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I believe that every person believes in God. I know I did even when I had convinced myself that I was an atheist. Atheists like to debate because they feel like if they can win a debate, their stance HAS to be true (that there is no God) and in the end, they are just trying to convince themselves of what they, deep down, know is untrue.

Derrick Hood, Facebook 17 Comments [11/28/2017 2:14:05 PM]
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Submitted By: Katie

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I dont care how many people support evolution, because salvation is not a popularity contest. And thus lies the problem in your belief system, you're so willing to accept the word of falliable man in support of "science", while turning your back on God. Roughly 2/3rds of the global population WILL end up in hell for not accepting the truth of the Lord. Are these numbers OKAY with you? They aren't OKAY with me, I am deeply concerned about the human population and its ongoing quest to satisfy Satan(as a whole, luckly there are a few smart individuals who have the wisdom to see through these tricks).

As for evolution itself, the USA is a very religious nation that holds itself to a higher moral standard than other places. Which is why evolution is "on the rocks" here in the states. But even ignoring that, things like "germs" and "electricity" are not science. These are parts of our reality that can be directly observed, unlike evolution or global warming.

Al Gore is just a politically motivated Charles Darwin. The only thing these two individuals really have in relation to each other, is the location of their eternity after death.

Trinidad and Tobago, CARM 48 Comments [2/28/2007 12:00:00 AM]
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Thank-you for your interest in this site. This however is a young ladies site. Please find somewhere else to fellowship. Any man or boy to sign up who is not my husband, or, should the need ever arise, my preacher, will be automatically deleted.

I am not trying to be mean, but the Bible says that as a woman I am to be teaching young ladies, not men.

Katyanne, Alabaster 33 Comments [2/28/2007 12:00:00 AM]
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Submitted By: Heather

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There's a new wiki and it's going to blow Wikipedia out of the water. Imagine an educational resource like Wikipedia but free of the Anti-American, Anti-Christian, Pro-materialistic bias.

I'm sure WIkipedia is great if you want to learn about "Gangsta Rap", "Gang-banging" or catch up with the latest gossip about Britney Spears, but is that what we want our kids to be learning? Our kids should be learning about scientific facts like ID, and the history of America our Christian founding fathers.

Conservapedia is just the right sort of thing for those of us who are homeschooling. Where else can you find an accurate reference for all of the world's most interesting issues, and be sure that the articles are 100% free of bias, spin and political correctness.

This page explains the fundamental differences between WIkipedia and Conservapedia. I do hope you will join me and submit a few articles. May I suggest that with the author's permission, some articles from this site might be donated to help build Conservapedia?

quizzlestick, Overwhelming Evidence 67 Comments [2/28/2007 12:00:00 AM]
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[There is also a much larger amount of evidence to support the existance of the Holocaust then there is of any supernatural entity...]

Actually Creationism has about 6,000,000 times more evidence supporting it than Holocaustianity does....

Holocaustianity is definitely one of the most irrational and fanatical belief systems.

Defensor Fidei, FSTDT Forums 46 Comments [2/28/2007 12:00:00 AM]
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Submitted By: Ms. Demenor

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we could educate people that they will be put in jail for having a back alley abortion. because its kind of murder. Its not a matter of choice here less then three percent are from rape or the chance that the mother may lose her life. that means that more then 97% chose to spread their legs, and since we have been told since we were 10 what could happen if you have sex, their is not excuse for allowing people to skip out on the consequences of their decisions. Then if you actually look at the intrinsic value that all life has you come to this conclusion it is the same thing to say that an unborn baby has less intrinsic value then that of a born child because they have the same chance for survival, that is zero if they are left on their own. Also you find that it is very similar to saying a person has less intrinsic value because of their race, religion, sexual orientation, physical or mental handicap. based on that argument anyone who is not genetically perfect should be killed. Hey wait that sounds familiar what famous Nazi dictator thought that way ?

Shawn, Myspace 22 Comments [2/28/2007 12:00:00 AM]
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Submitted By: Winston Jen

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A few nights ago, a couple of my friends (who aren't christians and are very into meditation, spiritual experiences, etc.) made a ouija board and experimented with it. They said they met a group of "people" and were talking with them for hours. They've been documenting their conversations and everything. My friends told me their names and their stories and that they've been doing this for 3 or 4 nights in a row.

