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We want whiteness banished to history—to an other-space of that which is unknown and impossible. There is no way in which whiteness can move that is freeing or liberating for Black people, so there is no way for white people to free or liberate.

Whiteness is indivisible from white people. To identify as white is to claim the social structure of whiteness, is to always wade in the waters of anti-Blackness. Sociologist Anthony Giddens criticizes our general conceptualization of social structure for having “a tendency to view structure and symbols as somehow alien to the actors who produce, reproduce, and transform these structures and symbols” (The Structure of Sociological Theory, Turner 1991: 523). It is this tendency that so easily clouds our understanding of whiteness and motivates us to embrace white allyship. Black liberation would mean the destruction of whiteness, but whiteness is upheld by all white people. White people cannot escape upholding it.

Constitutive of progressive white people and spaces has always been the question; “How can I, as a white person, work affirmatively in the struggle for Black liberation?” People have engaged this question as a genuine possibility throughout history; of there being a way, however not-yet-understood, for white people to do whiteness well, and, in doing so, aid Black people in getting free. But on a very real level, Black liberation would radically necessitate the refusal of anyone knowing themselves as white. It would mean the actual end of white selves, including the well-meaning white selves seeking the answer to how they can address racism. Black liberation means that white people can only destroy their own whiteness or be destroyed with it. White people cannot exist as white and do anything to address racism, because whiteness in action is racism.

But as much as this argument is a stance against whiteness, it is also a deep affirmation of the totality of Blackness; a declaration that Blackness is enough. More than considering the place or non-place of whiteness, we are concerned with the dream-work of Black folks, that reflexive work we do and have always done trying to better know how to love and be with and in community with ourselves and each other. That work has forever been Black, has never needed whiteness, has best succeeded when we refused whiteness.

There is no answer to the question of what white people can do for Black liberation, but racism veils reality so easily and efficiently. It is anti-reality. It makes the impossible seem not only possible, but a worthwhile endeavor. It truly does keep you, as Toni Morrison said, “from doing your work. It keeps you explaining, over and over again.”

The dilemma of what white people should do to address racism has the same exhausting function of racism, because this dilemma is racism. Because for white people “to do” anything means that whiteness must be centered in a way that would perpetuate its oppressive essentiality.

There is nothing redeeming or redeemable about whiteness—by definition. Only the radical negation of it is helpful or freeing. And it is not enough for us as Black people to encourage or allow white people to try their hand at addressing racism. It is necessary instead to adopt a politic of exclusion. This is to build upon Malcolm X’s claim in The Autobiography of Malcolm X that “Where the really sincere white people have got to do their ‘proving’ of themselves is not among the black victims, but out on the battle lines of where America’s racism really is,” (X, Haley 1964: 383–384) with the vital understanding that Black victims exist everywhere whiteness does.

Therefore, white people should move comfortably in neither Black spaces nor white spaces. Even those who are well-meaning should drive themselves into the ground trying to figure out how to occupy a positive whiteness—because it is impossible. Only in this frenzy, when the sense of order that is critical to whiteness turns to chaos in every place, can the motivation to destroy it overcome the compulsion to reform it.

Contending that whiteness has no value or role in the struggle for Black liberation is an immense claim, but it is a necessary one if we are to be free. The sooner we take seriously that Black people are the best articulators, dreamers and fighters for the future in which we are liberated, the closer we are to the manifestation of freedom. Important to remember is what is made possible for Black people, is made possible for all people. There is no need to consider how whiteness can operate in this. It can’t. It shouldn’t. It won’t in any future in which we are free.

The question of “doing whiteness well” is a question which centers a discussion about Black liberation on the actions of white people. We know that white people maintain hegemonic presences in all institutional forms of power. So, to have a conversation about white people working for Black liberation is to have a conversation predicated on the need for white people to wield institutional power and influence to help Black people. In this context, white people maintain systemic power, and Black people are the recipients of their benevolence. That white people might maintain power in shaping and dreaming up Black liberation is counterrevolutionary. Black liberation must always center on the assault against and defiance of these institutions. “We do not negotiate with terrorists.”1)

Indeed, when we’ve seen white people try to do whiteness well, try to operate their spheres of power and influence well, we’ve also seen the martyrdom of Black women murdered by police to bring white people to reckon with their sins. We’ve seen white men starting campaigns professing the beauty of Black women, only to soon after realize it came hand in hand with the violent claiming of and sense of entitlement to Blackness and Black bodies.

