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Evil Has A Bad Sense Of Humour Award

Quote# 139896

Heroic Bitch Who Pushed Other Bitch Off a Bridge Said That Shit was Lolz as Fuck

You know, I can really respect this mindset.

Pushing some bitch off a bridge is fucking hilarious.

Why is it illegal?

If we’re going to legalize marijuana, surely we can legalize pushing sluts off of bridges.

Fox News:

An 18-year-old woman said she “didn’t think about the consequences” before pushing her 16-year-old friend off a bridge that was 60 feet high — equivalent to six stories — in Washington state last week.

Her friend, Jordan Holgerson, suffered several broken ribs and an injured esophagus and trachea after falling into the river.

“I thought she would be fine,” the teen, Taylor Smith, told ABC News’ “Good Morning America” on Friday. Smith has been charged with reckless endangerment, according to ABC News, a charge that is punishable by up to a year in jail and up to $5,000 in fines.

Earlier this month, a video that showed Holgerson being pushed off a bridge at the Lewis River at Moulton Falls Regional Park in Vancouver went viral on social media before it was removed.

That shit was ultimo lolz.

Gotta admit.

I hate women and don’t think they’re funny, but that was truly hilarious.

Pushing stupid bitches off of bridges is like, a classic joke. Like a fart joke or a joke about someone’s dick.

It is eternal.

It will always be hilarious to push some bitch off a bridge.

If there is one thing we need more of, it is more stupid skanks getting pushed off bridges.

Andrew Anglin, Daily Stormer 15 Comments [8/18/2018 1:13:47 PM]
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Quote# 139890

there is no demand for men at all

lets look at the dating market from an economical standpoint.
you have a chain of supply (lets say men) and consumers which are woman.
now according to the blackpill chads get 80% of all sex. which is debatable.
well if that was true, you wouldn't have incel chads. (a rare phenomena but can still happen from time to time).
iv seen incels who are 1-8 on the looks scale. i mean, the variation of this can occur at almost every level of looks if we measure it on a scale
check websites like pof,match,tinder,loveme etc. the guys who post there are not all losers. alot of them have great jobs, good cars and decent looks.
but still, they would be lucky to get a reply back from a female. why? because there is no demand.

all of the blackpill theory stands on the basis woman are equally interested in relationships as men are. which is a claim that needs to be re-examined

jet112, incels.me 3 Comments [8/18/2018 8:37:10 AM]
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Submitted By: Pharaoh Bastethotep

Quote# 139907

Could deepfakes be a partial solution in the future

As we know, foids are obsessed with showing off. You can find their photos anywhere so obtaining the material wouldn't be hard. This deepfakes thing that made the news ages ago could be a potential solution to combat women and their degenerate activities. Not only would it diminish their individual value after you create any custom material using their image, but it could also be used to blackmail or embarrass them. An absolute bonus is that foids would never in their life want us to have real visual material of them getting fucked, they hate knowing we think about them during fap time as it is. Considering you'd have hundreds of thousands of bodies to choose from, it not being their body wouldn't matter so much.

If I had a computer good enough, i'd probably look more into it and would probably use it to intimidate, blackmail or embarrass some roasties whenever possible. It would be good to mix it up, instead of using something like a knife or a machete to threaten these whores, I could just use CGI shit every now and then to humiliate and degrade them even more than they already do so themselves.

FrailPaleStaleMale, incels.me 4 Comments [8/18/2018 2:59:58 PM]
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Submitted By: Pharaoh Bastethotep

Quote# 139871


Roastie is a word for insufferable women that makes fun of something women can't change without extremely invasive surgery: their labia. Implying their labia looks like roast beef. This is in response to women who height shame men as men cannot change their height. The difference is that men generally don't give any actual fucks about women's labias and it's just a joke feminists claim to be upset about. While women give enormous fucks about the height of men, usually refusing to date any men shorter than them. Again, height being something men can't change without even more invasive surgery than a labiaplasty.

Incel Wiki, Incel Wiki 6 Comments [8/17/2018 12:06:22 PM]
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Submitted By: Pharaoh Bastethotep

Quote# 139872

Women's Rights Are Destroying America!

Feminism, the "right to commit adultery," is an abomination before God!

- Granting women legal rights precipitated a fifty fold increase in the US divorce rate.

- Implementing the "family law act of 1970" caused the divorce rate to jump almost 40% in just one year.

- 21 million Americans died as a direct result of this increased divorce rate, including one million divorce related suicides and one million divorce related homicides in the 20th Century alone.

