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Female Circumcision – The Hidden Truth

How Misogynists and Feminists are feeding upon each other to denigrate an Islamic practice that brings untold benefits to women

The inspiration for writing on this touchy topic arose at a recent week-long workshop held by an international Muslim women’s rights organisation in Kandy which I had the fortune of attending thanks to its local organisers.

This group had a lot of nice things to say about women’s rights in Islam and I must say I agreed with much of it, like the rights of Muslim women to enter into marriage with their free consent and even contract marriages on their own accord or their rights to divorce or pre-nuptial agreements to safeguard their freedoms, all well and good, because Islam concedes all these rights to women, on which topics I too have written extensively.

But there was one topic I begged to differ when they brought up the matter, and that was female circumcision. They asked us to discuss a recent Fatwa issued by Malaysia’s National Council for Islamic Religious Affairs in 2009 that declared that the practice was mandatory for Muslim women. They expected us to rip it to pieces, but I differed. Why, because I could not find anything objectionable in it. Reading it carefully, I noticed that those who had drafted it were not at all motivated by a negative attitude towards women’s rights. Rather it clearly stated that all forms of FGM (Female Genital Mutilation) found by the WHO to be harmful to women such as clitoridectomy (removal of the clitoris) and infibulation (a still more barbaric practice where the female’s external genitalia including the labia minora and clitoris are removed and stitched) were against the Shariah. But it made an exception, stating that all that was necessary in the case of women was to remove the skin covering the clitoris, which it declared to be obligatory, pointing out that a majority of the classical scholars of Islam including Imam Shafi and Imam Hanbali thought it to be so.

I plainly told the sister who was moderating the show, I could see nothing wrong with it, since all they said that was required was to remove the prepuce or the skin covering the clitoris, a relatively minor and harmless procedure very much like male circumcision which like it might confer some health benefits as well. That raised a few eyebrows, probably because none of them had heard such a novel idea before.

Of course there’s really nothing so novel about it. Much has been written about it even by Western Doctors but these studies have been conveniently overlooked to conform to Islamophobic sentiments expressed by a largely Jewish controlled media. This media machine works in different ways. For one thing, it will say that Islam advocates genitally mutilating women to curb their sexuality, citing examples of barbaric forms of FGM practiced in sub-Saharan Africa, thereby associating Islam with a misogynistic attitude. But of late, we see another trend, one that seeks to disassociate female circumcision altogether from Islam without differentiating the proper Islamic form from the rest. Why, you may ask? It’s very simple really. There is a strong body of evidence emerging to support the view that the proper Islamic procedure involving the removal of the clitoral prepuce is beneficial to women and not detrimental to them.

So there you are. It is in the interests of the Jews to criticize female circumcision while promoting male circumcision. Why, because male circumcision is a Jewish practice and female circumcision is not. The medical benefits of male circumcision was established as a fact when the Americans adopted it for hygienic reasons in the early part of the 20th century so that even to this day the majority of male infants born in the US are circumcised.

The practice was shown to confer significant health benefits as borne out by numerous studies that showed a reduction in urinary tract infections, penile cancer, HIV and other STDs as well as a reduction in Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) infections in female partners of circumcised men which could lead to cervical cancer when passed on to women (In favour of circumcision. Brian Morris.1999). The US due to its strong Judeo-Christian background thus came to see male circumcision in a favourable light, but altogether neglected its female equivalent as they did not have such a tradition. Moreover it was an Islamic tradition, not a Judeo-Christian one. It was not until about the early part of the twentieth century that some daring US doctors, reasoned that since women too had a prepuce (the equivalent of the foreskin in males) some of the health benefits conferred on males through circumcision could be enjoyed by women. Moreover they discovered another interesting fact, that the procedure could in fact increase sexual gratification in women since it exposed the surface area of the clitoris to greater stimulation during the sex act as well as in oral sex. Shire Hite’s groundbreaking study on the importance of the clitoris in the arousal and satisfaction of the female led to further interest in this until then rather insignificant part of the female anatomy. To keep a long story short, it is in the interests of the Jews to hide the facts about the benefits of female circumcision, because if it is shown that it is indeed an Islamic practice, and that what Islam advocates is only the removal of the clitoral prepuce and no more, it will be another feather in the cap of Islam. Islamic tradition then becomes a double-edged sword, where both the male and female circumcision it upholds are shown to be beneficial, in contrast to the single-edged sword of the Judaic tradition.

