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When children come to the door saying, "Trick-or-Treat!" evil spirits have permission to access our lives if we respond to those words with a "treat" (even a tract) because to do so is to compromise by touching the unclean thing -- the trick-or-treat ritual

Gary and Lisa, Liberty to the Captives 10 Comments [10/18/2017 4:24:11 AM]
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Submitted By: FSM

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Then why is a man forcing himself on a woman such a terrible crime? Apes do it all the time.

Josh, The Daily Wire  9 Comments [10/18/2017 4:23:40 AM]
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Submitted By: Christopher

Quote# 133117

There is so little that distinguishes today’s liberal Christians from the ancient Pagans to whom the gospel was originally preached, they would be more honest in dropping the name “Christian,” and adopting once again the title of Pagan.

Before I continue, the term liberal Christian is used in a theological and moral context, and not necessarily a political one. It comes from the 19th century in which Christians sought to liberate themselves from traditional orthodoxy in favor of a more progressive interpretation of doctrine in a modern world. It is possible for a political liberal to hold orthodox views on Christian theology, but the correlation against shows it is very rare. Furthermore, one can hold conservative political ideology and be very much a “Liberal Christian.”

One of the reasons Christians were so despised in Ancient Pagan Rome was because of their claim to exclusivity in the quest for eternal life. They were actually called atheists because they denied the validity of other (the Romans’) religion’s claims. They were intolerant of the pantheistic ideas Rome held, and were persecuted because of their arrogant claims that Jesus was the only way to eternal life.

Today, religious pluralism is once more in vogue, and to deny the validity of non-Christian claims to salvation – or to affirm the exclusivity of Christian claims to salvation – makes one almost immediately an arrogant bigot, and worthy of scorn. Pushed by popular culture icons such as Oprah, liberal pastors began to adopt the idea, and congregations soon followed. A Pew research poll found that 52% of professing Christians believed that even non-Christian faiths can lead to eternal life. Of course that doesn’t make their opinion correct (it only makes it unorthodox), but it does indicate how far the reach of religious pluralism – Paganism – has spread today.

Pagan Rome and Greece were notorious for their licentious sexual activities and wanton lasciviousness in the pursuit of pleasure. Homosexuality was not considered a sin; in fact, it was rather expected in their cultural milieu. While they never went so far as to call a homosexual union a civil marriage, no state or custom apparently tried to prevent the practice, but instead encouraged it in certain instances. This was one of the sins that Paul preached against to the Corinthians, who were notorious in the Hellenic world – even to Cicero – for their lust and sexual liberty.

Liberal Christians now have come full circle, refuting overtly what Paul had preached and insisting that such activity is not only tolerable, but may be righteous in the sight of God. They no longer preach against perversion as outlined in the Bible, but celebrate it as much, if not more so, than the Pagans of Corinth or Rome.

Perhaps the latest iteration of Paganism to manifest itself in the professing Christian Church is the toleration toward polyamory. One could predict it wouldn’t be long, given the logic of sexual acceptance based solely on the litmus test of “consent.” (Not the objective consent of the Creator, mind you, but the subjective consent of the Creation.) Today, ordained ministers in the Christian Church are not just tolerating the idea of polyamorous relationships, but are encouraging it as a scriptural sacrament.

Jeff Hood, a minister in the Southern Baptist Convention justified his views on holy polyamory by invoking the Holy trinity:


“I heard the voices of the polyamorous repeatedly whispering, ‘Why are you persecuting us?’ Unable to contain myself, I shouted out, ‘Forgive me!’ At that moment, I collapsed. Before I perished, I felt the pull.

“Divine polyamory found me a sinner and lifted me up by grace. The Holy Trinity ushered me to love. Looking around, I saw a great cloud of polyamorous witnesses shouting, ‘Holy! Holy! Holy, is the polyamorous love of God!’”


Utter blasphemy. “Without the polyamorous we cannot know God,” Hood also says.

What this reminds me of is the same orgiastic culture so prevalent in Pagan Rome and Greece – the same culture to whom the Apostles and the Church Fathers fought so hard to preach the Gospel, in order to free them from their sins.