- 8 million of these deaths were due solely to the 44% increase in the premature mortality rate of the children of divorce.

- Altogether, feminists cost 55,000,000 American Lives in the Twentieth Century.

- Our divorce rate is four times higher than countries like Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan--and Afghanistan!

- Feminism, the "right to commit adultery", is an abomination before God!

In the four minutes it will take you to read this page, eighteen more fellow Americans will be divorced, and nine will die as a direct result of that divorce, which means that giving American women legal rights was tantamount to mass genocide. The US Surgeon General reports that divorce is a bigger health risk to men than smoking tobacco. The Centers for Disease Control report that divorce triples the risk of suicide. Twelve different scholarly studies demonstrate that divorce significantly increases the premature mortality of fathers, mothers, and the children of divorce.

Divorce and illegitimacy put almost half of the nation's children in fatherless households where they are up to 73 times more likely to be fatally abused. One child of divorce dies prematurely for each 15 divorces in the US. The increased divorce rate in the US killed 21 million Americans in the 20th Century alone. Each additional one hundred divorces nationwide parallels five additional suicides, ten additional murders, twenty additional rapes, and three hundred more men in prison. The fifty fold increase in the US divorce rate paralleled a ten fold increase in the murder rate and a seventeen fold increase in the incarceration rate.

Divorce contributed to the increase in the percent of US managers and administrators who are women from 19% to 43%, which decreased the purchasing power of the average American family by two thirds. It caused a $7 trillion increase education spending at the same time that SAT Scores decreased 98 points, putting the US DEAD LAST in TIMSS. It contributed to the US having the industrial world's only negative Personal Savings rate, reducing the net worth of the average American household to a negative $77,000 each. It contributed to our record high personal and corporate bankruptcy filings.

Worldwide, each additional one hundred divorces parallels two additional suicides, one additional murder, six additional rapes, thirty three additional armed robberies, and puts one hundred more men in prison.

Feminism, the "right to commit adultery", the unwarranted demand for legal rights for women, the root cause of divorce, an abomination before God, must be outlawed and female criminals must be punished. Blind dumb feminists cannot point to one single economic or social statistic with pride and say "It was all worth it".

David J. Stewart, Jesus is Savior 6 Comments [8/17/2018 11:14:36 AM]
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Quote# 139875

Men brought and are bringing us progress

Such a Spiegel (a German magazine) can be a rewarding source. Not only the article from Sundayevening is based on a Spiegel article. The article “The Gearloose Dilemma” sounds like the title of a “Big Bang Theory” episode and indeed, it is about technology, or rather about the ones who brought us technological progress: Men!

[Long list of inventions by year]

I am really astounded that no one at Der Spiegel noticed that there is not a single woman on the list. Oh, where are they, the female spearheads in technology, science and research? Who brought our society to where we are now? Men have at all turned towards problems to solve them and to bring society forward. Where are the female Zuckerbergs (Facebook), the female Larry Ellisons (Oracle Databases), the female Bill Gates (Microsoft), the female Jeff Bezos (Amazon)?

And before some Informatics-SJW screams “Ada Lovelace” (1815-1852, daughter of Lord Byron, co-worker of Charles Babbage and known as the first programmer): Compared to Alan Turing or Konrad Zuse, she is a rather small light.

Her great “accomplishment” was to write a computer program for the calculation of Bernoulli-numbers for a machine by Charles Babbage that was never built.

Alan Turing, on the other hand, developed the most important model of computing in theoretical mathematics in the form of the “Turing Machine”. A Turing machine models the workings of a Computer in a particularly easy and mathematically well-analysable way.

Conrad Zuse build over 200 computers throughout his life, among them, during World War 2, the famous Z3, the world’s first programmable computer

But at least, a computing language was named after Ada Lovelace which was supported by the American military and which today probably no one uses anymore outside of weapon systems and in critical high-security environments. (In contrast to C/C++, which was already developed by Bjarne Stroustrun in 1979 and is one of the most important programming languages even today.)

@Original German:
Männer brachten und bringen uns den Fortschritt

So ein Spiegel kann eine dankbare Quelle sein. Nicht nur der Artikel vom Sonntag Abend basiert auf einem Spiegelartikel. Der Artikel „Das Düsentrieb-Dilemma“ ist auch eine dankbare Basis für einen kleinen Blogeintrag. „Das Düsentrieb-Dilemma“ klingt wie der Titel einer Folge „Big Bang Theory“ und tatsächlich geht es um Technik, beziehungsweise darum, wer uns den technischen Fortschritt gebracht hat: Männer!

