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The Anonymous Conservative suspects that school shootings are directly related to the Deep State's increasingly desperate attempts to disarm the American public.

If Q is correct, and these school shootings only started once sending kids to therapy became fashionable because the shooters are being programmed while in therapy, there is no end to the disturbing implications. First is obviously the nature of the people in power who would think nothing of programming an innocent kid to murder, and ruin his entire life, while killing scores of other innocent children. These are astonishingly evil people, in full control of the nation from behind the scenes, if this is true.

Second is the idea that this is being done to further gun control. That means the gun control is only the initial objective. What is step two, once they have enacted the gun control? What are they planning which requires our population be rendered entirely incapable of resisting? What do they want to do, which they know is so horrific it would make everyone so enraged they would rebel openly if they tried it? Think how evil these people would be if this is true. Nothing is impossible. Demanding mandatory euthanasia at age 70? Mandatory abortions of all children after number two? Child sacrifices to Molloch for the benefit of the elites? Governmental kidnappings and forced organ transplants for the elites?

It sounds crazy, of course. But then, if we have learned anything over the last 10 years, it is that the conspiracy theorists are usually more or less right. Remember when you had to be a tin foil hat-wearer to believe that the government was electronically spying on everyone? Remember when the idea that government agencies were laundering money, running drugs, and walking illegal guns was totally beyond the realm of credibility?

Let's face it, any government that has been caught planning to commit domestic terrorism against its own citizens in order to justify a war against Cuba is capable of anything.

Fortunately, given the ongoing progress of the God-Emperor in his campaign against the corrupt bureaucrats, we should find out the truth regarding these sociopathic operations in the reasonably near future. I suspect this sort of thing only scratches the surface of what Q and others warn is literally beyond imagination.

The thing is, whatever psychopath came up with the inspiration for these programs completely failed to understand basic American psychology. No American with even a modicum of an instinct for self-preservation is going to a) disarm himself and b) trust the government to protect him and his family when c) the government has permitted 130 million aliens to move in next door and d) the police have no legal obligation to protect or defend anyone.

If there are more school shootings, then Americans will give up their schools, not their guns. All the media drum-beating is pointless, as it has been for the last 30 years, because any politician who comes out and endorses more gun control will be punished brutally at the polls.

It is worth noting that both the FBI and the Broward County Sheriff's Office were strangely reluctant to do anything that might impede Cruz shooting up the school, even though they had both been alerted to his intentions by Cruz and others.


Occam's Razor suggests that the reason the FBI did nothing to interfere with Cruz, Mateen, Hasan, or Lanza is because they did not wish to dissuade them from their actions. When both the logic and the evidence contradicts your assumptions, it is wise to question them.

Vox Day, Vox Popoli 1 Comments [2/19/2018 1:15:25 PM]
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Whats Donald Trump biggest mistake? Alliance with Tall White Blonde Aliens? Aryans? Global Economic Reset and Gesara!

Trump's coming war against the UN and his alliance with the Aryans-Tall white aliens AKA White Hats Alliance.

The Reptilian faction George Sorus, Bush, Obama, Clinton, Bin Laden controlled Islam network vs Trump Ashtar Command, New Age, Global Economic Reset, Gesara.

5th Kingdome come.

Hello folks,

The background war continues between the falling Reptilian regime run by the Illuminati Nazi bloodline families such as the Pope, Soros, Clinton's, Bush's etc...vs. the Knight Templars represented by President Donald Trump.

It really is baffling about the news associated with the Vatican kicking all Masons out of the Knights of Malta since they're all Masons...everyone in the Illuminati is a Mason. Another thing is they make it sound like it's a Mason vs. Jesuit war when even Donald Trump's father and youngest son are Jesuits...Trump himself could be a Jesuit.

So if you're getting lost in all the rhetoric, so is everyone else.

So let's just kick the rhetoric to the curb and look at what's really going on.


The 13 Illuminati bloodline familes are Reptilians. Often called lizards as well, it's the same thing. These are the German faction dominated by the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Soros, and George Bush Sr. They are dominated by bloodline to the Reptilian-lizard-snake faction of Lucifer's fallen angels.

Donald Trump represents the new Regime taking over that I've always referred to as the New Age Alien Agenda. This agenda is represented by the Ashtar Command, Galactics, Tall Greys, New Age Ascended Masters etc..everything New Age. These are dominated by Lilith's offspring in space known as the Tall Greys. The Tall Whites are also associated with them...such as Mt. Shasta (Tall Whites).

So it's basically the Reptiles vs. Tall Greys.

The Tall Greys take on human manufactured bodies so they look human. This includes Sananda, Maitreya, St. Germaine, all the Ashtar Command, also known as Ascended Masters etc..

We're seeing the Reptilian regime fighting to stay in control of the western world such as USA, AUS, Canada, GBR, Europe etc...

However the New Age regime is establishing it's footholds and taking over with the election of Trump as president. It's a Regime changeover and the battle has been fierce amongst them.

The reptiles are kicking and screaming. They dominate the Democratic Party and Republican Party...which is why you see both of them seeming to work against President Trump. This has nothing to do with politics but associations and regimes. Most of the Democrats and Republicans had aligned with the Reptilians just to get in Congress and get their jobs. With their regime going down and the New Age taking over, alot of them see the end of their own careers.

Many working with the New Age Alien agenda are referred to as White Knights, or White Hat politicians, or White Hat/Knight news reporters etc..

