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Quote# 141012

What do you think is your looksmatch doing right now?

My Arab looksmatch is fucking white girls who are his looksmatch right now and like "exotic" men. Then he will turn around and demand that I'm a virgin and make six figures to be capable of marrying him, and I will do because I like dick. After I beckybuxx for him, he will cheat on me with a white girl because the white girl thinks that he is the one making six figures. He will divorce rape me after getting me to pay all his student loans and buy him a house and car. I will then be alone and childless for the rest of my life.

premedgirllllll, r/TruFemcels 7 Comments [10/20/2018 9:18:59 PM]
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Quote# 141016

You're absolutely right, it is completely unreasonable to put up defenses against most cases of rape. But does that mean it's pointless to try and safeguard against the others?

It's pretty much impossible to do, unless you want to distrust just about any man.

Yeah, because all men are evil rapists just biding their time. Nailed it.

Sorry, but if you want to dramatically lower your chances of getting raped, don't dress like a slut, don't get drunk around complete and utter strangers, and don't go wandering off into quiet little areas with people you don't trust especially in a situation that is otherwise rapey. Guess what! Do those things and chances are you'll be a genuine outlier if and when you do get raped, and in those cases, you will not only get, but deserve, any and all sympathy others have to offer.

It's all about not being a completely and utter moron. That's not "slut shaming" or "victim blaming," it's "quite being a fucktard"ing. Want to drastically lower the chances of having your car stolen? Well don't leave it idling with the door wide open when you run into a store, especially in a neighborhood known for its criminal element. That kind of logic is exactly the same sentiment behind the "don't dress like a slut, dumbass" statements.

Does it mean having your car stolen or being raped isn't still a horrible thing to have happen to you? Nope. Does it mean the criminal doesn't deserve to be prosecuted under the full weight of the law? Nope. However, and most importantly: Does it mean you deserve any sympathy for all but inviting someone to victimize you? Nope. Just like the guy who left his car idling.

Sure, you can do whatever you want. It's your body/your car. But don't expect anyone to feel bad for you when you do something stupid with it, not because you deserve it, but because you shouldn't have been such a fucking moron in the first place.

Ol scratch , mmo champion 4 Comments [10/22/2018 1:16:02 PM]
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Quote# 140971

I was physically bullied by boys, punched and broken finger from being shoved. The Y chromosome makes you into a little monster, nearly all of the worst class disruptions were shitty moids, too. One of them threw a rock at a female teacher once - who does that? Another one and his group of moid friends went to fill the teachers water bottle with toilet water, then got mad when i told her the disgusting shit they did. This was in high school.

I honestly don't understand why gender segregated schools went out of style.

AsleepMaterial, r/Trufemcels 4 Comments [10/18/2018 5:54:36 AM]
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Quote# 141006

A Harris County jury will continue deliberating on Thursday about whether a former Baylor College of Medicine doctor raped a patient while she was hospitalized in 2013 for an acute asthma attack or he had consensual sex with the woman.

The jury mulled the question for more than six hours Wednesday before calling it a day at 9:20 p.m.

The woman reported to Ben Taub staff that she had been assaulted in the dark by an unknown physician, but it took two years for Houston police to file a criminal charge against the suspect. Investigators connected DNA from her rape kit to Dr. Shafeeq Sheikh, an internal medicine resident on call at Ben Taub that night who swiped his badge to enter her floor at least 12 times.

The 32-year-old woman, who has suffered from asthma since she was 8, told jurors this week the attack derailed her life and marriage. The woman was identified as Laura in a series of Lisa Falkenberg's columns about the incident. The Chronicle does not identify alleged victims of sexual assault.

Sheikh lost his job and had his license revoked in 2015 by the Texas Board based on the finding that he posed “a continuing threat to public welfare.” The following year a Harris County judge cleared Ben Taub and Baylor of liability in a civil lawsuit brought by the patient.

Defense lawyers at the eight-day trial introduced evidence about the woman’s career as an actress and model, noting that she showed off her cleavage and rear end in what they posited were sexually suggestive online ads. DNA evidence indicated she had sex with her husband her first night at the hospital, which meant she wasn’t so debilitated, they said.