This is all to say, importantly, that whiteness cannot be done well, cannot be done without violence or without being in opposition to Blackness and Black freedom. But the extent of this lies far beyond ashy campaigns and disturbing open letters begging other white people to atone for their sins using the blood of Black women. We must critically engage the possibility that whiteness is only violent to Blackness, is only and can only ever be antithetical to Black liberation.

That we conceptualize whiteness as having a positive operation in the fight for Black liberation is perhaps the single greatest success of the normative functions of a colonialist State. That is to say, we have been successfully hoodwinked to believe that which harms us most vitally might also be able to save us.

“Rather than emerging from a scientific perspective, the notion, ‘race,’ is informed by historical, social, cultural, and political values,” writes Teresa J. Guess in The Social Construction of Whiteness: Racism by Intent, Racism by Consequence, “thus… the concept ‘race’ is based on socially constructed, but socially, and certainly scientifically, outmoded beliefs about the inherent superiority and inferiority of groups based on racial distinctions.” What this means is that race is designed as a hierarchal structure, and whiteness is constructed for no other purpose than to occupy the space of racial superiority. Therefore, to exist and act as white is to reinforce the dominance of whiteness.

Indeed, there would be no white race, no “race” as we know it, if whiteness weren’t positioned in violent dominion. That is the only thing it can do. Whiteness cannot operate in any way that does not first perpetuate white supremacy.

This, of course, is not to say that white people have not been the conduits for necessary Black liberation work. White people surely played integral roles in the freedom rides, abolition movement and the Civil Rights movement. But those roles were meticulously crafted by the toils, lives, death and suffering of Black people. The energy forced through those conduits was painstakingly produced by Black folks. To credit it as anything else is to fall prey to the same tempting veil of racism that motivates us to seek the impossible from our white allies. White people playing a role in liberation work are always merely actors, and the work done with them always done entirely in spite of their whiteness, not because of it.

All ways of addressing Black liberation for which white people are praised is always work Black people—Black poor and working class women, trans, non-binary, disabled and queer people especially—have already done and been doing and have made possible for white people to know.

Even John Brown, the white abolitionist who was executed in 1859 after leading an insurrection against pro-slavery forces, furthered the legacy of the likes of Nat Turner and other Black folks who fought and died for their own freedom before him. We must be sure in recognizing that dying for freedom did not begin with Brown, was not his legacy to create. Though perhaps in death, in a significant sacrifice of self, he and those like him have shed light on what it could mean to give up whiteness for good. When whiteness is so seeped into your being, might giving it up necessitate a threat to one’s safety and existence?

And where do white people exist in safety? In settler colonial societies, positions of power are designated and protected for whiteness. Perhaps the only action white folks can take—barring physical disappearance—in the struggle for Black liberation, for them to successfully put an end to their own whiteness, is the absolute absolving of their places and power. Their literal disappearance from the State and its institutions. It is worth exploring what this would mean for the the persistence of capitalism and the State. Is demanding the destruction of whiteness from the State to demand the destruction of the State, which was created by and has only ever known itself in service to (and in tandem with) whiteness? Which, each together, have only ever worked to maintain capitalism, anti-Blackness, and the disappearance of Indigenous people?

As John Stanfield writes in Theoretical and Ideological Barriers to the Study of Race-Making, “Racism and race-making are part and parcel of the manner by which major industrial, European-descent nation states such as the United States have originated and developed” (Stanfield 1985:161-162). This is how capitalism, anti-Indigeneity and anti-Black racism are intrinsically tied. None can exist in any way that is good for Black people. The presence of each is specifically predicated on Black subjugation.

After whiteness is obliterated, at that point, what the people who now identify as white should do is a giant theoretical exercise: what comes after whiteness? How does someone become not white? That is the legitimate and critical work of many. But our focus is always on Black folks figuring out new and better ways to get free—independent of white people and capitalism and the entirety of western empires. We are confident that our dreamings of freedom can crumble whiteness, capitalism and empire without giving deep consideration to the question of “what do we do with it”. We’re only interested in the work of building past it.

