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(Note: They don't seem much racist, mostly criticizing Multiculturalism as an idea, so I think FSTDT fits more than RSTDT.)


Multiculturalism will ruin Asia

There are so many disadvantages. All the so called successful multikulti societies would be better off being homogeneous. Any Asian who lives in these societies will admit it. There's no obligation for Asians to take in other races. Ironic that the country promoting open borders and diversity for others is the most nationalistic and conservative.

Excuse to reduce the number of Asians and weaken our countries

Increased crime rates

Gender imbalance since majority of migrants will be male

Millions of xmaf will form and making angry hapas

Asian civilization is built by amaf

Higher taxes since we will be giving them welfare, housing, food stamps


Multiculturalism is degeneracy. Asia for Asians. We don't need to be dragged down by others and their regressive values



this is the last thing we need theres already so much foreign rapists and pedos

How about multi culturalism amongst Asians ? Most migrants to Asian countries are Asians themselves. Like vietnamese working in Taiwan or Indonesians in Korea etc. The general trend is for men from richer Asian countries to marry women from poorer countries, so i think migration definitely benefits Asian man.

That's fine as long as assimilation occurs. And in this case, it is possible because Asians are all the same race, therefore, assimilation can be achieved within one or two generations. Even foreign Asian children that grow up in a different Asian country likely can pass for a local Asian.

Thats up to the country themsleves if they want asian mixing or pure nationality.

Minority culture will eventually be absorbed to majority culture.

Wrong. Have we been absorbed into white culture despite how much we coon our ass for them? Have blacks been absorbed into white culture? Muslims? Hispanics?

various posters, r/EasternSunRising 3 Comments [12/10/2017 4:02:01 PM]
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God pity Bob Jones University affiliated churches, where dozens of Bible versions are sanctioned and the King James Bible has competition, and soul-winning is made light of, and faithful believers like me (who believe that women ought not wear pants) are laughed at and mocked (I was mocked even by the Senior pastor himself, called “old school”). BJU's female graduates wear skintight spandex in public, exposing their things and buttocks, looking sexy, not caring that they are contributing to the lustful war against men's souls. 1st 1st Peter 2:11, “Dearly beloved, I beseech you as strangers and pilgrims, abstain from fleshly lusts, which war against the soul.” So when Bob Jones graduates walk down the street wearing their skintight spandex, it gives Satan the victory. The church hires them on staff. One female staff member in their school wears black leather pants in public. This is Christianity today in America, and it wreaks with sin. Certainly, I am a big sinner myself, as are all Christians, so I don't judge anyone. Someone needs to talk about the elephant in the living room.

David J. Stewart, Jesus is Savior 8 Comments [12/10/2017 4:02:57 PM]
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why YEHOVAH God Must Rule

The Messiah said: "You (the Twelve Apostles) have not chosen me, but I have chosen YOU, and ordained YOU..." (John 15:16).

Nearly two thousand long years ago, "Jesus came into Galilee preaching the Gospel of the KINGDOM OF God," the good news of the GOVERNMENT of God (Mark 1:14). The Messiah continually spoke of the Kingdom of YEHOVAH God which he revealed would literally be set up on this earth.

In the near future the nations of this earth are going to see first-hand what the wonderful government of YEHOVAH God Almighty is like. They will be utterly amazed, There will be no more Communism, no more Fascism. His government will not be left in the hands of the ignorant masses of people (see Daniel 2:44, 7:27). YEHOVAH's government will be the Supreme Authority ruled by YEHOVAH God Himself from Jerusalem, Palestine (Jeremiah 3:17; Joel 2:32; Zechariah 2:12, 8:20-23, 14:16-19).

As an example: Yeshua the Messiah will rule over the nation of Israel and, evidently, King David will be resurrected to serve under him (Ezekiel 34:23, 37:24, 25; Jeremiah 30:9; Hosea 3:5). UNDER DAVID will be the TWELVE APOSTLES who will rule over the Twelve Tribes of Israel (Matthew 19:28). Under them will be the lesser rulers, the then-made-immortal Christian Israelites ruling in lesser offices of authority (see Luke 19:12-19). "And he [of Israel] that OVERCOMETH, and keepeth my works unto the end, to him will I give POWER over the nations [of Israel]: and he shall rule them with a rod of iron: as the vessels of a potter shall they be broken to shivers: even as I received [authority to rule Israel] of my Father" (Revelation 2:26, 27. See also Revelation 5:10; Isaiah 30:19-21; Psalm 149:4-9).

In the soon-corning Millennial age (the World Tomorrow) the nations will at last learn YEHOVAH's government! They will then learn that YEHOVAH God Almighty rules the whole universe through His "holy," "perfect" and "royal law of liberty" (Psalm 19:7-9; Proverbs 6:23; Romans 6:12,14; James 1:25, 2:8), The Ten Commandments comprise the heart and core of YEHOVAH's royal law!

Result of YEHOVAH God's Government? -- Utopia!

It is only when mankind has learned to voluntarily submit to the wise government (or rule) of the Supreme Creator-Ruler of the universe, that man will at last be blessed with real peace, happiness, health, joy and overflowing goodness and abundance -- beyond description! Also, this is the only way by which mankind can ever receive eternal life.

In the very near future, the righteous, all-wise, all-powerful government of YEHOVAH God will be established on this earth. YEHOVAH God will rule all nations with a rod of iron (Revelation 19:15). Then the whole earth will be at peace and will bask in indescribable prosperity (see Isaiah 2, 9, 11; Zechariah 14).

