an item of clothing you used to wear before you became a believer.

Dreams of Dunamis, Dreams of Dunamis 78 Comments [7/4/2015 5:18:07 AM]
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Quote# 136495

There are two fundamental Shinto doctrines: 1) Japan is the country of the gods; 2) Its people are the descendants of gods. Of course, this is unbiblical. The Shinto concept of a divine descent of the Japanese people, as well as the alleged divine origins of their land, has given rise to a conviction of superiority over the rest of the world. With the exception of a few sects of Shintoism, the religion has neither a founder, sacred writings, nor any authoritative core of beliefs. There are numerous shrines throughout the country of Japan, where people worship a host of pagan deities. This is sinful idolatry, condemned in the Ten Commandments (Exodus 20:4-5). Many Japanese people have altars in their home, in honor of one or more pagan deities. Just as Wiccan witches, the Japanese people who follow Shinto are worshipping a horde of false gods. This is demonism (1st Corinthians 10:20--"But I say, that the things which the Gentiles sacrifice, they sacrifice to devils, and not to God: and I would not that ye should have fellowship with devils." Please listen to me if you are a follower of Shintoism... you have been LIED TO! I completely understand that you love your nation, and that you love your parents; BUT your love for God MUST come first, or else you'll go to Hell for all eternity in your sinful unbelief. We are plainly warned in Revelation 20:15, "And whosoever was not found written in the book of life was cast into the lake of fire." Jesus warned in John 3:3, "Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God." Have you been born again? The Bible is not a Jewish Book, it is God's Word, given to ALL mankind.

"The wicked, through the pride of his countenance, will not seek after God: God is not in all his thoughts." -Psalm 10:4

Until the end of World War II, Japanese children were taught at school that the emperors were descendants of the sun-goddess, Ama-laterasu. Amaterasu had allegedly given the imperial house the divine right to rule. In 1946, in a radio broadcast to the Japanese people, Emperor Hirohito repudiated his divine right to rule. Could you imagine if American children were taught that U.S. Presidents were descendants of gods? Instead, American children are taught that they are their own gods (humanism). The world is filled with idolatry. Oh that men would turn to the Lord Jesus Christ for forgiveness of their sins, for the salvation of their soul... "For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life" (John 3:16). It should seem very peculiar to honest Japanese people that Shinto excludes the rest of the world. So how does the rest of the world find eternal bliss apart from Shinto, a Japanese religion? In sharp contrast, the Word of God teaches that Jesus Christ invites ALL mankind to be saved... "For there is no difference between the Jew and the Greek: for the same Lord over all is rich unto all that call upon him. For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved" (Romans 10:12-13). Christianity is not a Jewish religion. In fact, MOST Jews today reject Jesus Christ as their Savior, just as they did 2000 years ago. God gave us the Bible through Israel, but that in no way gives the Jews special privilege (Acts 10:34).

David J. Stewart, Jesus Is Savior 13 Comments [2/13/2018 1:43:51 PM]
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Quote# 136627

Yep. It gives us hope that other places will awaken as well . . . and put it back in the closet where it belongs.

They can make a good case for homo marriage when they start behaving like heterosexuals where 80% of women and 70% of men are faithful to their marriage partners.

And even among the minority who aren't, most count their affairs in the single digits, not the triple digits.

Most of us saw nothing wrong with giving them Civil Unions so they would have rights of inheritance, hospital visitation, etc. But, no, they had to f*** up the entire definition of marriage!

Vigilanteman, Free Republic 14 Comments [2/13/2018 11:42:34 PM]
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Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 136675

So I unknowingly walked into a gunfight with only a knife today. And to my further surprise, it was two against me. Is this really the quality of our media in Canada? Note that every time I begin to hit on some hard truth to correct their fabricated narrative, they dog pile me in an attempt to prevent it from coming out. Also notice how they didn't want to discuss why I was dropped from the wellness expo as the media is complicit with the pharma trolls that created the smoke and mirrors in the first place. Further to that, the agenda becomes quite glaring as they desperately try to bridge the passing of my son (that is fraught with medical system coverups and lies) with my involvement in Truehope.

Due to the media's involvement in preventing 1000's of individuals the opportunity to connect with us over the next 2 months, we are setting up studio and going live tomorrow at 7pm MST with the "Brain and Thyroid Health" presentation that the pharma trolls have worked so hard to prevent the public from seeing (note: this presentation will also cover the use of effective, scientifically proven natural remedies for mental illness that have been instrumental in allowing hundreds of thousands to live fulfilling, drug free lives). Praise be to God, that even though our detractors have had momentary success in suppressing this message of hope and empowerment, that we still have a venue wherein the "Rise Up" tour continues as we share the same blessing that saved my family over 20 years ago. I pray that the message will be equally as impactful through this medium as it has been for the tens of thousands that we have been blessed to connect with over the past few years. May God continue to allow the truth to come forward and may it truly set us free!