The Illuminati bloodline fascists/socialist regime is now being taken over by the NESARA/GESARA platform which is the worldwide economic platform of the New Age regime's.

I have websites on it at [link to www.nesarasucks.com] and [link to www.omegansareliars.com]

You can also check out my many articles and videos exposing the New Age Alien Agenda and their plans for the world at [link to www.sherryshriner.com]

One regime has died, the other is rising to replace it.

As children of the Most High we should not be supporting either of these groups. Both regimes are evil, neither of them Serve the Most High...they all serve Lucifer, they're just different branches of his (Satan's) tree.

We are heading into the times of Great Tribulation folks.

The Antichrist and False Prophet are from the Ascended Masters group, Maitreya and Sananda (fake Jesus).

As Trump aligns with this regime, and already has, it will bring about the events of the Tribulation Period as we will watch them unfold.

Anyway I just wanted to give a brief overview of what's going on and who is who and who is what and where.

Until next time everybody,
Yah bless,
Sherry Shriner

Anonymous Coward, Godlike Productions 1 Comments [2/19/2018 1:15:17 PM]
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If there was a list of things that always ruin my day, this would be one of the top ones.

Seriously, if there's one thing I cant stand more than crappy movies, it's crappy movies trying to push a political agenda made by some fucking left wing politician who pushes his conspiracy theories and hides it by calling it "science".

I'd go on and on all night about how natural disasters aren't proof of a "APOCALYPTIC DISASTER THAT WILL DESTROY OUR PLANET!!!!!111", but this will most likely be covered in a video I plan to make.

123therealluigi, Deviantart 2 Comments [2/19/2018 8:58:14 AM]
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So Bill 'Not A Real Scientist But An Engineer' Nye went on Tucker 'Hell Of A Lot Smarter Than People Think' Carlson's last night. For those who don't know Bill Nye is one of the Apostles/Priests Of Climate Change/Global Warming. Now a Skeptic and Supporter of Climate Change arguing isn't new. However watching it last night showed me how annoying Climate Supporters can be. Tucker simply asked(paraphrasing a bit) - "What percentage is humans contributing to the problem of Climate Change. Is it 100%, 75%, 25%?" Such a simple question with a simple answer. . .and of course Bill couldn't even be bothered to answer the question and went off on a tangent.

And its not the first time Bill hasn't given people a straight answer or acted like a religious fanatic. Its also possible he wants to start up some kind of Environmentalist Gestapo and have people arrested for speaking out against his religion. And people think my side of the political fence or my faith in God will lead to some kind of 'Thought Police'? Its also interesting that Nye thinks Climate Deniers are no better than the Enron Swindlers. . .um, if we're talking about Scientific Fraud then what about infamous Hockey Stick? Didn't people profit from that and should people be put in jail for such fraud?

What's really annoying about Bill Nye is that he isn't above using insults against the opposing side during debate. Remember this is the same guy who did a KID'S SHOW back in the day. Is it really alright for kids to have a role model who is that insulting toward others? The way he acts makes me think he hangs with Tara Strong(another celebrity loud mouth who insults people and works on a kid show).

Ultimately Bill showed what type of mental (I don't work on a kids show!) midget he is on Tucker's show. If anything Bill is like Pinocchio the Wooden Puppet who wants to be a Real Boy. In Bill's case he is a Washed Up Engineer Pretend TV Scientist to trying to be a Real Scientist.

Graeystone, Deviantart 8 Comments [2/18/2018 5:47:49 PM]
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There are always debates and we welcome them. Doctors are threatened. I’m glad. They are the third leading cause of death and hospitals are overbilling humans in pain. Patient safety activists are in my corner and I’m fine with that.

Amy Holden Jones, Twitter 2 Comments [2/18/2018 3:16:38 PM]
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Alex Jones, the conspiracy theorist who leads Infowars, told listeners that transgender rights activism is secretly paving the way for measures protecting cyborgs and other “new life forms” and that accepting multiple gender identities or sexual orientations is “how you destroy a civilization.”

On Infowars today, Jones featured an interview with Roger Ver, who is an early investor in Bitcoin startup businesses. During the broadcast, Ver was having problems connecting with the Infowars studio. As Jones waited for his producers to work out a better connection, he decided he would “get to what the whole trans movement’s about.”

Jones claimed that executives from Facebook and Twitter have called the Infowars studio to ask them to not use the derogatory phrase “tranny” on air. Jones told listeners that the request had nothing to do with actual transgender people, but rather “it has to do with something bigger.”

“The most protected class are going to be augmented humans—cyborgs, you name it. And you’re going to have humanoids, which again isn’t a man and a woman with the chromosomes splicing together,” Jones said. He then referred to a story about a child born with DNA from three parents. “It’s not a human. It’s something different when you’ve got three parents. And you say, ‘Oh, we just changed some genes over here.’ It changes the whole deal, especially if you start mixing two women.”

“They’re creating new lifeforms and they’re just creating a stampede where you don’t criticize that,” Jones said.

Jones went on to lament that LGBTQ activists sometimes add new letters to the “LGBTQ” abbreviation to reflect different identities and orientations and made a reference to his claim that LGBTQ activists will vilify people who do not offer their cars for people to have sex with. He then predicted that expanded recognition of sexual orientations and gender identities will become the “national religion.”

“It’ll be like the national religion to go ‘L3Q943ABCQPBLV543Z92 dot dot dot 34Q5974,’” Jones said. “I mean, it’s just total mental illness, but it’s how you destroy a civilization.”