Kevin Rigby Jr. and Hari Ziyad are Black, queer, non-binary dreamers who, in some reality not yet here, are married, gendered or ungendered without colonial restriction, and free.

Kevin Rigby Jr. and Hari Ziyad, RaceBaitR 7 Comments [9/18/2018 2:51:10 AM]
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Re: Why are many Jews pro-gay marriage?

The reason is that if corruption spreads amongst the gentiles, the curse of God will be upon them and they will be worthy of destruction, something positive for the religious ones among the jews. They hate it amongst themselves though, and while they've always had this mentality, they never spread corruption save that it surfaces the most within themselves first and foremost above everyone else.

Second, when populations are rotten to the core, they are ripe for manipulating and taking control of. You see that is what has happened in the USA, before when it was a more religious society, they had more control over their affairs. After they took advantage of the civil rights movement and left blacks in the dust, you now see the country is dominated by interest, its populace are all economic slaves, and moral corruption is very widespread in their society such that even basic systems like family are completely fallen apart. Who is ultimately benefiting and pocketing all the wealth? Banks. And who owns them? Israel, in the end, the treasure cave where all that money/weaponry is stashed.

Ali, Ummah 3 Comments [9/18/2018 2:57:13 AM]
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[On Rachel Dolezal, Caitlyn Jenner and the Charleston shooting]

With AA , Race based quotas and media that panders to the blacks as victim narrative (Trayvon , Brown etc ) and Whites as evil oppressors its somewhat understandable.

By being black she gets access to #BlackPrivilege and can make up for the new sin of being a European by birth. Its twisted and sick but seeing as the same tribe that has orchestrated the genocidal campaign against Europeans pushed the lie that race is a social construct instead of the truth that race is biological fact , they can hardly complain. Jenners still a man, a mutilated one, and she's still White . Race and gender are either objectively real (which they are of course) or they're not(the lie they use to dismantle our society). I'm hoping she sues them for racism.

WRT to the shooting.

Obummble said:
"But let's be clear: at some point we as a country will have to reckon
with the fact that this kind of mass violence doesn't happen in other
advanced countries."

Well it happens in South Africa. Blacks have slaughter tens of thousands of Europeans since the end of Apartheid , using hammers , machetes etc..but lets not talk about that. Guns have saved numerous European families in America from home invasions by non-Europeans , 90% of the victims of racially motivated crime are European, but they have, in practice, no protection under civil rights or hate crime legislation.

Where was Obummble when a black woman used a blow torch to torture and kill that European child...he was silent as he is every time Europeans are murdered by non-Europeans. Instead of taking Americans guns a better option would be to accept the multi-racial experiment has been a disaster for European sand segregate the country. But this isn't about whats best for European Americans it's about disarming them so they can't protect themselves.

Rob14, Daily Telegraph 4 Comments [6/21/2015 12:13:55 PM]
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I don’t ever want to deal with non whites on any level, any more than I absolutely have to. If I worked, and worked around them, I’d be polite and speak as little as possible. I actively avoid them in real life. I want nothing to do with them. I don’t care how they feel, I don’t care what they think or want, or what they think about me. I don’t care about them and I never will.

Dr. Dew D. Ball, PhD, Disqus 2 Comments [9/18/2018 2:58:51 AM]
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Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 140497

A fervent supporter of Jeremy Corbyn has been kicked out of the teaching profession for declaring ‘every sane human is anti-Semitic’.

Harpreet Singh ranted on Facebook that Israel should be ‘wiped off the planet’ and ‘of course we hate Jews’. Of the Labour leader he wrote: ‘God bless Jeremy Corbyn. He is a modern day saint. And I mean it. If one of your loved ones was at the mercy of Israel, you would feel his morality, his conviction & his commitment to The Truth’.

The 48-year-old, a former head of maths at Sandye Place Academy in Bedfordshire, was suspended from his job after colleagues reported him. He was banned from teaching anywhere in England by the Teaching Regulation Agency after being found guilty of unacceptable professional conduct over the ‘offensive/racist comments’.

Harpreet Singh, Mail on Sunday via Twitter  1 Comments [9/18/2018 2:59:28 AM]
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Most people tend to only notice what is pointed and spelled out to them.

When the media is leading people by the nose to believe that Corbyn is this hate-filled racist anti-semite threat to the very existence of Jews... that is what most people will believe. Most people pay little attention to politics until the media thrusts it in front of them and says 'look at this, and think this'.

