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I remember Christopher Hitchens describing North Korea as the most religious place he’d ever been. People invested insane levels of religious devotion to the Great Leader and observance of ritual because the punishment could be death or the death camps for 3 generations of your family. Liberals have learned to harness religious devotion and call for their “believers” to treat their political dogma as sacred, hate the unbelievers, hunt out infidels and disbelievers even in their ranks.

They’re even bringing back shaming, shunning and public humiliations more akin to 1700s Puritanism than modern Christianity. Thou shalt not question transgender dogma or whatever else the high priests proclaim today, and we’ll send a lynch mob to kill the blasphemer if you dissent. They’re harnessing powerful human emotions, but they’re undermining the ability to have rational debates in public because they don’t WANT those debates to occur and undermine their side.

Hate speech laws are the new blasphemy laws, since one side says they’re love, so anyone else must be silenced at haters. They’ve even appropriated Islam’s logic that criticism of the faith is equal to a physical attack on all the believers. That’s how Islam justifies executing atheists and those who question Islam or any aspect of the society. You hear it on a more basic level when someone responds to criticism with “You’re attacking me, you’re invalidating me, you’re erasing my existence.” Their sacred selves are too good to ever be told they’re wrong, hate facts that contradict their narrative are attacking them, if you persist in disagreeing with them, you don’t disagree - you want them dead and gone.

The liberal merger of political ideology and faith is understandable when you realize they elevated the State to the level of God two generations ago. And as they embedded their world view via “education” at all levels and silenced all contrary views from the public sphere, the next generations became more religiously invested in the political ideology because that IS their supposed source of purpose, moral direction and all that is good in the world. Because it is a literal matter of faith for them, it isn’t something that’s going to be corrected in a few years of Trump. We’re in a culture war that has taken generations to get here and will take generations to solve.

tbw2, Free Republic 0 Comments [7/22/2018 2:29:56 PM]
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– The Jews will say that an African soccer player is French and they may sue you if you object.

– They will hang giant plastic lobsters in the Louvre museum, next to the Mona Lisa, and claim it is legitimate art.

– They will fill the newspapers and the universities with Jewish gobbledygook and claim it belongs to the finest European intellectual tradition.

White people who cheer for non-White soccer teams are playing dumb. They want to support their team, but there isn’t any team representing them, so they make do with what they have. They pretend not to notice the racial aspect. Even so, everyone knows there is a race replacement problem in the country. However, people don’t realize that our intellectual, political, artistic and moral elites, have been replaced by Jewish interlopers and phony fakes working for them. That is because the Jews are partly European and do not look as foreign as Blacks, unfortunately.

Armor, The Occidental Observer 1 Comments [7/22/2018 12:38:48 AM]
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Libertarians are simple-minded lickspittles. They are disciples of the Jewess Alisa Rosenbaum (“Ayn Rand”).

She said that “racism” was a form of collectivism and was therefore evil. However, she supported the “racist” state of Israel and called Palestinians animals.

“Do as I say, not as I do,” she told her lickspittles, and they obey her. They joyously aid the genocide of their own race.

Libertarians are despicable and mindless traitors. Even their Jewish masters have nothing but contempt for them.

Stan Burns, The Occidental Observer 1 Comments [7/22/2018 12:38:32 AM]
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Earlier this year, I was musing over the question of whether Jews ever feel guilt or remorse when they blatantly insult, injure or kill goyim. I had to conclude, based on my research and observations, that the answer was no. Invariably, they possess mental traits that allow them to project their guilty behavior onto the actual victim, and in turn conceive of themselves as the victims. [...]

No sooner had I reached this conclusion than E. Michael Jones in his magazine Culture Wars called my views into question. In the April issue, he published his essay “Jewish Monsters from the Jewish Id.” The essay was partially based on his 2000 book Monsters from the Id: The Rise of Horror in Fiction and Film. The book discussed how the sexual liberation crowd “tried to drive religious and moral nature out with a pitchfork, but found that nature only returned through the back door, in the form of a monster.” In other words, as one review summarized with respect to sexual license and its attendant abortion problem, “Horror, says Jones, comes from a guilty conscience that won’t admit that it’s done anything wrong — and horror stories reveal the true nature of that guilt again and again.”

