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The relevancy of this post will probably be moot by the time it’s published, but I’ve made some points about our current climate of anti-sex prudishness that deserve consideration, so here ya go.

I’m glad Trump came out in support of Roy Moore. The man’s travails — stoked to an incomprehensibly vitriolic froth by Nasty Womanhood, Inc and the Jewish Interest Media — are emblematic of the man-hating culture that suffuses us. Do I think it’s a leetle weird for a 30 year old man to actively seek to date late teenage girls? Sure, but it’s not criminal (not as long as AOC varies state-to-state from age 14 to 17….I can’t take a statutory crime seriously if all it requires is a hop across the state border to decriminalize the charge), and certainly not worthy of national coverage knowing that it would hardly have made the local news in the 1970s (which really could have been a millennia ago given how much American culture has changed since then).

30-year-old Roy Moore’s preference for teenage love isn’t a radical aberration or departure from the spectrum of normal male sexuality. It’s out on the tails of normal male sexuality, but not off the curve into abnormality where actual paraphilias (e.g., pedophilia, necrophilia, bestiality) exist. NEWSFLASH: Men prefer young women, at minimum younger women than themselves, and men with power and social status that are naturally attractive to women will be better able and willing to fulfill their desire. At the margins, this means there will be HSMV older men who will date 17 year old Southern Roses, and some of those men will be actively pursuing a marriageable young woman with plenty of residual reproductive value to provide him with the large family he wants.

Roy Moore has four children with his wife of forty years. As far as we know, he has been faithful to her the whole time, and she adores him. His wife is fourteen years younger than him. This indicates that his youthful exuberance pursuing teen girls was part of a conscious desire he had at the time to find his One True Girl and marry her.

As long as there are teenage women with shapely figures telegraphing the opening of their prime fertility windows….


…there will be men of all ages ogling them. Some of those men will have the mate value and the immunity to social expectation to win one over as his own. Roy Moore’s preferences were within the sphere of normal, naturally evolved male sexuality. To dumbly conflate his dating history with that of pedophiles and pervert potted plant masturbators cajoling actress whores with a bit of the ol’ quim pro quo, is a slanderous joke and reveals a deep-seated discomfort with and spite toward the Darwinian contours of male sexuality and male romantic longing.

FYI it’s not all that unusual or uncommon for an adult man to get tripped up by the apparent age of an especially voluptuous teen woman. Unless a man is in the habit of asking all 0.7 waist-hip ratio women for their IDs, there’s a chance one of them might conceal being a barely legal vixen.

Related, some men (maybe Moore) either physically age more slowly or retain a light-heartedness of spirit that belies their age, which both makes them more attractive to and more attracted to younger women. It’s not the rule, but it’s a fairly notable exception.

Say what you will about Roy Moore, at least his girls agreed to date him (even if they retconned a discomfort 40 years later). The Synagogue of Seediness doesn’t bother with the formality of mutual agreement, they just passive-aggressively jam tongues down throats “to rehearse our lines”.

In sum, if you believe every recollected detail of the ancient allegations, only one woman at the time was underage (barely) when Moore asked her out on a date, shared consensual 2nd base foreplay with her, and drove her home when she wanted to leave. The rest of his “accusers” — aka bitter aged cows who regret not being the woman Moore married, all of whom with shitty personal relationship histories and connections to thecunt’s #SheMenstruated cat lady symposium, retconning their bloom of youth trysts with Moore into criminal acts — were legal age at the time of the alleged May-December violation of the feminist code of acceptable intersexual conduct.

You may think it’s icky for a grown man to consensually date barely legal teen girls, but that doesn’t make it criminal. There was a time when, while not quite the social norm, such couples weren’t all that unusual and nobody much blinked an eye when they encountered one. We all know of our own or someone else’s great-grandparents with big age gaps who started popping out kids when great-grandmama was seventeen.

I doubt Moore’s janey-come-lately accusers really were all that scandalized by his come-ons in 1977. Here’s a rule of thumb I use to determine the validity of a woman’s sexual misconduct accusation: If she waits more than ten years to tell anyone about it, she wasn’t all that bothered by the infraction when it occurred. If she waits forty years, it’s a political hit job exploiting a radically changed anti-sex feminist cunt climate.