Nonetheless, I think this still represents the best opportunity to red pill people about how the Jews operate. I don't have much idea about how to reach the masses to spell it out though. Newspaper comments sections are usually moderated pretty tightly on this issue, unsurprisingly.

dirtydog, Stormfront 1 Comments [9/12/2018 1:44:06 AM]
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He's a Jew, that's why he's executing the Israelis ethnic cleansing in Palestine territories. God will definitely bring them to naughtiness

KingAlsalam, Twitter 1 Comments [9/12/2018 1:44:39 AM]
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Submitted By: Katie

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Shades of (white) privilege: a sociologist compares the experiences of Swedish female expats in America and Singapore

We know this already but it helps to have it written in paper for people who still deny white privilege doesn't exist.

Also, something I found problematic in the article highlights one of the key issues that relates to WMAF/dating.

The article states that Swedish women didn't enjoy a premium for their whiteness in Singapore like they did in America and were considered to be below Chinese women. This tells me that Asian men in Singapore don't put white women above Asian women. That seems to be reciprocated by the Swedish women as well. "They showed the least bit interest in the Asian men and in fact they felt less feminine".

However, the opposite was true for the Swedish men and the Chinese women. It's interesting that even when unintended, the issue of WMAF still manages to pop its head in.

White women seem to feel more masculine in Asia and I feel this may also translate to them feeling more masculine around Asian men because they see how "feminine" Asian women are so of course it's only plausible for them to think that they're more masculine in comparison.

I always thought it was weird whenever I saw white women in Asia, they would 9.9/10 be with white men but not the same for the white men. Granted I couldn't verbalize it at the time but it still made a disconnect in my brain.

I don't really have a point to make here just that I never took into account that XFs may be dissuaded from pursuing AMs because they feel more masculine which probably makes our already dire situation worse.

I could never date white women. I found the few that I associated and went out with to be very indulgent, impractical, only had short term goals and almost always gave in to their emotions.

Yes which is what caused you to make the broad conclusion you led with. It’s a bit hypocritical to do that when we experience the same broad brushing.

What broad strokes/conclusion mate? I referred everything to specifically "the few that I associated and went out with" and because of that "I could never date white women" <- is that the broad conclusion? that I do not find white women suitable partners?

I'm not going to be dishonest and say I'm ready to try my luck and put up with one more just for internet points.

Here is another broad brushstroke for you. Also, as an Asian can you really honestly say that you find marrying into white culture appealing?

I am married to an Aussie. She and her family is awesome. No gender race or culture is monolithic. Just as I wouldn’t want to be prejudged for my race or culture I don’t do it to others.

Is it prejudice just because I have chosen to make a practical decision on this?

The cultural differences are well documented. I'm not from China but I just put it there because the scores were similar to my country (at least in comparison to Australia).


I prefer to marry into a culture that has more long term orientation/planning and less indulgent. Perhaps those traits are awesome (pretty subjective word by the way) to you, but it is not to me.

If its prejudgement to avoid wasting my time by gearing my dating preferences towards a partner and a culture that is more likely to yield qualites that I seek in a partner then guilty as charged.

I never said it applied to all white girle by the way. Just enough to warrant me moving on to avoid wasting my time.

(Your gonna get downvoted becuase alot of chan lurkers around here worship the ground mayo girls walk on.)

I do not blame them if they find such traits attractive. Someone has to at the end of the day and there is a reason why it perpetuates in culture.

I'm not particularly wealthy so I do not have the funds or the time to try my luck with girls who are less likely to value long term stability over immediate gratification. No amount of political correctness will change how frequent each trait is found in either culture.

An interesting insight into white social signalling.

It appears that all they are after is still only validation and relevance. Self-actualization has no value of no one knows about it. Any altruistic endeavours (feminism for example) they appear to support seems just be an effort to fulfil that need for validation and acknowledgement.

To most whites "self actualization" is a byword that means travel and taking pictures in 3rd world locations, showing off their minority "friends" or taking part in safe, prescribed activities carefully curated to look prestigious. Contrary to popular belief whites are neither adventurous, free thinking nor individualistic.

None of these activities have anything to do with the "self". White culture is not about feeling but pretending.

The ideal is light-skin but not pink-skin.