Jones combined this with his remarkable 2008 book The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit and Its Impact on World History to argue that the 2009 film The Unborn “is about Jewish guilt over abortion manifesting itself as fetal monsters.”

[...] The crucial Jewish role in getting abortion legalized in America, Jones argues, plus the high rates at which Jews abort their own children,

explains the need to bring up Auschwitz, because the function of the holocaust is to absolve all Jews from any guilt they may have incurred by violating the moral law. Auschwitz is the totem which calms the troubled Jewish conscience by assuring the Jew that he is the eternal victim, and, as such, incapable of incurring guilt as the perpetrator of some immoral act like, say, killing a fellow Jew in the womb of his mother.

More pertinently yet, Jones sees that last December’s Israeli massacre of innocent Palestinian women and children also inevitably creates subconscious Jewish guilt.


It is a common Jewish personality trait that we cannot ignore because so many Jews direct so much hatred toward so many of us non-Jews. Worse, they have the power to turn that hatred into real harm (and to subsequently protect themselves from their actions).

As just another taste of this process, peruse Hervé Ryssen’s characterization of Jewish intellectuals’ contempt for non-Jews in this piece:

It is not enough for these intellectuals to talk nonsense, to lull us with “human rights,” to bind us with repressive laws, and to inject us with alien cultural poisons. They also have to pour into our ears their contempt for our old cultures. But this contempt does not seem to fully satisfy their thirst for revenge. They must also insult us and spit in our faces: “ignoramuses, xenophobes, paranoiacs, morons, lunatics, etc.” . . .

And I will not recount the innumerable films in which the cosmopolitan scriptwriters take their revenge against Christian civilization and the white man in general. It seems obvious to me, regarding all this logorrhea, that these people hate us. It could not be any more obvious if they wore flashing neon signs on their heads.


Remember, ideas have consequences. And the good Professor Goldhagen seems to have a fixation on genocide. That worries me, given that he is plugged into the ruling circles of the United States.

But in some distant future, there might be hope. As evidenced by his own books, Goldhagen opts to collectively blame Germans, to collectively blame Catholics, to collectively blame many other groups for their trespasses. What if Jews were ever to collectively repent for their considerable trespasses against others these last three-four millennia? To repent for their financial, political, and most of all lethal crimes against humanity? Maybe then the projection and repression might stop and the world would become a far better place.

Edmund Connelly, The Occidental Observer 1 Comments [7/22/2018 12:38:10 AM]
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(The user was banned for this post)

You're missing the racial aspect which is extremely important. Austrians would never fight fellow Austrians neither would they fight fellow Germans and Germans would never fight fellow Germans.

LotusFlower, AlternateHistory 3 Comments [7/21/2018 12:28:31 PM]
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Re: Asian customer assaulted at TopShop while store manager sides with the assailants

She only dates white men. https://v.qq.com/x/page/7in23Z2AAtG.html

I mean It's certainly horrible and I support her as an individual under attack. But if she or someone wants to involve racism so to get support I disagree.

Edit: the video starts with her saying "you are the first foreign man I see in this show". Hosts asked "Didn't you see the last one from Russia?". She answered "I forget that one the moment I see him". In the show, female host said she'd 'bursted' tonight and became different. She replied this was a hard-to-find opportunity(but the man is based in Hong Kong). Near the end, male host said she came all the way back to China from NY for the show, but ended up with an American. Show was in 2011. She was born in 1983. Man was 43, had 4 Chinese gfs.

Someone specifically talked about this episode on forum, although her name was confused with a homophone in the thread. http://bbs.tianya.cn/m/post-free-2128482-1.shtml He mentioned that in previous episodes she was always nitpicking and not polite to Chinese guys, but suddenly she put on a blush this time. Many girls in this dating show have white fever, too.