Alex Jones, Right Wing Watch 6 Comments [2/18/2018 10:49:18 AM]
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I would like to begin by acknowledging that life in Iran is no picnic. Their government is probably one of the most clueless in the world. I also admire those who, against all odds, get their family out of oppressive countries and into free nations with better future opportunities.

/ Having said that, according to numerous Iranian bahai sources, the majority of Iranian baha'is who escape Iran lied about their lives being in danger there. While a handful of baha'is are in fact wrongfully prosecuted in Iran, the vast majority who escape are not in any danger.

/ baha'i families hire coaches to teach them how to lie to the UN; claiming they were arrested and their lives were threatened. They learn to describe the inside of the jail, prosecution techniques, etc.

/ Also, anytime a baha'i is arrested for any crime, the LSA immediately announces that he or she has been arrested for being a baha'i. Same thing when a baha'i dies for any reason; they claim he was secretly killed by the government for being a baha'i and all the baha'is claim to have been related to the deceased.

SeaMonster1, r/exbahai 0 Comments [2/18/2018 7:43:43 AM]
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Quote# 136728

Baha'ism is not a neutral ideology -- from its innate globalist nature that advocates a "world government" to its "prophecies" that designate Iran as the source and center of this globalization which, in turn, makes proselytization a necessity for them, to its insistence on abrogating Iran's majority religion of Islam, to its headquarters in Haifa of all places in the planet -- it is a political movement that is innately and inevitably anti-Iranian.

Ever since its Babist roots in Amir Kabir's era and its ties to the British Empire, Baha'ism has been used as a vehicle for foreign imperial powers to impose imperial edicts through an artificial minority over the real majority. It has a history of service to foreign interference and working against national interests in Iran. Today, the American Empire similarly uses Baha'is in various positions (such as Bani Dugal in the UN) to issue its own imperial edicts. In other words, Baha'ism has always been a fifth column.

Baha'ism has broken its covenant with Iran and it needs to do a lot to deserve being brought back in the fold. You cannot say you are a Baha'i and stand with Iran or Muslims when your entire ideology is designed to destroy both.

esfandiyar2, r/iranian 0 Comments [2/18/2018 7:43:16 AM]
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Eleanor of Aquitaine was the real founder of the Islamic Plantagenet dynasty. She was the British counterpart of Kadijah—the real founder of the Mohammedan religion.

In 595, 25-year-old Mohammed married 40-year-old Khadijah bint Khuwaylid. Khadijah is a Hebrew name and it means "trust in JAHOVAH."

In 1152, 30-year-old Eleanor of Aquitaine married 19-year-old Henry Plantagenet.

Khadijah was the real founder of the Mohammedan dynasty, and Eleanor was the real founder of the Islamic Plantagenet dynasty.

The TWIN dynasties feature mother goddess worship: Hathor, Isis, Venus, Aphrodite, Diana, "Virgin Mary,"etc., etc., etc.

Khadilah interpreted the visions that her husband was having while undergoing his epileptic fits. Since Mohammed was illiterate, she wrote them down and they later became the Koran. By claiming that the work of Baalzebub was the work of the Holy Spirit, they both committed the unpardonable sin (Matthew 12:31, Mark 3:28).

Sicily was invaded by the Muslims in 827 and was thoroughly Muslim by 1190.

On his way to the Third Crusade in 1190, King Richard I was visited by the monk Joachim of Fiore, who expounded his "prophecies" of the Third Era of the "Holy Spirit."

King Richard was delighted with his "prophecies," as they were definitely on the same page.

Here is a report on that historic meeting by an "expert" on Joachim of Fiore:

Joachim made a dramatic impact on some of his contemporaries. The most famous encounter occurred in the winter of 1190/1 at Messina, where Richard Coeur de Lion, en route for the Third Crusade, asked to see the Abbot Joachim. So Joachim was fetched down from the mountains of Calabria to stand in the eager and curious circle of English courtiers, including Roger Howden whose first account of the meeting we have under the name of Benedict of Peterborough, as well as his later revised one. (Reeves, Joachim of Fiore and the Prophetic Future, p. 22).

The king spent days conferring with the monk about the great prophecies in the Book of Daniel and the Apocalypse. The king was especially interested in his interpretation of the numbers 1260, 1290, and 1335 found in Daniel 12: 7-12.

King Richard adopted the Knights Templar Red Cross during the Third Crusade.

That emblem became the official flag of the British Islamic Empire.

During the Crusade, Richard became a "war hero" or "Lionheart" by working closely with his good friend Sultan Saladin.


Saudi Arabia was founded by the British Islamic Empire!!

Arabia was the original home of Khadijah and Mohammed, so the British Islamic Empire was responsible for returning the HQ of the mother goddess religion to its original birthplace.

The Terrible Turks went down to defeat with Hajji Wilhelm and imperial Germany.

From the Fall of Constantinople in 1453 to that time, Istanbul was the HQ of the Muslim Caliphate.

A power vacuum ensued in the Mideast, and the British were able to install their puppet as king of Arabia. His name was Abdulaziz bin Abdul Rahman, commonly known as Ibn Saud.

As the Catholics make pilgrimages to Roma, Canterbury Cathedral, Lourdes and Fatima, Muslims are encouraged to make a pilgrimage to Mecca at least once in their lifetime.

