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Quote# 47297

Here you have all this money and this multitude of "scientists", trying to put together the "god particle" LOL !!! But wait,,,all they really need is a slime-pit, and some prehistoric algae, and then they can just sit back and watch how first a frog appears and then a little later, after the frog grows extensions to its body and stands upright,,,a man appears !

sojourner, Rapture Ready 40 Comments [9/15/2008 3:03:53 AM]
Fundie Index: 6
Submitted By: fritistat

Quote# 47374

I actually wouldn't mind if women weren't given the right to vote. This gal loathes, I mean loathes, the way the female demographic thinks and votes. I'd give up my own right to vote to keep other women away from the polls.

faithandgrace, Rapture Ready 53 Comments [9/15/2008 3:39:00 AM]
Fundie Index: 10
Submitted By: Kitty Pooh

Quote# 47512

[In response to "What were the most dangerous books ever written?"]

THE GOD DELUSION Richard Dawkins

Mike J, Y!A 91 Comments [9/15/2008 5:52:30 AM]
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Quote# 139834

Do you think it's a simple ordeal to be crucified? Jesus lived for thirty three years likely knowing he would be subject to an agonizing death. He came to earth knowing what had to he done.

He also left a perfect existence in Heaven with his father, to descend to a grimy, tortuous world.

Do you, question asker, think you could say, it's only an extended period of torture, but I'll get through it? Do you think, as a father, you could watch your son be tortured by sadists, when you have the power to wipe them out? Could you love these people, ask your father to forgive them while they torture you?

The aspect we commonly see, is only the physical pain, which is bad enough. There's so much more, I'm completely sure, that had to make it much worse for Jesus that we can't even understand. He was pure, perfect, innocent - taking all sin upon himself. We can't know what that feels like to perfect God. And... I can't possibly know this, but maybe Jesus will always have those scars in his hands and feet?

Finally, no matter how hard it is to accept something more important than ourselves... Jesus is eternally superior to us in worth, even though he shares his glory with us, his blood. We can't compare Jesus with anything man has done. Any terrible thing that has happened to man, any good thing a human has done, it can't compare to one iota Jesus has suffered, it can't compare to one step Jesus takes out of heaven for us. Jesus is deserving of all glory and praise, we are deserving of death. Yet still Jesus came down and let himself be tortured, he gave his life through us. God, who rules over all, who has perfect joy, who doesn't know time or inability, became subject to pain, became the suffering servant. He owes nothing to us. Yet he sacrificed his son in love.

Lest you think I can't empathize, I've asked this question before. I've struggled with it. I still can't understand how much Jesus really did sacrifice himself ultimately.

But when your next sacrifice comes along, think about this. Would you be able to go through with something, that literally makes you sweat blood in knowing what horrible pain is to come?

Timothy Lokker, Quora 13 Comments [8/16/2018 3:51:21 AM]
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Submitted By: Denizen

Instant happy, just add pedophilia!

Award for discovering new horizons of creepy-crazy

Quote# 139859

That being said, pedophilia is still something that should be legalized. Bonobo mothers use it to calm their children when they're getting out of hand (unlike we humans, who use violence). Human morphology suggests a greater extent of this behavior due to our lowered sexual dimorphism and neotenous traits. If it's approached from a parenting practice and contrasted against the violent tactics we use now, I think it could gain acceptance, and rightly so. People have failed to divorce destructive pedophilia from benevolent pedophilia for too long. It's like conflating sex and rape. The logic is there, people just need to take a moment to consider it.

I am arguing that sexual interactions between adults and children should be acceptable under the premise that they are not inherently harmful interactions and indeed are likely to be less destructive than, for example, using violence to control children when they get out of hand.

Let me ask you. What is your end goal?

The goal is to shift people away from the chimpanzee-like violence-as-a-means-to-everything mindset that we've cultured over the last 15,000 years+, and towards the bonobo-like let's-just-love mindset. A lot of our problems, as a society, come from weak social support networks. Increasing pair bonding via sex will strengthen those networks, and in turn we will see a decline in violence and violent crime, bigotry, hatred, and a vast landscape of actually destructive behaviors.

underverse, MMO Champion 10 Comments [8/17/2018 1:39:47 AM]
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Quote# 47541

I don't care what the "situation" is as you call it. Murder is murder. Plain and simple. Lets get real honest here. The term "pro-choice" is just candy coating abortion. Those that say abortion is ok are not "pro-choice" because the baby has "no-choice". Lets call it what it is. "Pro-death".