Asiff Hussein, Asiff Hussein 20 Comments [10/2/2017 2:00:26 PM]
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[In retaliaion to other posters' stances on feminism...]

Anna Planet has no credibility in her gay marriage. Neither does Buffalo bucky who is a latent homosexual who appluads womens rights, because he is becoming one while hiding in the closet.

Me. I like to drag my bitch around the floor by her hair. She loves it. And when I come home from a hard days work, and say "wheres the food bitch" She brings it with a smile and gives me a big kiss. Real Women like real men. Not a doting homosexaul pussy like Buffalo Bucky.

Gallus07, IMDB 60 Comments [9/24/2006 12:00:00 AM]
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I notice that you lot love to call incels "losers" and "pathetic virgins" just because of the fact that we are virgin men. Maybe you twats should take a step back and actually look at what you're spouting about. You phaggots voluntarily come to a subreddit which is filled with virgins, only to get mad at what we say/talk about and proceed to downvote every post and call us losers. Seems to me that you lot are the biggest losers here. Not me, not my fellow Incel brethren, you and only you.

You fuckwits love to consider yourselves to have a moral high ground than the rest of us. Yet, you have done nothing but bullied, mocked, shunned and rejected us since the day we were born -- for something which was completely out of our control: our subhuman faces. You vile hypocrites live happy and fulfilling life's while we are destined to suffer for all eternity. But you cunts don't care, of course. You just love to laugh at our misery and feel good about it.

You normans need to be inflicted with the pain and agony that we have suffered for so long to truly understand and experience how we really feel. Then you will finally realize how being tormented really feels like. You lot will also realize that not everyone stays good in this world.

Lookismisreal, r/incels 33 Comments [9/28/2017 9:43:04 AM]
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[Image of a comic drawn in shitty, outdated 4chan meme style]
atheist my son
you are of religion now
will u choose christianity, with 2000 years of european history, rich theology, and deep cultural impact
or will u pretend to worship marvel superheroes
[panel of the 'atheist' with a ... above his head]
[panel of atheist removing fedora and wearing a mjolnir]
>muh ancestors
>hale thore
>we wuz romans
>im pure germanic
>christianity is divisive and universal[?]
>we wuz vikings

denizen-of-heaven, Tumblr 20 Comments [10/3/2017 12:54:01 AM]
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There have always been crimes and perversions, but the crimes and perversions are far, far worse and more common today than they were thirty, fifty, eighty, a hundred years ago. Pornography has, to my mind and according to the data, been a HUGE factor in the proliferation

Anal sex, much less anal rape, was not something in the realm of our consciousnesses when I was in high school. Now, the boys coerce or pressure girls for anal. The Yale chant of "No means yes and yes means anal" is a creature of the Millennial demographic and Age of Porn.

Porn is not the only factor. Rapid technological change and the predations of late-stage capitalism lead to widespread anomie and the breakdown of community. The teaching of such idiocies as queer theory and transgender normalism, the cultural adoption of the homosexual male sexual practices and norms, a general loosening of standards of honor and decency and goodness, the failure so far of humans to adapt wise sexual mores to the new material reality of The Pill giving women and other humans the ability to control fertility for the first time in history --- these and many other factors play into the remarkable depravity of these times.

Having watched things for several decades, it seems that there has been a huge regression in women's consciousness as a whole. Looking at popular culture with its stripper feminism and its support of porn and prostitution, it seems that rights earlier feminists won are being eroded and the cultural pendulum has swung to a severe hatred of women.

The social media, computers, ubiquitous screens have made modern young stupider than older generation; attention spans are short; the ability to think rationally or critically is impaired; mental illness has become the norm; research shows today's young are 40% less empathetic than two decades ago. . Not good on the individual or species level.

Knowing the importance of naming and language, earlier feminists and our foremothers struggled to have adult women referred to as women, instead of as girls, broads, hens, b*tches, c*nts, whores, sluts, etc. These slurs are ugly, they help normalize misogyny and perpetuate sexism. Many of these words should be retired or fade from the language as our consciousness evolves.

But what do young women do? They call themselves sluts and start a campaign called Slutwalk in which they dress like bordello workers and parade around in their underwear, while hordes of male perverts show up to watch, film and photograph. Ugh.

When was the last time men protested or ran a campaign or movement in their underwear???

I would like to have more hope for the god-awful human species, but the objective signs are not positive. C'est la vie.