A person who makes that pilgrimage is given the honorary title Hajji. Ownership of Arabia and Mecca is a tremendous cash cow for the British Islamic Empire . . . and the Saudis.

Muslims circle the Kaaba 7 times and they are expected to kiss the Black Stone in honor of Khadijah and the mother goddess.

Even though Saudi Arabia is British owned, the Arabian American Oil Company (ARAMCO) pumps most of the oil.

The billions in oil revenue goes to spread the Islamic religion around the world.

Prior to 1973, oil was only $3.00 per barrel. After the Arab-Edomite War, the price per barrel skyrocketed, and this was a great boon to financing the spread of Islam.

Hitler's Third Reich was based on Joachim of Fiore's Third Age of the "Holy Spirit"

It is beyond belief but the Third Reich was looked upon as the fulfillment of the Third Age of the failed "prophecies" of Joachim. The writings of Joachim were suppressed but they were adopted by the Jesuits when they supplanted the Franciscans.

Winston Churchill played the role of King Henry III of England, and cousin Adolf played the role of Sultan Frederick II.

Pugnacious Pope Pius XII played the role of Pope Gregory IX.

A Nazi victory would have made the entire world Muslim in order to fulfill the "prophecies" of Joachim of Fiore.

After the defeat of Germany in WWI, that country was broke. In addition, they were forced to pay reparations to France. In 1913, President Woodrow Wolfson appointed Edomite Henry Morgenthau ambassador to Turkey. Morgenthau had 2 Armenian assistants who were constantly briefing him on the Turkish Armenian Genocide. Edomite Morgenthau resigned in 1916 and wrote a book about the genuine Holocaust of 1,300,000 Armenian Christians.

Edomite Muslim Henry Morgenthau, Sr. was U.S. ambassador to Turkey from 1913 to 1916.

He wrote a famous book about the Armenian Holocaust.

His son, Henry Jr., used the gold confiscated by President Roosevelt to finance the Third Reich.

Executive Order 6103, signed by President Roosevelt in 1933, ordered the confiscation of all private gold at $20.67 an ounce. The next year gold was revalued at $35.00 an ounce. It was called the Great Gold Robbery of 1933. It was the greatest gold theft since Cortés and Pizarro.

Amin al-Husseini played the role of Sultan Malik al-Kamil, and he was Churchill's liaison with the Muslim world.

In 1941, he visited Queen Victoria's other grandson in Berlin.

Both men were still very confident of a Nazi victory and a future worldwide Islamic Caliphate.

At the most crucial moment in WWII, when the Nazis were outside the gates of Moscow, al-Husseini visited Adolf Pasha in Berlin. Both men were still very confident of a Nazi victory.

Gestapo chief Heinrich Himmler played the role of Dominican friar and Inquisition head Dominic de Guzmán, aka "Saint Dominic."

The meeting of al-Husseini and Himmler took place in Ukraine on July 4, 1943.

After the meeting, al-Husseini went to Bosnia-Hercegovina
to recruit Muslim cannon fodder for the Waffen-SS.

By July 1943, the war was going badly for the Nazis, so the 2 men discussed the necessity of the creation of a "Jewish" state in the Mideast. According to al-Husseini, Himmler told him that his boss had just killed 3 million "Jews." Obviously, Field Marshall Erich von Manstein was not one of them.

It was at that meeting that the 2 men conceived the idea of the Holohoax. "Holocaust" comes from the Latin Vulgate Version and it means a sacrifice or burnt offering.

Our Great JEHOVAH promised that "the gates of Hades would not prevail" (St. Matthew 16:18). It was the mighty Soviet Union—at the cost of over 20 million casualties—that saved Christian civilization from the nightmarish British Islamic Empire.

Patrick Scrivener, Reformation 5 Comments [2/18/2018 6:35:52 AM]
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Buried amid all the protests and arguments concerning Trump's Travel Ban/Restrictions to certain Muslim ran countries something has been overlooked.
. . .
. .
What has been overlooked is the Left's inability to know the difference between Peaceful Protesting and Beating The Crap Out Of The Opposition.

Its also not the first time Leftists have attacked people who oppose them to the point of trying light a woman's hair on fire-
(Aren't we on the Right supposed to be the women haters?)

Then there is that skank, slut, whore Madonna who dreams of blowing up the White House-
Of course given how she acts, maybe 'blowing up' meant something else.

Its annoying that the Left will portray my side of the political fence as the most vile sexist violent racist etc., etc., on the planet while they get away with all sort of Unconstitutional and even Illegal Acts.

From the Democratic Party creating the KKK and passing Jim Crow Laws to today's George 'I Sold Out My Fellow Jews To The Nazis' Soros funding Black Lives Matter and paying punks to be protesters, the Democrats and Left will always play the Victim Card thinking people won't realize that the Left and Democrats are the true Victimizers.

Right now I can see some of the replies - "But The Right!" "But The Republicans!" "But. . .but. . .but!"

Here's my reply - "No shit Sherlock! The difference between my side of the political fence and your side of the political fence is that we know we aren't perfect! We know every time someone royally screws, we better learn from the mistakes and not make the same mistake twice. We are also not blinded by the impossible 'manmade utopia' that many on the left desire. We know that one of the definitions of Insanity is doing the same failed thing over and over while expecting different results."

Ultimately it comes down to this - "If you want to know what the Left/Democrats/Marxists are up to just look at what they are accusing other people of." If they are accusing the Right of some kind of violence(real or imagined) then its time to look really close at their side cause they are no doubt doing worse.