Their client, a father of four, certainly breached the Hippocratic oath and his marriage vows, his lawyers said. But they contend the patient seduced the doctor and reported the “wild” rape story to make her husband jealous and make money off a civil lawsuit.


“He made a mistake, but he didn’t sexually assault her,” attorney Lisa Andrews said in her closing argument, pointing to her 46-year-old client. “Here we have this Latina woman with her fake boobs that came onto that little nerdy middle-aged guy, and he lost his mind.”

Lisa Andrews, Houston Chronicle 6 Comments [10/20/2018 9:14:06 PM]
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Submitted By: JeanP

Quote# 141000

Gender confirmation surgery

Horrific, experimental, massive and unnecessary surgical butchery and removal of healthy organs. A means to ensure that patients will spend their inevitably shortened lives under medical surveillance and supervision. An ideology based on the notion that with money and health insurance, one can purchase the “right body parts.” Advertised by transgender activists as “the basic health care they need to survive.

In females: Removal of breasts, ovaries, uterus, fallopian tubes. Possible fashioning of a fake “penis” through use of flesh from other parts of the woman’s body.

In males: Removal of testicles; de-fleshing of penis and inversion within body cavity so that it vaguely, very superficially resembles a woman’s genitals. However, it is merely a hole without any function but for another man to put his penis inside. It never properly heals and requires lifelong “dilation.” Also, “facial feminization surgery” and breast implants.

In the USA and some other high-income countries, these expensive, unnecessary surgeries are typically covered by health insurance. (Meanwhile, eyeglasses, dentistry, drugs for treating legitimate health conditions are often not covered.)

* These drastic surgeries are currently recommended for children as young as age 14.
* Perverted mutilating doctors are keen to start cutting as early as possible.

Gender dysphoria

In nearly all “transgender” males: A symptom of obsessive sexualized narcissism.

In women: A symptom of internalized misogyny and sometimes internalized homophobia.

Psychologists and doctors focus on “treating” these symptoms, while ignoring (or not even thinking about) the actual condition at the root of the symptoms.

In children: An indication that parents may not have accurate information about their child’s “feelings” & behavior and are being told lies by psychologists or medical professionals. In some cases a sign that one or both parents may have Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy, "borderline personality disorder" or just extreme narcissism, and are abusing their child.

In medical practice: “Feelings” and ideas that a child may have about actually being the opposite sex, as diagnosed through conversations with such children and their parents. Currently deemed unethical for clinicians to disagree with the child or to propose any alternative approaches to immediate “transition” – this is considered to be "conversion therapy" and essentially a “hate crime.” Indeed, it is now “medically necessary” to encourage and support such childish feelings and incorrect ideas, and it is not permissible to examine the possibility of attention-seeking personality disorders in children’s parents.

Gender identity

In men: An “erotic target location error.” In plain English this describes the result of several months or years performing endless secretive rituals of masturbatory self-hypnosis to develop a “female gender identity.” Invented by men to serve as a narcissistic excuse or alibi to conceal embarrassment about their sexualized dress-up sessions and subsequent public display of fetishistic fantasy.

In women: A discomfort with and resistance to prescribed sex role stereotypes (“gender”) without having knowledge that compliance with such stereotypes is totally optional.

In adolescents: Often indicates that the youth has received programming in school that manipulates common adolescent insecurities about body-image or sexuality by falsely teaching that people can change sex and that it’s totally fine if they want to do it. (Note: Such programming is now common in USA schools, as part of “comprehensive sexuality education.“) May also indicate that the youth has visited social media web sites where adult activists lurk with the goal of convincing confused young people that they are “really trans.”

In children: A sign that pathetic (or hapless) parents and devious doctors are filling the child’s consciousness with all sorts of harmful nonsense and lies about their bodies being “wrong,” when the child merely does not wish to comply with sex role stereotypes or is just confused. “Innate gender identity” propaganda in mass culture deploys example of supposed “trans kids” to help adult males elide embarrassment, as described above.