John Coffey, Topix 64 Comments [9/16/2008 4:59:43 AM]
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Submitted By: PeterGriffin

Quote# 47198

On the Large Hadron Collider

I would have been more interested to see what would happen if they spend that much money and effort honoring the Lord Jesus Christ. This project is a giant testimony to the ego of man, and its creation is similar to the building of the tower of babel. Having spent most of my life as an engineer, this attitude is new to me. But technology is only good if it benefits man. My life work pretty much benefitted Bill Gates. In retrospect, I wish I had spent my life helping people in a more meaningful way. When I get to heaven, I want to say more for myself than, I wrote a bunch of drivers. These scientists will be able to say, "We build the worlds largest machine". In the end, God will have his way and the project will create as many questions as answers, and faith will still be a virtue. IMHO

An American Christian, boston 56 Comments [9/15/2008 6:19:05 AM]
Fundie Index: 3
Submitted By: worldsend

Quote# 47463

The bible mentions dinosaurs so we know they existed.

ByGraceNotWorks, Gamers4Jesus 45 Comments [9/15/2008 11:26:04 AM]
Fundie Index: 5
Submitted By: Chamale

Quote# 139836

Will You Still Call Me Lord?

Death comes behind the Wind of Change that approaches in the storms I have shown to you. Death comes in the form of war, and in the form of famine, and in the form of plagues, My children. A terrible plague approaches in the storm (Suddenly I felt short of breath, as if something filled my lungs) that will claim many lives.

A time of great sorrows is upon you, America, though you know it not. Even My people who serve Me daily are not prepared for this end. Even My people who walk closely with Me are not prepared to see loved ones gasping and dying in front of them.
Will you rail and shake your fist at Me then? Will you turn your heart away and refuse to believe any longer? What will you feel if you lose everything and everyone from your life?
Will you still call Me Lord?
Will you, like My servant David, bow down and worship Me even when your prayers are not answered?

Glynda Lomax, wings of prophecy 6 Comments [8/16/2018 11:17:31 AM]
Fundie Index: 2
Submitted By: Denizen

"What The Hell Are You Doing You Motherfukers?" Award

Quote# 139838

Harry Potter is not a Christian story it's about a little boy that survived a voldermort. Which is a very nasty sex crime .look up on the search engines what the sex act called volder Mort is

In the story Harry gets his lighting shaped scar from a magic wand blast.

But once you read what's really going on.

You see Harry Potter is a story about parental murder . child molestation! And really not a story for your little kids to be fantasy and playing!!

?, Y! answers 19 Comments [8/16/2018 11:17:54 AM]
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Quote# 47623

It's always amazing to me when someone says that the Bible cannot be written by God, obviously they haven't read the bible. Since when do the lost read Gods word? but they make outrageous claims that the bible is written my man.

tjplaw, RaptureReady 50 Comments [9/15/2008 12:26:01 PM]
Fundie Index: 3
Submitted By: Tom S. Fox

Quote# 47486

[The poster can be described as a 14 year old conservative christian]

Ok, since marriage is coming up. I believe mariage should between 1 man and 1 women. Like it says in the bible. The question is, is being gay a disease/something your born with? There are arguments for both sides, that are legiment. My point is, why would God put a disorder out there that goes against what is in the Bible? Therefor, it must be a lifestyle, not a disorder.

Arognon, WoW offtopic 58 Comments [9/15/2008 1:11:50 PM]
Fundie Index: 6
Submitted By: worldsend