I know they're communicating with demons, and im not sure what to do. They actually believe they're talking to dead people in a sort of limbo. If i try and tell them they're actually talking to demons posing as dead people, they won't believe me, and will roll their eyes, basically.

joleigh, bibleforums.org 47 Comments [2/28/2007 12:00:00 AM]
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An atheist making typical excuses for the existence of atheist churches. Yes there are atheist churches, even mega churches (1000 plus members). And yes they do act like regular churches. And guess what they preach behind the pulpit? Yes you got it. The tenets of atheism, Science and evolution. Yep that's the gospel they preach. I'll leave examples below this post in the comments area for those who do not believe me.

Evolution is a Lie, Facebook 12 Comments [11/28/2017 2:13:58 PM]
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Submitted By: Katie

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David: staying away from OT, since we mostly ignore all it says because it was pre-jesus, i stick to NT where it is just there in the pages. I have a third stance: i also think the Word says it,s not ok. i do not have a problem with gays or their community. I believe God loves them and wills for them to go to heaven. I am friendly to gays and their comminity, i believe i am to love others no matter what. I think if someone who considers himself gay wants to follow jesus, they will face these verses and will either choose to ignore them or not, but its all a process. There are verses i am in the process of living, and that doesnt make me un-christian, but im not trying to change their meaning either. Maybe i dont feel like forgiving someone who really did something bad to me, and the word says i must, but i dont do it… Maybe one day, ill grow in my walk with him enough to finally forgive, but i will not change the verse to fit me, i should change to fit it.

Christopher: Except the word has changed over the centuries. Be have been altering and adding, subtracting to the text since the Bible was first formed. Anyone who has actually studied it and its history will know this and that no modern translation of the Bible is perfect nor 100% accurate.

David: I think the text we have today is reliable enough. But for the sake of dialogue, I would offer this thought: So the text we have today, in this matter, is either accurate or not accurate. If it is accurate, the warning is that (as well as many other offenses), homosexuality can derive in eternal death. Anyone who chooses to believe the text is not accurate, as you argue, would then have to be willing to run the risk of not partaking of life eternal. What if that person gets to heaven and in the judgement they find out the text was accurate? So for example, imagine you’re about to get a blood transfusion. The blood may or may not be contaminated with a deadly virus or bacteria. Would you take the risk?
If not, then why take the risk with your eternity?

Christopher: The fact that there are different translations that said different things over the centuries shows that the texts we have today are not accurate. No modern translation is perfect and there whave been things that have been added to the scriptures. One of which is the doctrine of Eternal Hell and condemnations of homosexuality; neither are in the original langauges, in fact gay marriage was in practice in the early church, notably with two martyrs Sergius and Barcchus. I have seen Orthodox Jews and experts on the original Greek and Hebrew that affirm that the modern translations against homosexuality are inaccurate, backed up by Orthodox scholarship (Hope Remains Online is the place to start and is quick to answer further questions on its contact forms). These guys are experts in the languages with decades of study under their belt. Actually studying the history of the Bible you’d see this, it’s not hard to look up nor are the imperfections of every mordern Bible plain to see. The Bible is as in error as eveything on this earth, especially as far as translations go.

David: Sadly, again, there will be another set of “scholars” and “experts” on the matter who would contradict what you just said. It will be up to you and me to choose who to believe, but surely a group is correct and the other one is wrong. I believe the description in Romans 1 is quite clear. You can find a quote online saying on the matter: Most scholars hold that Paul had two passages of the Book of Leviticus, 18:22 and 20:13, in mind when he used the word ??se?????ta?, … with most commentators and translators interpreting it as a reference to male same-sex intercourse. (note “most”) — so again, you can choose to believe either group, yet what is at stake is too important.
I think in this matter, I’d be looking for certainty, since we are talking about a very serious issue – again, the penalty for such actions could be eternal death (note I did not say Hell…). It is ultimately up to you and whoever reads the texts we have today to decide to take the risk to accept or reject the classical interpretation on this matter.
I believe an honest heart, a humble heart can hear from God in the matter beyond what other people say and what scriptures say. So I would just pray for a God confirmation on the matter. That way, the moment I’d face Him I’d know my conscience is clear from any sin on the matter. Jesus said to deny ourselves and follow Him. Every area where the text says we should deny ourselves, we should. Being honest is not always easy, being faithful to your spouse is not always easy, being loving to all is not always easy… and we are all in a process. Eventually sexuality should not keep us away from God. It’s not that important. It eventually fades. People should not exchange an eternity without God for a few years of exercising sexuality. Sex is a temporary thing. And again, I say this of the whole list – fornication, adultery, “immorality” (whatever that one means), and yes, homosexuality.