In the second century, Marcus Minucius Felix wrote an apologetic dialogue responding to Pagan criticisms of the Christian Church, and in this dialogue Felix exposes the same behaviors outlined above, and goes further to chastise the Pagan culture for their abhorrent practice of abortion and infanticide:

“And I see that you at one time expose your begotten children to wild beasts and to birds; at another, that you crush them when strangled with a miserable kind of death. There are some women who, by drinking medical preparations, extinguish the source of the future man in their very bowels, and thus commit a parricide before they bring forth. And these things assuredly come down from the teaching of your gods.”

Of course, for Liberal Christians today, they would never dare preach against abortion, but instead have come full circle into celebrating the sacrifice of children upon the Saturnine altar of the god “self-worth”.

So this raises the question: If Liberal “Christians” have re-adopted so many of the Pagan practices that the early Church evangelists preached against; and if they deny the validity of those fundamental characteristics that distinguish Christianity from Paganism (like the exclusivity of Christ), why do they insist on calling themselves Christians? If they would stop pretending, I might respect them more intellectually; but the fact remains they blaspheme the name of Christ and His work when they continue to celebrate as righteous that which God has explicitly forbidden.

Tenebras Lux, The Republican Standard 6 Comments [10/18/2017 4:23:34 AM]
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"Depression" is not a disease. It is a demonic attack by some very wicked evil spirits.

Eden Decoded, Facebook 15 Comments [10/17/2017 4:14:56 PM]
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Marxists are a much bigger danger than ISIS.

JohnyBoy, Free Republic 14 Comments [10/17/2017 4:14:54 PM]
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Is Mattis a closet homosexual? Based on his various past statements I kind of assumed that, regardless of whether he is or not he wouldn’t let his personal peccadilloes interfere with policies that promote military efficiency, but maybe he’s getting a bug in his ear. I hoped he would try to regain an environment that allows servicemen, be they gay straight or whatever, to do their jobs without fear of getting sued for not signing a greeting card.

I certainly expected him to revoke the policy of women being put in infantry units. So far, it would appear he has done...Approximately nothing. I haven’t heard anything firsthand on the ROE — has he done anything to improve those? Are our guys still getting disciplined for kicking ass and/or defending their own lives?

Wyrd bið ful aræd, Free Republic 8 Comments [10/17/2017 4:14:52 PM]
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Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 133112

Do these people even realize that the foundation of our government and legal system, including the creation of our constitution, was created by our founding fathers, most of who were Christian? They’d be mourning from their graves if they could see the chaos and escalating depravity of our society. Our culture celebrates wickedness and abhors purity. It’s sickening.

Holly Oldham, Facebook 14 Comments [10/17/2017 4:14:48 PM]
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Submitted By: Katie

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That about says it all, doesn't it? Many believing business owners have been set up by militant lgbts when all they needed to do was take their business elsewhere.

Sharon Billington, Facebook 4 Comments [10/17/2017 4:14:45 PM]
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Submitted By: Katie

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If someone got treated for HIV, found out they have it, and neglected to tell their partners. The risk is on YOU. You chose to have sex with that person. Anytime you have sex with someone, you're taking a risk (and not just HIV, either) and it's not THEIR job to inform YOU on their status.

Would it be a nice thing to do? Yes. Should they go to jail if they don't? No.

Most people with HIV don't even know they have it. And the reason most don't know they have it, is because they fear the diagnosis, not the disease. The stigmas on HIV make it as if the diagnosis itself is a death sentence. Then people fear dating (or even just being around) people with HIV, and now you have people being selfish with their status on top of that.

This bill doesn't make those problems go away, but it encourages people to get tested, and get informed. It also makes people (like y'all) who are trying to live in a bubble; more aware of the various incurable and curable diseases you are at risk of contracting every, single, time you have sex.

Use condoms, protect yourself, get tested. Shit, if you REALLY want to be safe, don't have sex at all. We need to stop criminalizing HIV.