Ich wundere mich wirklich, dass dem Spiegel gar nicht aufgefallen ist, dass keine einzige Frau in der Liste ist. Wo sind sie nur, die weiblichen Speerspitzen in Technik, Wissenschaft und Forschung? Wer hat unsere Gesellschaft dahin gebracht wo sie heute ist? Männer haben sich zu allen Zeiten Problemen zugewandt um diese zu lösen und die Gesellschaft voranzubringen. Wo sind die weiblichen Zuckerbergs (Facebook), die weiblichen Larry Ellisons (Oracle Datenbanken), die weiblichen Bill Gates (Microsoft), die weiblichen Jeff Bezos (Amazon)?

Und bevor jetzt irgendeine Informatik-Emanze „Ada Lovelace“ schreit (1815–1852, Tochter von Lord Byron, Mitarbeiterin von Charles Babbage und als erste Programmiererin bekannt): Im Vergleich zu Alan Turing oder Konrad Zuse war sie doch eher ein kleines Licht.

Ihre „große“ Leistung war, dass sie lange vor dem ersten Computer ein Computerprogramm zur Berechnung von Bernoulli-Zahlen für eine nie gebaute Maschine von Charles Babbage geschrieben hat.

Alan Turing dagegen hat mit der „Turing Machine“ das wichtigste Rechnermodell der theoretischen Informatik entwickelt. Eine Turingmaschine modelliert die Arbeitsweise eines Computers auf besonders einfache und mathematisch gut zu analysierende Weise.

Conrad Zuse hat in seinem Leben mehr als 200 Computer gebaut, darunter während des 2. Weltkrieges die berühmte Z3, den ersten programmierbaren Computer der Welt.

Aber immerhin hat man nach Ada Lovelace eine Programmiersprache benannt, die vom amerikanischen Militär gefördert wurde und die heute vermutlich jenseits von Waffensystemen und in hochsicherheitskritischen Umgebungen kaum noch einer nutzt. (Im Gegensatz zu C/C++, das von Bjarne Stroustrup schon 1979 entwickelt wurde und noch heute eine der wichtigsten Programmiersprachen ist.)

mgtow klartext, mgtow klartext 3 Comments [8/17/2018 11:15:31 AM]
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Submitted By: Pharaoh Bastethotep

Quote# 139892

Monogamy as a sub-5 male is just prostitution with extra steps

I have spoken against the incel community's passion for monogamous societies in the past, but I will continue on my crusade against "polygamy caused inceldom".

A lot of incels want to return to a time where women were not allowed to work, and where they had to marry a man just to survive. But what they don't realize is that this doesn't end inceldom. Just because a women would rather marry you than starve to death in the streets, doesn't mean you are somehow "not incel".

In my opinion, inceldom is about the unability to have a female desire to be in a sexual relationship with you, and just because they don't want to be homeless, doesn't mean they want you.

Women will forever lust after Chad, women will forever fantasize about being gangbanged, women will forever hate you and your ugly face, women will forever, atleast in their mind, mock your short stature. No amount of taking away women's rights will change this.

This is one of the brutalest blackpill, that no matter whether we live in some feminist lib-left 24/7 pride parade or some Nazi empire, this will never change. Biology trumps all.

fellofix, incels.me 3 Comments [8/18/2018 8:37:34 AM]
Fundie Index: 3
Submitted By: Pharaoh Bastethotep

Quote# 139866

The reason why foids keep wanting to join sites like Incels.me

is not JUST so that they can get a bunch of gullible orbiters to serve as their loyal band of cucks, offering them resources, protection, validation, emotional support, etc. in vain hope of getting sexual favors in return. It's not JUST that they want to divide the community by instigating a clash between foolish white knights and men who want to rightfully put foids in their place and call them out on their bullshit.

It's also because they want to gain acceptance for the idea that their inability to get a commitment from Chad is as severe a problem as incels' inability to get any pussy AT ALL. They want to elevate their own petty grievances, at not being able to lock down a guy who's way out of their league, as being as extreme a torment as what incels receive. This will put them in a position where if incels actually start to attract any sympathy, they can divert that away from incels toward themselves, by saying, "I'm miserable too, but it's even worse for me, because I'm A GIRL, which makes me all the more sensitive and pitiable than men, who are strong and can suck up whatever life throws at them! Tee-hee!"

Foids know that in a community where both incels and foids are talking about their suffering, men will focus primarily on helping the foids ("women and children first," and all that) because it's so ingrained in male nature to help the damsel in distress, while leaving men to look after their own needs.