"And it shall come to pass in the last days, that the mountain of the LORD's house (YEHOVAH's Kingdom) shall be established in the top of the mountains (kingdoms), and shall be exalted above the hills; and all nations shall flow unto it. And many people shall go and say, Come ye, and let us go up to the mountain of the LORD, to the house of the God of Jacob; and he will teach us of HIS WAYS, and we will walk in HIS PATHS: for out of Zion shall go forth the LAW, and the WORD OF THE LORD [YEHOVAH God] from Jerusalem. And He [YEHOVAH God] shall judge among the nations, and shall rebuke many people: and they shall beat their swords into plowshares, and their spears into pruning-hooks: nation shall not lift up sword against nation, neither shall they learn war any more" (Isaiah 2:2-4) .

YEHOVAH God, the Supreme King, will rule over the Kingdom of YEHOVAH God -- over the territory of the whole earth. All the people of the world will be His subjects and the LAW of YEHOVAH God will be His government!

"How lovely on the mountains are the feet of Him who brings good news, Who announces peace and brings good news of happiness, Who announces salvation, and says to Zion, 'Your God Reigns!' YEHOVAH has bared His holy arm in the sight of all the nations, that all the ends of the earth may see the salvation of our God" (Isaiah 52:7, 10).

"The earth shall be full of the knowledge of the LORD, as the waters cover the sea" (Isaiah 11:9).

Here, at last, we see a true, soon-to-be-fulfilled utopian picture of WORLD PEACE -- YEHOVAH God's way! True PEACE, PROSPERITY and HAPPINESS through the perfect, WORLD-RULING GOVERNMENT of the SUPREME, CREATOR-RULER GOD!

When you see the sin and the wretchedness (which the governments of man have produced); and when you compare this with YEHOVAH's perfect government -- which will at last bring about a Utopia -- then you, too, will cry out "Thy KINGDOM come. Thy WILL be done IN EARTH, as it is in heaven"! (Matthew 6:10).

John D. Keyser, Hope of Israel Ministries 10 Comments [12/10/2017 4:11:00 PM]
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No need to pay for horror shows these days; just turn on the news.
Typo note: that's west coast in paragraph 2

Mick Williams, Disqus - Faith & Religion 10 Comments [12/10/2017 10:51:54 PM]
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Well, we already know that average human intelligence has peaked. The consequence of preventing starvation in Africa has been to drastically increase the low-IQ population. IQs are falling everywhere from Great Britain and Germany to the USA and South Africa.

Forget colonizing space. The West will be lucky to come out of The Great Endumbening with functional indoor plumbing. Mark my words: civic nationalism will eventually be understood to be a more foolish, more societally destructive concept than communism. It is only surpassed in that regard by feminism.

Vox Day, Vox Popoli 13 Comments [12/10/2017 4:01:39 PM]
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Quote# 135068

Here's another one. God ordered the destruction of sixty cities because in those cities dwelt the evil giants and their hybrid offspring. They worshipped Satan, and sacrificed their innocent little children to Molech. When children were sacrificed they were also eaten; in an attempt {or mockery} of Satan to counterfeit God's sacrifice of animals. In these festivals {which were also counterfeits of God's holy festivals}, they held sexual orgies, and mingled themselves with every kind of evil. When they cast their firstborn into the fires of Molech, they danced to loud music and drums, to drown out the screams of their little children who were being burnt alive. God wanted them out of the land that he promised to Abraham and his seed. And he knew if any of them were left, that eventually the Israelites would get involved in their pagan rituals and sacrifice.

However, against God's instructions, the Israelites made covenants with some of the kings of that land, that they would not take their cities nor kill their inhabitants. And the very thing God said would happen, happened. The Israelite ten tribes, that had broken away from the other two tribe, soon took up the ways of the heathen, and were sacrificing their own little children to Molech. They were cast out of Canaan and carried away by the Assyrians.

Then the tribes of Judah and Benjamin {and half tribe of Levi} also fell into the worship of demon gods; joining in their abominable festivals and sacrificing their children. They too met with the same fate of the other ten tribes, and God became very angry with them, and he came down in a chariot, powered by the cherubim, and sent Ezekiel to pronounce judgment upon them, You can read about this in the book of Ezekiel, chapters 1 through 17.

The killing of those Canaanites was a mercy killing, their children would have grown up practicing that Satanic religion, and thousands of children would have died in the agony in the fires of Molech. YOU SIR AND EVERYBODY ELSE NEED TO READ THE WHOLE CONTEXTS! NOT JUST A VERSE!

Annonymous Coward, FSTDT 9 Comments [12/10/2017 10:46:37 PM]
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The main reason for the decline of white America, is the growth of Jewry, (social / humanitarian)-liberalism and its multi-racial in that sense egalitarian propaganda plus education for ages now – especially after the 20th century and this all escalated after the 40’s / WW2. Females voting is a byproduct of that, which since females are more emotional and lack a visual intelligence to grasp reality on high profound level - hasn’t been a good thing overall. The main issue is not females voting though. It has been the multi-racial transformation, the mass-colored immigration and its propaganda plus ideologies which have become mainstream.

White females for ages were against miscegenation largely. Blaming women for the current situation is wrong with some sprinkles of truth.

Falic Integralism, Reddit 7 Comments [12/10/2017 4:05:44 PM]
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Franklin [Graham] has just announced that he plans to take his message of repentance to the entire nation during 2016 by holding prayer rallies in every state in the union before the presidential election in November. He is calling it The Decision America Tour.