Hanakai, Feminist Current 15 Comments [10/3/2017 12:16:10 PM]
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I read once of someone claiming that photons from the sun could be responsible for many of the mutations in DNA which are needed to drive the process of evolution. If this is correct, then I must assume that God can aim these photons with a precision beyond our understanding.

Alan Burns, Religion and Ethics 11 Comments [10/2/2017 9:23:50 AM]
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(This TERF is talking about obscure transphobic theories.)

I think it would be hard to find any, since I expect any research like that is actively suppressed, just like Ray Blanchard's work.

But it seems obvious that fetishism and porn works the same way as addictive drugs.

The more people jerk off to it the more they get into it, eventually coming to a point where they want to transition.

At least it seems like a fair explanation for AGP, not sure about HSTS. I wonder if the recent uptick is in both categories or predominantly one of them.

yipopov, r/GenderCritical 5 Comments [10/2/2017 6:28:48 AM]
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Gay marriage is a nonsensical concept. It doesn’t exist except in the mins of insane people outside of reality.

Skywise, Free Republic 5 Comments [10/2/2017 10:57:37 AM]
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Women who say they chose prostitution and crow about it and the alleged wonderfulness of the choice to let men rent her vagina and pay for use of her bodily orifices are traitors to their sex, traitors to women.

By misdescribing prostitution as a choice, myths about prostitution are perpetuated: the myth that prostitution is empowering for women and necessary for men; that it is the oldest profession (Fact: Prostitution is not a profession, nor is it the oldest occupation); that it is beneficial for women and a fine normal way to make a living; that women are happy hookers; that all women are basically prostitutes who will exchange sex for material reward; the myth that prostitution causes no harm and the myth that prostitution can exist without contributing to sexism, misogyny and the oppression of women.

Everywhere on this planet, the majority of prostituted women are overwhelmingly suffering from poverty, a fact about which there is no disagreement. Urgent financial need is the most frequent reason mentioned by prostituted women for being in the sex trade. No one chooses to be poor when given other options. In countries where prostituted women have been studied in depth, sexual abuse in childhood prior to entry into prostitution is a significant precondition for entry into the sex trade. One rarely meets women in prostitution who were not sexually or physically abused beforehand. No one chooses to be abused.

In any sane, decent, just world where women were valued as full human beings, there would be no prostitution. It should not exist. Sex and women would not be commodities to be bought and sold and rented by any man with sufficient coin of the realm. Sex is the dynamic that creates life. Nature did not intend sex as a commercial transaction. In humans, sex is elevating to the body and being when it is an ecstatic bonding with real connection, caring and affection between partners who are seeking to give and receive pleasure and bring each other higher. In prostitution, sex coarsens the energy and erodes the ability to love. Those who know how to read the human energetic field can attest to this.

The reality that no woman in her right mind would choose to engage in an activity where she will be dead at age 34 (yes, that is the average lifespan for prostituted women), where she has a 90% chance of being raped on the job, where men will spit on her, ejaculate on her face, jam their dicks up her anus and claim the right to ATM (ass-to-mouth, meaning the trick sticks his dick up her anus, withdraws it and sticks it immediately in her mouth without cleaning off the feces), where she has a large chance of being beaten and brutalized, where she is the most vulnerable and likely victim of a serial killer. Who would chose that for themselves? For her sister? For her daughter? For her mother?

Hanakai, Feminist Current 12 Comments [10/3/2017 12:12:15 PM]
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I guess the study never really confronted why most (all) of history's luminaries were men. But seemed unduly concerned with why children perceive it that way.

"No, don't recognize reality. You're being conditioned to "think" this way." Sort of an admission that reality plays no part in our desired culture, but only perception and social engineering.

People want to claim that gender roles and social expectations are what created the lack of equality, and this mythical patriarchy. But in reality, they're trying to erase them by installing the real myth, the real deception. And that's why there is so much conflict over people who question or deny these modern trends.

That's why feminism is celebrated and endorsed in culture, classroom and media, subsidized by companies and education initiatives which really discriminate against the true achievers, while at the same time being so concerned about conservatism, the "bitter clingers" of old tradition and values, and why something such as MGTOW is regarded with so much contempt.

It's not about keeping men on a reservation, it's about moving them to a new reservation, and being irritated that they're recognizing that it's not a place they wish to be.