Foids also want to gain acceptance for the idea that if they've made bad choices in the past that have fucked up their own lives and that of their kids, they should be forgiven and allowed to socialize with the same kind of men whom they fucked over by making those very choices (to choose Chad over incels). They want to further humiliate incels by making them have to be around the same people who STILL, to this day, will not open their legs to them. In their view, if incels are gullible enough to fall for their claims of just wanting to show some solidarity and support (which is really just more empty platitudes; if females won't offer their holes, everything else just amounts to, "I'm sorry you have to go through that"), then they deserve what they get.

This is the whole reason for IncelTears's existence -- if foids can't attack the community from within, they'll gather some Reddit cucks together and attack it from the outside. They have managed to assemble a community of tens of thousands of men who are trying to virtue signal to impress them. These men have sunk to a new low, devoting their time and effort to pleasing these foids, at the expense of their fellow man, just for a pat on the back and some Reddit karma. If you're going to be a cuck, you should at least get SOME pussy now and then, when your wife's boyfriend is off fucking some other broad. For this reason, the Internet white knight is even more pathetic than the IRL white knight.

Lastly, foids want to trivialize male inceldom as being no worse than what they go through. They want to imply that being a being a 25-year-old KHHV is no worse than being a girl who has to settle for a sub-8 man who's willing to take care of her and give her an easy life just because she has a pussy. If they can trivialize male inceldom, then if incels call for any social changes to elevate their status to something higher than being a slave to serve the feminine imperative, foids will be in a position to shame them for being unreasonable and oppressive, because they've already established that foids are getting fucked over by male behavior equally as much as incels are getting fucked over by feminism.

In reality, everyone is suffering under the current state of affairs, but it's not in foids' nature to be able to work with men to try to change society for the better. They're always going to want to try to manipulate the situation for their own advantage, because that's what foids do. Relations between the sexes are always sexual; there's no avoiding that. When foids are around, men are going to get distracted by trying to strategize how they can put their dick in a foid, and foids are going to divide up whatever men are around into Chads and non-Chads, open their legs to the Chads, and manipulate the non-Chads into serving as their cuck orbiters.

Any non-Chad who doesn't cooperate with the feminine imperative, and instead tries to put a stop to her manipulative behavior, she will try to exile from the community, so that she can eliminate an adversary who might otherwise get in the way of her selfish agenda. This is why so many females want to become moderators. Even if they seem at first like they might be okay, it's never going to end well, because foids always abuse whatever power they're given over men, much more than men do when given power over foids.

Nathan "Leucosticte" Larson, incels.me 4 Comments [8/17/2018 11:13:35 AM]
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Submitted By: Pharaoh Bastethotep

Quote# 139878

Ofc. If you are ugly you are creep regardless what you do. You cross eyesight, omfg you are a creep staring at them. Need consent to say hi!

If you are good looking you can "rape" them anytime! That's modern feminism logic 101. Heck they might even found out they are into rape and S&M, I mean 50 Shades of Gray was popular for a reason...

ForLoveOfMe, MMO Champion 6 Comments [8/17/2018 12:33:43 PM]
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Quote# 139840

Women are to dress in MODEST apparel. The word “modest” means “of good behavior.” In other words, one's clothing is reflective of one's behavior. A slut dresses like a slut and a man ought not trust her with anything. A virtuous women shows herself to have morals, decency and character by wearing a long dress. In today's weak-kneed society, a woman who wears a dress shows that she is willing to go against the feminist trend of our time, stand alone, and be herself as a self-respecting individual. That takes a real woman!

David J. Stewart, Jesus is Savior 8 Comments [8/16/2018 11:18:19 AM]
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Quote# 139844

I fucking hate dogs but they might get me pussy. What breed of dog would be the best wingman?

I hate the concept of owning a dog. Having to play with them, take them out for walks, take them out for shits. Seems like a big pain in the ass.

However I noticed guys with dogs at my local park and they always have qt's approaching them and end up getting these girls numbers and probably fuck them.

So what kind of dog would get the most female interest. I am thinking Golden Retriever.

Is their some service where I can just rent a dog for a day?