Lol @ some of y'all saying "ALL STDs should be criminalized!" do you know how prevalent STDs are in America? A quick google search will show that as many as 90% of American adults have been exposed to herpes. An absolutely incurable disease that can appear around the genitals and as cold sores. Ever had a cold sore before? Congratulations, you have herpes. Make sure you diagnose that information to every potential date/fling/romance. HPV? 75%...but dont worry, in most cases the virus has no health issues! Still, it's an STD we gotta criminalize, yeah?

Take responsibility. Get educated. Get tested. America is already a cesspit ripe with disease. Don't blame others when you should be asking yourself why you never used a condom, or why "Yeah, I'm clean." is a good enough response before you drop your pants.

My coworker/good friend has a body count of 16+ of random women and romances, when I asked him if he knows his status, his response was "Well I'm sure I'm clean, I've never noticed anything." and when I asked him about the last time he's been tested for STD's, he told me he's NEVER been tested. NEVER BEEN TESTED. The man is 26 years old, slept with all types of women, kissed all types of mouths, and he's NEVER been tested.

I guffawed at his responses, but he was telling me how it's not a big deal at all. He's a totally normal dude otherwise, and I know he's one of many, many Americans. Maybe even some of y'all can relate...

When was the last time you've been tested? If your answer isn't "less than six months ago," then you honestly have no say in whether or not STD's should be criminalized.

Worry about yourself, not putting people in jail for shit like this.

Kebiinu, Neogaf 14 Comments [10/17/2017 4:14:26 PM]
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Quote# 133107

Brian Lunsford: You bettervelieve that they ar messing with our emotions. Nailed me yesterday. Bottom seems to be dropping out today. Sky is literally falling here. Call me Chicken Little!!! I don't care....?

Ann Pearson: Crystal blue skies in Tennessee today also. I am riding my emotions like a wave in cat 5 hurricane and it ain’t funny for those of us awake. My surroundings our surreal as I walk along the walking dead. People in public never talk about the sky falling nor look up and question. The sun is a big blob of white and that alone should turn heads. I shop about trying to be normal and use it to ease my restless soul in this final hour. I even buy and take back just to be doing. Life will need the same under this dome. Only being released into kingdom of heaven will satisfy my thirst. My life has been far from a beautiful trip in land of dead. This earth plane has been one big mind f*ck from birth and it’s not right. I want home. I severely think there are less real human souls around. God bless?

Ann Pearson, Youtube 5 Comments [10/17/2017 4:14:24 PM]
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Quote# 133106

Going to see al gore would be as interesting as watching a repeat of his boring and non factual INCONVENIENT TRUTH. Save your time and money and stay at home and try to find a fool to buy your ticket. AL GORE is a bafoon and a CON MAN who tried to CON the world with his garbage . The day will come when AL GORE will be exposed as a oppertunist that stands to gain billions of dollars.

Brian demas, Watt's Up With That 6 Comments [10/17/2017 4:14:21 PM]
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Submitted By: Katie

Mary Sue Award

for the most blatant self-insert wish fulfilment fantasy in history.

Quote# 133105

Average day for incel VS average day for Chad:

Incel: Rolls out of bed at noon. Has shitty cereal with old, weird tasting milk. Takes a shower and notices hair at the bottom of the shower and in his hand when he shampoos. Takes a look at his skinnyfat physique in the mirror and wonders why he can't gain any muscle despite lifting 5 days a week. Leaves his room for the first time in a few days to buy groceries hoping his NEETbucks for the week haven't run out. While out he is stared at by small children and avoided like the plague by women. The cashier at the grocery store treats him rudely and doesn't make eye contact. Spends the entire rest of the day binge watching anime, fapping to porn and eating shitty Ramen Noodles. Falls asleep at 3 in the morning alone.

Chad: Wakes up at noon in his room at his parent's huge mansion to a bj from his blonde 9/10 Instagram model gf. They shower together and he bangs her doggy style in the shower. Realizes that he missed class, oh well, he'll just have some nerd take the final for him. Hops into his Ferrari and meets his posse at a posh restaurant and has a delicious breakfast. Meets up with his side chick and they go shopping downtown. All expenses go on his dad's Amex. Next he hits the gym with his bros and hits a 315 lb PR on bench.