Smoothtank, r/MGTOW 5 Comments [10/3/2017 10:35:54 AM]
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[This is r/GenderCritical's self-description]

Gender Critical is a radical feminist subreddit to discuss gender from a critical perspective. We are a woman-centered community. We do not believe 'woman' is a feeling. We do not condone the erasure of females and female-only spaces, the silencing of critical thinking, the denial of biological reality and of sex-based oppression. We oppose the 'cotton ceiling' and the pressure on lesbians to have sex with men.

r/GenderCritical, r/GenderCritical 8 Comments [10/3/2017 12:16:18 PM]
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As usual, authorities are thoroughly perplexed; just can’t think of a possible motive here. Still, they are, of course, hoping there won’t be a backlash against Muslims or Islam. It would just be terrible if people actually came to their senses and realized the evil personified by Islam.

Maybe this spree will be big enough so they can’t whitewash it entirely. Problem is: the guy is home grown. The Dems can continue to argue that Trump’s travel ban is useless, bigoted and does not represent “who we are…”

gatouno, Bare Naked Islam 3 Comments [10/2/2017 10:59:28 AM]
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There are lots of obvious parallels between the trans lobby and pedophiles. In both cases, the group came from the fringes of society and claimed that they were marginalized victims of discrimination and stigma. Both groups have attempted to ride the coat tails of the gay community into the mainstream by using the "born this way" template. Both groups make highly inappropriate demands of society to validate their mental illness. And, most importantly, both groups LOVE to point to the DSM's history of categorizing homosexuality as a mental illness as proof-positive that they're being stigmatized by the health care community.

I'm not necessarily saying that transgender people are attracted to children, mind you. But there's an easily recognizable pattern forming here. My main criticism is aimed instead at liberals, who are proving themselves to be dangerously easy to manipulate. They sincerely believe that they are sticking up for the underdogs, the most marginalized of the marginalized. A couple years ago, they were publishing articles in Salon magazine imploring the public to consider pedophiles as victims of their own impulses ( that article was taken down recently). Now, they're demanding that we accept cross dressers into our private spaces and our bedrooms. And they're apparently too obtuse to at least protect kids from this ideological mindfuckery.

To put it nicely, I believe that liberals are proving themselves to be incredibly gullible. I hope they end up just as embarrassed of their support for transgender males as they were of their support for pedophiles.

But for the life of me, I just don't understand why their bleeding-heart liberal sympathy stops short of showing an ounce of real concern for prosituted women and children. Not even for exploited little kids. It truly breaks what's left of my heart.

Omzig Online, Feminist Current 6 Comments [10/3/2017 12:12:00 PM]
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Quote# 22702

The gays need to be the ones in jail. Being a gay should be illegal these kids where piss drunk and the gays tried beating their ass and where gonna try to knock them out and take advantage of these poor kids. Put the gays in the jail they will be with their own kind.

USA, Topix.net 30 Comments [3/29/2007 12:00:00 AM]
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These few equations are the “seeds” of God’s “Grand Design” ( God’s “fingerprint”):

Pi = (6/5) * phi2

e – is Euler’s number, the base of natural logarithms
i – is the imaginary unit, which satisfies i2 = sqrt(-1)
Pi – is the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter

phi- is the the golden ratio number 1.618034


Concentric circles anticipate Ezekiel’s “wheel in a wheel” as the throne of heaven. Within each circle maxima and minima water clock weights of 2:1 anticipate the ratio of cyclic octaves. But equal weight differences between successive months (reversing at the solstices in months III and IX) had to give way to proportional differences between successive semitones when this geometry was applied to music. Rational tonal arithmetic, cleverly mimed by Ezekiel, could anticipate this conceptual equality only via a slight but cumulative excess or deficiency, for in a cyclic octave of ratio 1:2 all equal divisions are defined by irrationals. Thus the Holy Land of a spiritual Israel had to be conquered conceptually in intricate warfare between the excess of primordial “giants” (products of 3) and the deficiency of human “weaklings” (products of 5) among rational numbers, and “weaklings” won only with Divine help in circumventing the lack of real number. Bible narrative brilliantly allegorizes every aspect of Diophantine approximation to modern Equal Temperament, and it does so with exhausting respect for numerical detail–making the Bible a priceless repository of tuning lore and its elementary number theory. The “unhewn” stones of Jewish altars are integers, meaning the natural or counting numbers to which harmonical theory normally was restricted, although its calculation demanded great fluency with reciprocal fractions. From the perspective of any reference pitch all integers except 2n necessarily “sinned” by “missing the mark” to some degree because octave doubling imposed, a priori, a universal matrix (“womb”) tied to integral powers of 2. Problems arose immediately with division into 2 equal parts (requiring the square root of 2) and 3 parts (requiring the cube root of 2).