Not our fight then

And also majority of asian feminists will stay quiet about disproportionate black on asian female violence bc they place black ppl higher up on the leftist oppression olympics totem pole above themselves.

And ironic how the black store manager was allowed to kick out this (prob leftist) asian female while Starbucks got in big legal trouble for trying to kick out 2 black males for loitering.

Black people are so high up on the leftist oppression olympics totem pole that they can be openly tribalistic and racist and people will be too afraid to call them out for it.

African American women act like this all the time. That's why they have the highest out of wedlock rates. Just a bunch of pumps and dumps


This comment is racist and wrong and I don’t agree with you. You need to re educate yourself. I’m not saying the situation is okay but what does race have to do with it? The attacker could just as easily been someone not black. This is ignorant. Manage


Blah, blah, blah. Typical meek Asian response. Can tell Asians to shut up but can't tell the Afro Americans who assaulted her, "You're racist and wrong. I don't agree with you. You need to reeducate yourself." BYE!


Considering over 90% of NYCs violent crime is non-white, primarily black and Hispanic, it’s not entirely inaccurate to say “they act like this all the time” ... especially in NYC

Well I'm not going to tell anybody not to support somebody who is a victim of a crime, but as far as I'm concerned, I don't care about anybody who wouldn't care about me. I (and the Asian community) shouldn't be a crutch for these Lus and Chans. People who you fall back on when you need support and then be treated as lesser people when you don't.

Also, just because I don't support racism especially against Asians doesn't mean I will have sympathy for these racists, when they get the short end of the stick. So yes, I hope those racist attackers get caught and charged to the full extent of the law, but no, I don't have sympathy for this woman at all. Two separate issues.

you're getting the downvotes bc the majority of asian females in the US like her and also this one

"First ever Broadway play written by an Asian-American woman is about the identity of Straight White Men"https://old.reddit.com/r/aznidentity/comments/906sr6/first_ever_broadway_play_written_by_an/

have BLATENTLY walked away from asian men and openly play for team white guy. Let her old white guy boyfriends advocate for her

wow just a random unprovoked attack? wtf? i mean how many times does that actually happen? that shit is fucked up.reading some of the comments..i love how black people are saying "stop generalizing us" well guess what? stop doing the same to us then.the sad thing is the attacker targeted her because she is Asian. we are powerless and they know it. they think they can get away with this more so than if this was done to a white person.zero respect for Asians period.who she dates doesn't really have nothing to do with this. she was targeted because she was Asian. think about how bold this shit is. out of nowhere she gets punched in a public space without any reason. that shit is frightening.think about it...it could have been your gf or wife that this happened to. if any Asian speaks about this they will be called "anti-black" racists. i swear man black people think they can get away with this kind of shit because they are on the top of the oppression totem pole while Asians are on the bottom.

Black people have a thing for hitting pretty AF for no reason. Probably because they keep getting away with it, I remember seeing a video of a Twitch streamer who was walking down the street recording herself when she got punched in the chest by a black lady. There were a bunch of people walking around too, but no one noticed or cared, probably because it was kind of crowded and it wasn't their business.

Anyways, someone said she was white worshipping, so I kind of lost a little bit of respect for her, but at least she is standing up for herself, even if it is online. Black on Asian racism is way too common form what I see.

Put me in the undecided column.

First, it's rare someone gets attacked for no reason. I'm not getting what I think is a full account. Second, I've learned that women, regardless of race, can often cry foul and people listen unquestioningly- some not all women abuse that. Third, from her FB photos she looks like she glorifies light skin and whiteness. Fourth, as Kazshin pointed out below- she only dates white men. Now, before people react to this and say "that's not reason to not support her", I'm not deciding on that basis; but I DO think it "fits" as far as accounting for what might have led up to this encounter. That is to say, a disturbing number of AF act with disgust towards Asians and non-whites; even more so when they exclusively date white (pig-chasing). Sometimes that behavior has consequences even if they get away with it 99% of the time. Whether that happened here or not, I'd need to see the full video or hear from some Asian or non-white observers to corroborate. White observers don't count.