Awesome Cat, AutogynephiliaTruth.wordpress.com 5 Comments [10/20/2018 8:40:09 PM]
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Submitted By: WarGoatHK417

Quote# 141011

They marry arab women to please their families, who demand that she's a 20 year old clueless virgin who does all the chores and is ready to leave her job and raise his 5 kids. Meanwhile throughout their twneties they fuck white women while still lowkey thinking they're sluts. Arab moids make me wish I was asexual.

Never understood the internalized racism these men hold inside of their heads. Even the media in my country is filled with cherry-picked actresses who appear very white in comparison to the rest of the population. How do you expect the average middle eastern girl to look like a white stacy?

throwitallawayayy, r/TruFemcels 1 Comments [10/20/2018 9:18:17 PM]
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Quote# 140988

[SuicideFuel] Bigger dicks experience more sexual pleasure than smaller ones

So all of us low test incel sub-humans with our smaller penises don't just merely fail to arouse women with our laughable bodies and dicks, but even if we could get laid somehow it won't even feel as good anyway.

When doctors or other experts are asked about the matter they will give some bullshit PC reply like "oh but smaller dicks have their nerves cramped together in a smaller area while for bigger dicks its more spread out so it actually doesn't feel so different blah blah blah" but all that its crap. Its basically no different from when they say women don't care about penis size. It's just bullshit people say to make themselves feel better.

The simple and obvious reality is this: Bigger dick=a larger area to experience pleasure on.

Not to mention the obvious reality that fucking is probably easier if your small dick isn't constantly falling out of her vagina which also helps big dickers experience more pleasure indirectly.

They also probably experience stronger orgasms as well because their greater sexual diphormism means they have bigger balls and more cum to blast out of their fuck sticks when they explode their shit.

So how does that make all of you framecel micropenis sub-human piece of shits feel? How do you feel knowing that you will never experience the same pleasure as chad and his gigacock even when masturbating?

Think about that the next time you look at your hideous disgusting sub-human framecel micropenis incel body in the mirror.

Disillusioned, incels.me 15 Comments [10/18/2018 6:02:33 AM]
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Quote# 140985

Re: GenderCritical

What do you think of that sub?

I like their peak trans threads. A lot of the world is kowtowing to moids who simply say they are women, and that supposedly is the end of that discussion. Like even bringing up how a disproportionate number of trans are narcissists, have horrible abhorrent views on women, and who become "trans" after being addicted to anime sissy trap porn is taboo as fuck now. It's like they have a force field that deflects and contorts any criticism.

Calling them the "mirror of incels" would be pretty dismissive though, a lot of them have been actually abused both physically and mentally by men, or grew up around women who were. The worst thing that happened to an average dry dick incel is there wasn't enough thin white becky and stacies to go around lmao, or they were bullied by MEN. I'm not surprised to see incels screaming bloody rage over being subjected to the same hate and generalizations that they give to women though lmfao.

That said, G_C is cliquish and a lot of posters are major assholes who would probably scream in your face IRL if you said a misogynistic joke. I guess they have to be since the entire world pretty much hates their idealogy (trans target them, men target them because they dont like the idea that porn ruined their brain, liberals hate them for not supporting sex workers and trans, conservatives dont like that they are pro choice, etc etc)

I don't agree with them when it comes to trans women. Though I do understand the subs definition of "gender" being just sex ie male, female. And gender being social.

What I love about the sub is that they're open to questioning and discussing everything. In more liberal feminist circles, make-up, porn, potentially dangerous kinks, sex work and Islam are strictly off limits. Talking about gendered trends and origins is apparently the same as calling a woman evil for participating? I personally feel that Feminism is more about liberation than just choice, I choose to wear make-up from time to time but it has nothing to do with liberation. It doesn't help anyone other than myself. Heck, it doesn't even help me. I chose to spend money on it when that could have been put in a savings account, I just enjoy different shades of purple.

Then there's the fact that you can genuinely talk about international women's rights without anti-feminist men, who don't care about those women, using them as an anti-feminist chess piece. They don't pander to Islamic patriarchy like a lot of liberal feminists do under the guise of "intersectionality."

They have nothing to do with incels. I know the drama sub jokingly calls them femcels but it doesn't really make sense, they always talk about their boyfriends and ex's.