Adam Weishaupt, world-mysteries blog 16 Comments [10/2/2017 12:50:46 PM]
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Therapy is cope. Been on therapy for 4 years and nothing has changed, not a single bit.

When you're blackpilled it's over.

No amount of sweet talking will turn you away from reality.

Fucking therapists thinking that personality matters.

When I change the topic to lookism they always get nervous and switch topics.

Oh they say I ain't ugly, but it is just a better way to say I ain't attractive either.

To them maybe an ugly is a 2/10, but a 4/10 is no better.

Fuck therapists. They can burn in the depths of hell with their personality bullshit and good luck pleading with Satan.

troubledsoul123, r/incels 15 Comments [10/2/2017 12:51:19 PM]
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Quote# 17673

[Fundie believes she has the power to communicate with God in a two-way conversation]

A year and a half ago I was talking to him and I asked him why is it that he allows children to suffer. I stated that they are innocent and therefore should not be made to suffer through physical illness. The reason that He has been allowing it is complicated and will be revealed later, but He agreed with me and at that time he gave me the revelation concerning the healing of the children. The day everything is going to change is the day he is going to bless me. And, that night, he will heal ALL children who suffer any chronic illness, disability, injury, birth defect or handicap. That is almost 2,000,000 children across the globe. It will be a pure act of love for the entire world to witness. And that is going to set off a chain of events that will change the course of history. Two other things will happen that night. ALL believers who have prayed for their healing but have not yet received it will be healed. Food will be put out for the hungry children of the world. It will be put out by Angels of The Lord in strategic places and be replenished every three weeks. There will be stern warnings to world leaders that this food must only be used to feed the children.

That act of love is going to get the worlds attention. Pediatric wards will close. Children’s hospitals will close. This is not just a one time healing. Those illnesses, those disabilities, those birth defects, those handicaps, will END! The question is: How will the world outside of the Christian Church know that it is the Lord God of Israel who is responsible for this act of love? I went public with this revelation over a year ago. There are thousands of people who are aware of it. The Angels who will be putting out the food will be seen by many.

There will be other supernatural miracles. God will appear on the Earth and address hundreds of people. It will by witnessed by members of the media and there will be photos and video of it.

LoverOfGod, churchwebstop.com 45 Comments [12/2/2006 12:00:00 AM]
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(Responding to the question: "So, if people are not born gay, why would anyone choose so difficult a way to go?")

Why would a pedophile choose to have desires for young children? Are pedophiles born the way they are?

I don 't believe most gays choose to be gay.

That being said, that doesn't mean they were born the way they are or there is a biological reason for their condition.

Homosexuality has been linked to same-sex child abuse and rejection and fear of the opposite sex.

I have testimony of one former lesbian that grew up around abusive men. He began to hate men and develop sexual desires for other women.

The age old debate is nature vs. nurture.

Homosexual activists and leftists have tried to eliminate the debate to promote their political agena.


kirkz2006@yahoo.com, Realabortiondebate 12 Comments [10/2/2017 6:37:45 AM]
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Quote# 132417

I have watched this pretense of conservatism play out in the GOP all my life.

Donald Trump was elected to change that by "draining the swamp" of corrupt business as usual Republicans who put business and banking interests ahead of the national interest.

His supporters love the POTUS and want him to take action that is real and meaningful and sacrificial to reverse the decline of this country.

Steve Bannon said when he spoke at Roy Moore's rally last week that to get to the Democrats we first have to get past the Republicans.

They must be replaced en masse and if that can't happen politics isn't going to Make America Great Again.

The Left-Progressive-Liberals are conned by the Democrats too because they are bought and paid for by the business and banking elites as well.

I read on Facebook a post the other day that said "Republicans aren't conservative and Democrats aren't liberal".

That guy gets it and more of us need to get it.

Nextrush, Free Republic 6 Comments [10/2/2017 6:29:24 AM]
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Quote# 110750

Hello World! Welcome to A-MAN-ZON

Hello World! Welcome to A-MAN-ZON, THE politically incorrect store for MEN.

