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Women of these 3 Zodiac Signs are PERFECT for marriage!

Best Zodiac signs for marriage

We all know, nobody is alike; and so do their personalities, which are highly influenced by their zodiac signs. A person, whom you are deciding to spend your life with, must be chosen well. Not that any particular zodiac sign, is bad, but often some zodiac matches don’t go too well.

Puzzle of life

Similarly, some zodiac signs come out to be the missing pieces of each other’s puzzled lives that fix amazingly. And, then there are a few zodiacs, which come across as a good bet for everyone.

Love, support and journey

In the event that you are thinking about marriage or have a friend paying special mind to an impeccable match for himself, then this article may be of offer assistance.

Help from astrology

Through astrology, we can help you locate the correct companion. If truth be told, after a substantial study of astrology by a few experts, the following three zodiac signs have come out as the best suit for the marriage.


A Cancer lady is the perfect spouse for a person who holds conventional qualities in highest regards. She is delicate and dependable, nurturing, and loaded with adoration and comprehension.

She needs somebody to ensure her, not on the grounds that she is feeble, but rather in light of the fact that she needs a mate she can depend on to keep her protected when she is powerless.

When she gets hitched, she will make every effort to support the relationship she's picked and stay in a giving, solid wedded life until death does them part.


An Aries lady will dependably bolster her partner's aspirations, since she needs an effective man adjacent to her. In the event that she doesn't meet one, everything in her energy will be done to make one.

She is someone, who would never ignores her husband, her family or her duties at home and as far is her married life is concerned, she’ll be as a lively and energetic individual, she needs to have it all and ought to never abandon her fantasies.

She is dynamic, composed and inclined to envy upheavals when her suspicion that all is well and good and her certainty are shaken.


A Leo lady is composed, prompt and dependably discovers time for everything. She can be the perfect spouse to an eager man on the off chance that she adores him profoundly enough, for she has the vitality and comprehends what should be done with the goal for him to wind up distinctly effective.

This is a lady with power, appealing, sexy, warm and now and again very noisy. Her choices are her own and she needs to be regarded at all circumstances, notwithstanding when she had customary childhood or on the off chance that she lived in a patriarchal environment.

Shruti Srivastava, Speaking Tree 18 Comments [6/5/2017 6:13:36 AM]
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(The article was on how current Muslim birth rates may result in Islam becoming the largest religion by 2060).

I think it's time that these vermin need to be culled. After all, rodent infestations can cause huge amounts of damage.

EricNeoMatrix, Friendly Atheist 21 Comments [6/6/2017 8:34:02 AM]
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Well; The POINT was as LONG as the Alt-Med people still FULLY SUPPORT CONVENTIONAL MODERN MEDICINE AS WELL, then they are okay. Once they reject Conventional Medicine, Science, embrace garbage like Anti-Vax, get all "tin-foil-chapeau" over the medical industry to the point of absurdity, etc. THEN THEY SHOULD BE CALLED OUT AND NIPPED IN THE BUD!

It's not always Either/Or. That's a false dichotomy. You can still embrace Complementary Medicine (Con-Med with Alt-Med) and still speak out against the Alt-Med-Only bunch.

Healing is just as much about one's Mind/Soul as it is Body and they are all linked. Holistic Alt-Med would make the Con-Med work better. You'll heal faster and perhaps require less drugs.

It's a little something called BALANCE.

SpukiKitty, FSTDT comments 34 Comments [5/28/2017 6:31:41 AM]
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Submitted By: Pharaoh Bastethotep

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Why monkeys, as they allegedly evolved, lost their tails? A tail a tremendous advantage for a species.

My pastor came up with that one.

It's yet another one of the many examples that can be given why the theory of evolution is an intellectually retarded.

But, let's review what one has to believe to believe in theory of evolution:

1) You have to believe evolution occurred despite the fact that 99.9% of the physical evidence needed for it doesn't exist.

2) You have to believe the first of all animal phylum evolved despite the fact they appear fully-formed the first time they appear in the fossil record after allegedly four billion years. The entire evolutionary fossil history of the first of these species does NOT exist.

3) You have to believe soft tissue, which has been found in dinosaur bones could have survived 65 million years despite the fact that the best studies on fossilization (on Egyptian mummies) indicate that soft tissue can only survive 10,000 years.