AsleepMaterial & RareSorbet, r/AskTruFemcels 2 Comments [10/18/2018 5:59:48 AM]
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Quote# 140961

To think, this day in age, it’s more likely in a child’s mind that a boy’s parents are encouraging him to run around calling himself a girl than a girl simply has a short haircut.

Had my parents conceived me in the late '90s or later in an anglo-saxon country, I would be transed now!

Omnia_Senteziosa, /r/GenderCritical 3 Comments [10/18/2018 5:53:05 AM]
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Quote# 134435

Almost nowhere an 18 year old could have a sexual affair with a 12 year old, today.

This beautiful couple’s life would have been utterly destroyed

One can only imagine how many couples lives get destroyed by these age of consent laws.

How many girls end up unhappy with young immature boys because for older men she is taboo jail-bait. Or they end up with irresponsible low life older men, the only ones that would risk getting involved with jail-bait.

Human-Stupidity, Political Correctness (PC), Taboos, Dogmas, Religion make even the Intelligent blind, irrational, "stupid". 9 Comments [11/22/2017 11:47:41 PM]
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Submitted By: jed kewl

Quote# 140507


Notice how they think we were getting upset about the guy being hot with a hot gf when we were actually getting upset that we wouldn't never have anyone wake us up in the morning with kisses. Just goes to show the blackpill is real and IT only knows how to attack strawmans.

Seriously IT dedicated a sub to hate on the idea of incels that they fucking created lol, r/braincels is simply built on the idea that if your born unattractive your struggle in life is going to be greater than someone born attractive, less than 10% of this sub would advocate rape and murder, NO ONE HERE ACTUALLY BELIEVES WE ARE ENTITLED TO SEX, the members that hate women started doing so after coming here and seeing the facts (even then a lot of us still don’t hate them), not the contrary as they would love to have you believe. My chad/chadlite friends talked openly all throughout school about how women are inferior to men, they don’t deserve equal rights, they don’t deserve respect, feminism is a joke, all woman are stupid, said schooling them is a waste of money and they should stay at home to cook and clean, but they all have relationships or constant hook ups because of their looks. They were all fucking racist too. We simply use this sub to cope and pass the time because society has rejected us, but they can’t even let us have that.

Imagine being told by your parents that you can do anything you set your mind to, then you find out a decent number of people are homeless/in poverty. You tell yourself “it’s their fault” and start attributing negative qualities to them because the idea that you could just as easily be in their shoes scares you. Poor people are now “drug addicts” and “bad with money” or “lazy”. Similarly, we (incels) become anything that it takes for normies to reject the idea that the world isn’t fair or forgiving. Putting us down is their cope.

Fucking hell this says it all about privileged KIDS living in the protective bubble their mommies and daddies built for them. They've never met anyone who has it bad and if they did, they wouldn't associate with them because it might pop that bubble and GASP, prove them wrong.

purpplerainn, blastinum & JustLetTheWorldBurn, r/Braincels 7 Comments [10/15/2018 7:51:20 AM]
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Quote# 140550

91% of Police say a woman in a mini-skirt is far more likely to be raped!

David J. Stewart, Jesus is Savior 7 Comments [10/15/2018 7:51:37 AM]
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Quote# 139445

This happens more often than you guys think.

Spend any amount of time in the adult industry, and you'll see how fucked females truly are.

There is a reason there are 500 female pornstars to 1 male. In fact, tons of female pornstars complain about it, basically, 20 dudes get ALL the pussy in the porn industry.

Women are whores at the core.

vapednationed, r/MGTOW 6 Comments [8/2/2018 3:14:31 PM]
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Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 140967

A husband and wife should be committed to meeting each other's needs. Oftentimes in a marriage, a spouse only gives what they want to give and not what they're supposed to give. Your spouse has needs that you are obligated to meet.

I knew a man who was often angry with his wife because she would do nice things for him, but not what he had asked her to do. The man had asked his wife over and over for years to keep the house clean. She just refused to keep it clean. She kept telling him it would be clean, but she rarely cleaned it. When she baked him a nice cake one day, he thanked her, but reminded her that she had not cleaned the house in quite some time. She became angry with him. And by the way, she was totally wrong to do so. She should have cleaned the house which she had agreed to clean. Her job was being a "homemaker," but she didn't want to make her home.