If you are a man who is sick and tired of being told what you can not say and can not do for “fear” you will “offend” someone while everyone else has no problems at all calling you all sorts of names and offending you? This is the place to be!

Over the last few months I have heard many many say “I wish there were some way to fight back against all this political correctness”.

Well? There is. You stop spending your money with people who promote “political correctness”. You stop spending your money with mangina, white-knight, women worshiping men who will throw other men under the bus as soon as look at them.

Stop spending your money with men who openly support and condone women committing crimes against men.

Stop spending your money with men who will sell products and services to men and then take that money and give it to women to spend on lawyers in the divorce courts until the man is so harassed and so broke that he decides to kill himself like Robin Williams did this week.

And the FIRST such man-hating, mangina, white-knight, sexist, discriminatory, bigot that I recommend men stop spending money with is Jeff Bezos.

Jeff Bezos is one of the worlds biggest man-hating, mangina, white-knight, sexist, discriminatory, bigots.

Jeff Bezos openly employs tens of thousands of women who have committed crimes against fathers in divorce courts. He is completely un-apologetic about that.

If some man in Jeff Bezos employ made a harmless joke about a woman Jeff Bezos would make sure that man is fired. But if some woman goes in to the family law courts and commits perjury to use the criminal cartel of the family law courts to steal from the man, to steal his children, to steal his house, to steal his future income? Jeff Bezos will handsomely reward her with some flexible time off and emotional support by her colleagues so that she can more easily criminally persecute the man.

Further, if a MAN in the employ of Jeff Bezos is criminally attacked and victimised by a woman in the divorce courts and he does so little as “complain” that he is being criminally victimised by the family law courts? Jeff Bezos will see to it that man is fired.

Jeff Bezos is such a man-hating, mangina, white-knight, sexist, discriminatory, bigot that even though he employs tens of thousands of people he has NEVER come out and stated his opinion as to whether his employees should have the equal protection of the law. He has NEVER come out and made any statement about what his companies policy is when people in his employ commit crimes.

For this lack of statement, this man-hatred, I propose that the FIRST business that men who are FED UP with all this political correctness rebel against and undermine is the business that Jeff Bezos started. Amazon.

So I have created A-MAN-ZON. Short for A MAN ZONE.

A-MAN-ZON is a place where men can buy and sell their products and services where “political correctness” and it’s close brother “cultural marxism” are banned. No one gets to tell anyone else what they can do or what they can say around here. As long as you are not causing anyone else injury, harm and loss? What you buy and sell here is ok.

And no. A woman saying “I feel upset” is not “injury, harm or loss” in A MAN ZONE. Women are welcome to not look at what we are doing lest their delicate sensibilities be offended. This is why we have WO-MAN-ZON. A safe and separate place for those women who are such delicate petals that they can be “upset” by what they see on a computer screen. Of course, those “good women” who are “man enough” not to be “offended” by other peoples opinions are absolutely welcome here as buyers! #WomenAgainstFeminism are welcome to be buyers of products and services here.

All those who wish to tell other people what they can do, what they can say? All those who want to pay out their hard earned money on products and services that will then be used to attack other men and destroy their lives by criminal women in criminal family courts? By all means, buy your products and services from the man-hater Jeff Bezos.

Every man who spends money with the man-hater Jeff Bezos is a gender traitor who is supporting the war against men.

So…if you want to send a message to Jeff Bezos? If you want to send a message to the other men who run large companies who so thrive on promoting the hatred of men to sell things to women?

Buy from: A-MAN-ZON. THE politically incorrect store for MEN.

Joschua Boehm (aka Peter Andrew Nolan), A-Man-Zon 35 Comments [8/10/2015 5:47:36 AM]
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Quote# 132463

Lady Checkmate's headline: "Pray: Supreme Court’s in session with Gorsuch on board, gay wedding cake case on deck"


Father we pray Your will is done in Jesus name. We pray that America returns to righteousness. Protect and cover Your children. We're desperate for You Father and You are forever faithful. You alone are God and You hold the world in Your hands. Give Jack peace and favor as he goes through this season and bring him out victorious. Bless his business and let it stand as a reminder of Your faithfulness Father. Minister to the hearts of the justices. Let those who love You obey You and let those who are lost come to know You as Lord and Savior AND cause them to vote against sexual immorality and the targeted harassment of those who stand against what you call an abomination. Turn the hearts of the wicked. Let our nation be a nation that obeys You Father. Bring us to our knees before You alone. Bind the spirit of perversion and sexual immorality that wants to dominate in America. You are the Only King forever. Let your children be bold and confidently share the gospel truth. Remind them that You alone are God and there is noone and nothing greater than You. Strengthen the saints for what's to come and bless us. Lead our president to continue to make wise decisions concerning our country and bless and keep his family safe. Expose and remove the spirit of strife and division. Let us be a nation on one accord. We pray for peace in Jerusalem. We pray for believers all over the world. We pray for the lost and hurting. Remember the orphans, and widows and veterans...remember Your children. In Jesus name we pray. Amen.