But it is fair to ask why Moore would, if reports based on memories of contemporaries from forty years ago are accurate to the tiniest detail (they’re not), pursue questionable if mutually consensual age-disparate relationships with teenagers to the exclusion of older women, and risk the specter of social ostracism. Some say it’s because Moore was emotionally stunted and socially awkward — a 1970s proto-sperg — who wanted a deferential and awestruck teenage woman for company unlikely to challenge his self-conception or strain his capacity for mature adult banter.

Maybe, but probably not. I think he just liked ’em ripely hot, and didn’t much care about “relationship complementarity” as de-sexed ür-bugman Will Wilkinson might put it. This notion, held dear by both white knights and feminists, that men who date younger women are secretly intimidated by strong, independent, empowered older women is why I say betacels and bitterbitches have a lot more in common than they’d willingly admit.

Psychologically emasculated white knights who gripe about “power imbalances” in the workplace between male bosses and female subordinates, or in society between older high status men and younger inexperienced women, can’t seem to fathom or accept the reality that female sexual desire is different than male sexual desire, and women are typically attracted to powerful men. Two to tango, chumps. Men are aroused to provide for and protect vulnerable, deferential women, and women are aroused by strong men to whom they can safely and happily defer. Even to whom they can submit. Perfectly equal relationships are also perfectly passionless relationships. Sexual polarity is the lube of love. Male power and female admiration provide the sexual frisson that magnifies feelings of love and creates a solid foundation up;on which to build up a lifelong commitment.

Other theories for Moore’s focus on finding a teen fiancee that I’ve read hold more weight for me.


Character matters, and it looks to me that Moore’s accusers have the lowest of character, which rightly calls into question their veracity. Their low character doesn’t disprove their allegations, but it certainly is a leading indicator that they’re telling lies, or at best telling politically embroidered quasi-truths.


Well, you know, (((comedians))) get a special dispensation. (For the record, I have no problem with Jerry Seinfeld dating a legal 17 year old hottie. Men work hard to acquire status, fame and power FOR JUST THIS SORT OF OPPORTUNITY.)


That’s one of the better analyses of Moore I’ve read. He had an epic case of blue balls, and he wanted that feeling of young love that was denied him for so long. Are we going to lynch the man for that? If so, then you may as well criminalize men and castrate us all, because our dicks and our hearts aren’t going to cooperate with the anhedonic low T androgynarchic shrewtopia the hag collective wants to impose on society.

The next #resistance narrative is taking shape. Already I have shitlib acquaintances telling me, “How is it Ok that Trump can get away with groping women but no one else can?” You knew this was coming. Frankenwinestein was the sacrificial lamb to the gods of NeverTrump.

I’m near certain that Dem leaders and Cuckryans sat down with Frankenstien and said “Look Al, the photo is bad, you’re gonna have to resign, but look at it this way, you’ll go down a martyr, we’ll use your sacrifice to take down Moore and Trump. This is how you can do the most good.”

It’s pretty clear to me that the leftoid fuggernaut, caught off-guard by Pedowood, scrambled to segue from Chosen perversion to smearing the good names of Gentile anti-establishmentarians. Jizz up the waters enough and people forget who the worst perps are.

That’s why I have been consistent in my assessment of these decades-old sexual harassment allegations: mostly a bunch of Regret Fling griping from post-Wall women with a few genuine victims sprinkled in to give the moral panic a veneer of legitimacy. NeverForget that the overwhelming majority of these sex abuse accusations have been leveled against male feminist shitlibs, so what we are seeing is a moral panic started by shitlibs and feminists that they are DESPERATE to enlarge beyond the scope of the ghetto of male shitlib perverts.

Libs trying to tie Trump to #MeToo should be made aware of their telling silence and support when Hillary was running smear campaigns against Bill Clinton’s accusers. And in Bill’s case, one of the women, Juanita Broadderick, has been saying since day one he raped her.

It would be funny if, after every GOP establishment eel turned on Moore and the combined force of the jewish interest media lobbed their artillery at him, he still won. Biggest middle finger to the Globohomo Uniparty and to Schoolmarm Feminism this side of Trump’s election.


When you accept that the GOPe cuck elite really truly hate the heartland Americans they pretend to represent, you’ll understand their behavior and be able to predict their future actions. The Uniparty is real, and they are feeling the heat. Moore, please.