Doing something nice for your spouse cannot make up for something you were supposed to do.

The same woman I just mentioned went out of her way to surprise her husband on his birthday. She sent out self-addressed and stamped birthday-cards to famous people. She requested for them to sign and mail back the cards, and they kindly did. It was indeed a nice surprise, but again her husband wasn't happy because she had failed to wrap food in the refrigerator, failed to keep the bathroom clean, failed to replace her empty toilet paper roll, failed to clean the yard, failed to do the dishes, et cetera.

Once she didn't rinse the glasses good enough and her husband drank a soda mixed with Ajax bubbles. She had failed to perform her responsibilities, she was lackadaisical about her job. She liked to do the things which she wanted to do for her husband, but not the things that he asked and needed her to do. Her husband told her that he appreciated the birthday cards, but then reminded her that she still had not cleaned the house. Of course, she was unjustly angry again at him.

David J. Stewart, Jesus is Savior 8 Comments [10/18/2018 5:54:05 AM]
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Quote# 140972

(Emphasis mine)

Re: Why have we been more bullied by boys (as children/adolescents) than by girls?

Absolutely reprehensible.. had rocks thrown at me multiple times as well, besides other forms of physical abuse during school years, when was 9 years old, a classmate (although it was a girl) cracked my skull by hitting directly at my forehead with a fairly sharp, sizable rock, took half a year to fully cure.. skull was deformed slightly, but as it grew it became less noticeable, not really visible now, but touching my forehead I can still feel the slight bulge of bone, where I've been hit. Hence why since I was 10-11 (after I've suffered countless of verbal and psychological abuses, as well as being physically assaulted repeatedly, for instance, when was 11 had to walk home almost naked when it was -24 Celcius outside, for they've soaked all my clothes, so walking with them on, would've been even colder.. glad that home was like 400 meters away..), went nowhere but school or to store sometimes, still do to this day, never been to a party/bar/club/vacation not at home, in my entire life since then.

I am sick of children rights, modern society makes me throw up in disgust. School expelling, corporal punishment, conscription, manual labor, children correction facilities must be reinstated, these beasts of no humanity must be excluded from society for good and made to work for it's benefit instead. European Union is backwards, it has failed me and many others. We should look in admiration to the way proud African and Asian nations manage their societies.

BreathlessSky, r/Trufemcels 2 Comments [10/18/2018 5:54:44 AM]
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Quote# 140977

Feminism will be the downfall. When society bends the knee to any of women's wishes, we are doomed. Because women's actions are based solely on emotion, and not rationality or logic. The average women is weak, and also stupid.

There is a reason why, after millennium, men have always been in charge. How could men have kept women down if they are "so strong and independent"? After CENTURIES AND CENTURIES? Women just couldn't start speaking up until now, when life has become so comfortable and convenient?

Jesus. Anybody with brains can see what's going on. Men create. Women destroy.

JFL211, r/MGTOW 2 Comments [10/18/2018 5:57:47 AM]
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Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 140978

All women are repulsed be even the slightest weakness in men. Even their own sons. The same is true for female psychologists and psychiatrists. If you want compassion, get a male psychologist, not a female one.

LimousineLibtard, r/MGTOW 2 Comments [10/18/2018 5:58:22 AM]
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Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 140821

Teen boys, Ford, and #Men G t O W

Let me start by say this incredibly sad. The potential relationships killed before they even begin. Ford deserves to killed by the most sadistic demons imaginable for what she's doing.

She's bringing up something, unsubstantiated, from 36 years ago. She's using a false story to destroy someone, with no witnesses and no evidence. She's setting the precedent for women everywhere who wish to do as she's doing.

Now, for teen boys seeing this, what could they be thinking? Hundreds may be seeing what's going on and being like, if this can happen to Brett, it can happen to me too. What if something happens to me in 35 or 36 years? They're not going to want to take the risk. Seeing how big this has gotten, and with such little, nay, no evidence, it's happening to Brett. And teen boys are like, it can happen to me too.