While at the gym he has a chance encounter with his VS model ex girlfriend. She throws herself at his feet and begs him to take her back, that she'll be his perfect submissive fucktoy and let him screw around all he wants. He decides the bitch is just too much damn drama and kicks her to the curb, though he has her number in case he wants a booty call. That night he throws a wild party at his parent's mansion. He has a threesome with two sluts in the hottub and gets into a fight with his gf because of it. She of course forgives him. That night he falls asleep in his bed with his gf and 4 other random girls dog-piled on top of him.

DonkeyPunch19, r/incels 21 Comments [10/17/2017 4:14:14 PM]
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Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 133104

Adult male virginity should be classified as a sexual disability. The law itself will define that a man who is unable to find a suitable sexual partner or is lacking sexual relationships, in which he would still be a virgin after the age of twenty five, would be classified as a sexually disabled person. The fact that a male could live on for more than two decades and five years without any kind of sexual encounter/contact means that something is inherently wrong with him, physically or phylogically, and he needs assistance to change his predicament in however manner it maybe.

Most people tend to believe that even after twenty five there is a chance that you may lose your virginity. Yes, there is a chance but a very slim one to be exact. And the odds are always against it, so it should not be encountered for in anyway. Also, before anyone says that one could use prostitution to lose his virginity, I would like to state: prostitution is a way of letting femoids win. Because you're not only paying them, but also validating them as well. So, losing your virginity to whores definitely doesn't work and the men who have lost their virginity to whores still should be classified as sexually disabled because without prostitution there is no way for them to lose their virginity.

So, if you're a sexually disabled man, this law would not only provide you with certain protection laws, but the government would cover up important things like plastic surgery, for an example. Which is very vital for men who are suffering because of their unattractive looks and can do nothing about it because they cannot afford to do so.

Lookismisreal, r/incels 14 Comments [10/17/2017 4:14:09 PM]
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Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 133100

Married couple sues JAWI after traumatic khalwat raid

KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 17 — A husband and his wife today sued the Federal Territories Islamic Religious Department (JAWI) for raiding and arresting them for khalwat or close proximity.

Mohd Ridhuan Giman, 34, and Siti Sarah Maulad Abdullah, 26, who have been married for three years, are demanding an apology from JAWI for their traumatic experience that resulted in injuries and their wrongful detention even after showing proof of their marriage.

According to their lawyer Yusfarizal Yussoff, an enforcement team from JAWI consisting of seven male officers and one female officer had raided the couple’s budget hotel room in Kuala Lumpur on January 8 at about 1.30am.

Yusfarizal said the male officers had forcefully entered the hotel room despite being told by Mohd Ridhuan that his wife inside was not dressed appropriately, adding that it resulted in a scuffle that caused the husband’s neck to be injured due to alleged strangulation.

“Although the husband had repeatedly told the said officers that they are husband and wife and showed the officers the photo of their marriage certificate on his hand phone, the officers refused to accept the explanation.

“Instead, the male officers had directed the wife, in front of her own husband, to put on her clothes in front of the male officers. One of the officers kept on taking pictures and video despite being told of our client’s marital status,” he told reporters at the court complex here immediately after filing the lawsuit.

According to court documents, the wife was only wearing a sleeveless singlet with thin straps and shorts — a condition which should not be viewed by men who are not “muhrim” or the immediate family members of a woman — when the male enforcement officers barged in and saw her.

The husband was brought to the hotel lobby, while the wife protested a male enforcement officer’s presence inside the hotel room and sought privacy to dress, the document said.

The female enforcement officer had finally entered the hotel room and directed the wife to dress in the attached bathroom, but the wife refused as it had transparent glass walls, resulting in the wife being ordered to dress with the door to the hotel room open as the officers waited outside.