Don't forget to RECOMMEND. Lets get the Truth out so that Light may shine bright in this dark place and Jesus Christ may be glorified.Even if the discussion is closed, please still RECOMMEND.

Lady Checkmate, Disqus - Faith & Religion 8 Comments [10/2/2017 12:50:24 PM]
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Quote# 132485

(Above a silhouette of a man and woman standing in front of a maze of roads. Several yellow road signs with LGBT symbols on them are visible in the picture.)

In all your ways acknowledge Him
And He will make straight your path
Proverbs 3:6

.the.jesus.freak_, Instagram 10 Comments [10/3/2017 12:55:47 AM]
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It really is. Porn has nothing to do with sex, it's a capitalist commodity built for easy, mass consumption and utterly stripped of any semblance of humanity. There's a million thinkpieces about the callous industrialization and mass consumption of our food destroying the environment, or the effects of widespread social media use on crumbling interpersonal relationships and mental illness.... but nobody wants to have this conversation about porn. Even though the problems directly caused by it are obvious, and getting much worse.

Elle_Ciel, r/GenderCritical 3 Comments [10/2/2017 6:28:24 AM]
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How do we stop the madness. Science shouldn't dominate and rule humanity.but the cult of science is using it's innovations to try controlling the future and the path humanity takes. For example ,tranhumunaism (the merge between humans and robotics) ai. And robots for war. And jobs. Cern is practically worshipped. Yet it's evil could destroy the world. We must stop them. The singularity approaches. And those individuals and groups want control. If science dictates everything. An idealism of materialistic dogma will take over the world. And destruction will unfold.

wishmak3r, Deviantart forums 13 Comments [10/2/2017 6:35:59 AM]
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May I humbly suggest some other possible causes for the scalzification of American men?

1. Aggro tankgrrls

When the land fills up with aggressively posturing, careerist feminist shrikes on the divorce court warpath, aided and abetted by Cathedral man-haters, the collective response by society’s testes is to ascend behind the sheltering bony plate of the pubis. You could call it the “Junk Tuck and Shuck” theory of increasing faggotry. How this works on a biochemical level is hard to pinpoint, but it makes some intuitive sense that as women gain more cultural power through their own means or a Big Daddy government check, men rationally respond by becoming either smooth talking cads or mewling beta suck-ups. Do women like this state of affairs? Probably not, but as long as men can get the pussy this way, that’s what they’ll give women. The sexual polarity will find its opposing balance, by whatever means necessary.

2. Estrogen in everything

Soy is in everything. So is the effluvium of the Pill. It seems we can’t go a week without some new study touching down with evidence of increased estrogen in our food and water supplies.

3. Lack of a cleansing war/too many men

A culture’s men get soft in the arms of materialist decadence. Never more so than today with so many hindbrain-targeted pleasure stimulators acquired for a relative pittance. Too many men accumulating from a lack of natural (or unnatural) culling means that, thanks to the cosmic directive of female hypergamy, a lot of dispensable, reproductively useless men are piling up. Combine the softness with the uselessness, and it’s a small leap to infer that the male sex would respond, at least at the margins, with a growing acceptance of testosterone-challenged and sexual marketplace-abstaining gayness, broniness, tranniness, and general supine self-flagellating leftoid-ness.

4. Dem friggin fat cows

Maybe male obesity can’t explain much of the trend toward lower T among men, but perhaps FEMALE obesity can explain it. What’s the point of manning up when all your women have womanned down? After all, you don’t have to be much of a man to jerk it to a digital dreamgirl. Fat chicks and porn everywhere have reduced the pressure to find a sexy babe to love, and testosterone levels have responded in kind. What doesn’t get used, atrophies.

CH, Chateau Heartiste  64 Comments [9/8/2013 5:11:44 AM]
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