Graeystone, Deviantart 4 Comments [2/17/2018 1:36:36 PM]
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Quote# 136713

World’s Largest Science Organization Gives Top Honor To Conspiracy-Monger Michael Mann

The world’s largest science organization is bestowing a top honor on a climate propagandist who spends lots of his time making ridiculous, inflammatory comments.

If you need another example of scientific establishment’s deteriorating credibility since the election of Donald Trump, here it is: The world’s largest science organization is bestowing a top honor on a climate propagandist who spends lots of his time making hateful, inflammatory comments about the president, his family, his administration and GOP lawmakers on social media.

Michael Mann, a Penn State University professor and infamous author of the so-called “hockey stick” graph to show the planet is warming, will receive the 2018 “Public Engagement with Science” award by the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) this weekend. The award will recognize Mann’s “tireless efforts to communicate the science of climate change to the media, public and policymakers.”

There’s no question that Mann is the climate tribe’s most outspoken firebrand. He is the media’s go-to source for a doomsday comment about anthropogenic global warming. Since the beginning of the month, Mann has been quoted in dozens of articles—not necessarily about science, but to berate the Trump administration for reversing many of President Obama’s climate change policies.

Julie Kelly, The Federalist 2 Comments [2/17/2018 1:36:28 PM]
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Say you are Kathy Griffin and you did what she did with the Bloody Head of Trump. What would your next action be after 'apologizing'? Would you take a long hard look in the mirror and do some serious thinking about what kind of person you are? Would you realize you may need some kind of mental and/or spiritual help and seek out a psychiatrist and/or pastor? Would you just plain shut up and eat the Humble Pie that's just been handed to you?

Or would you continues to flap your gums against the wind by blaming others for your own screw up that you knew was a bad idea in the first place while pretending to be the actual victim in all of this?

Kathy Griffin chose the second paragraph. Now she's blaming Donald Trump even though the harshest thing he said in his Tweet was that it was sick. Melena was more harsh than Donald.

Kathy is now complaining about 'specific death threats'. . .um, name me one celebrity in any ranking of A-D that never received some kind of death threat? I'm sure Kathy has had her share of death threats(and for those who are doing it now I hope the cops do find you!) so complaining about them now as if its a first time thing or not realizing that being in the public eye, whether in a positive manner or negative manner, will lead to them.

She's also whining about the Secret Service investigating her as if that's a bad thing. IT'S THEIR JOB TO INVESTIGATE THIS SORT OF THING! Did Kathy actually think that the Secret Service wouldn't investigate something like this?

What's even worse is that Kathy is acting like she's being persecuted. She claims Trump using the power of the government broke her. Um. . .the only thing the government is doing is preforming a Secret Service investigation. Its not like she is a member of a Republican and/or Conservative Non-Profit Group that is refused a Non-Profit Status by the IRS or are forced to choose between their First Amendment Rights and Non-Profit Status.

If anything Kathy is a Red Head Bitter Spoiled Brat In Adult Body Version Of Hillary Clinton. Instead of being humbled or learning whatever lessons that needed to be learned, Kathy, just like Hillary, blames everyone else for her screw up instead of the person she sees every time she looks into a mirror.

Graeystone, Deviantart 1 Comments [2/17/2018 7:24:11 AM]
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Quote# 136554

Yup, you didn’t read that wrong...I’m just as surprised as you are...I feel that I need to counter this stupid shit with something awesome so HERE’S NEW ART OF SHAWN!Coming at you sketch by ChasGallagher
Check this guy out because his art is awesome!

Okay...so...time.com/5133674/lady-doritos/ this happened and all I have to say is, really? Really? R-REALLY!? Feminists are pissed at Doritos because their CEO said that men and women eat Doritos, or chips in general, differently! Big shock! Yes, I know #Notall but is this really something to be pissed about? Oh no, women prefer to have snacks in their purse...BURN DORITOS! DORITOS IS Rebranded White Nationalism! TRUMP SUPPORTS THE GRAND DORITO WIZARD! D.VA HAS BETRAYED US! Give me a fucking break! What, they’re making Doritos that don’t crunch loud and in small bags? OH NO, IT’S THE SECOND HOLOCAUST! I know feminists today are fucking stupid but this is next level bullshit that breaks through any common sense and into a void of stupidity...so feminists are now on the same level as Onision fans. Are any women here offended by this? Do you even care? I mean if the CEO is saying this then doesn’t that mean that she has the research that proves this? I personally eat chips the way she described men doing it and I’ve seen plenty of women who eat chips like she described women eating them. Is this really something to be outraged abou-wait, I forgot we’re dealing with feminists, these are the same people who tried to “empower women” for being proud of their STD...Yeah, feminists www.salon.com/2016/04/14/right… I still remember that shit so #Gofuckyourself ugh! This sucks...I’m depressed*Looks at the Shawn art*I’m happy again! I would love to hear what you all have to say about this shit so post your thoughts in the comments...now I really want Doritos.

Shawntheimmortal94, Deviantart 1 Comments [2/17/2018 7:22:11 AM]
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Quote# 136704

bluebeard2011, Redbubble 7 Comments [2/16/2018 11:55:52 PM]
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Quote# 136701

Another school has been attacked with a single shooter, supposedly killing at least 17 civilians. If this is not a false flag, then no civilians would have been killed. Terror attacks against civilian targets are mostly induced by an entity intending to divert public’s attention away from it.