He says he plans to challenge Americans to:

1. Pray earnestly for the nation.
2. Live out their faith boldly.
3. Take a stand for righteousness.
4. Run for public office.
5. Get out to vote.
6. Be salt and light for the nation.

Here's how Franklin has summed up the overall purpose of the rallies:

"The only hope for this country is Almighty God and His Son. We can't sit idly by any longer. LGBT activists, abortion rights advocates, aggressive atheist groups, and others who ignore God's Word are trying to shove their agenda down our throats. We need to take every opportunity to speak up for biblical standards and let our lights shine. We need to work to preserve our religious freedoms so that we can continue to proclaim the Gospel freely. If we as Christians stand together and let our voice be heard, I believe God can use us to make a difference. I hope you will start praying with us now."

Dr. David R. Reagan and Franklin Graham, The Christ in Prophecy Journal 20 Comments [7/19/2015 8:22:45 AM]
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Quote# 2319

In addition, if you extrapolate the accumulation of certain minerals in the human body over 100 years to a longer lifespan, the body would become poisoned by these minerals at age 300. Our body has no known means of eliminating these minerals. However, it is my hypothesis that the appendix is an organ that is designed to 'wake up' every 300 years and eliminate these toxic minerals.

npetreley, Christian Forums 15 Comments [2/1/2003 12:00:00 AM]
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Quote# 135044

That Steve King tweet was “monstrous” trolling of people like John Podhoretz. It’s actually pretty funny, because few of his voters will know or care about Victor Orban, so including that quote was purely for the laughs.

Steve King must have a pretty safe seat, or maybe he just doesn’t care. Probably a bit of both. Being an Anglo-Celtic politician with a conservative Germanic constituency is about as good as it gets.

King is probably the awesomest politician in congress. He has proposed abolishing civil marriage, he defends cock-fighting (prima facie evidence of redneck ancestry), he personally despatched a rabid raccoon that was menacing his family and he routinely trolls wimpy republicans.

We need more young men with King’s attitude.

Bill P, Unz 7 Comments [12/10/2017 4:01:17 PM]
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Quote# 135028

Video has resurfaced of Alabama U.S. Senate candidate Roy Moore making a speech in 1997 in which he links the teaching of evolution in schools with drive-by shootings.

“That’s the kind of logic they’ve used in our society today when we have kids driving by shooting each other that they don’t even know each other. They’re acting like animals because we’ve taught them they come from animals,” said Moore, who at the time was an Alabama Circuit judge. He was speaking at the “Role of Religion in the U.S. Government” conference hosted by the National Clergy Council.

Amanda Glaze, a professor who specializes in evolution education at Georgia Southern University, told Newsweek Friday that Moore’s 1997 statements were “inflammatory, ludicrous and unsubstantiated.”

About halfway into the 1997 speech, Moore joked, “Scientists who study evolution come up with some of the oddest things, don’t they? They tell us we evolved from something that crawled out of the water, but they have no evidence for that.”

Glaze countered that there is, in fact, good evidence for evolution. “Scientific evidence of evolution and development of species, and development within species, is extensive,” Glaze said, adding that detractors like Moore often have a limited focus on Charles Darwin’s work. “We have everything from biological evidence to DNA; we have the fossil records; we have 100 years of formal study of evolution post-Darwin’s time that explains descent with modification, that explains what evolution is.”

This is not the first time that Glaze has heard such arguments. In fact, it’s not the first time she has heard Moore’s 1997 speech.

“I was actually a sophomore in high school in Gadsden, Alabama, which is Roy Moore’s county,” said Glaze, who watched the speech when it first aired in 1997. The full speech is available for viewing on C-Span.

Moore’s office did not immediately respond to request for comment.

Roy Moore, Newsweek 10 Comments [12/10/2017 10:39:21 AM]
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Quote# 109785

[Formatting in original]

One of the things peculiar to Western Society (as opposed to any others) is the teaching that racism is totally wrong. Yet, those who seek to enforce anti-discrimination laws (which include race, racial and national or ethnic origins, and religion) will immediately jump to the support of modern Jewry, as a special religious-racial group, even if modern Jewry is made up of people from many different races. In New Zealand people are actively discouraged from even questioning events of history that might undermine the enforcers’ determination of history in regard to “The Jews”. Their determination is very important to them, and, as such, is in itself racist. What is it that they are trying so hard to either protect or to promote? Might it be their false presentation that the Jews are Israel? Might not this be a mechanism by which the prince of this world seeks to eliminate the right message of the Bible? This is the master deception of Satan.

Would it not be Satan who is saying that the Potter does not make one vessel unto honor and another to dishonor, as Scripture says? Anti-racism is saying that every person of every race is the same in the eyes of man, and in Satan’s religious doctrines, this is the same in the eyes of YEHOVAH God. The issue is multi-culturism -- and this does not feature favorably through the Bible pages. Mixture of cultures is a source of conflict, both in religion and custom. Israel was separated from the other races, for a purpose. For Israel the Biblical message is still, "come ye out from amongst them, and be ye separate, saith the LORD" in the New Testament. The people being addressed in Corinthians had the “fathers” and were "baptized unto Moses" (1 Corinthians 4:1). They were Israelites!

Jeremiah 10:2, 3: "This saith the LORD, Learn not the way of the heathen,…"

The "way" is derek which Strong's gives as "course of life, or mode of action." We should not be teaching indigenous culture in our schools.