If I actually own a dog I am afraid the girls might want my phone number so they can fuck the dog instead of me.

bluecollarCEL, incels.me 9 Comments [8/16/2018 11:18:33 AM]
Fundie Index: 5
Submitted By: Pharaoh Bastethotep

Quote# 139870


Over a hundred years ago a bunch of rich women were upset that they could not move up in official positions of power in work or politics. So they got men to give them the vote and affirmative action for political office. Through legislation women made it even easier for themselves than men to climb traditionally male dominance hierarchies! Only problem is that they aren't sexually attracted to men who are lower in dominance hierarchies of status and money than they are. So as women gained dominance in traditional male hierarchies, they complained a bunch about there being 'no good men'[1] aka the dwindling amount of men wealthier or more powerful than them to give them tingles. As less men gave them tingles more incels were created and more men were sent their own way. And as women gained more dominance in society they complained more about beta males, and "rape" etc...
They even created campaigns against these increasing amount of men lower on the social hierarchy than them they are not sexually attracted to like the:

Anti Catcalling Movement: aka 'Men poorer than me better not hit on me in public'

Anti Manspreading Movement: aka 'Public transport users (people poorer than me, or people who have not yet proved they are higher status than me) should not make me think of their junk'

Metoo movement: aka 'Autistic and socially isolated ugly men who can't read social cues should be locked up or ridiculed as much as rapists'[2]

Female Contempt for an Obvious Outcome of Feminism: Househusbands

A matriarchal world where women make more money than men would seem to necessitate an increase in house-husbands. The male liberation movement, a subset of feminist MRAs in the 60s wanted a dramatic increase in househusbands. However even in the most feminist countries, women will still expect the man to work or else a breakup, even if she makes enough to provide for the family in an uber-welfare state. This is of course, insanely pointless. Early 20th century anti-feminist and Marxist Belfort Bax' quote still remains true, "Among all the women’s rights advocates I am not aware of one who, in her zeal for equality between the sexes, has ever suggested abolishing the right of maintenance of the wife by the husband."[3]

Even in a country where feminism is intitutional and mainstream, where equal-pay laws are in place, and where women have more total personal wealth than men, "the key factor in the decision to divorce is whether Hubby has a job. If he doesn’t, even if his job loss is involuntary, his odds of being ditched by his wife skyrocket"[4]

As Eggman puts it, "Talk to any US woman and they'll tell you about men offering and actually buying them all sorts of things, when was the last time a woman offered to buy you a house or car, now that we have gender equality and all?"[5]

A 100% Completed Feminist World Be Better for Incels Than Partial Feminism... Theory

So far we see that feminism literally creates incels, but there may be a silver lining in a 100% feminist universe compared to a partial feminist universe, in that feminists feminize societies to the point where all men are so beta that it's not hard to become a chad or to get a woman to agree to be asked out. Since no men ask women out in the 100% feminist universe once men are so beta.

The Eradication of Feminism is Best for Incels... Theory

Because feminism has created more incels, many if not most self-identified incels are trad-con, patriarchal, and don't subscribe to the previous theory and think matriarchies won't be sexually generous. They should argue for a generous patriarchy with strictly socially enforced monogamy as not all patriarchies are alike. In most if not all modern patriachal countries, polygyny arises and men hoard women, causing inceldom as well. And in patriarchal muslim countries, the hoarding of women in harems, inflates the bride-price so high that there exists a vast underclass of singe men who are susceptible to the promise of either real life brides or virgin brides in the afterlife through terrorist organization like al-Qaeda or ISIS. It is for this reason that people joke about incels and muslims terrorists on incel boards. Some incels also believe that the only kind of pro-natalism that can be achieved to wipe out inceldom would be through a racial supremacist movement, which partly explains why people like Richard Spencer pander to incels.

Incel Wiki, Incel Wiki 2 Comments [8/17/2018 11:13:55 AM]
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Submitted By: Pharaoh Bastethotep

Quote# 139868

Pussy cartel

The pussy cartel refers to women's artifically inflating the value of sex via price-fixing.

Sex is worth maybe $5 of women's time and effort. But women know men will go insane without sex, so they collectively deny it to men. They force (non-attractive) men to invest hundreds if not thousands of dollars in time, gifts, dinners, just for the possibility that they will get sex.

Effects of prostitution on sex prices

• Men would be less easily manipulated by sex. If men could simply pay for sex instead of having to win a girl's affection, then the average woman would have much less sexual control over the average man.
• The value of sex would go down. Men are less severely incel in societies where prostitutes are legal, so prostitutes charge less. Low quality escorts cost hundreds of dollars in countries like the US where prostitution is illegal. This is outrageous price for something that costs the woman nothing and requires no skill. In countries where Germany where prostitution is legal, prices are much lower. "Bulgarian and Romanian women sometimes charge less than €10 [$13]," she says. "One woman here will even do it for a Big Mac."[1]

Incel Wiki, Incel Wiki 3 Comments [8/17/2018 11:13:43 AM]
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Submitted By: Pharaoh Bastethotep

Quote# 139869


Shaming things men can't change is a popular femoid hobby

Femoids, short for female humanoid organisms, are flakey creatures who have bullied or ignored you your entire life. That is unless they were somehow making money off you as a teacher or counselor or barber or wife etc... It is rumored they are capable of friendship, but most women also dispute this. One popular femoid hobby is feminism, the process by which they lie to men that their ever increasing sexual freedom will trickle down below sub 8 PSL rated males.