David, Chris Kratzer 9 Comments [11/28/2017 11:22:22 PM]
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ex Muslim cults should stop victimizing themselves

Muslims: *killing harassing abusing shunning ex muslims*
Muslims: *practicing a misogynistic homophobic pedophilia apologist islam*
Muslims: *enforce islamic law on everyone when they’re the majority and cry about religion freedom when they’re the minority*
Ex muslims: this is not right :/

lol again with victimizing yourself, you shit on people’s religion but you expect people to respect your beliefs lol.

I don’t want your respect dipshit I just don’t wanna be abused for leaving islam and I don’t want your filthy religion shoved down my throat but that’s too much to ask, isn’t it?

If you want people to respect your beliefs then have beliefs that are worthy of respect. Maybe start with condemning pedophilia? Just the bare minimum of common decency would be great.

Lmao if you left the religion and don’t wanna be abused for it, why come back and talk shit about it?

I want you all to know that muslims aren’t oblivious to apostasy laws. The overwhelming majority supports these laws. This asshole right here knows that renouncing islam is a crime in most muslim countries. She knows that according to islamic law I should be executed. She knows that if I remove my hijab I would be shunned and abused by my peace loving muslim community. She knows that in a muslim country I have no option but follow the misogynistic marriage, divorce, inheritance, child custody laws. She knows that if I were gay, i would be diowned at best or excuted isis style at worst. She knows all that and she doesn’t care. She’s just mad that ex muslims are speaking the ugly truth. The truth makes her uncomfortable.

She’s demanding our silence so she can go back to pretending we don’t exist.

“moderate” muslims are fucking gross, see how she basically said we deserve to be abused

sugarndgahwa, Tumblr 3 Comments [11/29/2017 7:26:45 AM]
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When did the name Pocahontas become a racial slur???

Silly Liberals. There is no negative connotation associated with the name.

If she falsely claimed military rank, he might call her Gen Patton. It’s about her fraud - but Dems make everytning about race.

SL +++, Twitter 14 Comments [11/28/2017 2:13:51 PM]
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The first doubts were as I described here. I then realized dead things don't come to life by themselves, so life needed a miracle to start. And if there was a miracle there was a Miracle Maker. If the origin of life was by a miracle, then it became possible to consider the origin of species (actually major taxonomic divisions) was a result of a miracle. Michael Denton's book Evolution a Theory in Crisis (it's a pain to read) pretty much destroyed most reason to believe in evolution.

The more I studied biology and science, and the more I studied real scientific disciplines like physics, I realized evolutionary biology is a sham science. Privately, many chemists and physicists (whom I consider real scientists) look at evolutionary biologists with disdain. Evolutionary biologist Jerry Coyne himself admitted: In Science's pecking order, evolutionary biology lurks somewhere near the bottom, far closer to [the pseudo science of] phrenology than to physics.

Then I look at the behavior of defenders of evolution. Many of them hate Christians and act unethically and ruin people's lives like Ota Benga and personal friends like professor of biology Caroline Crocker and persecute Christian students. They tried to deliberately create deformed babies in order to just prove evolution. They tried to get me expelled from graduate school when I was studying physics, merely because I was a Christian creationists. It was none of their business, but they felt they had the right to ruin my life merely because I believed in Jesus as Lord and Creator.

I then realized many evolutionists (not the Christian evolutionists) are Satanically inspired because of their psycho evil hatred. So I realized even more, they are not of God, and therefore not on the side of truth. They promote "The Lie" because the father of Darwinism is the Father of Lies. Darwin himself referred to certain Christian doctrines as "damndable".

stcordova, r/creation 7 Comments [11/28/2017 2:13:28 PM]
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Submitted By: Katie

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Dr. Nixon Downplays the Perverseness of Homosexuality

Again, Dr. Nixon states on page 21:

These are perfectly “normal” people who have been created by God for unique purposes.

SOURCE: Dr. David J. Nixon with R. G. Hamm, “BORN THAT WAY AFTER ALL,” P. 21; ©2016, BORN THAT WAY MINISTRIES, INC.; ISBN: 978-1-942559-05-4.

I've already shared with you details from Dr. Nixon's book about a young man named Sam. When Sam gets to college, he is approached soon thereafter by a homosexual classmate, who says that he and some other sodomite boys think Sam is queer too. The next thing you know, that queer student is literally sodomizing Sam. Listen to what Johnny Nixon writes about this wicked, perverse, vile, young male dog:

It would be easy for us to think that the motives of the young man who approached Sam were in some way sinister. I prefer to think that he was probably another Sam, just a bit further down the road.