CH, Chateau Heartiste 10 Comments [12/13/2017 4:09:00 AM]
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Femoid organisms have nothing in value to say at all. Why their irrelevant and useless opinions/views are regarded in high manner is something which bewilders me to this day. We are talking about a bunch of creatures that does not have the intellectual capacity to give an opinion that is valuable to anyone in any sort of manner. Anything that comes out of their cum ridden mouths is always a complete lie since not only are they are pathological liars, but the truth is their enemy. Which is why, getting any form of advice or suggestion from these bitches is nothing but futile. False hope and delusion is the only thing these cunts will give you with the absolute shit they say, and they are very good at it as well. Honestly, if cum dumpsters want to help us they should shut their mouths and spread their legs for us; which is the only thing these skanks are good for.

Lookismisreal, Incel.life 10 Comments [12/13/2017 7:12:22 AM]
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What is the youngest you'll fuck if there's no age of consent? I find 12yo attractive and I don't feel like a pedo at all. Some of them look really grown up.

jesus man, how could you even feel attraction towards a kid.

If she's attractive I feel attraction. 100 years ago in a non-cucked society it was ok to fuck a 12yo.

What the fuck dude? You realise r/cucktears will use this as proof we are all pedos?

Why the fuck do you want to fuck a 12 year old child?

Why do you care about opinion of those idiots? And 12yo is far from being a child. I at that age was ready to fuck all of my attractive teachers and girls hit puberty even sooner.

Yeah, 12 is below AoC in almost every country. And really, that would only turn them into whores even faster.

Age of consent means nothing. It was made only to somehow secure the virginity of an unmarried girl. If she was married sex was allowed anyway no matter her age was.


But whores don't really get more mature with age. When they hit age of 13 only thing they develop further are tits.

There is a disturbing number of people here saying 12-14.

there is a disturbing number of cucks who think it's wrong

gay_fag, Incels.me 12 Comments [12/11/2017 3:09:40 AM]
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Damn, I realize that this is so much longer than I intended it to be. Sorry! So I used to be someone in support of trans people, I actually found it inspiring that trans people were willing to flout convention and be whoever they wanted to be despite what society says they should be. To me it represented the dawn of a future of acceptance and freedom. I fully bought into the idea that they are trapped in the wrong body and that they are the gender that they believe they are. The very first thing that popped that naive bubble was when I realized that the only trans people that you see in the media, the only ones who are getting support and respect, are trans women.

I thought to myself, why, since men are the ones with power in society, is it not trans men who are visible, leading the movement? I asked this question on another internet forum, and someone answered simply, the reason trans women are getting respect is because they are actually men, and the reason trans men are virtually invisible is because they are actually women. At that moment I had the uncomfortable realization that despite having transitioned, trans people are still afforded the amount of privilege and respect, or lack thereof, that the sex they were born with accrues. That was the first small puncturing of the rosy bubble.

Then I became friends with a guy who had previously identified as trans. He was no longer trans when I met him, but there was still so much cognitive dissonance going on. The following is going to be a rant about him that I need to get off my chest. He told me when we met that he was in depression in his teens and 20s because he wanted to be a girl and that he almost transitioned in his mid 20s, but didn’t go through with it because he realized that he wouldn’t pass as female transitioning this late in life. At first, I found the story interesting and felt bad that he had felt trapped in the wrong body for so long and had hated himself.

But… then I realized that a lot of things didn’t add up. I had always thought that most TIM are trans because they have typically feminine interests, feminine mannerisms, are often gay etc…. but he had none of this whatsoever. He is masculine, there is NOTHING feminine about him. Had he actually transitioned he would have been the butchest woman alive. I asked him about this and he said, “well, I thought I’d just be a tomboy girl.” His interests, way of moving and speaking, way of communicating and relating to the world, to women, EVERYTHING about him was stereotypically nerdy heterosexual male. He told me that he didn’t start to desire to be a girl till he was 11 or 12.