Considering that this latest single shooter attack was perpetrated a civilian target again, then this is a false flag attack, and here are the possible motivations.

First, we have posted a while ago that China will make it official by March 26 to dump the dollar in its oil purchases around the world. Its own citizens must never know what is coming. The ongoing market crash must be sold as another regular “correction” of the market.


Second, is the peaceful opening of the PyeongChang Winter Olympics showcasing the national appetite for unity in the Korean Peninsula, and the failure and poor taste of American diplomacy in the region.

While everybody is in the mood for celebrating human achievements through friendly sports competitions, Mike Pence decided to play politics, in conjunction with the IOC banning of the Russian athletes. But it is very clear who’s not welcome in Asia anymore.

So, he used the “defectors” to dramatize his attendance.

EDITOR, The Event Chronicle 0 Comments [2/16/2018 3:19:42 PM]
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Quote# 136700

The incident at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida on February 14th, 2018 was a false flag event, designed to foment a fascist gun grab.

The official narrative states that 19-year old NIKOLAS DE JESUS CRUZ, a student who had been kicked out of the school, entered the facility, set off smoke grenades, pulled the fire alarm and opened fire on students and teachers with a .223 caliber-15 rifle as they tried to evacuate the building, killing 17 people and wounding numerous others.

This incident has all the markings of a government-sponsored false flag event:

- The story was posted by news outlets days ahead of time. (See below)

- There was an Emergency Response training drill happening that day in the county adjacent to the incident. This is the "smoking gun" in my opinion.

- Eye-witnesses reported multiple shooters, yet only one "gunman" was arrested.

Eye-Witness Confirms Multiple Shooters [1] [VIDEO]

Eye-Witness Confirms Multiple Shooters [2] [VIDEO]

- Crisis actors were on the scene to give interviews.

A "mom" claiming to have been in the 2017 Fort Lauderdale, Florida airport shooting now says that her "kids" were part of this shooting. A family who false flags together, stays together.

No Coincidence: Mom & Sons Victims In Multiple Shootings [VIDEO]

- An active shooter drill preceded the actual shooting.

Eye-Witness Confirms Active Shooter Drill [VIDEO]

- Confusion and misdirection pertaining to the identity of the shooter/patsy were rampant.

A picture and biography of a person unconnected with the shooting were immediately spread across the internet and news sources, as a picture from MARCEL FONTAINE's Facebook page was hijacked and passed off as the shooter. (Since scrubbed. Screenshot below.)

- The shooter/patsy had a name with a secretive meaning.

NIKOLAS = "Conqueror of the people"

DE JESUS = "Of Jesus"

CRUZ = "Cross"

Jesus Cross = Christians

Who conquered/killed JESUS CHRIST? The Jews.

Who perpetrated this shooting? I'll let you figure that one out . . .

Merit Freeman, Henry Makow.com 6 Comments [2/16/2018 3:09:06 PM]
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Quote# 136681

Alexa Miednik, a senior at Douglas High School, claims to have been with the alleged shooter, Nikolas Cruz, during the time of the shooting.

She also claims she saw no guns, no bodies and assumes the possibility of a second shooter.

I told you all this smelled of a #FalseFlag!



Ghost, Gab 6 Comments [2/15/2018 12:41:46 PM]
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Quote# 136678

The timing of the Florida high school shooting is too perfect not to be a false flag operation executed to deflect attention away from the Democrat’s unprecedented spate of serious scandals. It was also designed to take away the guns — THIS YEAR — which the DEMs cannot do fast enough. They know that at least half of the U.S. citizenry is onto their stealthy and surreptitious Purple Revolution. And they can see the “torches and pitchforks” (and guns) slowly approaching their sanctuary cities.

BEWARE: The Purple Revolution Comes To America

As long as the patriots and conservative side of the body politic (i.e. the Right) are fully armed as many are, the Democrats really do have a LOT to worry about. Hence, their concerns are not unfounded. The serial lawbreakers — from the Obamas and Clintons on down — really do face existential threats. The truth movement not only wants to “lock her up”, they want gallows for the whole lot of them.

Gun Control via Shock and Awe
Ever since Obama first took office there has been a steady stream of mass shootings right up to this very day. In this manner, the behind-the-scenes perpetrators are constantly applying the “Chinese water torture” to the American consciousness. With each successive school shooting, more parents are fearful about the plight of their children. After all, you never know when and where the government’s next mind-controlled terrorist(s) will strike.

The globalists believe that it’s only a matter of WHEN a critical mass of citizens will rise up and demand the outlawing, and subsequent confiscation, of guns. Any populace, no matter how aware they are of the true back story, would likely give into this tactic. However, with the Internet running at full tilt 24/7, the ruling elites greatly underestimate the resolve of the patriot movement.

Yes, it’s quite evident that the liberal side of the political equation can be quite easily manipulated by this incessant fear-mongering. As a matter of historical fact, the liberal, progressive, and left-wing members of the Democratic Party have been [FASTIDIOUSLY] socially engineered to give up their guns and take them away from everyone else. These hard-core Cultural Marxists will not rest until this objective is accomplished for their Bolshevik masters.