So I'm sure this woman will get thousands of FB likes. Besides Asians, really the only other persons commenting positively are white people who feel this fits the same irrational "jungle rage" narrative whites tell about blacks- that they violently attack without cause. Just not certain on it until I learn more.

Look at all the black people in the comment section saying: "stop generalizing us as criminals"

also black people "chink eyes/ching chang ching chang chong/you all look like Jackie Chan/Asian basketball players are all jeremy lins or Yao mings

various commenters, r/Aznidentity 0 Comments [7/21/2018 10:51:44 AM]
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Quote# 139026

No, people are alt-right because massive non-white immigration is the death knell of western civilization. I don't think it has anything to do with being an outcaste or not getting laid or any of that other shit. It just objectively sucks and people have had enough of it.

No one wants to see their homeland swamped by boatloads of African subhumans or become a part of the Middle East. Every time I see some boatload of Africans touchdown in Europe, I see Europe dying a little each day, a great tragedy given all that Europe has contributed to the world. I'm quite sure that if all the men in the alt-right were getting laid 24/7 with tradthots as hot as Lauren Southern or Lana Lokteff, they'd still be pissed off at the non-white invasion and not only that, but the leftist pieces of shit in power and the fucking feminists too.

Hatred_Incarnate, incels.me 0 Comments [7/21/2018 10:50:54 AM]
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Quote# 139025

Good point. Jews have evolved to be parasitical. The more successfully cunning and subversive Jews were able to have more offspring and the less cunning and subversive were not.

These traits are not going to suddenly disappear because they have a state of their own. On the contrary, these traits have simply magnified to the national level - Israel is the most cunning, subversive and parasitical state in the world by far.

A crucial part of Israel's national security involves having rich and powerful Jews in positions of influence in other countries, particularly the US. They aren't going to abide by a policy of containing all Jews in Israel.

Britannic Nationalist, Stormfront 0 Comments [7/21/2018 10:50:44 AM]
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Quote# 139024

The state of israel was created as a jewish state at the expense of The United States by jews who came from Russia, laundered their Capone bootlegging profits, disguised themselves as Democrats and diverted the funds from the U.S. Treasury.

This current measure is a demonstration of jewish power, now that both the U.S. and Russian governments have been thoroughly subverted by jews. Who's going to oppose this measure? Germany?

RONA Renegade, Stormfront 0 Comments [7/21/2018 10:50:22 AM]
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Quote# 139022

Being a corrections officer is a dangerous job for a White man especially.

I don't see much point in teaching negroes in prison anything -- especially anything that has equipment that can be used as weapons. Nor do I see any useful point in letting negroes in prison access weight-lifting equipment.

They should be locked in their cell. Period. They can maybe watch tv. If they can read, they can read a book.

Nearly all of imprisoned negroes are primitive apes with IQ's below 80, and a large percentage with IQ's below 70. They simply don't have the intelligence to perform any job in an advanced White civilization -- not even collect trash.

They should be deported -- somewhere nonwhite.

Tenniel, Stormfront 0 Comments [7/21/2018 10:50:12 AM]
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Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 139002

I regret to tell you that in the very near future there won't be much left of the ' Québécois pure laine ' culture. The days of Gilles Vigneault, Félix Leclerc, Robert Charlebois, Jean-Claude Léveillé and so many more will be swept aside to be replaced with more ' diverse ' cultures. The Québécois as patriotic as they may be will follow the same path as the English Canadians, slowly but surely becoming minorities in their own land.
Unless...unless a strong leader such as the late René Lévêsque comes around. Vœu pieux...Wishful thinking.
If that happens we can expect a ' Just watch me ' from le fils à papa. If he is still around, that is.