Pretty easy to see why white women in Asia do badly. They age faster, they are less feminine, less thin, they are excessively narcissistic and have a superiority complex which I really think is just penis-envy. Blonde nordic women are seen to represent the apex of these traits so they are largely ignored by men.

various commenters, r/aznidentity 1 Comments [9/15/2018 3:56:53 PM]
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Quote# 140445

Who cares. Superman was never White to begin with. His ancestors came from Krypton, not Europe. He is an illegal alien, quite literally. The whole point of Superman is that White people can't solve their own problems, that they need an alien to come and solve their problems for them. Besides, superman was created by Jews Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster. Superman was specifically created to corrupt White thinking by getting young, impressionable children to worship a superhero of an alien race.

In addition, the idea of a hero with a dual identity, one heroic and one mild mannered, was stolen from Johnston McCulley's character Zorro. Zorro is a true White heroic character. He is also a true Hispanic heroic character (albeit created by an Irishman), as Hispanics were originally White, and some still are.

Nikola Bijeliti, Stormfront 2 Comments [9/14/2018 3:09:12 AM]
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Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 140411

I honestly think it [WW3] would be better at this point. If the choice is between Nazis rising and the left recklessly allowing so many Muslims into the country, it turns out just as well for my gay ass either way. I still have more respect for Nazis than Muslims and their enablers -- at least the Nazis don't hate themselves like the left does.

Buce-Nudo, /r/conservative 3 Comments [9/12/2018 1:45:22 AM]
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Submitted By: pyro

Quote# 140462

Some background info: My political ideology has radically shifted since 2016. I used to be a feminist and was a Bernie supporter before Trumps election. Everything started coming into question after after the DNC leaks. I have some knowledge about IA and networking, so it was impossible for me to buy into the Russia narrative. After the Pussy Hat marches after the election, I found that I could no longer call myself a feminist either because the behavior was appalling and I didn't think Trump warranted any of the hatred he was receiving. Fell into the Alt-lite Sargon/Peterson club, and continuously dug until redpilled on the JQ and essentially went full 1488. I don't even think women should be allowed to vote anymore.

My husband has always been a Moderate Republican. He's a great guy, really smart, but he's also very forgiving of people and is the type that just wants to get along. I've been trying to redpill him on various topics - he was receptive of the JQ but seems tired of my jokes. He's definitely more of a Civic Nationalist, and we've had long discussions on Race and IQ and why some cultures are worse than others due to IQ and evolution.

He doesn't buy that IQ is a proper measure of intelligence since culture can influence the outcome of the tests. He still thinks economics are at play when it comes to black vs white violent crime and poverty. He seems to not care very much if humanity becomes a mixed amorphous race, despite me arguing that the West will be dead, and Western culture erased.

He bought heavily into Peterson's Individualist propaganda and I can't convince him that in dire times collectivism is completely necessary.

I've made some ground on these topics but not nearly enough. I don't have enough resources to back up my arguments as I tend to forget to save the studies I stumble upon.

More background: My husband has a really sweet Black Aunt who treated him kindly during a really hard time in his life when nobody else would. He also has mixed cousins. I too really like his aunt, but I'm trying to get across averages of populations and their behaviors don't reflect her own (she genuinely acts really white).
I'm here to ask about what more I can say to convince him that Individualism is only feasible during times of peace and that we need to Collectivize during times of strife. Any resources on Race Realism would be incredibly valuable as well.

Brap_sugoi, Reddit 4 Comments [9/14/2018 3:39:18 AM]
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Quote# 140465

I'm a woman and I'm sliding further right every day.

I was raised in California by a very liberal mother. I was force fed feminism in the 9th grade by a very pushy feminist teacher. I was a Bernie supporter in 2016.
There were several factors that brought me to the right. The first couple were when BLM interrupted Bernie's speech. I saw how weak willed he was and thought to myself "how is this man going to handle adversaries on a global scale when he cowers immediately to the demands of a couple young black women?"

The next was when Gloria Allred insisted that women who do not vote for Hillary are betraying fellow women. She was pushing groupthink - herd mentality that immediately infuriated me. I knew something fishy was going one.
The biggest unfurling of my liberal ideals were the DNC hacks. I read email after email. I saw the immoral consolidation of power against Bernie Sanders and by the end of it I could no longer belong to the DNC. Having a basic understanding of OPSEC, how the internet works, and computers I never once believed in the Muh Russia narrative. It was a leak, not a hack.