So they're going to stay away from being involved with teen girls romantically and sexually. Heck, Brett didn't even interact with this woman which makes it more ridiculous! It's a complete fabrication!

Which brings me back to Ford deserving to be slowly pulled apart piece by piece by demons. For the wreckage and unfulfilled future loves she's destroying by doing this. All the potential relationships that will never be because of this bitch Ford.

By setting this precedent, Ford is only encouraging scores of teen boys to #Men G t O W.

Ford's also providing more ad material for the Sex Bot industry than the people working in it ever thought possible.

What are peoples' thoughts on this?

HeraldofDawn777, Godlike Productions 10 Comments [10/8/2018 4:18:03 PM]
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Quote# 140979

Just look at how women were treated during patriarchy. Men never disregarded women's problems and always valued and treated women as fairly as possible. Now look at how feminists and women are treating men when they do not even have full control of the society. God forbid, if they ever get full control, majority of the men will be killed or turned into slaves. Men, on the other hand never have and never will, do such thing to women.

Men gladly sacrifice their lives for women, welcome women into male dominated career fields and support them but women rarely, if ever do the same. Truth is, it is the men who are the noble, righteous, compassionate and loving sex. Sure, there are scumbags who rape and abuse women but the majority of the men aren't like that whereas the reverse is true in case of women.

PorkBomber, r/MGTOW 4 Comments [10/18/2018 5:58:30 AM]
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Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 140953

And I can't even find one woman willing to tolerate me for a date, let alone willing to create a family with me. Seeing women behave like this for a man who doesn't even know they exist makes me question why I haven't killed myself yet.

I mean FFS how many of you guys have ever acted like this towards a woman, famous or otherwise? I can honestly say I have never written anything about a woman like this or catcalled, "involuntarily" or otherwise, yet we are still called misogynistic shit and told to kill ourselves on a regular basis.

I really wish I could die. At this point I would take the most painful cancer if it meant I didn't have to go another year on this planet. It couldn't possibly hurt as bad as this lonliness and knowing I will never have children. god I can't wait to die.

do you not understand the concept of manufactured demand? It's like, so simple.

Is that somehow supposed to make it hurt less? "Manufactured" or not this is what women want. Personality, intelligence, work ethic, ect. are all distant seconds, if they are factored at all.

The fact that we were lied to all our lives, told that women aren't shallow, women prize personality, ect. has ruined the lives of many men. We've spent our lives working ourselves to the bone to find out we will never even remotely be good enough, and it sucks knowing I built a stupid career for nothing when I could have skated by on a part time job and rotted away playing video games or whatever.

Don't let this get to you. Some women obsess over celebrities, some men obsess over celebrities. The majority of people don't really care all that much.

There are over 7 billion people on the planet and millions upon millions of them are just as lonely as you. You're not alone in this loneliness. Every ones just muddling through and trying to find someone they're compatible with. Someone you just get along with.

Sure, it's harder for some people and others seem to jump from one person to the other easily. But you shouldn't compare, we're all on this path together, but every ones taking a different route.

I guess my point is that you matter, you deserve to be loved, and you deserve to be happy. Please don't wish to die because people care about you, hell, I care about you and I don't even know you. You're doing okay.

Take your virtue signalling bullshit and fuck yourself with it.

How are you people so stupid that you don't realize that your "Teehee people love you things will get better" bullshit does more harm than good?

It's partly because of bastards like you that I didn't give up a decade ago. I would have been far, far better off if I had.

I don't think I said things will get better, though I certainly did imply. If you keep pushing people away it's only going to get worse. If you ever want to a friendly chat I'd be happy to talk.

Unless you have a time machine then you have nothing to offer me. I don't know why you think a "friendly chat" with you is worth a damn.

Things can't get any worse so it doesn't matter what I do.

GokuGetEm, r/Braincels 2 Comments [10/18/2018 5:50:31 AM]
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Quote# 140946

There may be hope for the United Cuckdom after all.

We should campaign to have refusing sex to a man a form of misandry. Then foids who turn us down when we approach will be jailed for hate crime.