Robrecht, Eurocanadian 0 Comments [7/21/2018 3:59:43 AM]
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Quote# 139001

These videos are shocking, and as a native Montrealer, it breaks my heart to see the city I grew up in turned into a swamp. And I'm only 28 and yet I remember being a kid and things being much different. I used to be against separatism on the grounds that I thought Quebec was as essential part of Canada. Now, living in Ontario I feel (authentic) Quebec culture is the only one that has anything left to save, as the rest of Canada has become like the garbage shown above, a multiculti gong show sold out to the highest foreign bidder. Canadians outside of rural Quebec and the rural maritimes are content to sit in front of their TV and spout American pop culture cliches while eating a plate of Shawarma from their local "Canadian" all-halal restaurant, while their kids learn Chinese in school to prepare for their future overlords.

Regardless, we know the end game, which is to associate these cultures with Canada, and that's just a dishonest shame, since they played no part in building Canada up to what it is now. Canadians ought to be outraged as much as we are by this madness.

WhenInRome, Eurocanadian  0 Comments [7/21/2018 3:59:23 AM]
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Quote# 139000

went to the Canada Day parade from Fort Street to Dominion Square, Montreal, where there were thousands of pieces of free birthday cake dished out by a crew of mostly Latinos and Caribbeans with security team of Haitians. The clients evident were Chinese, Filipino, Muslims with hijabs and American tourists with cameras.

The parade was a quarter or more Chinese complete with dragons, representing communist order and ethnic regions. The rest was from dozens of countries around the world each waving their flag and proudly sporting their costumes, music and dances.

The image below is taken from the "The Official Website of Jimmy Chan" where he basically brags (in 2016) about how "Canada Day" is now "Chinese Day".

There were even Turks waving the Turkish flag wearing Ottoman fezzes, pretending to be Shriners..?! There were Iranians sporting their flag with lion of imperial Persian empire. There was one small authentic French Canadian band with Kiwanis and real quad-4-wheeler Shriners giving Canadian participation of less than 10% of the show. I did notice most of the Montreal police were Canadian, many stayed in their car, police cadets were on some street corners

The parade should have been called United Nations Day or Mass Migration Day — nothing to do with Canada.

Here are some video clips of the Montreal parade this year 2018 taken by foreigners implicitly claiming they now own Canada and that July 1st is their Day, for the benefit of their race and culture against "racist" Canadians.

Thirty years ago when the Canada Day parade was for Canadians it would have had school, college bands representing education and military groups; army, air, marine bands representing security; hospital/ health care facilities; church; larger iconic national businesses such as hydro, manufacturing, telecommunications, transport: rail, automotive, aerospace; mining/ smelting, banking; athletic/ sports; culture such as Cirque du soleil, Montreal symphony, country and folk; indigenous peoples. The true essence of national pride.

Today Canada has none of these to celebrate. Only third world multiculturalism.

For the founding European culture: pioneers, nation builders and defenders of the "true north strong and free" — it must be a sad day.

The government vision and plan for the rapid and dramatic transformation of Canada from an English/ French bi-cultural country to a multicultural post nation has taken place. It's a gamble Canada will loose. It already feels now to be a country lost.

What I see is a bunch of foreign powers vying for control in the vacuum of what was once a country.

Marc Archembault, Eurocanadian  2 Comments [7/21/2018 3:59:06 AM]
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Quote# 138998

James Bickerton: What really shocked me at the rally against antisemitism in Parliament Square is that every single person I spoke to, on or off camera, said that either they're planning to leave the country if Corbyn becomes PM or they have family/friends who are.

Sinead Larkin: Great stuff, I’ll help them all pack.

Sinead Larkin , Twitter  0 Comments [7/21/2018 3:58:10 AM]
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Quote# 138992

[They are reacting to the same incident as MRAs yesterday]

SMH: Daycare Worker Who Hung A Baby Sentenced To Probation!