The Women's March completely ridded me of my Feminist brain cancer. These adults were throwing child like temper tantrums for absolutely no reason. They looked absolutely retarded in their pussy hats, and everything was very cringe. I just couldn't anymore.

After that, I started to evaluate the type of information I've fallen for my whole life. I started looking into alternative political stances. Just like everyone else I started with the light stuff - Sargon of Akkad, Jordan B Peterson, Steven Crowder and Paul Joseph Watson. But it wasn't enough. They were able to comment on the symptoms of a sick society, but never looked in depth towards the cause. Peterson hinted at it, with Postmodernism and Marxist idealogies being wide spread through out Western Society. But not far enough and I wanted answers.

I tried to avoid the JQ. Really did. But everything always led back to it. I watched the documentary this sub talked about - Defamation. After that the redpill was swallowed and I could no longer go back. I'm currently reading Culture of Critique and all of the sources are sound from what I've found.

I want my people to survive. I want Western Culture to flourish and not die out. We all know there's a decline to the Western World, and I personally think that without it the world will be a darker place. I don't want my future children to be handed such a world.

Brap Sugoi, Reddit 4 Comments [9/14/2018 3:41:44 AM]
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Quote# 140400

Once the standard parliamentary and party procedures failed to oust Corbyn, they are now upping it a gear.

I firmly believe this is a coordinated attempt by wealthy and influential Jewish figures to topple Corbyn. Unfortunately they seem to be winning. Corbyn hasn't completely caved into them but hasn't been a rock of resistance either.

Corbyn has the party membership behind him. Providing he surrounds himself with loyal people he could purge the party without too much trouble.

Britannic Nationalist, Stormfront 2 Comments [9/12/2018 1:43:55 AM]
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Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 98057

Only Whites have adopted environmentalism, animal rights, anti-racism, multiculturalism, women’s rights, gay rights, etc. That is, everything we hold dear. Probably only Whites are civilized enough to break up a country without massacring each other in a manner that should shame the basest of lower animals in the process. Hopefully, a post on this in the future.

This is why the White Nationalist movement always seemed to be so strange to me in its hatred for liberalism, but this article sheds some light on the reasons for that.

One of the things that I think is so great about White people is how liberal we are, how we founded and led all of the major liberal movements all over the world, and how we are presently probably the most tolerant and altruistic ethnic group on Earth. Sure this is a recent development, but so what?

White-created liberalism has been exported to much of the rest of the world, where in general it has found little favor, though things are improving somewhat.

White men treat women better than any other ethnic group on Earth, and what do we get for it but flying crockery and kicks to the balls.

Whites treat gays better than any society on Earth, but the gay rights movement is part of the White-hating Left.

Nowhere on Earth is the environmental movement more cultivated and altruistic than among Whites. What other ethnic group on Earth would deign to save bugs, beetles, weeds, minnows, field mice and flowers? There is not one.

The PC Movement, horrible as it is, has some positive aspects. For one, it is incredibly altruistic. PC must be one of the most altruistic movements on Earth. It is so altruistic that is nearly insane, and this is why it arouses such contempt among sane people.

Like Christianity, it asks us to be better than most of us are capable of being. Like Christianity, it arouses the rage of those of us who cannot be as good as these ideologies demand of us. Our moral failings shame us, and in rage we lash out at the ideology that demanded of us such rectitude.

The article is also correct that welfare probably only works in a racially homogeneous society, otherwise it turns into ethnic warfare and/or a spoils system.

That many liberals, socialists, Communists, etc. of the past were also White racists is little known. This is more to be mourned than to be lauded.