David Stephan, Facebook 16 Comments [2/15/2018 7:29:23 AM]
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Submitted By: Pharaoh Bastethotep

Quote# 18365

The thing is I see how gay rights movement systematically operates in our culture, where Christians are ending up being persecuted: like in University of Missouri a student almost got expelled because she opposed gay adoption, there are many more cases like that. Now, there is a movement called Soulforce, whose attempt is to influence public opinion that the biblical position on homosexuality that many Christians hold, is an act of hateful violence. I wasn't convinced of that until I went to their website, and humbly shared with them the information about how our Christian brothers and sisters are being discriminated for their beliefs. I wanted to raise awareness, hoping to reach their hearts. Some of them seemed respectful at first, but then started accusing me of being 'antigay.' They even called an organization Alliance Defense Fund, that helped a lot of people defend their 1st Amendment right, as something similar to Nazism. I told them that I thought it was not right to call anybody who stands for justice, as ADF does, as antigay or so forth and I left. Was I being too harsh? But I believe I had to say that.

I'm worried folks, these guys go around the country and talk how oppressed they are and blame conservative Christians for that, attack Christian schools, and compare family advocates like James Dobson and James Kennedy to Hitler's Nazis. God knows, if their rhetoric could influence the government. The question I have is: how do we reach people like that with Christ's love and tell them the truth at the same time?

sammy1980, CARM 38 Comments [12/18/2006 12:00:00 AM]
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Quote# 134816

Actively hope for it to happen to people that go out with the intention to kill. I'm from Alberta where these headlines come up a more than a few times a year of hunters getting killed and I feel good when I see it. Score one for the home team.

sjmoore10, r/vegan 10 Comments [12/3/2017 3:28:45 PM]
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Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 22445

[Tony has lost the ability to form English sentences and to refer to himself in the first person]
[Re: Why are there 33,839 different Christian denominations?]
Again Colossians 2:8 and 2 Peter 1:20-21 is for believers to understand this only.
If you disagreeing with the book you disagreeing with God. Romans 3:3-4.
It's never about disagreeing with man unless your a self righteous moralist.
Tony didn't say this. John 8:47 says this.
Tony not saying if you disagreeing with Tony your an unbeliever.
Tony is saying that a believer can't disagree with another believer on any bible verse and speak by the Holy Spirit or the Word of God too.
Again 1 Corinthians 14:33 will justify this statement made.
Tony is saying that if your disagreeing with the Holy Spirit or the Word of God expressed through Tony with any bible verse then your not a believer if you continue enough this way.
John 8:47 will justify my statement made.
Titus 3:10 will justify my statement made.
Their just self righteous moralist.
Sure God's people are not the wittiest with the entire book all the time.
That's where Titus 3:10 comes in at.
They flunk the Titus 3:10 test then their not a believer.
People with other labels are the self righteous moralist.
Self righteous moralist are not Christians.
Again the Holy Spirit or the Word of God is what you have to receive of on this in
Matthew 5:20 or your not one of his.
Of course a confessing unbeliever knows what they are.

tonytony, Debating Christianity 31 Comments [3/24/2007 12:00:00 AM]
Fundie Index: 6
Submitted By: McCulloch

Quote# 136674

Back in 2007 and 2008 this was the number one viewed antidepressant video on youtube exposing the truth about their dangers and inefficacy. My having compiled the various video clips and making it available on youtube over 10 years ago was one of the factors that placed a target on my back with the pharma trolls who were vehement over its release. (note: the content of this video is heavy.)

David Stephan, Facebook 7 Comments [2/15/2018 7:29:16 AM]
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Submitted By: Pharaoh Bastethotep

Quote# 136609

I know homosexuality is not normal, that is why it isn't a mental illness, they have been deceived by a demon (spirit) of homosexuality.
All mental illnesses have a demon behind them.
If you don't think demons exist you're in for a rude shock.

Tasseio, Religon News Service 16 Comments [2/12/2018 1:41:18 PM]
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Submitted By: Christopher

Quote# 4072

The Bible doesn't say what happens to babies who die, whether born or unborn.... the fate of dead babies is not your concern. All we know is that God will act justly towards them.