(Mx. Ritzy Mayo)
Her hairdo in the mugshot = Neo Nazi.
I wonder if the baby was black or white.
Either way...how in the hell does she get probation for hanging a baby and then running a bicyclist over and totaling someone’s car???
And how many people Actually Know How to tie a proper noose???
The judge must be a crack head...
I bet she is still with her husband that supposedly caused her to Snap...

(The Messenger)
Caucasians(cave dwellers) doing caucasians(cave dwellers) evil things nothing new.
They all mental, suicidal, autism, handicap and downs syndrome donkey fuckers.

And its people that swear white privilege dont exists

(SuPeR tHuG 187)
Not even white privilege. Its feminism. A man regardless of color would've got life.

It's both and a white Male still would have walk free I can name several incidents

I swear, had that been a black person - that person would have been killed

White people make me sick

If i find out the baby was black I'm punching the first elderly white woman I see in the face for no reason

the judge later that day sentenced a black dude to 10 years for a joint he had in his car.....

(The love below)
Bitch tried to kill 3 people in one day.........and only got probation, bout to go take my chances,.......... where's my minivan

Russians and Hindus and arabs have the ugliest nose

Ugly Russian skank

(Stark and Stark)
Her husband made her mentally ill huh? but instead of tryn to slay that nigga, she tried to slay a kid. Are background checks not a must anymore when operating a daycare center?


(Jesse Krupnick)
Teach women not to kill children.

various commenters, WorldStarHipHop 0 Comments [7/19/2018 11:03:36 AM]
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Quote# 138967

And yet it won't matter how progressive, anti-racist, and humanitarian these leftist White South Africans are when the black lynch mobs come for them. A White South African could constantly virtue signal against White supremacy and apartheid, become an asset to society by creating a successful business and hiring a bunch of black people, create charities that helped blacks, et cetera - and yet they'll still be scapegoated, mugged, raped, tortured, and murdered.

And that should serve as a lesson to all of the White shitlibs across the White Western world who think that being an SJW will spare them from persecution and oppression once they're vulnerable and despised minorities in their own countries. Most brown and black people are always going to lag behind Whites economically because they have lower polygenic scores when it comes to SES. But they'll never admit that their shortcomings are genetically caused, and so they have no choice but to scapegoat Whites - all Whites - for their shortcomings.

The anti-White ideology being promulgated by White leftists is feeding into this non-White victimhood mentality and militarizing people of color against us, which will make them feel completely justified in persecuting us once we're vulnerable minorities. That's exactly what we're seeing playing out in South Africa.

Post-apartheid South Africa has also taught us that the greatly increased societal dysfunction caused by non-White rule will also be blamed on White racism. The ANC in South Africa routinely blames their inability to keep the national power grid working, their high crime rates, their corruption, and their economic failings on apartheid and White racism - even though those same cities were doing great under White rule during apartheid.

South Africa's gradual collapse since the end of apartheid is a direct consequence of the genetically-caused black inability to create and maintain highly successful societies, and the same exact thing will happen throughout the White Western world as we get demographically replaced by low-IQ people of color.

CertifiedRabbi, r/DebateAltRight 3 Comments [7/18/2018 3:29:02 AM]
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Quote# 138958

[68 British rabbis of all Jewish denominations write to the press to protest the Labour Party’s weakening of its disciplinary procedures against antisemitic members]

Jewish people have suffered dreadful atrocities I’ve hated criticising them but they’re beyond compassion and full of violence towards their neighbour. They do not want corbyn in along with the press they are interfering in our country.

Mary Hamilton Bedward, Facebook via Twitter  1 Comments [7/18/2018 3:01:07 AM]
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Quote# 138901

Right-wing pastor and radio host Jesse Lee Peterson was joined last week by far-right activist Lauren Southern, who agreed with him that anti-apartheid revolutionary Nelson Mandela was an evil man and that the current government in South Africa is “doing such a poor job” that it makes apartheid look good.