Not one person can read the Old Testament without agreeing that YEHOVAH God is shown to be totally racist. YEHOVAH discriminated on the grounds of race and YEHOVAH God clearly treated races differently -- and even made differences between the tribes of Israel themselves.

The Children of Israel had a mission to eliminate the Canaanite races right down to women, children and even their animals. There are those whom YEHOVAH God says He will eliminate when the Messiah returns "at the brightness of his coming." The matter has to be faced; YEHOVAH God was totally racist in the Old Testament and we understand that He is unchanging for all time.

Arnold Kennedy, Hope of Israel Ministries 17 Comments [6/19/2015 2:51:47 AM]
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Quote# 135071


Being with Jesus, made me feel safe. I thought, “If I let go of the Lord, I’ll be stuck here!” I asked, “Jesus, do I have relatives in this place.” He looked at me as I was crying and He said, “Daughter, I am with you,” because I was so scared. He took me to another cell. I never could have imagined seeing a relative of mine in that cell. I saw this woman being tormented, she had worms that would eat her face off, and demons would plunge a type of spear into her body. She would scream, “No, Lord, have mercy on me, forgive me, please, take me out of this place for one minute!” (Luke 16:24)

In Hell, people are tormented with the memories of what they did on Earth. Demons would mock people and tell them, “Worship and praise because this is your kingdom!” and the people would scream remembering that they knew God, because they knew the Word. Those who had known the Lord were tormented twofold.

The Lord said, “There is no other opportunity [for those here]; there is still opportunity for those who are alive.” I asked Him, “Lord, why is my great-grandmother here? I don’t know if she ever knew you. Why is she here in hell, Lord?” He replied, “Daughter, she is here because she failed to forgive…Daughter, he who does not forgive, neither will I forgive him.”

I asked, “Lord, but You do forgive, and You are merciful.” And He answered, “Yes, Daughter, but it is necessary to forgive, because they have not forgiven many people, and that is why many people are in this place, because they failed to forgive…Go and tell humanity that it is time to forgive, and especially My people, for many of My people have not forgiven. Tell them to rid themselves of grudges, of resentment, of that hatred in their hearts, for it is time to forgive! If death were to surprise that person who has failed to forgive, that person may go to hell, for no one can purchase life.” When we left that place, my great grandmother was engulfed in fire and she screamed, “Aaaah,” and began to blaspheme the name of God, she would curse Him; every person in hell blasphemes against God.

As we left that area, I could see that hell was full of tormented souls. Many people would extend their hands out, begging Jesus to help them and take them out of there. But the Lord could not do anything for them and they would start blaspheming God. Then Jesus would weep and say, “It hurts Me to hear them, it hurts Me to see what they do, because I can no longer do anything for them. What I will tell you is that I still have opportunity for he who is still on Earth, who has not yet died, who is still alive; he still has time to repent!”

Angelica Zambrano, Christ is Coming 4 Comments [12/10/2017 10:46:53 PM]
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Quote# 135078

Austin Ruse, Media Matters 6 Comments [12/10/2017 10:52:03 PM]
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Quote# 135011

Amos Moses:
North Korea nuclear blast IMMINENT? US deploys 'nuke sniffer’ as WW3 on brink
he is one of yours ..... or is this going to be "No True Scotsman" ..... erm .... No True A-Theist .............

Silas Jennings:
There is no such thing as no true atheist, nor a-theist.

Amos Moses:
yeah .... and no true scotsman .... RIIIIIIIIIIIIIGHT ...........

Silas Jennings:
No True Scotsman applies to ANYBODY who thinks they are the ones who get to say who is a true or false member of whatever group you want to name. You do it constantly, saying group X is not really Christian because they practice Y.

Amos Moses:
SO IT DOES APPLY TO A-THEISTS ..... thanx for your opinion ..... we agree on something .....
"You do it constantly, saying group X is not really Christian because they practice Y"
NOPE .... i say it because they DONT hold a certain CHRISTIAN BELIEF that is CENTRAL to being a CHRISTIAN .....
tofu and turkey ..... NOT THE SAME THING ..... now you can make tofu LOOK LIKE TURKEY ..... but guess what .... IT AINT TURKEY ...... and you can label it ALL DAY LONG AS TURKEY ..... but it AINT ...... and the same applies to PHONEY CHRISTIANS .........
also appies to your PHONEY argument that it applies to christianity ..... when it does not .......

Silas Jennings:
If an atheist was practicing snobbery by telling another atheist he wasn’t a true atheist? Yeah, technically I guess it could happen, but it never does. Probably because atheism isn’t a religion.

Amos Moses:
so when you go to McDonalds ..... and you ask for a Quarter Pounder with cheese ..... and you get your order ..... and you open it ..... and there is just a bun with ketchup and mustard and onions ...... and you go back and say "Where is my burger and my cheese" .... thats just YOU BEING A SNOB ............ do you even get how stupid you sound ....... because the BURGER IS CENTRAL to it being a Quarter Pounder .....and so is the cheese you asked for on it ....

Silas Jennings:
Some Christians baptize infants. (In fact, MOST Christians baptize infants). You tell the MAJORITY of Christians who do this that they're not real Christians. But those Christians, using the SAME Bible you do, baptize infants, and can give you their scriptural backing for doing so.
But you don't care, and you aren't willing to listen to their reasons. You just say "False Christians" and walk away. THAT is No True Scotsman.
And you are now trying to take this ridiculous snobbery and apply it to atheists ("No true atheist"...WHAT???) and hamburgers? Face it, you do NOT UNDERSTAND this fallacy despite several very clear examples and are grasping now to try to save face.