I also found it odd that he watches almost exclusively typical straight male sci-fi and superhero movies. For example he loved the creepy male fantasy film Passengers. If he actually feels like a woman, shouldn’t he be identifying with the female characters in movies, not the male characters? If so, why does he only watch movies that are from male perspectives, where the women aren’t fully fleshed out and are viewed as romantic/sex objects? Despite being a typical guy, he viewed himself as feminine. He would ask me, am I feminine, is my face feminine? When I would tell him, no, there’s nothing feminine about you, you are masculine. No, you’re face isn’t feminine, he’d become offended.

I went to a ladies night at a club with him, and I realized that it was inappropriate for him to be there and I told him this. His response was, “you don’t get it, I don’t feel like a man, and maybe there are some bisexual women at the club” I said very firmly to him, that it doesn’t matter how HE feels, he IS a man, and therefore it’s not appropriate for him to be there and even if there are bisexual women there, they didn’t go to a ladies night to meet men. I tried to explain to him that sometimes women just want to be with other women and away from men. He protested that it was unfair to exclude him and that he didn’t believe in gender anyway. Then the whole controversy over the female-only screenings of Wonder Woman came up. I chatted with him about it and he said, “when you’re othered by a group, you suddenly feel very disconnected and isolated from them.” This just astounded me that he is protesting about being othered by a group that he IS other to! You’re not a woman!

When I met him, I thought that the fact that he had considered himself a woman for so long would make him more sensitive and understanding of women, I was wrong. His so-called feeling like he’s a woman had NOTHING to do with identifying with actual women. If it did, he would watch movies with female protagonists, he’d have female friends etc. He would have felt himself a girl pre-puberty. Instead his desire to be a woman came from sexual fantasies, he told me how he would watch porn and imagine himself as the woman.

His insistence that female-only places are discriminatory comes from a complete lack of understanding of what it’s like to be a woman in the world. It is not discriminatory for women to want spaces where we can actually feel free, because like it or not, we are always restricted when around men because they are stronger and more aggressive than women, and are often looking for sex from women. Even a town with only females, or a business that hired only women, would not be discriminatory, because women are placed at that much of a disadvantage to men, just because of our biology. He didn’t understand any of this.

His insistence to be included in something he doesn’t belong in shows a lack of respect for women and our experiences. His belief that he’s feminine comes from a denial of actual women, who are the ones who are actually feminine. There are some men who are feminine, but he was not one of them. If he had knowledge of the way women relate to others, move around the world, engage in conversation, he would realize he isn’t feminine, but I guess he had never observed women closely enough to realize he isn’t like the majority of them. His trans-ness didn’t come from feeling like a woman in any way. That was all bullshit. It came from his own narcissistic desire, with a total lack of acknowledgement of actual women and that we are in fact different from him.

This made me realize how dangerous denying gender/sex is. Gender/sex affects all of us. With small exceptions, there are two kinds of humans, and the experience of being the two kinds are very different. His denial of this is childish and self-serving. He was a pretty cool guy in many ways, but this was a wedge that couldn’t be surmounted. This friendship made me realize that a denial of gender also means a denial of feminist issues. At the women’s march, there was a group of girls holding up a sign saying, “men are afraid that women will laugh at them, women are afraid that men will kill them”. I pointed to the sign and said it was true. He became offended. I told him I wasn’t talking about him at all, but that it IS a reality of being a woman. He just wouldn’t have it, he thought I was trying to make him feel bad about being male by pointing out that sign. I wasn’t trying to make him feel bad, I was just pointing out a sign that was true, should I have held back because he’s a guy and his feelings might get hurt? How are we supposed to have a conversation as a society about rape, sexual harassment, and violence, when men whine that their feelings are hurt when you point out that men do the majority of these things?

Since then I have also come to realize that a lot of people who transition do so because they don’t feel accepted as a gay person. For example, the singer Charice who has transitioned to being a man. When she first transitioned, I felt happy for her, because I thought she was finally getting to be her true self. Then someone pointed out the amount of abuse she got when she came out as a butch lesbian, and that transitioning to male was probably her attempt to escape that abuse. I am not inside Charice’s head, so I can’t say with certainty what is motivating her, but I think that person was probably right and that makes me very sad. So all of this combined with recent attempts to erase the word woman to say “person’s with uteruses” and the push to get anyone who identifies as trans on female sports teams etc etc, has made me realize this trans/ a-gender movement is erasing women, erasing us a category, erasing the protections we have, erasing gay people. I have realized that it is not a progressive movement at all, but another form of males getting to do whatever the hell they want at the expense of women.