Quote# 137632

Sermon 28: Reviving Masculinity
By Bro. James A. Wilson
"Watch ye, stand fast in the faith, [act] like men, be strong. Let all your things be done with charity."-1 Corinthians 16:13-14
"He hath shewed thee, O man, what is good; and what doth the Lord require of thee, but to do justly, and to love mercy, and to walk humbly with thy God?"-Micah 6:8
"For the man is not of the woman: but the woman of the man. Neither was the man created for the woman; but the woman for the man. For this cause ought the woman to have power on her head because of the angels. Nevertheless neither is the man without the woman, neither the woman without the man, in the Lord. For as the woman is of the man, even so is the man also by the woman; but all things of God."- 1 Corinthians 11:8-12
Real men are in short supply in the world today. Justin Bieber, Bruce Jenner, Bradley Manning, Michael Jackson, Daniel Roem, Joel Osteen, and other men have become proud in their chronic effeminacy. Liberals are supporting radical feminism, and men who reject masculinity. Some men just act effeminate, but others cross-dress and try to pretend to be women. God clearly saith in Genesis 1:27 that there is only male and female, and this is determined in the womb.
God has a special role for the women, but this isn't the subject of today's sermon.
Masculinity is NOT sitting on your duff and drinking beer and watching sports while eating Wingsteet wings and a meat lovers pizza. Nor is it about fast cars, or whatever else our culture says! TRUE, GODLY, CLASSIC masculinity is that of being a warrior for Christ, saving the unsaved, defending the home and homeland, and living a life of righteousness without sin pleasing Almighty God above!
In the Episcopal, Lutheran, Methodist, Roman Catholic, Southern Baptist and other fake "churches" there are effeminate fake men who love their pristinely trimmed beards, moisturized skin, avocado toast, high voiced "contemporary Christian music," Starbucks lattes, and skinny jeans! SUCH IS VILE SEWAGE AND AN ABOMINATION UNTO THE LORD!!!!! THERE IS NO PLACE FOR SUCH DEGENERACY IN THE HOUSE OF GOD!!!!!! SYNAGOGUES OF SATAN ALLOW MEN TO BE SO THOROUGHLY EFFEMINATE!
Plus, most "pastors" these days shy away from HARD PREACHING, biblical language, the KJV, and other things found in NTBC! It is only a few places today where people can get true Biblical realities preached by those who are REAL MEN! Not effeminate sissies or women like in other "churches" these days.
To conclude, we need to allow men to be throughly masculine in our churches and homes, and stop drugging boys with Ritalin to make them behave more like girls! Let boys know it is okay to be a boy, because real men are in a severe shortage in today's society! I saw a man with painted nails and a Taylor Swift phone case going into a synagogue of Satan! The Bible is clear that Christ spits out the lukewarm! Throw out all of the effeminacy and simply let MEN BE MEN AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

James A. Wilson, New Testament Baptist Church 18 Comments [4/2/2018 12:52:51 AM]
Fundie Index: 5

Quote# 139863

[Flying creatures do not defy gravity nor cancel weight. What do you suppose they have wings for?]

Direction at slow speeds. Really dude? Do you really think a bee can turn left, or right, using their wings: at 20+mph? The "BEE LINE" fight is only perfectly straight! Bees balance their flight using their legs at slow speeds. BECAUSE THEY CANCEL THEIR WEIGHT when they fly! It is actually counter balance and NOT balance. So, they cancel weight only to their legs at slow flight so they can control it from flower to flower using their wings. 

However, from hive to flower and, flower to hive, they weight cancel also using their nasal antennas which disrupts the air mass above the bee so that when they weight cancel, they oscillate up and down, unweight and weighting, to go faster and faster, like a surfer on a wave. They aren't flying--THEIR FALLING HORIZONTALLY! I'm the first person, at least in modern history, to figure this out!

If this ability is un-abled for environmental reasons, such as proximity to Cell Towers: the bee is forced to walk! Because it has no ability to fly other then weight cancelation!

Understanding the relationship of the bee's, scope, pedicel and flagellum allows for weight cancelation. But that type of flight sucks! I now this because I have done it! Besides, it could be turned into a weapon of mass destruction if magnified. Better we understand beetles and their weight cancelation coupled with radiant energy deflection away from the pilot. As beetles use electro-magnetic bubbles to fit within an air mass similar to lightning through an air mass. A flight that has NO speed limit, mass or, G-force!

If you want to talk to me about weight cancelation and dragonflies; then we both better understand subsonic sound and CSE. Yet again, their flight sucks and must be repowered using negative energy(from ground to sky) polarized plants. Or, have you never seen them struggling to balance on the point tips of the leaves of flowers, such as lilies? Did you ever wonder why they do that? Well, I did! 

If I'm EVER as dumb as nature: I'll be way smarter than you!