Amos Moses, Christian News Network 10 Comments [12/9/2017 10:56:33 AM]
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Quote# 135069

At that moment I hear the Lord’s voice, a beautiful voice with thunder and love, “Fear not, Daughter, for I am Jehovah, Your God, and I have come here to show you what I have promised you. Arise, for I am Jehovah, who holds you by your right hand and tells you, Fear not, I will help you.” Suddenly, I arose. I had been kneeling down, looking at my body, wanting to get back in but not being able to. When I heard His voice, fear had left me, and I was no longer scared.

As I started walking, the angels began to open a path. There was a strong light shining, and as I gazed at it, I felt peace. As I looked, I saw a beautiful, tall, elegant, muscular man. Light was projecting from Him. There was too much light for me to see His face! But I could see His beautiful hair of brilliant gold and a white garment with a wide golden girdle that crossed His chest. It read, “KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORDS.”

I looked at His feet, He was wearing shiny golden sandals, of brilliant gold. He was so beautiful! He extended His hand to me. When I took His hand, it wasn’t like when I touched my body, my hand did not go through it. I asked, “What is happening?” And He said, “I am going to show you hell, so that you return and tell humanity that hell is real; that hell exists. And also, My glory will I show you, for you to tell My people to be prepared, for My glory is real and I am real.” He said, “Daughter, do not fear”- He said it again and I said, “Lord, it’s just that I want to go to heaven, but not hell, because I’ve heard that it’s horrible!” He said, “Daughter, I will be with you. I will not leave you in that place and I am going to show you that place because there are many who know that hell exists, but they have no fear. They believe it’s a game, that hell is a joke, and many don’t know about it. That is why I am going to show you that place, because there are more that perish than those that are entering My glory.” When He said that, I could see tears streaming down to His garments. I asked Him, “Lord, why are you crying?” He replied, “Daughter, because there are more that perish, and I will show you this, so that you will go and tell the truth and so that you will not return to that place.”


Suddenly, as He was speaking, everything started to move. The Earth shook and split open, and I saw a very dark hole below. We were standing on a sort of rock with angels surrounding us. I said, “Lord, I don’t want to go to that place!” He said, “Daughter, do not fear for I am with you.” In a split second we descended into the dark hole. I tried to see but there was a terrible darkness. I did see a huge circle, and hear millions of voices.

I was so hot, I felt my skin burning. I asked, “Lord, what is this? I don’t want to go to this place!” The Lord said that this was just the tunnel to hell. There was a horrible, repulsive and nauseating smell, and I begged Jesus not to take me. He responded, “Daughter, it is necessary for you to come and know this place.” I cried, “But why, Lord, why?” And He said, ‘so that you can tell the truth to humanity; humanity perishes, it’s lost and few are entering My Kingdom.” In saying this, He would weep. His words strengthened and encouraged me, so I continued walking.

We arrived at the end of a tunnel, when I looked down I saw an abyss covered in flames. The Lord said “Daughter, I give this to you.” It was a large binder with blank sheets of paper. “Daughter, take this pencil so that you can write all that I will show you, what you will see and hear. You will write everything as you are observing it, as you will live it.” I said, “Lord, I will do it, but I am already seeing so much, Lord. I am seeing souls being tormented, and immense flames.” Then we started to descend into the abyss! I started to cry and scream, “Lord, no, no, no, no- I don’t want to go!” and He would reply, “You need to see this.”

I saw horrible demons, of all types, both large and small. They were running so fast, and carrying something in their hands. “Lord, why are they running like that and what are they carrying?” He answered, “Daughter, they run that way because they know their time is running out, because time is so short to destroy humanity and especially My people. That which they carry in their hands are darts to destroy humanity, because each demon is given a name and according to the name that is given to them, they have a dart to destroy that person and bring them to this place; their goal is to destroy that person and bring them to hell.” And I would see the demons running and exiting toward Earth and He told me. “They are going to Earth to bring and throw humanity into this place.” As He said this He would weep, He would weep so very much. He was weeping all the time and I would cry too.

Angelica Zambrano, Christ is Coming 3 Comments [12/10/2017 10:46:41 PM]
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Submitted By: Denizen

Quote# 134941

Does anyone find it weird that Trump has assigned Kushner to be the man to negotiate a peace deal in the Middle East? I mean the guys seat of Power is at 666 5th Avenue in NYC and supposedly building some tower in New Jersey that's 666ft high and the budget for the project was reported to 666 million...also creepy that Lucent technologies (eerie similiar to lucifer name) once worked out of 666 5th avenue. Also Kushner is of Jewish descent...

ChristSoldier, Rapture Ready 6 Comments [12/10/2017 4:00:21 PM]
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Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 134929

(=A comment on his flat earth proof video=)

people have lots of information that is not helpful. In School they think it's helpful to put a globe in your class room and make crazy claims the Earth is flying through space at crazy speeds. it must be important to them to let us know we are cosmic nothings in a vast universe possibly filled with life, and without the big bang, and gravity creating round balls that orbit other round balls, evolution theory is impossible. It all ties in to make us think our ancestors use to be fish, that grew legs and tails and hung in tree's. That you are not that special, and have no real importance but just be be.?