Socrates, Theology Web 6 Comments [9/1/2003 12:00:00 AM]
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Quote# 13327

[I don't think most people would consider suicide to be "murder". That would be like saying "masturbation is rape". Forcing women to give birth would be analogous to forcing people to donate blood and organs to save lives.]

Both your analogies are out of context. Suicide is not murder. Murder is when someone kills someone else.
People choose to donate organs and blood to help others. Killing an unborn child takes away everything from that unborn human being. It has no way to defend itself. Again, taking the moral highground isn't easy, especially in cases where things like rape is involved. But do you really think such cases justify murder?
That's cold man. Nazi's thought of those kind of solutions 60 years ago and they got beaten down by the rest of the world.

Hashiru!, Lunaranime Forums 26 Comments [7/26/2006 12:00:00 AM]
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Submitted By: Winston Jen

Quote# 136673

Sobeys drops support of wellness expo after father convicted in son's death scheduled to speak
David Stephan — convicted in connection with the death of his 19-month-old son Ezekiel— is scheduled to speak at next month's Calgary Wellness Expo.

He’s on a speaking tour preaching the benefits of natural health, and he’s coming back to Calgary.

David Stephan — convicted two years ago in connection with the death of his 19-month-old son, Ezekiel, in southeastern Alberta — is scheduled to speak at next month’s Calgary Wellness Expo, set for the Big Four building at Stampede Park March 9 to 11.

Titled “Achieving Brain & Thyroid Health — Rising to your Potential,” Stephan’s seminar promises information on how to improve mental health and promote hormone balance through nutrient supplementation.

It’s the same talk Stephan is giving this weekend at the Wellness Expo in Saskatoon.

The seminars are sponsored by Truehope Nutritional Support Inc., a nutritional supplement company founded by Stephan’s father.

Sobeys announced Sunday morning it was withdrawing its sponsorship of the Health and Wellness Expos of Canada.

In an emailed statement, a spokeswoman said the company couldn’t support the organizers’ decision to host Stephan as a speaker.

Some people took to Twitter to call on Sobeys to pull its support of the expo, given Stephan’s involvement.

Sobeys spokeswoman Cynthia Thompson says the company won’t be associated with any future Health and Wellness Expo events.

Sunday afternoon, expo sponsor Flaman Fitness followed suit in yanking their support.

Two years ago, Stephan and wife Collet were convicted in a Lethbridge court for failing to provide the necessaries of life for Ezekiel. He died of bacterial meningitis on March 13, 2012, after being rushed to Alberta Children’s Hospital in Calgary when the tot stopped breathing.

For weeks, Ezekiel’s condition was treated by his parents with natural remedies including hot peppers, garlic, ginger root, onions and horseradish.

The parents suspected Ezekiel had croup or the flu, despite warnings from a nurse and friend of the family that the child showed signs of suffering from meningitis, according to testimony heard at trial.

Too stiff for his car seat, the child was driven by his mother to a Lethbridge naturopathic clinic to pick up an echinacea treatment.

David was sentenced to four months in jail, while Collet was handed three months house arrest.

In November, Alberta’s top court upheld the convictions in a 2-1 split decision, entitling the couple to have their case heard by the Supreme Court of Canada — a date set tentatively for this May.

Requests to Stephan and Wellness Expo organizers for comment went unanswered Saturday.

Stephan’s talk this March isn’t the first time he’s been hired to speak at health fairs.

Earlier this month, he also talked about brain and thyroid health at the Calgary Health Show at the BMO Centre on Feb. 3.

Dr. Juliet Guichon, a University of Calgary assistant professor in the faculty of medicine who specializes in law and medical ethics, called the decision by health expos to book Stephan to speak at seminars irresponsible.

“David Stephan has been criminally convicted by a jury of his peers — he lost his trial and he lost his appeal,” she said.

“His child died because the father and mother gave alternative health remedies rather than taking his child to the doctor.

“Why would anyone want to listen to what he has to say about health and wellness, given the outcome?”

She said organizers of such events, at the very least, should ensure attendees are aware of all aspects of Stephan’s past — including his previous conviction.

“People who attend these shows ought to know,” she said.

“It would be appropriate to the organizers to include that publicly available information about him when they invite him to speak.”

David Stephan, Calgary Wellness Expo, Calgary Herald 10 Comments [2/15/2018 7:29:14 AM]
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Submitted By: Pharaoh Bastethotep

Quote# 136642

(emphasis added by submitter)

I’m sure a lot of people think I’m some backwoods Christian who thinks he can “pray away the gay,” due to my opinion being that was I was turned homosexual through conditioning and post-hypnotic suggestion, but that’s not true at all– I’m not by any means a Christian. [...]

lowfyr, Tumblr 15 Comments [2/14/2018 12:25:10 AM]
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Submitted By: Thanos6

Quote# 86058

If there were no God, there would be no atheists. You're doing a good job proving God does exists. The more nonsense you post the stronger my faith is in God!