SOURCE: Dr. David J. Nixon with R. G. Hamm, “BORN THAT WAY AFTER ALL,” P. 16; ©2016, BORN THAT WAY MINISTRIES, INC.; ISBN: 978-1-942559-05-4.

Folks, the Holy Bible literally calls sodomites “dogs.” Deuteronomy 23:17, “There shall be no whore of the daughters of Israel, nor a sodomite of the sons of Israel. Thou shalt not bring the hire of a whore, or the price of a dog, into the house of the LORD thy God for any vow: for even both these are abomination unto the LORD thy God.” A dog will do the most disgusting things to other dogs, and to itself. They are dirty animals. Dogs have no regard for morality, because they are animals. When people live without morals, they are acting just like filthy dogs.

David J. Stewart, Jesus is Precious 7 Comments [11/28/2017 2:15:14 PM]
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right ... nobody was discussing this with you ..... but fine ..... first .... the churches are not "exempt" .... they are "IMMUNE" from taxation ...... and if you do not understand the difference .... look it up ...... and yes we are to support government WHEN that government acts in alignment with what God laid out for government in Romans 13 ..... and when they violate Romans 13 ...... then we have no duty to them and only to God ..... or else we can immediately give the US back to the natives and go back to England and be under the Crown we rebelled against .....

Amos Moses, Christian News Network 5 Comments [11/27/2017 2:36:31 AM]
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In my neighborhood gays have alot of rights

the right to stay out of our bars, the right to never walk the street holding hands, the right to get a wine bottle smashed over their heads. The lesbos can get it too fuck em if you are a woman and you want to act like a man then you should be bashed just as hard as a man would be LEARN YOUR PLACES FREAKS and keep it indoors

magento themes, Gay Rights Advocacy Group 124 Comments [11/16/2010 5:09:08 AM]
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Quote# 134582

"Even if the alt-right becomes more popular, it will always have militant opposition willing to fight it at any cost"

According to Reuters at the very least 70 million Americans already agree with our goals. Assuming those are almost exclusively whites that's nearly half of American whites already providing us with implicit support, alt-right or no alt-right. Without a change, and all studies on diversity showing how cancerous it is a civil war is likely regardless of whether or not the alt-right exists.

"and of course a lot of minority people are unlikely to want to "peacefully" get deported."

This is just leftist wishful thinking to act like they have some spooky armed underclass ready to fight. Hispanics are by and large here for money, and money only. Make it less economically viable to be here, and they'll leave. But if forced deportations happen there's no reason to believe it won't just be like Operation Wetback when Hispanic citizens were forcibly deported. You'd be surprised how compliant people are when told what to do by an authority figure. Or did the Germans forced out of Bohemia after WW2 also start a civil war?

Edassasail, Reddit 11 Comments [11/28/2017 5:57:26 AM]
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Quote# 134602

We should have a contest as to which of the Networks, plus CNN and not including Fox, is the most dishonest, corrupt and/or distorted in its political coverage of your favorite President (me). They are all bad. Winner to receive the FAKE NEWS TROPHY!

Donald Trump, Twitter 13 Comments [11/27/2017 11:36:24 PM]
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Submitted By: Daspletosaurus

Quote# 134555

The next step is to give up all public areas to the enemy and shelter in place–at home–freezing to death–in the dark–as you wait for the chopper to come chop off your head.

The solution? Guard the borders, as you were supposed to be doing in the first place. Stop the “Open Borders” FIASCO, and start MASS DEPORTATIONS and MASS REPATRIATIONS, by FORCE.

Yes you heard me rightly >> USE YOUR (OUR) MILITARY AND POLICE FORCES to REMOVE THE RECENTLY IMMIGRATED MOSLEM ENEMY FROM ALL WESTERN COUNTRIES. Other immigrants may need to be removed as well, but the moslem enemy is the priority.

This will only need to be violent if you don’t show overwhelming superiority in military force from the beginning. That will convince the moslem enemy you are serious and will reduce the numbers of casualties in the long run.

The goal is not to destroy them or even to terrorize them, but simply to put them back into their Middle East lock-box where they should have been kept from the very beginning. It is they who think their religion is so wonderful. Let them go back where they came from, and cook in it.