Mike Helmick, Youtube  7 Comments [12/10/2017 9:10:00 AM]
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Submitted By: Christopher

Quote# 134410


You wouldn't know the true message of the Christian Bible if it fell on your head falling out of a 40th storey window, you little eunuch! Who the heck the you think you are to try to lie to the Christian relative to the message contained within 2 Corinthians 6? You ignorant dolt, you will never come close to the Biblical knowledge given to the Christians by Jesus Himself within those verses of our illustrious KJV!

FYI, 2 Cor 6 talks about interactions with pagans (a.k.a. heathens, a.k.a. satanists), including of the likes of you. It's simple math, really--church is for Christians, not for those that go against Jesus and His Word (Matt. 12:30)! Got it?

Tony Demarcus, Ph.D., D.D., Christian News Network 21 Comments [11/22/2017 9:00:33 AM]
Fundie Index: 9

Quote# 134927

Self-proclaimed “firefighter prophet” and right-wing conspiracy theorist Mark Taylor made another appearance on Dave Daubenmire’s “Pass The Salt Live” webcast this morning, where he proclaimed that President Trump will soon arrest so many high-profile pedophiles and satanists that it’ll require years of military-style tribunals to prosecute them all.

Claiming that there are nearly 5,000 sealed indictments in place against powerful leaders, Taylor asserted that Trump, who is “ten steps ahead of everybody,” has put the National Guard on notice to prepare for civil unrest in the wake of mass arrests. Taylor asserted that Bill and Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are among those set to be indicted, claiming that Attorney General Jeff Sessions is methodically building cases against them so that they cannot escape on any sort of technicality.

“This corruption goes so deep and so wide and so long that it is going to take military-style tribunals to deal with the treasonous acts that are being committed right now in the United States,” Taylor said. “You are going to see people get rounded up that are going to blow your mind.”

“The pedophilia and the child sacrifice thing, I think it is absolutely huge,” he added. “It is going to boggle the mind when they find out and start digging … Strap in, get ready for the ride because this is going to be going on for years, these military-style tribunals. They’re going to make Nuremberg look like a cakewalk.”

Mark Taylor, Right Wing Watch 15 Comments [12/10/2017 9:04:35 AM]
Fundie Index: 4
Submitted By: kuyohashi

Quote# 134970

DREAM OF INDIA!--By Father David DO 1097 11/1/82
--An Exciting Love Dream of a New Young Indian Goddess! Hallelujah! ILY! TYJ!--Come!

1. WELL, PTL! TYJ! IT IS THE EARLY MORNING OF JANUARY 11th, 1982 & I HAVE JUST HAD ONE OF THE MOST BEAUTIFUL DREAMS I THINK I EVER HAD of one of the most beautiful girls I ever had! She looked so much like dear little Indian Ruthie of the Hindi Lit-Pic & the Hindi MWM Show, "Prem Kiran." So sweet & sexy with beautiful big brown eyes & that long dark gorgeous black silky wavy hair & lovely dark skin, with that gorgeous smile & big sensuous voluptuous sexy mouth! As I say, it looked like her but I don't know as yet, at least, that it was she, but it certainly did look like her, at least from the pictures that I've seen.

2. MAYBE YOU KNOW, RUTHIE, IF YOU VISITED ME IN THE WEE HOURS OF THE MORNING OF JANUARY 11th, 1982, this very happy New Year. Hallelujah! TYJ! PYL! Some of you girls do, you know, & I often make love to you in the night & wake up thrilled with the experience! All you have to do is wish it in Jesus' name & go to sleep in the spirit & ask the Lord to give you a spirit trip to my bed & we'll have a wonderful time together in the Spirit! PG! Hallelujah! TYJ!

3. IF YOU REALLY NEED IT, YOU NEED THE INSPIRATION, THE ENCOURAGEMENT OF IT, JUST PRAY & I'LL LOVE TO HAVE YOU VISIT ME in those beautiful spiritual night sessions. All you have to do is pray & wish it! If you delight yourselves in Him He will give you the desires of your heart, & your dream will come true in my dreams! (Ps.37:4) PTL! Hallelujah! TYJ! Amen.

4. COME ON GIRLS, I'D LOVE TO HAVE YOU!--EVERY ONE OF YOU, IN JESUS' NAME, AMEN! You are all mine anyway, even if you've never had a spirit trip into my arms or a sexual experience with me in the spirit in my dreams. You are in my dreams & you are in my heart & you're part of my spirit, because we're all part of His Spirit! PG! So you are mine & I do have you & you have me, because Jesus has us both! Hallelujah! TYJ! Amen? PTL!


8. BUT IN MY DREAM I BELIEVE IT WAS NOT ONLY YOU, BUT THAT YOU REPRESENTED ALL THE YOUTH OF INDIA. It was as though you were in a sense India herself, but especially India's youth. Not the middle-aged Maharishi in her 30s or 40s of nearly ten years ago, but of young India today--youthful, beautiful, intelligent, hungry for reality, hungry for love, hungry for the Spirit, hungry for the answers, hungry & thirsty for happiness, to drink of the Living Waters of His Word! PG! TYJ! Hallelujah!

9. ALTHOUGH THERE ARE STILL SOME THINGS ABOUT THE DREAM THAT I DON'T QUITE UNDERSTAND, I'm sure they were very significant & symbolic, & I have already begun to comprehend some of this symbolism & significance thanks to the Lord & prayer. In the dream I seem to be a young man again, a young sincere Christian, even a preacher, serving the Lord, & I even seemed to be single again--at first, that is. But perhaps that too was symbolic, just to show that I'm free to love you all & can belong to all of you in the Lord. PTL!