4) You have to believe genetic mutations behaved differently in the past then they have been observed to today. There is one that provides proof one species can evolve into another.

The Bible defines faith as EVIDENCE of things unseen.

One must have faith in evidence that doesn't exist to believe in the theory of evolution is a credible one.

kirkz2006@yahoo.com, Realabortiondebate 27 Comments [6/4/2017 5:55:54 AM]
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I understand the rationale for this even if I couldn't go this far. Muslims terrorists have actually handed ethnic nationalists a huge propaganda victory by adding urgency and a sense of existential, life and death struggle to the case for physical removal. This is extraordinarily helpful as the real problem is not terrorism but a slow burn replacement of the native population with subsequent cultural annihilation. The window is short however, and it seems terribly unlikely that Western Europe will have the gall to deport all Muslims, let alone all non-whites. Are you not putting all your eggs in one precarious basket? There must be levels of survival the altright is willing to accept if capturing a nation state becomes impossible. Dreaming about waving a magic wand to disappear all the brown people may be just as effective as it sounds. As much as it hurts, this may have to be abandoned in favor of shoring up white tribalism in other ways that will ensure the continued existence of our people. Just look at what the Jews have managed with only a tiny fraction of our population.

Cretus Clawfinger, Reddit 6 Comments [6/6/2017 8:31:35 AM]
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Conservative state legislatures have been hesitant to defy tyranny for many years. Most Christians in this country have been reluctant to fight against evil in my lifetime, although there is as much to fight for today as there ever has been. The soul of our nation hangs in the balance as we sit on our hands and complain about losing our country, all the while our enemies are mocking us and not just defying our Constitution, a set of laws created by man, but mocking and defying God.

I am not one to pick a fight, this fight began a long time before I ever got here. I firmly believe in the Constitution and the rule of law, which I have sworn an oath to uphold.

It is our duty as men and women of Christ to stand in the gap between tyranny and evil and those who are unable to defend themselves. There is one set of laws above all others and that is God’s law. Nine judges cannot override God’s law. They may defy it, but they cannot override it. I for one will no longer sit idly by as an elected State Representative for MS and do nothing while judge/s act as if they are more Supreme than God Almighty.

I am calling on the Mississippi Legislature to pass a law outlawing abortion after a heartbeat is detected, with the only exception being if the mother’s life is at risk. Some things are worth getting sued over and worth fighting for. No matter how many judges pass injunctions or what fines or penalties they try and threaten us with we must stay strong in the face of evil and defy their orders to allow abortion to take place in our state. The time to act is now. Young women should not be faced with this burdensome decision any longer, it should simply not be an option.

We must destroy evil before it destroys our nation and our children’s future. We must uphold God’s law in our land as well as the Constitution — for the latter cannot exist without the blessing of the first. If it is the last thing that I do as a state Legislator I will see to it that every last abortion clinic in this state is closed.

In His Service,

Robert Foster

Robert Foster, Patheos 11 Comments [6/6/2017 8:33:15 AM]
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As if anyone would ever ADMIT they support Satan. All science has proved that the universe is of intelligent design. Everyone knows God exists, atheists are secretly Satanists.

RetroSpriteResources, DeviantArt 15 Comments [6/5/2017 5:27:45 AM]
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Terrorism in the UK is a result of England’s white racist policies and racist people. The UK must give more power to Muslims to govern themselves as they see fit, and not according to the wishes of whites. Maybe it’s time for a two-state solution in England. A Muslim majority in England is inevitable anyhow. All the white bigotry in the world can’t stop it. This goes for the rest of Europe and the U.S. as well.

Fei Fallon Tong, Daily Kos 49 Comments [6/5/2017 5:28:44 AM]
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People who think like you are people who see all European nationalism as bad and who have a hart time telling a German from a Pole or an Irishman. In other words, people who think like you tend not to have a European background – they see a society where they do not fit in and seek to remake it to make themselves feel more comfortable – all the while ascribing their own selfish interests to some sort of humanistic pluralism, multiculturalism or some other such nonsense.