Haipule, Atheistforums.org 9 Comments [8/17/2018 1:54:27 AM]
Fundie Index: 9
Submitted By: SteveW

Quote# 47616

[On "militant atheists"]

Roam through the science section of a book store. There are quite a few out there. Multiple books on the subject. Which amuses me that they would waste so much of their lives dedicated to proving a negative that, according to them, has absolutely no impact on their lives anyways. The most amusing piece for me is that aside from that whole proving a negative problem, they fail their own logic. The very definition of an omnipotent force existing outside of the rules of science pretty much kills science ever being able to prove or disprove its existence. So, they "disprove" the existence of their own concocted definition of God.

Similar to this concept. I can prove right at this moment that I do not have a wizbanglefrat in my hand. Since I get to define what a wizbanglefrat is and it doesn't have to match anyone elses definition of a wizbanglefrat I can indeed state that there is not one in my hand. Then I can proceed to make outlandish statements about anyone who has a differing definition of wizbanglefrat and write numerous books on the subject rather than doing anything actually productive. :)

db32, Slashdot 46 Comments [9/16/2008 2:17:36 AM]
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Submitted By: Imroy

Quote# 47788

"Teach both. You know, don't be afraid of information. "Healthy debate is so important and it's so valuable in our schools. I am a proponent of teaching both. And you know, I say this too as the daughter of a science teacher. Growing up with being so privileged and blessed to be given a lot of information on, on both sides of the subject -- creationism and evolution. It's been a healthy foundation for me. But don't be afraid of information and let kids debate both sides."

Sarah Palin, Anchorage Daily News 61 Comments [9/16/2008 8:33:43 PM]
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Quote# 47438

The Cern particle big bang thing had many scientists from India working
on this thing. They had a statue of the hinda Shiva god present while
they flipped the switch.

I am upset reading this...
come quickly Lord Jesus.

Diamond, Rapture Ready 71 Comments [9/16/2008 11:13:02 PM]
Fundie Index: 5
Submitted By: sooze

Quote# 47659

There is no such things as a 'species' of human. There is only ONE form of human being, that was CREATED BY GOD, IN THE IMAGINE OF GOD.

Apes are NOT human beings, and human beings are NOT apes, no matter what the scientific establishment may say.

They weren't around to observe creation, ergo their THEORIES are not SCIENCE.

DrGarvanEllison, BBC Religion 41 Comments [9/16/2008 11:11:19 PM]
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Quote# 139860

f an underage girl pursued an older male and she initiated sex with him and they both consented, enjoyed it, and she was not traumatized by the experience, then is it still wrong, is anyone really hurt, or is there even a victim at all? The same for an underage male pursuing an older female?

On topic, no there's no damage caused. There's no victim. We just have religious/puritan roots and tolerate sexual interactions to only the most necessary degree.

Can't consent according to the law of most civilized countries.

The difference is that 2 16 year olds have a pretty similar power balance, whereas a 16 and a 21 year old have a completely different one.

Power imbalance is inherent to the vast majority of relationships and is actually a good thing in most cases. It increases the risk of abuse, but it also increases the reward for the weaker party as they are able to obtain extensive resources and knowledge through their power imbalance relationship.

When you consider things like attraction, though, power imbalances generally disappear.

the law dictates that kids are complete absolute 100% dumb fucks.

Kids are deemed so stupidly retarded they cant even answer a simple question 'yes or no' regarding sex

Oh but they can. They can consent to sexual activities with other people their age who are, apparently, just as clueless as they are. An then people wonder why teenage pregnancy and STDs are so prevalent.

If anything, age differences in relationships are safety nets.

Besides if any adult decides to mess with my Daughters, regardless of who initiated the contact, they better invest in some soap on a rope. I'll make damn sure that fucker ends up behind bars.

I'm not saying you're wrong, but the parallels with fathers who would say the same thing about a black man 'messing with their daughters' not too long ago are pretty overt.

ut the man opens himself up to a world of hurt should the girl regret her decision, and the law is in place to just give a clear-cut line where it's not any use in saying "but he/she wanted it too!" for the adult. It's to stop adults from taking advantage of young people.