When the wife attempted to close the room door to protect her dignity as a woman, one of the male officers allegedly forcefully pushed the door and the wife’s chest, with this scuffle also resulting in bruises to her left arm, the document said.

The couple said they were brought to a police station where their arrest was reported as being over a khalwat offence, before being brought to JAWI’s office where they were detained in two separate locked rooms for about an hour.

The husband’s mother then came to JAWI’s office and presented the original copy of the couple’s marriage certificate — which had been issued by JAWI, but JAWI’s enforcement officers allegedly refused to accept it as proof of their marriage and to release them.

The enforcement officers instead forced the mother to sign a personal bond to give her personal assurance that the couple would return for investigations on January 17 and which would compel her to pay RM3,000 if they did not show up.

MMOTV: Married couple in JAWI’s wrongful khalwat raid seeks justice

Despite the mother’s refusal to sign the personal bond as the certificate had been produced and no khalwat offence was committed, the officers insisted on her signing to secure the duo’s release, the court document said.

After the mother signed, the duo were finally released after they were also both forced to sign a personal bond stating that they were arrested for the khalwat offence under Section 27(b) of the Shariah Criminal Offences (Federal Territories) Act 1997.

Under Section 27(b), a woman found with at least one man who is not her husband or “mahram” (immediate family members) in any secluded place or a house or room under circumstances which raises suspicion that they were “engaged in immoral acts” are liable to a maximum RM3,000 fine or to a maximum two-year jail term or both.

The couple and the mother are suing for wrongful arrest, wrongful confinement, trespass to person, violation of privacy, tort of abuse of office and violation of the duo’s rights to personal liberty and freedom of movement under the Federal Constitution's Articles 5 and 9.

They are suing two of the JAWI enforcement officers who have been identified as Mohd Shiham Ramli, Mohammad Izehar Md Amin; JAWI chief religious enforcement officer, JAWI director-general, JAWI, the Prime Minister’s Department and the government of Malaysia.

Claiming that the raid had breached the Shariah Criminal Procedure (Federal Territories) Act 1997, the couple are now seeking compensation in the form of general damages for the injury to their reputation and indignity suffered as well as “trauma”, besides the duo’s physical injury that required treatment at Hospital Kuala Lumpur.

They are also seeking aggravated damages, exemplary damages, a court order instructing JAWI to drop the investigation, as well as an unconditional apology in the form of a letter to the them and in at least two Malay-language newspapers.

Yusfarizal explained that the lawsuit was filed after JAWI failed to respond to two letters of demand dated January 11 and January 19 that were hand delivered ? with the second received directly by JAWI's director general, while the court document said that JAWI had following the first letter instead fixed January 19 for the couple to appear at JAWI's office for investigation.

Federal Territories Islamic Religious Department (JAWI), The Malay Mail Online 6 Comments [10/17/2017 4:13:36 PM]
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Submitted By: Bedhead

Quote# 133098

Most people don't realize that "gang stalking" is actually spiritual and demonic more than it is organized through government/secret societies. Those who fall prey to it, are those who are vulnerable, and who are bothered by it.

The trick to stopping it is not to care, when the enemy discovers he can no longer control you through a method he stops.. but look out, because he will find another! Those with the mind of Christ will pray for those who appear to be lost or possessed, and say "father forgive them they know not what they do", etc. and will not be bothered. It's all about having the right frame of mind, through the Word of God, and being strengthened by the Spirit and through Prayer.

Anonymous Coward, Godlike Productions 1 Comments [10/17/2017 4:13:21 PM]
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Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 133096

There is all kinds of demons, not just one. They are some sexual in nature, some just want a body, some are straight up take over someone body if that person opens the door. Somethings you see are not demons, some are programed minds. Hollywood has many programed minds, but there is also demons who programed them. Little children are not to blame for what adults do to them. Remember the show doll house I think the name was, they used the people.