Avi Ben Yidah, Abi Ben Yudah 8 Comments [6/6/2017 8:31:58 AM]
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[W]e had a transgender on this board years ago and this person insisted we call him a SHE.

I wouldn't do it and I took all kinds of crap and manipulation from the LEFT for still calling him a HE.

I felt it was deceitful to try and to pretend that this board member was a she when in fact he was a he.

Can you imagine in real life falsely telling a good male friend of yours that a certain person was a she, even though you knew he was a male and you knew there might be a chance that he would try to go on a date with the pretend she?

You would probably LOSE your friendship for being deceitful, or worse, get punched in the face for it.

I am with you...do not be manipulated by the PC LEFT.


dlo_3us2001, Realabortiondebate 16 Comments [6/6/2017 8:31:05 AM]
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God's Word will not be mocked...You will die in your sins and spend eternity in the Lake of Fire, the second death unless you repent. My venomous words are meant to cut to the core of your blackened soul and for your own good. Wake up dude, your time is short. In the game of life you are on the losing side...

Art Deco, TheologyOnline 22 Comments [2/28/2006 12:00:00 AM]
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[On why he doesn't have a job.]
I'm not real motivated to EARN right now. My screwed up country imposes regulations that say I have to participate in PUBLIC INSURANCE (ie. social security). Jesus specifically commands that we not 'save up for tomorrow' (which is the whole premise of this program) and the bible overall tells me not to put my security in society AND to avoid the appearance of evil.

Robert, Myspace 20 Comments [2/24/2006 12:00:00 AM]
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Black Muslims, Christians and Jews have the right to religous abortions if they so choose, just like they have the right to be married according to their religious traditions and vows. No Black Muslim, Christian or Jewish woman should be forced to go to a secular abortion clinic where only white male abortionists are employed. If women have the unconditional choice to get medical abortions, then Black Muslim, Christian and Jewish men have the right to be present in the hospital or medical clinic where their wives are being operated on by white male abortionists. They also have the right to demand a proper Islamic, Christian or Jewish burial for their wives aborted fetus along with clergy representation at the funeral proceedings.

If state or private health plans won't pay for religious abortions, why should Black Muslims, Christians and Jews pay taxes to support secular abortions performed only by white male supremacists who favor the idea of homosexual marriages?

jcrawford, Debating Christianity 26 Comments [2/24/2006 12:00:00 AM]
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[questions for "evolution proponents]

Why don't any ape type animals display a need to draw their history onto rock? [...]

How do you explain the non-existence of time? If you cannot explain it - does that make it false?

Messenger, PhysOrg Forums 18 Comments [2/24/2006 12:00:00 AM]
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DISGUSTING! McDonald’s released their RAINBOW FRIES today in honor of GAY PRIDE! Im tired of corporations trying to influence our families like this. SHARE THIS and let people know to STOP EATING at McDonalds! Plus, their food is crap. Really.

Joshua Feuerstein, Facebook 28 Comments [6/5/2017 5:28:25 AM]
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[Bolding added.]

I worry more about white racists than I do about radical Muslim terrorists. Each act of so-called Islamic “terrorism” is an act of self-defense. White racists still don’t get it.

Fei Fallon Tong, Daily Kos 14 Comments [6/5/2017 5:28:48 AM]
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ok i have a bible study at school and iv been teaching it for quite a while. well ive asked to have it anounceds in the morning but my priceipla keeps saying no! he said i cant let you do that because of the sationonic people will want to have an anounced to . this doesnt make sence to me. do we have a right to let people knnow that we have a bible study?

SEJesusFrEak, Bibleforums.org 36 Comments [2/24/2006 12:00:00 AM]
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It is a shame that women today no longer want to be mothers and homekeepers as the Bible teaches. Communist propaganda has lured women into the workplace, and the criminal Federal Reserve has rigged our economy so that women cannot go back due to lack of finances. It's all a part of the New World Order's plan to destroy America. Don't believe it?
The picture to the left is only a dream these days for most children and husbands. It takes several hours to cook main course dinners like that. There is a woeful need for mothers in America. How sad that most families today eat microwaved and instant foods. We've lost the American dream.