I never understood this argument. When I was younger, I was in a relationship with someone 7 years older than me, for 2 years. I had basically all of the power in that relationship, for a few reasons: one, I could leave whenever I wanted to, and as the object of desire my basis for remaining in the relationship did not involve attraction, but rather behaviors and stability. Two, our culture hates it when older people are in relationships with younger people for some shitty reason, so if anything went wrong I would have the full support of everyone around me. In short, I couldn't be in the wrong, and that gave me a significant amount of power.

If anything, it's the younger person that's taking advantage of the older one. The older one gets some eye candy and maybe fulfills their desire to provide and protect, while resources and knowledge are transferred to the younger one.

The damage people experience as a result of such relationships is largely an outcome of societal condemnation. If you remove a minor's agency and condemn their behaviors - even if they are not responsible for it - you will damage how they view themselves and relationships. That's right - WE are responsible more than the 'perpetrator' of the act for the damage caused by these relationships (in most cases, not all). The only reason I have a solid mental state and positive image of myself and relationships after coming out of that relationship is that I don't give a single fuck about what other people think. I used to, but not anymore after I realized how destructive other people can be just with their opinions, and especially to an underdeveloped mind as my own was when I had to think about these kinds of things at 15.

I want to reduce damage. I also want people to be able to acquire resources and stability if they so choose. Living in a society that condemns relationships with large age differentials and illegalizes them in some cases does neither.

I was in a sexual mentoring relationship with someone significantly older then me. It worked well for me, gave me an edge over my peers, and is party responsible for my success. I'm still good friends with the guy, and though I am not interested in a sexual relationship with him any more he still provides me with guidance. I would not have been able to obtain all of the knowledge and resources I did without the relationship being sexual; it wouldn't have been worth it for him, and I didn't mind/enjoyed it after a few times.

underverse, MMO Champion 2 Comments [8/17/2018 1:47:53 AM]
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Quote# 139839

Human footprints are found alongside dinosaur footprints in the rock formations of the Paluxy riverbed in Texas. This obviously shows that man and dinosaurs lived at the same time and the same place. But evolutionists claim that dinosaurs became extinct about 30 million years before `man` supposedly began to `evolve`.

David J. Stewart, Jesus is Savior 9 Comments [8/16/2018 11:17:58 AM]
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Quote# 139842

I don’t think there’s a metaphysical superiority in those qualities, only a material difference in outcome. Also Asians are smarter than whites on average but I don’t want an Asian society replacing the one my people passed on to me. I reject white supremacist as a label because it’s just a slur meant to poison the well rather than a meaningful descriptor. I don’t want to rule over non-whites or go out of my way to arbitrarily attack them. Their biological differences from whites aren’t a matter of my desire to be superior just a reality to acknowledge and understand.

Edeassail, Reddit 6 Comments [8/16/2018 11:18:26 AM]
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Quote# 139858

Drug for pedophiles to be tested in Swedish trial

Underverse: "This is a testosterone lowering drug. You're not just reducing pedophilic behavior. You're reducing sex drive across the board. This is parallel to chemical castration. Immoral, borderline depraved.
If someone actively agrees to it, it's hardly immoral.

Consent does not determine morality, especially considering that individuals often lack complete information or can be indoctrinated to perceive information in a certain way. For example; if someone consents to be sacrificed to the gods the that they will bring the rain, that individual's slaying is still immoral.

Why is chemical castration immoral?The pedophile deserves no sympathy. When you sympathize, you get people who want to protect and even enable pedophiles.

Do you not see how disgustingly immoral this is? What you're advocating for is something worse than a witch hunt. There is zero evidence to suggest that sexual interactions between older and younger individuals are inherently harmful. In fact, there are logical arguments to suggest the opposite. So without evidence that this activity is inherently destructive, you want to go around killing people simply because you disagree with them. That is the worst kind of vigilante justice; it's barbaric and unfounded.

You are the racist of the new generation. "

Broods:"This is a god damn OUTRAGE.

It's almost impossible to get testosterone replacement therapy in Sweden and there is very little research done in regards to the effects of testosterone yet the hormone is integral to the well being of men and low Testosterone levels and hypergonadism has shown to adversely effect the quality of life and mental well being in men. I surely hope if this catches on it will be on a strictly voluntary basis and never offered as a part of a plea deal to get a lesser sentence.
Maybe they should offer this to homosexuals too? If you say homosexuals are born that way then you are obligated to extend the same courtesy to pedophiles.