Not everything is demons but some place have allow demon infestation some of the largest ones are in California, they celibate people who have demons in them. A person who can not control themselves have a demon in them.

hankie, Godlike Productions 5 Comments [10/17/2017 3:57:51 PM]
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Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 133095

For a couple years now, I have been trying to focus on following Christ and really get my walk right. I have been trying to keep focused on God while also being wholly aware of how warped our reality is and the direction that it is heading. Especially around the 2012-2014ish time when it seemed that the occult and Satanism was everywhere and totally in your face 24/7 with music, movies, TV, awards shows, fashion, etc.

Around that time, while also trying to be filled with the Holy Spirit, I noticed that whenever I would go out in society, there would be at least one random stranger giving this weird knowing, creepy and hate filled eyeball roll/stare type thing while passing by on the street. Different races, cultures, genders, ages, etc. It would be the exact same look and actions. It almost seemed like the same spirit or spirits were coming through all of these random people that I had never seen before.

I started to feel paranoid at first and even started to get worked up about the whole "gang stalking" thing and this and that, but I realized that it is just demons pouring out into people and trying to rob peace and joy from people filled with the Holy Spirit. Since they can't do anything directly to attack and harm us, unless God allowed it for some reason, all they can do is try to launch petty little passive aggressive attacks to make us irritated or lose peace.

Does any other Christian have this happen to them?? For me it started around the 2012 time and has continued. I really think that we are super close to prophecies being fulfilled and the Lord coming for us. This world seems totally locked and loaded, primed and ready to be handed over to the Antichrist and the demons for a short season before it is time to baptize it all with fire and start from scratch!

Anonymous Coward, Godlike Productions 2 Comments [10/17/2017 3:57:45 PM]
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Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 133091

In the late nineteenth century, Louis Pasteur's "germ theory" became the medical paradigm, the controlling medical idea, for the Western world. In its simplest form, the germ theory proposes that the body is sterile and that germs from the air cause disease. The medical community started to look for the right pill to kill off the germ. This concept became ingrained into medicine and medical research. Most research goes to looking for the right pill for a specific disease.

If new ideas concerning the cause of disease do not fit into this theory that airborne germs cause disease and the answer to illness is finding the right pill to cure the disease, then these new ideas fall on deaf ears. Any paradigm, or group of ideas, is difficult to break into if the new ideas do not add to the original ideas.

The billion dollar pharmaceutical industry has taken away some of the symptoms and pain but has not found the answer to many infectious and most all degenerative diseases. In the U. S., in spite of all the money, research, and volunteer hours spent, all major degenerative diseases are increasing per 100,000. Diabetes is increasing at an alarming rate. Infectious diseases are also on the rise. Every year, old symptoms are given new names-names like Herpes, AIDS, Epstein-Barr virus, Candida Albicans, chronic fatigue syndrome, environmental illness, and fibromyalgia - to make them appear to be the work of new germs. People live in hope that soon a magic pill will be found. Unless we turn this nonsense around, the list will only grow in the future. The medical community and the individual must start looking at what is causing the illness rather than how to cure the illness.

The responsibility for health has been taken away from the individual. If germs from the air cause disease then the medical community must find the answer. The individual is not responsible. What can we do to stop germs from the air getting in our mouths and our whole body? According to the germ theory, we can do nothing for a cure or to stop the cause of disease. There are always germs in the air. We are breathing in these germs right now. Some of us get sick and some of us do not get sick. For some of us who do get sick, the cold lingers for days. Others of us seem to get well very fast. It seems a more logical explanation is that germs are allowed to cause problems in our body when we do not have a strong immune system.

In primitive villages today there are very few degenerative diseases but it they are coming. As sugar and other processed foods arrive and people move into the cities, where lives become distressful, due to crime, pollution, drugs, and poor living conditions, degenerative disease becomes prevalent. When people do get symptoms, they believes that pills and modern technology will heal them. Medical clinics pop up in the cities to help "cure" people with magic pills. They do not understand that they are creating this mess themselves.