10. WE WERE STANDING IN THE AISLE OF THIS LARGE AUDITORIUM OR CHURCH & I had apparently been having fellowship with you & your girlfriend. We had been somewhere together like on a date or something or out to dinner. I have tried to recall the early part of the dream but it simply doesn't come to me, & when it doesn't, then I know the Lord knows it's not important & it is not necessarily necessary for the understanding of the dream.


36. SO I WAS SITTING THERE BESIDE YOU HOLDING YOUR HAND, thinking how wonderful it was, I was so thankful, since I loved you so much & now I realised that you really loved me & wanted me & wanted me to come with you. I was so glad that you were a Christian, at least in a Christian church amongst Christians in my dream. And though I didn't understand all the hymns & their words, I hummed along showing you that I was in sympathy & that I was familiar, at least, with some of the tunes & the hymns. And you sat there beside me glowing & squeezing my hand & seemingly very happy & glad that I had answered your call, & come, & was with you sitting beside you, clasping hands together in love & spiritual union as well, PG!


40. GOING ALL THE WAY AS FAR AS I COULD GO WITH YOU, at that time, at that moment, showing that I really loved you & I was willing to join you, become one with you, even in your church.--As we may need to do in order to reach these young people, to go to their churches & find them & give them our message & sample of love in order to win them for Jesus & really help them to find a genuine living Lord & life of Love! PG! So that was the end of that scene.

41. BUT NOW THE NEXT SCENE IS EVEN MORE INTERESTING because you & I were on the back porch or veranda, terrace, whatever you want to call it, a lot depending on what country & language you're from, sort of a back patio of a lovely modest home. It was apparently a Family Home of ours with children playing in the backyard, & it must have been now because at least three of the children who were playing there were my own--David & Davida & Techi! They were playing about the yard & coming up every now & then to say something, as children will, & there were other older Family members sitting about relaxing in the beautiful warm evening air which I'm sure must be like India as the cool evening breezes begin to blow.

42. YOU & I WERE SORT OF OVER AGAINST THE BACK WALL OF THE HOUSE NOT FAR FROM THE KITCHEN DOOR, & I WAS HOLDING YOU IN MY ARMS, tenderly kissing you, caressing you, kissing your forehead & your eyes & your ears & even your nose & especially your mouth, as though you were being wooed & won by my love more & more, becoming more & more intimate, closer to me, & we were really really beginning to make love!

43. BUT SUDDENLY YOU PUSHED ME AWAY AT ARMS LENGTH & DELIBERATELY OPENED YOUR SARI, thin enough as it was, showing me both bosoms, as though you wanted to bare your breast & your heart to me right then & there & cause me to make another decision. Would I love you anyway even when I saw what your bosom was like!--Because although your left bosom was beautiful & whole & young & youthful & tempting--bosoms being such an evidence of a woman's love as she bares her breasts to your caresses--your right bosom had been cut away in apparently an operation to remove it for some reason, perhaps a cancer, a mastectomy--I think that's what they call it--& had left an ugly scar. No bosom, the breast completely gone, & nothing there but an ugly scar.

44. I WAS SHOCKED FOR A MOMENT AT THE SIGHT, but you were looking deeply into my eyes questioningly as though, "Are you still going to love me anyway, even though I'm scarred & bruised & broken by the past & only have one bosom left to love you with, will you love me anyhow?"

45. HOW LIKE THE YOUTH TODAY, SO SCARRED & BRUISED & TORN & MARRED BY THEIR PAST, the drugs & the degradation of the sinful lives they have already lived, much more wicked than the youth of their parents. Now broken, scarred, marred, wounded, almost handicapped by their past, they come to us for love & wonder if we will love them anyway in spite of their past, in spite of their scars & wounds & handicaps & the mars of sin which still show up sometimes.

46. I LOOKED FOR A MOMENT STUNNED BY THE SIGHT, & THEN I GRASPED YOU INTO MY ARMS & CRUSHED YOU TO MY BOSOM & loved you with tears flowing down my face! I loved you more than ever! My sympathy as well as my love manifest by my weeping as I really felt for you & my heart went out to you & my heart joined yours as ours bosoms joined--bosom to bosom--as though I were even closer to you & you were closer to me even without that bosom. I held you close to my breast as I kissed you & loved you & fondled your head on my shoulder, & you wept too as we wept together, as we realised that the love we had for each other was truly genuine.


49. SO AS WE ARDENTLY KISSED & MADE LOVE, I FELT MY PENIS GETTING VERY HARD & PRESSING HARD AGAINST YOUR PUM, & you felt it too, of course, & now the decision was up to you, how far you were willing to go in our love. I said, "Shall we go to bed?" And for a moment you hesitated. For a moment it seemed that you even left my arms as though you tore yourself away for just a minute to think & make this heavy decision, because it was against all your customs & your traditions & the customary way of doing things there where such relationships have to be very formal & formalised to please the System & your parents & the older generation.

50. YOU LEFT ME STANDING THERE JUST FOR A MOMENT, STARK NAKED, PENIS STICKING STRAIGHT OUT, a little embarrassed before the other Family members who were there who seemed almost a little bit amused. You tore yourself away for just a moment as though you had to think about it a minute, but suddenly you rushed back into my arms, thank God, & threw your arms around me!--Virtually threw yourself at me & put your head down on my shoulder again, lay your head on my bosom.