Women tend to react as negatively to women as men do to women in dating. This is seen with lesbians on social anxiety boards and FTM transsexuals that try to date women. Dykes find out how hard it is to get past a woman's hind-brained paranoia about strangers and new people, and end up bitterly single.

The value of femoids

Femoids are very good at lying very often and not feeling bad about it. This makes them very good at child-rearing and being a lawyer but a bit more than misleading during dating or while giving dating advice. The easiest and most heroic act of compassion and generosity for women would be to put effort into relationships with incels. However it is unknown whether or not incel groupies actually exist or can exist due to a lack of natural sexual generosity among the female species. Femoids are also very good at extracting personal wealth from men when given the freedom to. Femoids now own more total personal wealth than men in the United States.

Origin of the term

Women were upset that autists were being autists (not new) and complained incels were using the scientific term 'female' instead of 'woman' in incel forums. In response to the complaint being dumb, as you can't always substitute 'woman' for 'female', many incels stopped using the word 'female' and chose a more dehumanizing term, 'femoid', to make fun of women hating the word 'female' and to make fun of their own autism.

Incel Wiki, Incel Wiki 4 Comments [8/17/2018 11:13:46 AM]
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Submitted By: Pharaoh Bastethotep

Quote# 139847

Lesbianism is a mental illness.

Lately there's a great influx of lesbian characters in interactive movie type video games like Life is Strange, Last of Us and now The Walking Dead. These kinds of games have quite a big female population.

What is this? I mean female promiscuity is not only accepted by most ''dudebro'' types and other guys love seeing them in ''action'' but these games are pushing it a level further. The girls ''ain't need no man'' and usually mock and put down men. It's conditioning women into genuine lesbianism which is fucked because if they don't leave their gay little phase quick enough they turn irredeemable hate roasts who harbour resentment at their rejection from the male sex.

According to the CDC Sexual Violence Survey 67,4% of lesbian women encounter abuse by their partner, the second most, apart from bisexual women. Seeing as heterosexual females encounter less abuse than lesbian women it's safe to say bisexual women are being abused by their female counterparts.
Lesbians also hold resentment towards bisexual women and most bisexual women allegedly end up in straight relationships.

Female promiscuity is historic. Men have always preferred bisexual women to straight women because it both makes cuckoldry (bearing another man's child) unlikely because the women can fuck and cheat with other women and because a harem getting along means your children have more moms to support them.

This idea comes from a ''controversial'' study (http://psycnet.apa.org/record/2016-20776-001[url]) that the gay community and the media are pretty pissed about ([url]https://www.iflscience.com/editors-blog/male-scientist-claims-lesbianism-evolved-because-men-like-it-gay-community-disagrees/).

(Note how they describe him as a male scientist as if that has any impact on the study. Pavlov not being a dog apparently makes his study invalid.)

What I'm building up to is that dykes are the female equivalent of incels that have an easier time hooking up because of their sexual promiscuity and are treated like a victimized group on account of the fact they're technically operating in love, gays have been persecuted before, and dudebros idealise lesbianism in porn and games.

Lesbians are, indeed, failures, it turns out.
Theyre not all Malena Morgan and Eufrat, most of them are fucking rejects and otherwise female incels.

What I am recommending is to stop the brainwash of the female youth into thinking lesbianism is hot and positive when it'll bring them misery, and to stop the brainwash of ourselves that's driven by our prehistoric drive to fuck.
Do not consume lesbian media.
Do not consune lesbian porn.
Spread awareness if you can about the negative effects of lesbianism and suggest that lesbians are our counterpart.

I don't know how effective such a campaign would be but if lesbianism started being rejected by men (the majority of consumers of such media) maybe we can reclaim some women and rid ourselves of inceldom.

Not all of these lesbians are ugly misandryst dykes, some are actually redeemable.

Erothos, incels.me 6 Comments [8/16/2018 12:55:41 PM]
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Submitted By: Pharaoh Bastethotep

Quote# 139841

Attention "normies get laid and have girlfriends" copers.

It's coming for you. The monster that is hypergamy. Now chad-lites are settling for landwhales.