The Bible teaches that a woman's place is in the home. God did not intend for women to wear a uniform, carry a gun and police men in society. God did not intend for women to wear business suits, carry briefcases and fight in court as attorneys. God did not intend for women to become shrinks, messing with other people's brains. God did not intend for women to join the army and go through boot camp, crawling under barbed wire and learning how to fire an AK47 rifle. God did not intend for women to pursue workplace careers. A woman's place is in the home. God intended for women to marry, bear children (plural), guide the house (a homemaker) and not give occasion to the adversary to speak reproachfully (that means stay off the phone, stay out of trouble and stay home).

[Emphasis mine]

David J. Stewart, Jesus is Savior 46 Comments [4/8/2015 2:52:03 AM]
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it seems to me that, deep down inside his heart, the evolutionist is fully aware of his foolishness and is afraid of God, the Bible and the Christian. The abject fear they must be contending with never fails to reveal their unbidden [...]

They crudely mock others, they put words in people's mouths and then ctriticize what they say, and seldom fail to be accusatory (as is their master).[...]

Their intellect is voided by the foolishness of their beliefs and so they remain blind to the truth. They act like their spoiling for a fight but when challenged they immediately resort to others for "their" defense of the HoE.

Joman, Christian Forums 19 Comments [2/25/2006 12:00:00 AM]
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It's quite possible that two homersexuals could raise a perfectly good kid and perhaps even a kid that was a right handed hitter... but taken as a whole, kids with a mom and a dad who are both loving and attentive are in a far better situation then kids with just one mom, one dad, or two moms and two dads.

If the FTSDT buttsuckers can't see the truth in this simple axiom, then they have their noses too far up their lovers buttcracks and need to back out for a macro view.

SmellyFed, Free Conservatives 43 Comments [2/25/2006 12:00:00 AM]
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[On South Dakota's pending ban on abortion.]

listen- if this becomes a nationwide law, think of how many rapists will be deterred by thte thought that the women that they rape will HAVE to give birth, and the father can be easily identified by the babe's DNA??? this will prevent a lot of rapes. part of the reason why rapes r so common is the fact that abortions are legal, so nobody would know if they raped someone. now they dont have that option.

emily, Myspace 43 Comments [2/25/2006 12:00:00 AM]
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[Trey, after discovering his wacky ideas have been getting some mileage around the internet]

I honestly don't mind disagreement--either among Christians who think that my view is unbiblical, or among
non-Christians who simply think i'm an extremist--, but what i do mind is being characterized by any of them as some kind of Nazi or Fascist or something to that effect. I like people, people of all stripes; however, i love God's Law more than anything else. I just believe that, if possible, Christians should bring about a nation that reflects and enforces God's Law. That's all it comes down to.

Treyfrog, Unchained Radio 12 Comments [2/26/2006 12:00:00 AM]
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From now on, I will only respond to people who have facts or rational explanations for their beliefs. But there are too many people here who have no rational refutation so they replace that with attacks, insults, and anger. I'd be angry too if i could not offer rational refutations. So I understand your anger. But anger is not rational so until you can replace it with rational refutations, then replying to irrational people is a waste of my time.

[A later post in the same thread]

Human reasoning is irrational, my friend.

Carico, Raving Atheist 16 Comments [2/26/2006 12:00:00 AM]
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50 years ago most scientists supported evolution but with new discoveries but the tide appears to be turning. In the last 10 years there have been many scientists criticizing evolution. I recently read a good book by a professor of Biochemistry called “Darwin’s Black Box” which attempts to disprove evolution.

Even one of the leading atheists in the UK now believes in a creator. If Christians did not accept evolution 50 years ago when science was against them, why would they ever accept it now, with new discoveries in physics, biochemistry, and genetics, giving more support to a creator every day.

seekthetruth909, Christian Forums 28 Comments [2/26/2006 12:00:00 AM]
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[In response to a post about the latest failed plan to stabilize Iraq]

Well, we can always go with plan B - my plan B and that would be - if they are not going to join us here in this century and stop acting like rabid animals and STOP with the violence, hatred, bombing, and fighting- destroy the whole place and all that are there (after getting all of our and our allied troops out first, of course) Maybe that would do it.
Ungrateful pigs.

lynnfromgeorgia, American Conservative Forum 25 Comments [8/18/2006 12:00:00 AM]
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