mangosplumsgrapes, r/GenderCritical 3 Comments [12/13/2017 3:45:40 AM]
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Submitted By: Katie

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DEAR BLACKCELS: if you havent tried being a "THUG" you are 100% volcel

seriously, do pushups/situps for 3 months, put on a wifebeater and a durag.. roll some blunts, make a soundcloud, put the link in your bio on tinder/insta whatever--- you are guaranteed to find femoids that want to smash you simply because you fill their niche

asdfcel, Incels.me 4 Comments [12/11/2017 3:09:00 AM]
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Submitted By: The Reptilian Jew

Quote# 134969

Hairy femoids actually pride themselves in being "empowered" and "rebellious" just because they grow their body hair. We all know what's the cause of this: feminism. I've seen massive campaign videos going around the internet where celebrities and all these delusional, lunatic beef curtains encouraging femoids how it's "beautiful" and "empowering" if you grow the hair in your armpits, vagina and legs; and being the ignorant sheep femoids are, they follow it. What's more repugnant is that, these fuckers are not only growing their hair in said places, they are also fucking dyeing the hair as well using different colors. Absolute insanity.

Honestly, these cunts are without a doubt, the most revolting, disgusting and sickening creatures I have ever seen in my life. Someone sane should seriously tell these cum dumpsters that no one in their right would find growing pubic hair and dyeing it empowering or beautiful in any sort of manner. They need to drop the feminist delusion and shave that shit. This is not the fucking stone age for fucks sake.

Lookismisreal, incel.life 14 Comments [12/8/2017 7:59:27 AM]
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You are forgetting that the female brain is incapable of connecting cause and effect. If it were, then there would be a mass exodus of women from countries where bad things happen to women, into the West. This is not happening (most immigration to the West is still male).

Anon, Dalrock 6 Comments [12/8/2017 7:59:20 AM]
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Quote# 135022

It should be mandatory for all femoids over eighteen to preserve their anal virginity, in which, all Incels would get the chance to deflower at least one cum dumpsters anal virginity. It does not matter in anyway even if these bitches are either in a relationship or married to someone, they should strictly preserve their anal virginity for Incels at whatever cost. If in someway, a bitch is to disregard this and do as she pleases, she will be lashed harshly multiple times only to be gangraped for not complying.

Lookismisreal, Incels.me 11 Comments [12/10/2017 4:06:59 PM]
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[Why there are more women in biology than other pure sci fields?]

Biology is the easiest science. All you do is memorize your notes. Women aren't capable of logical and rational thinking that is required for Physics and Chemistry.

a-virgin-nigger, Incels.me 14 Comments [12/11/2017 3:09:16 AM]
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Submitted By: The Reptilian Jew

Quote# 135056

First, thank you both SO much for writing this and validating us parents. It is nearly impossible to get proper therapy for children like mine who are suffering when the entire profession has been misguided by their professional associations and the endorsement of the “affirmation only” approach. Add to this the medicalization factor (gender therapist tried to scare me into putting my child on hormones) and this is no innocent passing fad. The indoctrination of entire school systems left me with no choice but to homeschool my daughter. I hope your blog can be submitted broadly to shed some much needed light on what is really going on.

I would love to ask you a specific question about treatment recommendations. My daughter is on the autism spectrum and highly gifted. She beginning identifying as transgender at the age of 13 after attending a school presentation where 5% of the students identify as trans. No signs of BPD or any significant mental health issues or trauma — and definitely heterosexual. I took her (ignorantly) to two gender therapists where all they did was affirm her identity and tried to scare me into putting her on hormones. I did (ignorantly) allow her to socially transition. After (finally) realizing the truth, I no longer support the name change and pronouns and threw away the binder. I withdrew her from school to homeschool.

It has been three long stressful years and she still thinks she is a boy. She sees a therapist who shares my belief, but we are both at a loss as to how to address the gender issue. Do you have any specific recommendations for therapists and parents of ASD teens? The rigid thinking makes this particularly difficult. Some parents I have talked to believe it is important to confront their kids with the truth and show them stories of detransitioners to help dissuade them. Others believe it is better to ignore the gender issue entirely and focus on strengthening the relationship. Any guidance you might recommend would be greatly appreciate.