Robert Lindsay, Beyond Highbrow 16 Comments [12/5/2013 4:06:50 AM]
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Quote# 140374

I do not think we will be fighting marxists, but Individualists. Civic nationlists/gloablists/collectivists vs. ethnic nationalists/collectivists. Marxists will be long gone by then.
The multi-racial civic collectivist actually IS what the marxists tried to achieve. The New World Citizen, a globalistic Übermensch, without racial or national identity, history, heritage and past. A new rootless cosmopolitan class that has no stake in any traditional world view whatsoever. Of course that won't work, just look at brazil. But they advertise it to the leftists as overcoming "race" and racism, by mixing all races, then offering them a common moral framework. There will be those who see racial identity as a value in itself and those who rather believe that race has no value and gather around a common set of abstract and questionable values, like a world constitution and universal egalitarianism. The marxists only played a role in opening up societies(see Soros Open Society Foundation), opening the borders, making Illegals into legal citizens, shaping public opinion, saving "refugees", forcing people to tolerate each other, all so this mix up can happen. They've been a tool of the globalists, useful idiots, nothing more. Divide an conquer. If globalists are unable to integrate the US, land of freedom, into their plans for the planet, well... flood them with immigrants who will vote against the natives interests.
Whatever the case. How to prepare to face the future:
Whatever it will be we will be looking at more of a civil war/conflict type of scenario. At least the clash of civilizations. The most dominant group will win. And this will be the group with the greatest spiritual and cultural strength aswell as man power.
So I say it woud be benefitial to actually plan for a multi generational conflict. This is going to take a loooong time. The reconquista took about 400 years, so... start fucking people.
1. Move to the countysite and build (energy/food and control) independent traditionalists communities.
2. Have as many children as possible.
3. Form many secret brotherhoods fighting for white interests all over the western world that are able to collaborate.
4. Infiltrate politics on all levels.
5. Slowly reconquer the cities.
6. Move into the media on all levels. Shape public opinion.
7. In the cities, build white fraternities where the white students can study together for their common goals.
8. Perform soft Eugenics, for example selective breeding to increase IQ and bodily health. In civilization we must take the place of nature otherwise we will all be living as cripples, riddled with diseases in the future.
9. Form a new kind of spiritual world view, morality and traditions, sth. that is timeless and binds all together.
All in mine craft of course.

shakethenuttree, r/ChadRight 3 Comments [9/10/2018 7:51:00 AM]
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Quote# 140399

Serena Williams and Tiger Woods are proof the masses of people will watch any Ape the Jews turn into a Sports prodigy.

When will Whites wake up and boycott this sort of degeneracy?

Heidlerr, Stormfront 4 Comments [9/12/2018 1:43:46 AM]
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Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 140175

Regarding Andrew Gillum, who is black, winning the Democratic nomination in the Florida governor's race

The last thing we need to do is to monkey this up by trying to embrace a socialist agenda with huge tax increases and bankrupting the state.

Ron DeSantis, Yahoo 3 Comments [9/12/2018 1:41:52 AM]
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Quote# 140392

I am Swiss and I think Jews are Jealous of our country, because we make money, we are strong and we are beautiful and we don't have inbreeding depression. We're the complete package and I have no doubts Israel has several nukes ear-marked for us.?

ZadfrackGlutz Zesozose, YouTube 2 Comments [9/11/2018 11:42:44 AM]
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[A comment on a video entitled "Heidegger & the Seduction of Fascism"]

4 minutes in and nothing about the seduction of fascism. Just Jews giving their opinion on reality or Heidegger. They just can’t handle that the most influential and brilliant philosopher of our time loved uncle Adolf, which speaks volumes they don’t want to hear, so they obfuscate with solipsism. Communists died protesting, yes, some where students, but most of their organisers where Jews. It’s as if they wished him to be a commie. (((Of course)))?

aristochat3, YouTube 3 Comments [9/10/2018 10:38:10 AM]
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Today I happened to have to go to a store I rarely frequent in the city. There's road construction on the way. Well, the nig nog in front of me was hogging half of both lanes, so I can't go any faster or pass. A sheboon in a shitty car is right on my tail. I get off at the next exit and the sheboon os still behind me on my tail. I throw the wtf hands on the air and she starts yelling and chimping. We get onto the road where it's a 2 lane road off the highway and I get ready to turn while she's still on my tail.

I throw her the middle finger and say fucking nigger in my mirror. This elicits a huge major chimpout. I'm in the turn lane and she's screaming and yelling all the way through my turn. I could hear her as I went on through. Made my entire day just to slow down a nigger for once instead of the other way around. I hope it made her late for her food stamp appointment. Lol. I laughed all the way to my destination.

proudwhitewoman, Niggermania 5 Comments [9/9/2018 6:10:07 AM]
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You mentioned how confusing it is. One moment Trump looks like a good guy and a moment later these things he did prove otherwise. That is because he reflects a Jew loving America, where there is no truth. To get unconfused you should read “My Struggle”. Both sides in our political system work for the Jew. So you can’t pick a good side.