In order for germs and disease not to become a problem in our body, we need to take responsibility back for our health. There are parts of our twentieth century life style that could be causing us to suppress our immune systems. What we eat, think, say, do, and feel can affect our immune system, positively or negatively. If we eat whole foods, do not let stress become distress, not let negative thoughts become a problem, and exercise, then our immune system will be able to function well and germs will not be able to become a problem in our body. Stop doing to the body what you did to make it sick and the body will heal itself. Detoxify the body, give it the nutrients it needs and the body will be able to defend us against infectious and degenerative diseases.

Nancy Appleton, Whale.to 6 Comments [10/17/2017 3:57:16 PM]
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Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 133087

(This person is talking about when the Chicago Dyke March threw people who had the Star of David flag out of their parade, saying it made people uncomfortable.)

Because religion is an aggressor to the LGBT community, if you're religious and you want to come to pride thats fine, but dont come waving the flags that represent the core roots of our problems.

Luke Black, Facebook 3 Comments [10/17/2017 3:56:06 PM]
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Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 133082

Halloween has never been innocent, but the writer wants you to think it used to be. It has always been a day of human sacrifice all over the world. Even the seemingly innocent trick-or-treat rituals we all probably participated in as children gave place to the devil. The trick-or-treat ritual is most definitely a give-place-to-the-devil ritual. It is an invitation for demons to come into your life and fellowship with you.

Unknow, Liberty to the Captives 3 Comments [10/17/2017 3:37:21 PM]
Fundie Index: 4
Submitted By: Speed demon

Quote# 133081

The trick-or-treat ritual was practiced by the Druids and their followers in medieval times.

The Druids went from castle to castle doing exactly the same thing. They also demanded a ‘treat’, however, this demand was for a young woman who could be offered as a human sacrifice in a Satanic ritual. The Druids were known as men of Oak and they demanded blood sacrifices. These men were so controlled by Satanic forces that they had strange and frightening powers.

If the ‘treat’ (the young woman) pleased the Druids, they would light a candle made of human fat and insert it in a Jack-O-Lantern to protect those inside the castle from being killed by demons.

When some of the families could not meet the demands of the Druids then it was time for a ‘trick’. A hexagram was drawn on the front door of the dwelling, and it was said that Satan or his demons would kill someone in the household through fear that night.

The spellbinding beat of the druid music would fill the night as the ceremony began. The men would assault their victim and then brutally sacrifice her to their gods.(1)

Unknow, Liberty to the Captives 20 Comments [10/17/2017 3:37:19 PM]
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Quote# 133080

Two Common Lies Christians Tell Themselves About Halloween

We don’t participate in any of the “bad stuff” about Halloween, just the fun aspects. Sure, you don’t let your kids dress up as witches or ghosts, but what do you tell them when they ask why their friends are in costumes that are mimicking the underworld? Or how do you answer their questions about the house across the street that is decorated like a graveyard? Do you tell them that’s okay for them, just not us? If you do, you are telling your kids that it is okay to emulate evil. I’m not taking this to an extreme folks. Kids are literal. How is a young child pretending to be a scary monster with a hatchet stuck in his head acceptable for Halloween? Or maybe you tell them it’s not okay, but we should just ignore it. Now you are teaching them to not care about the lost. It is a slippery slope, parents, very slippery.
We only participate in our church’s Fall Festival (which, ahem, just happens to fall on October 31st, and we just happen to dress up for it, and we just happen to pass out candy to kids there). Seriously? Honestly, this practice gets me more upset than any other part of a Christian participating in this holiday. What about 1 John 2:15 or Romans 12:2? I see no reason to conform ourselves to this world just so our children don’t feel “left out” on October 31st. Guess what? God calls us specifically to be left out, to be set apart (holy) for Him, every day of the year. I’m pretty sure Jesus and His disciples were the odd ducks in the neighborhood. I can not justify celebrating a pagan holiday with my pagan neighbors as being set apart, and I certainly can not justify a pretend, watered-down, Christian-ified (yes, I made that word up) version. Come on, Christians, be different and feel honored that you are! Use this night to teach your children why we are different, why we are not participating in Halloween, and how freeing that can be.