You cannot beat infinity. You cannot beat biology. Women do not lower their standards, ever.

mylifeistrash, incels.me 6 Comments [8/16/2018 11:18:22 AM]
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Submitted By: Pharaoh Bastethotep

Quote# 139846

Baron Julius Evola (1898-1974): thoughts on women and feminism

The male principle is associated with truth, light, the Sun, virility, activeness, and stability. Sometimes it is associated with the Universal One that existed before the Dyad. The female quality is associated with deception, changeability, the moon, the earth, darkness, wetness, passivity, and dependence on another.

What the Greeks called “heterity,” that is, being connected to another or being centered on someone other than oneself, is a characteristic proper to the cosmic female, whereas to have one’s own principle in oneself is proper to the pure male. . . . female life is almost always devoid of an individual value but is linked to someone else in her need, born of vanity, to be acknowledged, noticed, flattered, admired, and desired (this extroverted tendency is connected to that “looking outside” which on a metaphysical level has been attributed to Shakti). (Eros, 157)

(Emphasis from quote)

Fontaine quoting Julius Evola, incels.me 4 Comments [8/16/2018 12:55:32 PM]
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Quote# 139856

A Swedish court ruled that a woman's assault claim against her husband was not credible because, among other things, he "seemed to come from a good family, unlike hers".

In February Solna District Court judged that the Stockholm-based man should be acquitted of an alleged assault against his girlfriend from 2015 because his guilt could not be proven. The woman claimed that he assaulted her by for example pushing her into a chair, striking her and pulling her hair, which the man denied.

P*ssu Pass: DENIED. LOL

They are angry because the court ruled against a woman.

broods, MMO Champion 1 Comments [8/17/2018 1:31:34 AM]
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Quote# 139830

Agreed. I think this is the main reason that men get accused of "mate guarding" so much.

Protecting "your" women is hard
wired from tens of thousands of years of tribalism and conquest.
This is the reason women are so soft on immigration. When they were conquered, they got to live - albeit as sex slaves to their conquerors. But their (new) offspring survived. The men were all slaughtered and their offspring were killed. A permanent end to their line.

ElefunkMan, Reddit 3 Comments [8/16/2018 3:46:58 AM]
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Quote# 139818

Communism and Incels

Courtesy of Terrence McKenna: In the matriarchy-dominated epochs of pre-history, a tribe would convene for these lunar love festivals once a month when women were most fertile. Women wouldn't know who exactly impregnated them, but it didn't really matter because all men would contribute to the raising of all offspring. This set-up is contrasted with the patriarchy models of enforced monogamy we have today. Honestly, which is better for incels? I'd argue that incels do worse in an enforced monogamy configuration, as cucking becomes the default outcome and still not every man gets a woman. In the pre-history love fests where everyone fucks everyone else, cucking is taken as an a priori truth and there is no ego division between the incel and the Chad. He is just a man that bangs his fellow tribewoman as a natural right of being a tribe member.

You know what that means guys...It's time to go full commie.

banabortionrapelegal, incels.me 8 Comments [8/15/2018 7:39:36 AM]
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Quote# 139829

Saying fat women count toward lays is like saying offline bots count toward win rate.

Fat. Women. Don't. Count.

Why do men care about n counts? Sure, sex feels good, but men don't feel like they've accomplished anything when they fuck a whale or a escort. Why is this? SImple: deep down, what men really want, is to conquer other men. They want to feel like they overcame other man in getting a girl. Basically incel theory will tell you this. In 2018 expecially, no women are single. You have to mog her current bf such that she either fades him out or fades you in, or just cheats. This is what validation is all about: your genes winning over other mens'.

This brings us to fat women. If you're a sub 8 and take a marginally decent photo of yourself, nearly 100% of your matches will be fat women. If you go on okcupid, nearly 75-80% of women on the platform are fat. This is simply because of all the things women can do to themselves, being fat is pretty much the only death sentence that shuts them out of that top 20% of men window. Trigger Warning: Breaking with conventional incel orthodoxy

Nearly any man, so long as he doesn't have significant deformations (3+/10) can get a fat girl. Those pudgy doughy girls you see walking around with the scraggy redditbois? This is proof. Sure, fat women have SOME standards, and rarely fuck their looksmatch. However, if you aren't totally irredeemable and aren't mentally unstable, there is a fat woman who will fuck you. BUT THIS DOES NOT COUNT. Saying picking this low hanging fruit counts toward lays is like going to a fighting game tournament, having never won a match, and saying you're a good player because you beat bots all the time.