During Southern’s interview on the July 5 episode of Peterson’s show to promote her new white nationalist propaganda film “Farmlands,” which, among other things, presents a whites-only town as a possible solution to violence in South Africa, the duo began discussing their disdain for Nelson Mandela and whether they believed South Africa was better before apartheid was undone.

“Nelson Mandela was an evil man and when they brought him here to our country presenting him as a good person, I was saying ‘No. Nelson Mandela is head of the [African National Congress]. He’s not a good man. Do you agree with me that Nelson Mandela was an evil man?” Peterson asked.

“Well the fact that he introduced his opposition with 57 public bombings and was part of the Communist Party, I don’t think that’s an opinion. I think it’s an objective statement. If he had been white, or even Asian, or anything but black and during the time he was in, I think that there would be far more criticism,” Southern responded.

Later in the interview, Peterson said, “It seems to me people were better under apartheid than they are with what’s happening now.”

Southern seemed briefly surprised before she eventually argued that apartheid may seem better because the government in South Africa is “doing such a poor job.”

“That’s something that, of course, I feel like I can’t even give my opinion on. I would say under apartheid—just because things were better under apartheid does not mean apartheid was good. What it means is that the government now is doing such a poor job and socialism is so bad that it’s literally worse than apartheid,” Southern said.

Jesse Lee Patterson and Lauren Southern, Right Wing Watch 5 Comments [7/15/2018 1:30:54 PM]
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Quote# 138879

China does suck because China is the CCP. The ethnic people in the regions who haven't been sucked into the Han rudeness, disrespect, selfishness and classlessness have cultures that don't suck. Tibetan culture doesn't suck. Uighur culture doesn't suck. Even Malaysian Chinese culture doesn't suck. It's China that sucks.

So are you saying China is better? And you're trying to start an argument on this? That's just the attitude China has which pisses people off. Chinese act like they own Thailand and Thailand should be lucky to have Chinese visiting. It's ridiculous. But anyway, we don't have plastic rice, we don't eat dogs, we don't put random meats in food and call it chicken, we don't cause animals to go extinct, we don't pollute everywhere we go, we don't fish used oil out of drains to cook food in, we don't let out kids poop in public, etc etc. We also know how to queue. We are also a hell of a lot better at enforcing regulations. Our air is also way cleaner and breathable. Still feel good up there in your pedestal?

State_of_Iowa, Reddit 4 Comments [7/15/2018 8:38:40 AM]
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Quote# 138878

Yeah not gonna feel sorry for actually using land that someone else left empty. The only pre-Columbian peoples who even did anything with it were in central and south America so go complain to the people there too.

Ultimately if we want a better society that takes resources and letting everyone sit on top of loads of good farmland and minerals while they live as hunter gatherers isn't going to get anyone anywhere.

Panzerspartan, Reddit 7 Comments [7/15/2018 6:49:30 AM]
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Quote# 138866

Re: Self defense: Chinese man got provoked/beaten down by Pakistani twice in Nanjing then stabbed paki with knife.

who the hell do these Pakis think they are, especially when they come to our country? gtfo.

CPC paid those scums each 80,000 RMB per year for studing in China.

Typical foreigner in China, has a Chinese Lu girlfriend and insults the natives. When is someone going to do something about it?

CPC shields these halal Smoking Drunk pakis. You cannot do anything.

we need to do this more to foreign scum

I hope paki brownie media could widely spread this shit.

Bad move, now his other 3 child brides and half of his clan gonna be gunning for him.

No one force them to move to China. They come here with 20 man families in tow from shitholes to seek a better life at Chinese taxpayers’ expense and they want to talk about jealousy?

They think themselves so powerful picking on normal people going on about their lives. Just look at their faces when people fight back and the authorties starts knocking.

A good lesson for Pakis in Pakistan shithole.

GOAT. Why are these pakis even in China trying to start shit.