This reeks of chemical neutering. The very notion is repulsive to me. What's the next step? Chemically neutering homosexuals or any man that is perceived to be too aggressive?

Statistics show that between one in 20, and one in 35 men are sexually attracted to pre-pubescent children. Due to the high rate of the figure, researchers believed it could be as a result of orientation in the same way as homosexuality or heterosexuality
The very notion is repulsive to me and it sets a scary precedent. Testosterone is what makes men in to men.

Then again if these pedos volunteer for it i'm not going to try and stop them i'm just scared it will become a thing when they see how effective it is. As soon as a man "acts out" or is too aggressive or have a too high libido they will try to get him on a hormone treatment to make him in to a prepubescent boy.

Is it effective? Sure, ask any bodybuilder who has ever been on a supra physiological dose of testosterone what happens when he goes of the drug. No libido, no sex drive. This is something bodybuilders try to avoid which is why they take other drugs to combat the shut down and help their natural test production. Living with low testosterone levels is a nightmare and have very adverse physical and psychological effects.

Not that there is any research being done on male hormones these days because testosterone = bad. Makes men aggressive and sexual.

I'm sure the feminists of this world would be overjoyed if they could control men in this way. Just read some of the articles where they say how "testosterone makes men aggressive, lowers empathy (lol what?) and heightens libido. Like it's some kind of disease they need to cure.

Sure why not, they do their time in prison then go out and rape some more. If catration could make it so they dont feel the need to go rape someone, what harm would it do? other then to the filthy rapists ofc. The world would be a better place with less rapists out there no?

so pretty much anyone convicted of rape then? A 17 year old who has drunken sex with his girlfriend who later claims he raped her. Lets say that he technically did rape her as there wasn't any consent but the circumstances were so that the man could feasibly have inferred consent. Should he get castrated too?
What about if a husband forces himself on his wife? Immediate castration?

I'm starting to think many of you guys would have been very happy to live in a benevolent totalitarian police state. Scary thought

. "

underverse, broods, MMO Champion 3 Comments [8/17/2018 1:38:21 AM]
Fundie Index: 1

Quote# 47472

I believe the only objective standard of morality IS YHVH, and that without Him we would be stuck with moral relativism, (and political correctness). One reason evolutionists are so adamant about their position, is that it allows them to deny the existence of the Almighty YHVH, and the need of the Savior YAHOSHUA. Thus it allows them to pretend they are the top of the food chain.

hasse_john, Yahoo!Answers 43 Comments [9/16/2008 2:50:27 PM]
Fundie Index: 4
Submitted By: TheOutsider

Quote# 47732

Public school culture is a culture fostered in public school,[1] which is characterized by:

* complete censorship of any classroom prayer
* a lack of commitment to respect the religious civil rights of students has resulted in "religion-free zones." [2]
* sex education, homosexual curriculum and sexual abuse by school personnel has been referred to as a "red-light district" for students [3]
* a culture of incompetence [4][5]
* fashion that includes black (Goth) clothing
* facial piercings and rings, tattoos, and male earrings
* depressed demeanors
* an absence of objective morality; instead, a principal will say someone "made the wrong choice"
* a sense of hopelessness
* a lack of critical thinking about liberal indoctrination
* compulsive profanity
* general inability to look someone in the eye
* extreme anxiety
* feeling that it is funny to be dumb
* being so accustomed to censorship of ideas that there is genuine surprise when someone actually says something unfamiliar or politically incorrect
* lack of awareness that prayer is censored in public schools and that teachers' unions are very liberal
* alcohol and drug abuse
* disrespect for teachers
* bullying
* gang activity [6]
* prostitution
* homosexuality [7]

Conservapedia, Public school culture 54 Comments [9/16/2008 9:54:47 PM]
Fundie Index: 5
Submitted By: doomie 22

Quote# 83092

Mathematics is also great proof of God. How is it possible that:


can be figured out by carrying a digit over the top? What if that didn't work? How would we multiply without calculators?

If carrying over the one on top of the 9 did not work, how would we multiply? Seems awfully convenient to me that it "just happened" like that?

Self-Mutation, Freethought & Rationalism Discussion Board (FRDB) 146 Comments [8/9/2011 9:18:04 AM]
Fundie Index: 270
Submitted By: Archimedes
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