However, the faithful Christians and conservatives, freedom-loving Libertarians and Tea partiers, no-nonsense Republicans and constitutionalists, etc. are an altogether different matter. The NRA members, veterans, hunters, militiamen, police and other gun owners are particularly determined not to be disarmed. And their numbers are growing by the day. Therefore, the more TPTB resort to “shock and awe” via domestic terrorism, the more these horrific shootings will come back to bite the CIA-directed and FBI-protected co-conspirators.

State of the Nation, State of the Nation 6 Comments [2/15/2018 12:38:48 PM]
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Quote# 136637

I'm hearing some rumors that according to the suicide note left by Fidel Castro's oldest son, that Justin Trudeau actually is the son of Fidel Castro.

Anyone can confirm this?

Peter Sweden, Twitter 9 Comments [2/14/2018 12:08:27 AM]
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Submitted By: Yossarian Lives

Quote# 136635

(He's talking about PornHub)

As someone who used to frequent the site. Its all about perverting the masses and normalising disgustingly imoral shit.

Like any guy I like naked chix. But I started noticing a trend in the suggested videos. They would become more and more disturbing.

Whoops a gay vid made it past their filters oh then a tranny one, chix with dix, then for a solid 3 months they would recommend incest porn, step brother step father step sister shit.

Then taboo stuff, Id never watch any of the shit but they start pushing on guys.

They want to make you immoral. To destroy your sense of right and wrong.

Anonymous Coward, Godlike Productions 7 Comments [2/14/2018 12:07:17 AM]
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Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 136481

Not needed, with all the NWO, we are all one, one government, one police, it is exactly what the devil worshippers want. It all sounds great, except when you realise that in order to achieve such illusion, billions would have to be killed, and free thought would have to end. It is a smart satanic play, the devil is smart, baha’i is are very stupid and gullible and some actively satanic (your bahai rulers)

68tresculturas68, TheBahaiInsider 3 Comments [2/13/2018 1:43:46 PM]
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Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 136466

That's a very good question, Richard! For centuries, we have had liberals and conservatives who have been at war with each other, so to speak. It's fair to say, as you suggest...there ARE lexicographers all over the world past and present, who are in cahoots with the New World Order. They make it no secret, and have been in cahoots to change society, preparing it for the rule of the one world dictator, whom the Bible calls the Antichrist.

For those of us who know the Book, we are seeing the steps literally happening more and more each day as we approach that horrible time in our world's life. In fact, lexicographers are currently working on lexicons for the counterfeit NWO bibles that infiltrated our churches, schools, hotels, motels, courts, etc., since the '50's. That doesn't make them right, but they are the majority now, because there are so many per-versions of the Holy Bible out there, giving people false doctrines, false hopes, and preparing them for their own demise.
Further proof of this are the Georgian Guide Stones and the "17 Sustainability Development Goals" put forward by the UN.

Their first goal is to eliminate global poverty; short of extermination of the poor (to be determined by the UN), how else can they achieve this evil goal? This is where evolution comes into play again, just as it did in Hitler's day. If you do not meet all the criteria, you're exterminated. In my country (Canada) assisted suicide is permitted, which is another genocidal building block upon abortion. We are now being told that our population is so low (due to aborting generations of our babies), that we MUST take in immigrants to make up the difference. The real goal is infiltration and domination for Allah (the moon god). I have no issue with fair and balanced immigration, except our Prime Minister is a professed Muslim, and immediately after coming into office, he appointed a Somalian-born Muslim as our Federal Minister of Immigration. He did that to ensure that only Muslims get in, barbarians who do NOT assimilate, but dominate. Detroit City is a prime example of that. This is evidence of evolution and the New World Order conspiracy (not theory) at play. Forgive me. like old Sophia, "I digress!"

The complete and accurate title of Charles Darwin's thesis proves this, "On the Origin of Species (or more completely, On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection, or the Preservation of Favoured Races in the Struggle for Life)"

I took that from Wikipedia, and it is correct. Did you get the last part of that long title, "...or the preservation of favoured RACES..."?

Wouldn't you say that from the title alone, that the evolutionary theory was and is being so strongly promoted is extremely RACIST? This title is being cleverly spoken of in its "shortened form", so that people will not declare it to be a racist work! So you see, people need to stop regurgitating everything they've been told, and actually do their own digging.

Much history, etc. online is being revised and rewritten by lexicographers, etc., but thankfully, there are still a number of us old diehards who still possess copies of the original unadulterated works that we can refer to.

You are right, the dogmatic Christians who once believed in the literal interpretation of the Bible are a minority. It wasn't always that way, but as children are being born to ungodly and unChristian parent(s), they move away from the "ancient landmarks", as the Bible calls them. They become more biblically illiterate and move away from the morals, ethics and beliefs of their forefathers. In turn, they pass the ungodliness and ignorance on to their children.

As nature would have it, many solid Bible-believing Christians die each day, and that too, makes us a minority. Therefore, the world is in the mess it is in today. I would prefer to be in the minority that is correctly reading and interpreting God's Word and be saved, than those who are not! Christ said, "Enter you in at the strait gate: for wide is the gate, and broad is the way, that leads to destruction, and many there be which go in thereat: 14. Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leads to life, and few there be that find it." Mt. 7: 13, 14. The majority is not always right, as we see at the voting polls on both sides of the border.