Thank you again!

FightingToGetHerBack, 4thwavenow 9 Comments [12/10/2017 4:07:04 PM]
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Submitted By: Katie

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Back in the good old days, whenever a man had a daughter, his vision was to raise the creature right with good morals and ethics and prepare it for its future husband; so it could not only be a good wife for its husband but also a good mother for its children. However, as society progressed and became much more decadent, the father figure forgot the role he had to play in his daughters life and how to appropriately raise his daughter without it turning out to become a raging, degenerate slut.

The fathers in this modern degenerate society have clearly lost their way. Not only do they support the degenerate behaviour of their daughters, but they are also completely fine with it. I mean, they are okay with their daughters dressing provocatively in public, they are okay with their daughters whoring themselves for money, they are okay with their daughters putting up half naked pictures on social media applications, they are okay with their daughters getting drunk and acting like total degenerates, they are okay with their daughters promiscuous sex life, they are okay with their daughters losing their virginity to someone who they are not married to, they okay with their daughters having multiple boyfriends and etc. This all is the direct result of fathers becoming ultimate cucks who do not know how to properly discipline their daughters.

Hypothetically speaking: if I was a father and my daughter acted like a complete degenerate slut, I would beat the ever living shit out of it. Not because I hate my daughter, but simply to discipline it and turn it away from temptation so the bitch wouldn't end up a single mother with Chad/Tyrone's spawns. Then again, even if fathers were to do this and raise their daughters in the most appropriate way possible, there is a still high chance of the cunt ending up as a slut since modern society is too corrupt and has things like feminism and other indoctrinating groups to brainwash impressionable femoids. And knowing how weak willed bitches are, they will easily fall to the false teaching of these groups in which will sway them away from all the good they learnt. It's honestly better for these cucks to not to raise any daughters at all.

Lookismisreal, incel.life 14 Comments [12/10/2017 4:04:55 PM]
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Submitted By: Antiincel

Quote# 135043

No, it isn’t an awakening as of yet. It will be an awakening when Americans realize en masse that the idea of gender equality is a remarkably brazen con job.

Bill P, Unz 5 Comments [12/10/2017 4:10:05 PM]
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Quote# 135017

I come from a family of 6 aunts all who chose beta males because they do whatever they say. I was born and am a Chad. My aunts treat me so different. They see how women throw themselves at me and it is what it is. Trust me its better to be Chad. If you want to have a family kids and a crazy wife yelling at you and telling you what to do go for it. Some men need that sort of thing. Ive always been rebellious and got my way with whatever woman I wanted I barely even have to try. Its kinda boring sometimes.

Anonymous Coward, Godlike Productions 8 Comments [12/9/2017 11:06:43 AM]
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Quote# 135046

I hate women and I desire FREEDOM from female oppression the most. I'm sick of feminism, the rape hysteria, "toxic masculinity" shit and all that. I want FREEDOM from female oppression. Oppression is worse than being single.

Red Shambhala, Incels.me 6 Comments [12/10/2017 4:02:24 PM]
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Quote# 135054

@Topshop knows Trans-activists will damage their shops if they don't allow men to change their clothes next to women changing their clothes.

@Topshop also knows women will not damage their shops if they do allow men to change their clothes next to women changing their clothes.

no_name_yet123, Twitter 3 Comments [12/10/2017 4:04:20 PM]
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Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 135057

Thank you for this post. It is absolutely vital that parents know that there is another viewpoint and that they don’t have to quash ALL of their natural parental instincts and agree to permanent, serious medical procedures for their children. I very much agree with you that “trans-supportive” parents sincerely believe they are doing the right thing, but the truth is – they’ve been bullied and buffalo’ed into it by a society that presents only one alternative.

Would parents feel any differently if they understood that NONE of these medical procedures has been subjected to long-term testing and research, and that there is NO evidence that transition will lead to a better long-run outcome for their beloved children? This is also one of the first times I’ve ever heard that someone calmly and rationally expressing a different viewpoint merits a police call. Is it actually that threatening to hear there is another way?