Superman, Amazon Religion Forum 45 Comments [2/16/2012 5:25:01 AM]
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Quote# 136643

In early December, my family and I went to buy our Christmas tree, but instead of buying it in our typical SWPL neighborhood, we ventured outside of the city to make a day of it on a family farm in a working-class suburb. We had an idyllic vision of escaping the problems of city life. We imagined drinking hot chocolate and laughing with similar-looking families, our children playing with their similar-looking children.

There was some of that, but the scene was far from wholesome. A surprisingly significant number of children at the farm had frizzy blonde-tinged afros, the tell-tale sign of black-white miscegenation (I say “sign” because many of these frizzy-haired kids had only one parent with them—almost always a heavily tattooed and obese white mother with creative piercings and hair coloring). Almost all of the adults were white, but many of them mumbled in a barely comprehensible black-imbued vernacular and dressed in sloppy hip-hop attire. This was not the scene we had expected.

That night, we came back to the city and ate dinner at an upscale restaurant. Every single patron was white—mostly young hipsters. The decor was agrarian and the background music, to my surprise, was country (mostly Chris Stapleton). This was the idyllic traditional America that we had hoped to find earlier in the day.

Over dinner, my wife and I discussed what we had seen. Based on the voting patterns in both areas, we could safely bet that the vast majority of the people at the farm voted for Donald Trump. And we were almost certainly the only Trump voters at the upscale city restaurant.

The irony is that much of the diversity at the farm is a direct result of the last 50 years of housing and education policies—the very programs white liberals favor in their politics but flee in their personal lives. This feature of white liberalism has been noted before, perhaps most cleverly by Joe Sobran: “In their mating and migratory habits, liberals are indistinguishable from members of the Ku Klux Klan.”

But white elites do not just flee the consequences of their diversity politics; once freed from the burden of diversity, they create replicas of the aesthetic and culture that their liberalism is destroying. Indeed, at the upscale urban restaurant there were no signs of diversity degeneracy—no hip-hop attire; no frizzy-haired children; no black-imbued vernacular. In fact, it was just the opposite—lumberjack shirts, two-parent families, cohesive and pleasant interaction—a simulacrum of the traditional America these very elites are destroying through their politics.

Our liberal rulers pollute public white culture but then produce an artificial version of it in their private lives to satisfy their longing for community and identity. This would not be such a problem if their poorer white brethren could also maintain this public-private dichotomy. But because the working and middle classes lack the money and mobility to escape the diversity degeneracy that seeps deeper and deeper into white America, they are stuck with the cultural pollution that the elites create.

This recalls another Sobran gem: “The purpose of a college education is to give you the correct attitude towards minorities, and the means to live as far away from them as possible.” But the prescient Sobran did not go far enough. Our elites seek not only the means to live far away from diversity, but the power to impose diversity on others—all in the name of cultural enrichment.

This underscores two features of our predicament that I have been thinking about ever since our day at the farm: (1) how diversity has polluted white suburbia, and (2) how diversity is a new form of cultural warfare.

You can find this pattern throughout the United States. Pick a city and compare its wealthy to its middle-income suburbs. You will find that in many cases the wealthy suburbs are quite liberal but have very few blacks, and the nearby middle-income suburbs are much more conservative and have far more diversity.

This is a pattern that extends beyond geography. Compare the magazines at the check-out at an upper-class grocery store, such as Whole Foods, to those at a more middle-income establishment. You will find that the magazines at the upper-class store are tasteful, restrained, and culturally white—whereas the magazines at the middle-class store bombard the shopper with diversity propaganda. The check-out counter has become a diversity warzone.

Of course, part of this discrepancy is due to the market. Poorer whites do not have the money and mobility to opt out of diversity, and perhaps these less-educated whites have tastes that make them more susceptible to the vulgarity of black culture. But the market is only part of the explanation. A more significant force is that our legal, political, and entertainment institutions are imposing this culture on them.

And again, the free market is only part of this story. This transformation of middle-income communities did not happen until American law hit them with the one-two punch of mandating integration and eliminating the freedom of association.