Jay Dillon, Bare Naked Islam 12 Comments [11/26/2017 2:12:02 PM]
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Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 134594

Dude, residing in the 'most technologically advanced nation on this planet' cant change my opinion about the existence of witchcraft in the world. The truth is that these evil forces are real. Even the Holy Bible, the Divine Word of God makes mention of their existence with proofs . . . the witch of Endor. Another widely quoted verse from the Holy Bible is in Exodus 22:18 which says, "Thou shall not suffer a witch to live."

If God, the creator of the universe directly tells His prophet(s) about the practise of witchcraft, then who can suggest otherwise that "Witchcraft exists ONLY in the minds of those so desperate to "figure it all out" that they will cling frantically to even the most comically preposterous myths and fables, . . . " I wont even be surprised if some of those who deny the existence of witchcraft hide under midnight to patronize the services of a juju man.

Ndipe, Nairaland 11 Comments [11/27/2017 3:04:01 PM]
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Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 134584

When I see how many Churches are falling from God's Holy Word, I don't take that lightly. Many mega Churches and small one's alike are falling right into the hands of Satan and twisting God's Word to conform to the culture "the world"and His Word warns us not to do that very thing.

I believe that many true born again Christians are very serious about walking in the truth and that dabbling in any degree of apostasy would be akin to playing Russian roulette with Satan. What I am trying to convey here is that I don't believe we are to hide from the world, but, we are not to be living like the world or be a part of it, we are in it, but as Christians we are to walk in His Word! I have adult children who are caught up in the emergent/new age Church and my heart grieves at how many, too many are falling into the same lies.

We are told not to do anything to make a brother or sister stumble in their walk with the Lord! If I say it is o.k. to listen to worship music from Hillsong or another Church that is teaching false doctrine, then what message am I giving to these brothers and sisters in Christ? And, also, what message am I giving to the world.

And, matter of fact, when I have tried to get my adult children and others in the Church to even listen to any truth about these matters of false teaching from such Churches, I am being divisive. Therefore, I do consider this to be a very serious matter in light of God's Word and the souls of many... including our children and grand children. I believe we should fear The Lord, not man.

Roger, Rapture Ready 8 Comments [11/27/2017 2:59:47 PM]
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Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 134604

I think we should pray if we want to pray. And these others need to shut up and turn their heads if they don’t like it. Just like the opinions of does one breastfeed in public or not. We thankfully have a great president now so I’m thinking he wouldn’t go against people praying no matter where plus he just might put Prayer back in schools. Be find with me! Anthesist can stay home and home school instead of the religious staying home. This country needs more Prayer then probably we wouldn’t have so many atheists

Lisa Franey, Christian News Network 12 Comments [11/27/2017 11:37:28 PM]
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Quote# 134465

Lady Checkmate's headline: "Teen Vogue columnist Emily Lindin tweets she's 'not at all concerned' about false sexual harassment claims"

(as usual the story is a Fox News cut and paste, here's the story: http://www.foxnews.com/entertainment/2017/11/22/teen-vogue-columnist-emily-lindin-tweets-shes-not-at-all-concerned-about-false-sexual-harassment-claims.html)

Lady Checkmate:
THIS IS WHY WE CAN'T BELIEVE ANYTHING THE ALT-LEFT SAYS! Does it make sense now guys. This is why I wouldn't dare trust them, consider them credible nor care for their feelings. They'll do anything, unethical, etc., lacks integrity they can to attack a conservative.

Okay. I'll bite. You falsely accuse me of rape, and I will see to it that I don't make a liar out of you, however unpleasant that prospect is for me. I'll just have to take one for innocent men everywhere.

Lady Checkmate:
Not cool and NOT worth it.

Lady Checkmate, Disqus - News Network 9 Comments [11/24/2017 3:17:42 AM]
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Submitted By: Jocasta

Quote# 1677

There were no "Egyptians" until after the fall of the Tower of Babel... There was but one people because everyone shared the same language.

LittleNipper, Christian Forums 8 Comments [7/22/2005 12:00:00 AM]
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Quote# 134578

(in response to story "Man says he fatally shot son in self-defense"):

Probably an alt-left sjw, protesting his parent's house and rules. Very bizarre, but these days and times...

Lady Checkmate, Disqus - News Network 15 Comments [11/28/2017 5:55:18 AM]
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Submitted By: Jocasta

Quote# 134615

Since being queer is a mental construct, there are no rights that accrue to that which is not real.

There can be no penalty for not dealing with that which is not real

Thibodeaux, Free Republic 5 Comments [11/28/2017 2:12:42 PM]
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Submitted By: Katie