I appreciate your bravery. As a life-long “good girl,” I’m not sure I would have had your courage. I hope that your actions, and this blog post, will at least begin to plant some seeds. Parents must learn that there is a different way here … a way that will involve going against the tide for a while, but will ultimately protect their children’s lives and futures much, much better than transition. Thank you!

worriedmom, 4thwavenow 4 Comments [12/10/2017 4:07:11 PM]
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Quote# 135084

(I am Leaving this Forum. And Also Other Incel/MGTOW forums

I realise i am just tormenting myself coming on here and stressing over shallow issues.
I want to be happy.

Looks and women and forums like this make me unhappy.

So I am going to focus on things which make me happy and healthy.

I hope you guys find peace and happiness as well.)

I've been there, and it's nothing but cope.
You'll be back man, there is no leaving this wretched place.

Cya in an hour bud.

Second Coming:
Only sex will make you happy and healthy, and this will continue to elude you regardless of your presence here or elsewhere online. I wish you the best of luck in future, but denying yourself access to a community of likeminded individuals may not have the positive effect you think it may.

Good riddance normie. Now if only that asshole zyrros could leave then this place would finally become great.

I have done that many times before. Eventually I always come back to this sad bee nest that is our community (first time in incels.me but i used to reddit). You will swallow the blue pill, tell yourself to "do something positive"...you will join the gym, improve your eating, get better clothes.....while telling yourself that "this time will be different, because this time you do it for you, not to be attractive" . Little by little you will notice how all your new goals...whatever they may be, revolve around the one you claim to have forsaken...get a girl.

- I always wanted to play an instrument -> you want to be the guy at parties with the guitar, the one who gets laid
- I go to the gym to be healthy -> you go to the gym like everybody else, to look good.
- I will read more, get more conventional entertainment -> you will notice how once the veil of society has been lifted, it is hard for you to relate to their shit.

Eventually you will notice how unfair it is that, despite all the effort you put, a guy who has to put zero effort, but is attractive, is the one who gets laid. Sure that guy will think he puts effort...but you will know the truth...and that truth will unleash your desire to join us again.

Assorted incels, Incels.me 11 Comments [12/11/2017 3:09:37 AM]
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Committing suicide is always a bigger failure and embarrassment than becoming a hERo and going out in style. You had one life to enjoy and society prevented you from it, don't let females murder you, they will be happy to virtue signal saying you are mentally ill for committing suicide and they would have been happy to help you, is that what you really want? Don't let them get away with their crimes against you, ensure that justice happens.

UniversallyAbhorred, Incels.me 7 Comments [12/8/2017 7:59:41 AM]
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___lor__, Twitter 3 Comments [12/10/2017 4:03:56 PM]
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Find an ingenuous femoid and get her addicted to an opioid like Methadone or Heroin. If you don't use them yourself, you can get the femoid to consent voluntarily to get the drug from you. If she gets addicted to it enough, you can isolate her from close family and friends. You can manipulate her into thinking that they are against her and don't want her to be happy. Again, it will be done voluntarily because she's hooked on the drug for good. You'll have complete power over her through this drug. You can demand sex and oral in return for it.

a-virgin-nigger, Incels.me 12 Comments [12/8/2017 7:59:58 AM]
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Some artists are beyond Crazy. Some of the kids on here (Under 18, you're a kid) are mentally challenged (and I don't mean like Autistic kids and such, I'll explain further along) when it comes to their apparent sexuality.
Look, I have many Gay friends. None of which are Artists (thank the gods) but even THEY think the kids on this site have lost their (BLEEPIN') minds! Just because you're 13 and can post nearly anonymously on DA that you're a Pansexual, or you're a Lesbian, or a gay boy, you are still just that: A girl or a boy!! Not a Woman or a Man, but still a flippin' kid! You have no idea where or what you'll be doing by the time you turn 18. Yet you feel the need to shout to the (artistic) world here, that you are liberated and free, and want to be accepted by the LGBTQ club?

Kiddies, a word from a wizened old man; GROW THE FUCK UP FIRST! Turn 18, have a REAL Relationship that involves having a Same Sex relationship. Especially you Gay boys out there. The first time you strut your stuff into a gay club, and leave with a swinger who's a few years older than you, will be your REAL wake up call...

Good luck surviving that...