MayorOfKekville, incels.me 4 Comments [10/16/2018 1:17:30 PM]
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Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 140947

women are the true genetic defectives. lets see here: they bleed 12 months out of the year, they vouch for open borders and are usually annoyingly liberal, they lack jewdar, they have emotional tantrums like children, they go back to abusive husbands, they are annoyingly pro-in group even though its for women themselves, not their ethnic background, they have PMS (major malfunction there), lesbianism is a choice, being a gay man isn't, they lack inner dialogue, I could on for hours but this is what I have so far. oh and they're annoyingly obsessed with shiny things like jews.

IntolerantSocialist, incels.me 11 Comments [10/16/2018 1:18:07 PM]
Fundie Index: 4
Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 140951

Cunt faced pieces of pig shit that spout this shit and think they're clever should be shot in the head and then banned
Half these cunts aren't even suicidal themselves, so they dont know what the fuck they're talking about. Their NT brain cant imagine how depressing seriously contemplating suicide is. Hurr durr if u were really sooisidal ud alredy b ded

Let's see how easily you "pull the trigger" when you not only have to fight against your survival instinct, but you're think about the real life ramifications of your death. Of how it would devastate your family. Let's see how you enjoy feeling like everything you do is pointless when you are thinking of ending it in the not so distant future. They dont give a fuck. They just see suicidal people as entertainment. Fucking edgy shitstains think they look so cool being a callous asshat.

Indari, Incels.is 1 Comments [10/18/2018 5:50:11 AM]
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Quote# 140969

Re: How do i deal with only having the motivation to not be ugly and fat for a boy even though i dont want to do it for them?

Argh, i hate being human. I know most of them out there are stacy chasing moids who are so shallow. But i cant help but want to feel loved somehow. The thing is, i have a loving family, i never had any issues there. I even feel guilty for how much they are behind even though im such a failure. I guess i kind of have friends, well a couple but they arent full femcel like me. They're normies.

But i still think of some boy out there who will truly like me and care about me. And i want to start loving myself and feeling pretty and not looking in the mirror and going blergh for that person. And i hate it. I hate feeling this way. I just wish i was a robot. So i could accept myself and not care about those idiots. I just want to be free, but every time i close my eyes i picture myself holding hands with someone with a stupid boy. I see love that my family and friends cant give.

Do you ladies feel this way? Is there cope? Help ):

Yeah. It's a crazy feeling isn't it? That's so difficult when you're sexual. The thirtiness of wanting attention from the opposite sex is so powerful. Whether it's from your father's love or a boyfriend's love, we seem to need it for some type of growth or self esteem. Stacy's are funny in the same aspect. They say they dress up for other women or for themselves but deep down they know their looks have some importance on their life.

What you seek is reassurance, love, attraction from other people- all of that makes you feel useful in life. As sad as that is, you're not alone.

It's similar to how people lose weight. The main thing that people comment on is how pretty they turned out to be, not that they are healthy or less prone to heart disease. Which explains how skinny fat people get away with so much. Their skinny, and thats all that matters.

Let me get this straight. You acknowledge that moids are superficial pieces of shit but the only motivation you have is to subject yourself to becoming attractive to superficial pieces of shit and living up to superficial standards so you can be wanted by a superficial piece of shit, although you hate superficial pieces of shit?

You can start by not giving a shit about moids. Don’t get some of you.

AustisticWinchester & APieceOfFemShit, r/Trufemcels 1 Comments [10/18/2018 5:54:21 AM]
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Re: Moid prefers to submit itself to abusive but beautiful girlfriend for 6 years rather than date his looksmatch. When they're not perpetrating violence themselves, they're enablers.

Your title is victim blaming. Abuse is a real thing, and nobody really "prefers" to be abused.

He does mention himself within the first paragraph of his post that despite all of those things that she was ‘very beautiful’ and seems to place emphasis on this throughout the post. Surely it would be reasonable to infer that he stuck around with her mainly because he considered her to be very beautiful. Is it really victim blaming to say that? We aren’t denying that she treated him abusively nor are we denying that she seems like a very screwed up person but I think it is fair to say that he let it continue because he considered her to be beautiful.

hawkgrl, r/Trufemcels 1 Comments [10/18/2018 5:54:51 AM]
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