CPC's genius plan.

what do you expect from pakis? In britain they bloody gang rape children. Look at rotherham and all the child grooming cases. They don't see other groups a people just as prey, especially children and women

The irony is that in some Asian board, we have to lump together with south Asian like them, and no mention of their problems can be made.

various commenters, r/EasternSunRising 2 Comments [7/15/2018 6:47:02 AM]
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Quote# 138839

I resisted the Devil’s temptation twice; yesterday and today.

Yesterday, I went to McDonald’s and as I started to walk out a man approached me and said that Germany was controlled by Russia. Rather than jump on the Russia hating band wagon I told him that Germany was controlled by Zionist Jews and instead of getting angry at me, he started talking about how Jews were taking over his business in Cincinnati. I was pleasantly surprised and told him they are ruthless.

Today, I listened to the Rush Limbaugh radio show which had a guest host who received a phone call from someone who sounded like a Jew. The caller immediately accused Russia of being a Catholic mafia state and Putin was the top Mafia oligarch. I knew that the Devil was tempting me.

So I turned off the radio and told myself that some Jews denounce everyone but themselves. They seem to have a special dislike for Catholics for some strange reason. Rush Limbaugh never mentions that Zionism and Communism were invented by Jews and they killed a awful lot of Russian Christians and Zionist Jews promoted every major war in the past 100 years to take over the Holy Land for “Greater Israel”.

Seek The Truth, Real Jew News 4 Comments [7/15/2018 6:43:47 AM]
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What really annoys me is when shitlibs respond to our complaints over our racial dispossession by telling us that there's nothing stopping us from moving to a White community. Yeah, we could all flee the cultural and economic hubs of our countries and move out to the middle of nowhere, but why the fuck should we be content with that shit sandwich? And how in the fuck can anyone possibly argue that iconic White cities like London don't rightfully belong to the White race?

This White Flight "solution" to mass non-White immigration into the White Western would be like telling the Japanese to flee to the mountains if they still want to live in homogeneous communities. Motherfucker, it's their country - all of it. It's the fucking non-Asians that should leave, not the Japanese. And yet we Whites are expected to plead with the leftist race traitors and non-Whites for small places to call our own in our own fucking countries. It's outrageous and a perfect example of how cucked modern White people are.

CertifiedRabbi, /r/DebateAltRight 2 Comments [7/15/2018 6:43:46 AM]
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jews did wwii
jews were the nazis (a play on words)
jews mocked mentally ill krauts with "master race"
jews cooked up holocaust
jews, THE JEWS, created and propagated holocaust denial
jews were the antifascist movement in germany
jews were the nazi movement in germany
jews controlled all political elements by pretending to be spies on themselves and reporting what was needed
> hi hitler-chan, i'm the leader of a synagogue, & here is another prominent banker, FYI these extremist jews (gives a list of moderate jews) want to start an uprising!! we are worried of what they will do! they already raped a 10 year old german boy!
(the jews are just like arabs)
> hitler: WASS??!!!? QUICK!! KILL 60,000,000 WHITE PEOPLE!!
hitler was such a cucked nigger
They needed US to join the war - & their deal with Hitler was, stop the revolution, deport the jews - keep some in camps (then they went to kill them - the jews pushed killings)
Japs were likewise tricked
> no no that's impossible
look down at yo dick anon. why don't you have a foreskin? look at the circumcision rates after WWII
kikes, feigning ignorance so they didn't have to register their signature (paranoid fucks) - hence being called kikes - quickly swept up everything in a pre-planned war - DEMANDING FREE SHIT

Anonymous, /pol/ 1 Comments [7/15/2018 6:39:55 AM]
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Mark Sykes: The Khazarian (Ashkenazi) Mafia they control the puppet strings of the worlds media, the UN and western governments.


Jabed Kowsar: World you should wake up. Today Israel is stealing Palestine land. One day they will make slave all people of the world. Research about their history. They did same thing in German. This was the reason Hitler was very angry on them.

Mark Sykes and Jabed Kowsar , Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party Forum via Twitter  1 Comments [7/14/2018 6:51:44 AM]
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