To put it simply: because fat women generally havn't tasted Chad, they havn't unlocked the full power of their hypergamy. They WILL date a 4/10 whose a decent enough guy. But this guy hasn't actu

wandercamp, incels.me 8 Comments [8/15/2018 1:27:20 PM]
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Quote# 139804

balding is worse than being raped repeatedly

the pain a man suffers from balding is 100 of times worse than the pain women suffer from rape.

i mean real rape, not fake regret it later rape like 99% of rape.

being raped as a woman is no big deal and you recover quickly. balding as a man destroys your life and self-confidence forever.

mylifeistrash, incels.me 15 Comments [8/14/2018 2:35:05 PM]
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Quote# 139805

What type of evil foid do you prefer?

All foids are evil, but which type of foid do you imagine yourself ascending with most?

(Options in the poll)
Aryan Blonde/Brunette Foid from Supreme Superior European Descent Votes: 8 29.6%
Slavic Brunette/Blonde Foid from Supreme Superior European Descent Votes: 4 14.8%
Red Head from Supreme Superior European Descent Votes: 4 14.8%
Beaner from any Latin country most likely poor and very brown but big ass and tits Votes: 4 14.8%
Wifu from any north eastern Asian Country Votes: 3 11.1%
South East Asian probably a trap foid Votes: 1 3.7%
Southern European Foid who thinks shes hot shit and all cultured dumb cunt. Votes: 1 3.7%
Arabic foid probably dangerous since her father will want to behead you Votes: 2 7.4%
Currey Foid very dangerous since all curryes tend to smell wierd. Would hate my first Foid to smell Votes: 0 0.0%
Typical American/Canadian/Australian roastie foid with at least 100+ Chads under her belt. Votes: 0 0.0%

PheneZ , incels.me 5 Comments [8/14/2018 2:39:54 PM]
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Quote# 139669

on brock turner

A young intoxicated male college student making out with a young intoxicated female college student should not be accused of rape. It is going to get to the point where our sons needs to take vital signs and give females breathalyzer tests. Did she fondle his penis b4 passing out? If so, is she a rapist? Take some responsibility ladies.
One more thing, if a child is a high achiever great athelete, is white and was raised in an upper middle class family why is he being penalized and stereotyped? He's an easy target. It's no longer correct to hate on African Americans, gays, transgendered people, or women. So, bam Brock turner is it.

Randironda, reddit 8 Comments [8/10/2018 5:45:35 AM]
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Quote# 139761

A 14-year-old Afghan mother washing her new baby

I'm gonna play devil's advocate and defend Afghan culture. Here come the downvotes.

14 years old is not the same there as it here. Their whole whole conception of what it means to be an adult and a child are completely different than ours. They don't have arbitrary lines defining when it's ok to vote (18), to drive (16), to drink (21), etc... because they don't have any of those things. They also don't have mandatory public school or college like we do, so they don't see a 14 year old as a "child" like we do. A 12 year old girl probably has all the same responsibilities in a household as an adult woman would have because she has nothing else to do. Now, I'm not defending sex with pre-pubescent girls, but if you want to understand what they're thinking, you have to understand their surroundings.

This can't be blamed completely on Islam. This type of thing is also partly (in my opinion, mostly) due to living in a tribal culture with no real law, institutions, media, education, etc... If you go to any backwards tribal culture you will see things that horrify you. I personally think the stuff that goes on in China is much more horrifying than this.

It's common to hear Westerners say things like that men over there "hate" women, "oppress" women, etc... You can disagree with how men treat women over there, but in their mind they think they are protecting and loving women. Now, once again, you can disagree with what they're doing, but ascribing it to evil motivations is wrong in my opinion.

I may be wrong, but this type of thing isn't common. I think this only happens in the most rural, uneducated, tribal areas. Educated city dwellers don't live like this, so it's not right to stereotype their entire region based on stuff like this.

Here's my most controversial defense: women are ready to have sex when they hit puberty. They're gonna do it no matter what. The American way is to have sex with people your own age clandestinely, oftentimes without your parents knowing or approving, and teenage pregnancy and disease is rampant here. At least there when they hit puberty they enter into a "loving" (you can obviously judge for yourself how loving those marriages are) relationship with a committed partner with approval from their friends and family. Girls in America get dumped a million times before they are 25, have sex with multiple partners, suffer emotional damage and self-esteem issues, etc... I'm not saying the way they do it is better, but it does have some positives that we overlook because we are so confident our way is better.

ChocolateHead, reddit 4 Comments [8/13/2018 10:02:41 AM]
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