Penny Lane, Sisters Rasing Sisters 11 Comments [10/17/2017 3:37:15 PM]
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Submitted By: P.E.T.F

Quote# 133079

Sermon 12: Kerrigan Skelly Debunked
By Rev. William H. Grimes
I went on a brief hiatus so that I could start researching for my new “Debunked” series. Let’s talk about the false preacher Kerrigan Skelly. Skelly is a fairly well known street preacher, known for his fire and brimstone style and megaphones as well as attention-seeking signs. Mr. Skelly thinks he’s doing the will of God. However, all he’s doing is dooming lost souls to eternal hellfire. “If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.” (1 John 1:9)
He’s an Armenian, so he thinks that sinless perfection on Earth is possible. He’s correct that sin-everyday “Christians” are heretics, but he’s wrong in that sin can be completely eradicated from one’s soul. Skelly himself says he’s totally without sin. 1 John 1:9 says “If we say that we have no sin, we deceive ourselves, and the truth is not in us.” We are to strive to cease sinning, but we can only be perfect in our resurrected bodies which are perfect. However, he also believes that queers and transvestites can be redeemed. Unfortunately, this does not seem to be the case due to conversion therapy failing. Homosexuality may be totally incurable and these souls may be eternally lost. However, for the rest of us, Christ’s sacrifice on the cross is not IN VAIN AND IS NOT LIMITED TO SINS OF THE PAST!!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! OWWWWWWWWW! HALLELUJAH! SAY AMEN IN THE HOUSE OF GOD!
Christ only forgives those who are truly repentant. No pastor or priest can forgive sins, and drinking a sip of wine and eating a cracker won’t forgive sins. ONLY TRUE REPENTANCE CAN FORGIVE SINS!
Kerrigan Skelly loves Wicked Donny, and probably also voted for Mor(m)on Willard in 2012. He wears a long beard and he’s effeminate! Skelly once preached outside of a Taylor Swift concert and inadvertently admitted to lusting after the flesh! He’s also a glutton! Even by his own Arminianism, he’s going to roast in Hell for telling the unsaved that Christ is in a box and he cannot save His followers who are TRULY repentant! IF YOU LOVE GOD, YOU WILL REJECT THE WICKED HEATHEN KERRIGAN SKELLY AND PRAY THAT HIS APOSTATE SELF WILL RECEIVE THE TRUE GOSPEL OF CHRIST! SKELLY HAS HARDENED FAR TOO MANY HEARTS AGAINST GOD AND HE HAS SUED THOSE WHO ATTACKED HIM FOR MONEY! KERRIGAN SKELLY IS A FRAUD AND A HUCKSTER WHO HATH NOT THE LORD AND USES THE LORD FOR MONETARY GAIN AND HIS OWN EGO!
Next time, I’ll cover Transgenderism Debunked. God’s people said AMEN!

The Rev. William H. Grimes, New Testament Baptist Church 7 Comments [10/17/2017 3:37:11 PM]
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Actually, Islam and Judaism are two heads of the same ancient monster. The Jews have, historically, been the allies of the Muslims. Both Jews and Muslims glory in the murder of Christians, whenever and wherever they can get away with it.

The Muslims believe the lies of the Jewish Old Testament and relegate Jesus to being a mere "prophet" who is a lesser light than Mohammad (mhrh). So, the Jews prefer to association with Muslims more than they prefer to associate with Christians. Islam is Judeao-Islam simply because the Muslims accept the OT as true but not accurately written. The Muslims re-write the OT fables with their own twist.

Modern archaeology proves that Judaism is a hoax. And since Islam is based upon Judaism, that too is proven to be a hoax.

But regardless of how false the OT is or the lies of the Jews and Muslims to contend with, Christians have the Truth of Jesus which transcends anything those two false religions have to offer.

James Gregory, Stormfront 21 Comments [10/16/2017 3:19:09 PM]
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Submitted By: Katie

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(By direct action this fundie means illegal acts like vandalism, arson, etc)

Direct action is the only action. Don't be a bootlicker.

DTF_20170515, r/vegan 7 Comments [10/16/2017 3:18:00 PM]
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Submitted By: Katie
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