And to you Lesbie girls... The first time you run afoul of a Bull Dyke, and she twists you this way and that, you'll seriously rethink your early teen years, and wonder what the F*** were you thinking??

Just an FYI from a guy with a half century under his belt, and friends from all walks of life...

writingscifi65, DeviantArt 1 Comments [12/10/2017 4:03:59 PM]
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Normie thought process KEK

"Aw dude your gf cheated on you?! Dump her ass man you don't deserve that!"

Normie goes and gets a new one who has the exact same tendency to cheat on him. Mental retardation has destroyed the normie's ability to think so he assumes that the next girl will not have sex with other men while he is with her. Not to mention that people will date others from a similar social/interest group and if one woman cheats out of this group chances are all the others do to. So it becomes a circlejerk of men having sex with their own brethren's girlfriends will simultaneously getting cucked by other men. Nobody is in a true relationship it's just cope so that they don't have to realize how fucking DEGeNERATE they are

Brazierlord, /r/incels 10 Comments [4/17/2017 1:14:37 AM]
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Even among fellow Incels Elliot Rodger is a controversial figure, due to some Incels considering him to be a fakecel or a mentalcel. But regardless of what you think about him, you cannot deny the fact that he absolutely did nothing wrong. He was nothing but a victim of the degenerate society; just like the rest of us. The only difference between him and us is that, he took matters into his own hands so he could lash out against the oppressors who bullied, shunned, and mocked him consistently for the things he had no control of.

While things clearly did not go as he planned to, Elliot still managed to take out three normans out of the equation; while the other three being Incels. And because of this, most Incels persecute him, because in their view, he should have not killed the three Incels. My question to them is why? Yes, he should have taken out a bunch of femoids rather than killing some low-tier normans and Incels. But what he actually did was a much more noble than the scenario that he originally planned to follow. Why do I say that? Because he put three Incels out of their misery forever.

If those Incels were still alive I would have no doubt that they would be posting on Incel communities discussing about the femoids nature, the blackpill and whatnot. Just like us, they would also be filled with anger, sadness, hatred and resentness towards this world and wishing everyday that they had the courage to end it by roping themselves. But thanks to Elliot, they didn't have to suffer the afflictions that we have to undergo everyday, due to him offering them salvation.

If I were to be honest, I would gladly meet my death at the hand of the likes of Elliot Rodger. I truly respect him for figuring out the femoid nature and preaching blackpill gospel. He was truly a Saint.

Lookismisreal, incel.life 4 Comments [12/10/2017 12:30:06 PM]
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Lol, I never saw it before. Virginity for a girl is completely by choice. All virgin girls who I talked to (the ones who ghosted me, don't gasp!) all of them said they were socially awkward or shy. They were all far above average looking. None were incel. Femail incels aren't unicorn esque, they cannot incel at all. Most femails claiming to be foreveralone are the fat ugly landwhales who claim they are only sex objects.

Zielony4, Incels.me 1 Comments [12/10/2017 4:03:20 PM]
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Mine was the first generation of women allowed the privilege of unchaperoned tutorials with Balliol’s dons. Will mine also be the last?

Yes, and it should be the last. The grand feminist experiment in sexual equality has failed, brutally. It failed faster than communism. It failed faster than civic nationalism. It failed faster than multiculturalism. Feminism is literally the dumbest, most destructive ideology that has ever been invented, which is no surprise because it was invented by the most neurotic women history has ever known.

And the more we learn about (((Hollywood))) and Washington and Berkeley and London, the more it is clear that not only were those "moral panics" and "sexual hysterias" justified, they were merely scratching the surface of a diseased evil that runs much deeper and wider under the surface of society than most normal Americans realized. Consider the following passage from The Last Closet, in which one member of science-fiction fandom describes the reaction of the Berkeley science-fiction community to the public behavior of Marion Zimmer Bradley's husband.

[Excerpt about Marion Zimmer Bradley's husband]

What I have learned from editing Moira Greyland's book is that where there is sulfuric smoke of this nature, there is not merely a fire, there is a raging inferno. What is really worse for women, sacrificing a few career opportunities for the evolutionary dead ends in the workplace or sacrificing women as young as three to the depraved appetites of sexual predators?

Vox Day, Vox Popoli 11 Comments [12/8/2017 11:22:05 AM]
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