Old farts vote because they always did, and they don’t want to own up to the fact that their votes in the past went to mass murderers. So they keep voting and picking a side. “A dog returns to his own vomit” describes a voter well. They can’t disconnect from the Jewish lies, and they ask for privileges by voting, like a prisoner asking for a different cell mate. They can’t see that there is another world outside of the prison they live in.

Cornelius, Real Jew News 2 Comments [9/7/2018 2:04:30 PM]
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Quote# 140321

The British Nationalist does not know what Zionism is, and see no danger in the jew, Islam is the main and final enemy for the european nationalists today and I don't blame the majority who haven't yet woke, the jew works well to raise good cattle!! The Zionists elites are pushing there agenda on society, divide and conquer, they are the main cause of everything that's happening not just here in Britain but all over the world! The masses need to revolt and fast or we are fucked! SMASH CULTURAL MARXISM! 88

Anonymous commenter, British Movement 1 Comments [9/7/2018 2:05:00 PM]
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As Britain Goes Into August, The British National Socialist Campaign Continues.... While many of our kindred take their annual holidays, there is no break in the need to spread the British Movement message throughout the United Kingdom.

Our political and racial enemies do not relent from putting the pressure on our Nation and Folk just because it is summer time. Cultural Marxism is forever being pushed out on our TV screens and over the radio airwaves, most commercial advertising now pushes images of racially mixed couples and families, entertainment and social media follows a neo-liberal, pluralist agenda. When will British racial Nationalism get a fair chance of presenting its alternative view?

Unknown author, British Movement 2 Comments [9/7/2018 2:05:28 PM]
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Quote# 140318

Funny to watch CNN try to use Bob Woodward to try to torpedo Trump. CNN will be the end of the reputations of both Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein. They are both puff journalists. They were both lionized by the Hollywood, the same myth factory that gave us Harvey Slimestain, Meryl Creep, Leonardo Di Crapio, Brad Twit and terrorist white helmet supporter George Looney.

Robert Redford, who is more famous for introducing junk jargon into the English language than acting, by using words like “Grizz,” “horse whisperer” and “investigative reporter” put Hollywood’s flatulent hot air into the sails of Woodward and Bernstein. Woodward and Bernstein are stenograpehrs. The only thing they ever did was answer the telephone and a Jew boy nicknamed “Deep Throat” told them what was going on. They dug up nothing. Nothing!

They are simple hacks carried aloft by The Jewish hot air balloon. I see where another Jew boy admitted to pinching a memo off Trump’s desk in the interset of National Security. Charge the SOB with theft.

Ted Gorsline, Real Jew News 1 Comments [9/7/2018 2:03:23 PM]
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Many thanks for your birthday wishes! I turn 68 today and feel like I’m 18. I’ve never had so much energy in my life as I do now. I feel like I’ve only just begun, and my ministry still in its birth-pang stage. There’s much to be done, and I am diligently preparing myself for an eventful future of which I look to be an essential part of.

Upon this birthday a friend asked me if I plan on “fighting Jews for the rest of my life.” I answered, “No.” “No?” he responded. “That’s right, no,” I replied, “why would I want to waste my entire life fighting Jews? They’ll be put out of power soon and then we build from scratch with a Juden-frei society.” Indeed, the world is catching on to these scoundrels, and perhaps that’s why God allowed the State of IsraHell to come into being so all people the world over can witness their criminality.

That’s what Hitler said, that Israel would be the capital of “Jewish swindle”…yet I add, the capital of “Jewish manslaughter.” The world is also waking up to Jewish tyranny with their Google/YouTube/Facebook CENSORSHIP. How horrid the Jew is! And all the world is a witness and will grow into a global backlash against the hideous Jew. Ahh, on this 68th year of my life beginning today, I have something bright and glorious to look forward to: The utter demise of Jewish perfidy, Jewish influence, and Jewish criminality.

AND, the opportunity to rebuild on the foundation of a Juden-frei society. What a wonderful world it will be!

Brother Nathanael Kapner, Real Jew News 1 Comments [9/7/2018 2:04:07 PM]
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