Thus, it is not simply that diversity means conflict, but that all the rhetoric and sloganeering about our national diversity obsession has become a form of cultural and demographic warfare. Our elites destroy the middle-classes through political slogans promoting our “greatest strength,” and coercive programs that cite the nation’s “great moral victory” over “racism.” When you hear elites extol the virtues of diversity, you are being attacked.

So does our hope lie with the proles? The big difference between Orwell’s 1984 and 2018 is that Orwell’s elites did not bother to indoctrinate the masses, on the ground that the proles’ fidelity to Big Brother was considered irrelevant. By contrast, in our diversity dystopia the masses are at the core of the Left’s indoctrination project. Our “proles” are the ones forced to suffer a bad education in integrated schools. They are the ones subjected to violence, harassment, and intimidation. And they are the ones told, again and again, that any resistance to this makes them betrayers of who we are as Americans, deplorable traitors in need of ever-more reformation.

Leadership may not come from the proles, but good sense and votes will. Those who bear the burdens of diversity see its damage most clearly. It is no accident that Donald Trump swept the white working-class vote.

Whatever our own particular economic station, we all have a role to play in restoring working- and middle-class white America. We should be hiring our own people, tutoring our own people, supporting scholarships for our own people, and doing our best to build schools and cultural institutions that can be healthy environments for our own people.

Dr. Murray may have been right that white America’s “coming apart” defined the last part of the 20th century due to white flight from the cities. But “coming together” may define the first half of the 21st century—because now there is nowhere to run.

Winston Taney, American Renaissance 17 Comments [2/14/2018 12:25:12 AM]
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Quote# 108728

[Page titled "White Christian Ladies Only"]

WE NEED A QUALITY DEDICATED CHRISTIAN WHITE LADY to be part of this Christian Identity ministry. Varied responsibilities, preferably including secretarial skills. Desire a believer who is intelligent, reliable, competent, pleasant, neat, and careful in details. An important, interesting, fulfilling life on rural acreage located in the beautiful Ozark Mountains. Must be racially pure, honest and of high moral character. Should have genuine sweet, gentle, feminine mannerisms and be easy to get along with. Government, Jewish, or other agents DO NOT qualify! Position should be regarded as a calling in Christian service, not just another job. Room, board, and spending money will be provided.

If you think this opportunity may be right for you, send your address, phone number, a recent photograph, and a description of yourself to this ministry. Girls under 18 need to have their parents' permission. Ladies of our race from Europe and other countries abroad, who qualify, are welcome to apply.

Kingdom Identity Ministries, Kingdom Identity Ministries 21 Comments [5/20/2015 2:58:41 AM]
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Submitted By: JeanP

Quote# 136679

Make no mistake the Zionists are up to their old dirty tricks, not so old, in fact, perpetrating yet another Florida-based gun control hoax. This is the so called Parkland High School shooting rampage, one that actually never occurred, as is obvious from a careful review of the evidence. It is all so treacherous to the extreme, how the DHS and its support systems leverage former real-life events, those few mass shootings which have occurred, acting out actual fake events and calling them real.

Sure, it happened, right: absolutely – right on Valentines Day (aka the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre). Additionally, people were so casual about it that the carried their balloons all about despite the horror that purportedly unfolded:

The Sheriff, Scott Israel, said so, thus, it must be real:

Israel said that Cruz had an AR-15 type weapon, and countless magazines in his possession.

Where are those countless magazines, and where are all the spent bullets – and where are all the deceased students? Yet, even so, what a wonderful coincidence it is that this suits, ideally, the arch-Zionist agenda of undermining guns rights: the Feinstein, et al., plot to take out semi-automatic weapons.

Moreover, as is the routine, the entire world has been fully bamboozled by what is nothing other than a fake and a hoax. There is no substantiation for this as a real event. Florida is a staging ground for hoaxes: a multitude of them, including the previous gay bar fake and also the Ft. Lauterdale Airport shooting fraud.

It was a drill. There is no other possibility. People are too casual. They are simply having too much fun. There could not have been any real bloodshed, here.

Image result for images; shooting; broward county; parkland school wounded; injured; florida

Is this the way real gunshot victims would be treated, with the legs allowed to be hung off the gurney. It’s also the standard one shoe on, one off, imagery.

One student said, for instance, “After the fire alarm got pulled and kids started evacuating, I heard five pops.” Does anyone really believe this could be a coincidence where a shooter just happened to be there during this drill to shoot down some 25 people? The student added, “I go, that’s not a drill, like, we never did a drill like that.” And again, “When we started evacuating, I knew it was more than a drill, because we’ve never done that.”

drkresearch, No Disinfo 15 Comments [2/15/2018 12:41:03 PM]
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