Consequently, we have anarchy brewing because every person is a law unto themselves, as the Bible says. "Every man did that which was right in his own eyes"...lawlessness! That results in confusion and chaos, as the politically correct faction are promoting. We older sled dogs who held to our religious God-fearing (reverential) convictions are quickly being outnumbered by the liberals and the Muslims, and soon, there is coming a day when that will result in very bloody and bitter fruit...due to ignorance...and following the pack. For the record, I'm not racist nor do I hate ANYBODY! I don't like the idea that our governmental leaders are too stupid and blind (if they are) to allow our enemies to flood unabated into our countries. In my province, in the news today, a 75 year old couple are being deported because they erred on a minor immigration point many years ago! Another friend of mine had her passport application denied because on it, she said her hair was gray; it's white now. All they had to do was look at this woman's picture on the document and they would know it was her! We have to have all kinds of documentation to prove who we are, but our enemies do not! That is a major conspiracy that is going to gravely affect us all! And, I'm very literal about that!

I, and many others, still hold to the literal interpretation of the Holy Bible because proper hermeneutics (interpretation) demands it. When I see it literally coming to pass, I'm wise to continue with my literal interpretation, wouldn't you say so? In light of what I just said in my previous paragraph, I can see Rev. 20: 4 coming to pass LITERALLY...beheading for one's faith. By the way, those who do not embrace the barbaric and culture of the Dark Ages will also be beheaded. It's all in the Qur'an, which I have; there's nothing peaceful about it anywhere, and people all over the world are embracing these people and their way of doing things. One may call this, "evolution", but I and many others call this clever societal engineering, planned genocide.

For many years, there was a faction of Christendom that got away from the basics, as humanism and secularism crept into the Church, and they allegorized almost everything in the book, trying to avoid God's judgment of them. By doing this, they fell heir to it, and that judgment is closer than most would dare to believe. That's a long answer to your short question, but I like to cover all the bases.

Skywatcher57, Christian News Network 7 Comments [2/11/2018 8:01:26 PM]
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Quote# 136455

Actually, teens (14-17) are sexually adults, the liberal elite just punishes people who fuck them because they're embarrassed by their own sexuality because they're insecure cowards and it makes them feel better about themselves by punishing others with less power than them for having sex. They call teen sex pedophilia because people rightfully hate pedophilia and the commoners are too stupid for higher thought like the kind needed for looking at the simple biology that proves teens are capable of sex. We just can't have sex with them because the government is more corrupt than the metal plating a car in a wasteland for 80 years and they send us to prison for it. It has no moral consequences, just legal ones.

Aside from that, it was an analogy. You say that men cannot decide what women can and can't do when it comes to hurting fetuses because men can't feel the pain from fetuses. (Excluding the possible "child support" that will come later which isn't really about taking care of the child, it's just a lie the liberal politicians created because it sounds better than "take money away from innocent men and give it to evil women support". After "child support" is through with a man, he'll be eating out of garbage cans and living in his car.) But normal people can't feel sexual attraction to children, so they have no idea how umm "painful" resisting those urges are, so shouldn't only the pedophiles get a say in it because only they understand the pain? That makes just as much logical sense as only women getting a say in abortion. Neither molesting children nor abortion should be legal.

No ordinary commoner should have the right to decide when it's time to kill someone outside of self-defense. That stuff is always up to the government to decide. Also, sperm can be made into a baby, but a fetus is a baby in progress. Something in progress has equal value, a raw material does not. You wouldn't be charged with burning down a home for burning down a tree, but you would if you burned down a home being built.

RetroSpriteResources, DeviantArt 6 Comments [2/11/2018 6:29:12 PM]
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Quote# 136539

Does the Mossad have Spy Vultures?

True story: Early this week, a griffon vulture flew across the Israeli border and into Saudi Arabia, where it was captured on suspicion of espionage. Local authorities found a GPS transmitter on the bird as well as a leg bracelet emblazoned with TEL AVIV UNIVERSITY. Despite claims by Tel Aviv University scientists that the creature had been tagged as part of a long-term study of area migration patterns using satellite tracking, Saudi Arabian newspaper al-Weeam reported the likelihood of “a Zionist plot.” [read Huffington Post news account]

This concern comes on the heels of recent reports of sharks and jellyfish weaponized by the Mossad, the Israeli foreign intelligence service, then dispatched to wreak havoc on Egyptian tourism. Moreover, as Middle Eastern rumor has it, Israel possesses unmanned aerial vehicles — a.k.a. drones — disguised as barn swallows, so the captured vulture could at least be a decoy. As one al-Qaeda member recently lamented: Step out of your house, you risk being blown up; Stay inside, your house gets blown up too. Whether the vulture innocently flew off course or was in fact part of an elaborate Mossad covert operation, the psychological effect is the same.

And lethal robotic vultures are a possibility.

Keith Thomson, Huffington Post 9 Comments [2/9/2018 1:03:07 PM]
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Quote# 136511

Wild conspiracy about our reality! What if...

We all died and our consciousness was spawned into a simulation. And now its corrupted and degrading...

Crazy right!

Its just crazy how in the past few years diseases and mental illness are at an all time high!

Everyone young and old are either developing cancer or ADD anxiety autism dementia alzheimers.

Its like humanity is just degrading. Not just morally but organically. And perhaps its a system degrading but to us in here it looks like illness and insanity.

And nothing makes sense anymore. Its like "glitchy"

A couple years ago I had a strong sensantion of "I need to get out of here. I dont belong here." It was strong and scary.

Sometimes I truly wonder if the reality we know....isnt actually real.

Either that or I need to stop watching stuff like "Black Mirror"

nythinker, Godlike Productions 7 Comments [2/8/2018 6:19:44 PM]
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