51. AGAIN I SAID, "SHALL WE GO TO BED? Do you want to go to bed?" You didn't say anything, you were so overcome with emotion, but I could feel your little head on my breast nodding up & down, & I could see that little black head of yours nodding in consent. And suddenly I woke up & my penis was still hard!--Ha!

52. AND I WAS STILL THRILLED WITH THE MEMORY OF YOU THERE IN MY ARMS & us loving & making love, thrilled with each other's love--genuine love, true love, not just only sex but genuine spiritual love, in love with each other & the Lord, & of course also manifested in the physical relationship of sex as well, praise God! That's the outward manifestation of true love, if there's true love between two people of the opposite sex. Praise God! TYJ! Hallelujah!


58. GO TO INDIA, SHE'S WAITING FOR YOU! She's waiting to be ravished with your love & she'll love you like you've never been loved before in a love like no others!--The love of India! Go & love her in Jesus' name, & she will love you forever! TYJ! In Jesus' name. Amen. (January 18: I saw you again last night, Ruthie!--For the first time on video!--The one Simon brought back from India!--And you were exactly like the India of my dream! Beautiful, dark, vibrant, sparkling, sexy, alive & thrilling!--And with your tiny daughter Simona, Simon's own child on your lap!--We have truly become one! TYJ! GBY! ILY! Thanks!--And thanks to all of you, my Indian children, for your marvellous testimonies & dances on that wonderful video! I'm in love with you all! GBYAKYGFJ! IJN, amen! ILY!--Come with us to India, Dear Ones, & be thou ravished with her love!--Amen?)

Moses David / The Family International, XFamily 9 Comments [12/8/2017 7:59:30 AM]
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Submitted By: Hu’s On First

Quote# 134928

[The universe is bigger than you can wrap your head around]

That's fabricated. CGI. Do you have ANY IDEA how long they've been LOOKING?
Sending signals? Stars are NOT Sun's.
Finally we have real pictures taken with good equipment.
We saw what stars look like, not far. Proof. Look online.
You've sure swallowed lies made up to make you believe you're not important.
Then the elite take control.
Don't fool yourself.

2FollowHim, Y! answers 8 Comments [12/10/2017 9:05:32 AM]
Fundie Index: 6

Quote# 135031

Remember when Caiaphas, the High Priest, prophesied about Jesus being the “one man” to die for the “nation”?

Well, I think we are seeing the same thing here. Of course, President Donald Trump doesn’t fear God in the sense Liberals mean, and he sure doesn’t fear “existential consequences”.

President Donald Trump is God’s Anointed for this time and purpose, and will be caught up with the rest of the Believers when Jesus calls for us.

SubMareener, Free Republic 8 Comments [12/10/2017 10:40:15 AM]
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Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 134931

The recent tragic rash of suicides among homosexual teens, who’d been bullied by classmates and peers, has raised the question of whether Christian teaching about homosexuality inspires bullying and violence against homosexuals. Although no evidence suggests that religious teaching inspired the suicide incidents, and no evidence indicates that Christian teaching influenced the youths who bullied the homosexual teens, a number of celebrity figures have nonetheless accused pastors and Christian leaders of inspiring teens to bully gays. Because this accusation has been repeated often, and through popular media outlets, a number of people seem to believe that biblical teaching on human sexuality inspires some unstable teens to mistreat homosexuals.

These accusations can be rebutted by examining the incidents themselves, the known religious affiliations of all parties involved, the lack of cause and effect links in these cases, and what polls have to say about what does and does not influence modern teens. But it’s also essential that we examine ourselves and our rhetoric, to make certain that our message to homosexuals, and indeed to all people, is biblically balanced, clear, and respectful.


The answer, of course, takes us back to the basics. Because when it’s all been said and done, the right response to the homosexual movement, population, and individual can be found in three simple steps: We can know the Word of God, seek the Heart of God, and express both the Word and Heart of God to the homosexual. If we resolve to do this, diligently and consistently, we cannot fail.

Joe Dallas, Equip 3 Comments [12/10/2017 3:56:12 PM]
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Quote# 22032


* Every Christian should be a Creationist.
* Creationism is at least as defensible as Macroevolutionism from a scientific standpoint.
* Macroevolution requires at least as much religion as Creationism.
* The primary reason Macroevolution is so popular is because it is the dominant viewpoint of the origin of life presented to the populace, and not because it is grounded in good science or common sense.
* Both Creationists and Macroevolutionists can be smart, competent scientists.
* Creationists should know about at least the basic tenets of Macroevolution. You should know your opponent. Ignorance is rarely becoming.
* Similarly, it would be good for Macroevolutionists to know about Creationism, and not receive all their information on Creationism secondhand from anti-Creationism-biased sources.
* Macroevolution is an inherently racist doctrine, even if individual Macroevolutionists do not wish to be racist. If there were races which evolved, one race would be the smartest, one the strongest, etc. There are NO races of humanity. There is one human race, and it is imperative that all Christians, even those who insist on being Macroevolutionists, agree with this. Christ died to save Christ's family, the family of Man.
* The origin of Man explains why Man needs a Savior. This is why Christians should be adamantly Creationist, and is also why atheists are just as adamantly anti-Creationist.

JediMasterPikachu, Free Republic 26 Comments [3/13/2007 12:00:00 AM]
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