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Quote# 131824

Was riding at the motocross track with my brother on Saturday. He had a serious accident--not life threatening, but he badly broke a wrist and broke several bones in his face (yes he was wearing a good quality helmet). I took him to our local emergency room where service was quick and professional. But the local hospital referred us to The Med, also known as the Elvis Presley Trauma Center in Memphis due to his facial fractures. Brother got to ride the ambulance, and I followed with my wife in my own vehicle.

We got to EPTC at midnight and had to park in a parking garage 2 blocks away. I already knew the facility didn't allow guns or knives and had a metal detector at the entrance, so I reluctantly disarmed myself at my car. As soon as I opened the door, I heard 5 quick rounds of gunfire in the street--but I couldn't locate the direction due to being inside a concrete parking garage. We crossed our fingers and walked to the hospital entrance.

Inside, I was greeted with the biggest bongo party I've ever had the displeasure of seeing. Wall to wall niggers of every variety. Gang bangers, prostitutes, niggerpotomusses, snake heads, afro heads, weave heads... All the security and staff in the emergency room were niggers. Apparently, the "trauma center" also serves as a general purpose inner city emergency room, and we were there at midnight on Saturday night in the middle of Memphis. Four human beings (my wife, my mother, brother's other daughter and myself) were forced to sit in this hell-hole waiting room till after 3:00 am surrounded by shenanigans and nigger shines. Here are a few highlights.

1) A simian street bum kept getting past security into the waiting room, where it would wander around begging. I couldn't understand it's attempts at speech, but at one point it probably identified me as one of the few "haves" in a room full of "have nots", and started trying to get me to give it something--a cigarette I think (I'm not a smoker). I looked at it and in my most intimidating expression and voice loudly said "NO!" The nigger shrugged its shoulders like it was saying "dat be sum booshit". My mother asked "what was he wanting?" I told her I didn't know and didn't care, the answer was always going to be no. Security then came and escorted the animal outside. But it came back inside the waiting room at least twice more during the night. Great job security team.

2) We learned that brother had been put in the trauma unit, and we normally would have relocated to another trauma unit family waiting room deeper inside the building that would have been quieter. But the hospital had been put on lockdown due to the shooting that occurred in the street literally outside the door (which was the gunfire I heard when I exited my vehicle). We were therefore trapped inside the waiting room from hell, where apparently half of the occupants were related to the apes who were shooting at each other outside in the street. We could have left and waited outside, but of course that was no option.

3) At about 3:00 am, a pitiful nigger street creature staggered into the waiting room and sat down on the bench immediately next to us. I won't be able to adequately describe it. The nigger looked older, was bone thin and walked like it had a version of cerebral palsy. Clothes looked like it had been wallowing in a dusty hole. After nigger sat down, it pulled off its baseball cap and spent the next 20 minutes picking insects out of its head fur. It would bend over and scratch its head and watch the insects hit the ground. Then it pulled off its shoes... My wife caught herself from nearly vomiting. I've never seen anything like it. The nigger had toes that were facing backwards and every other direction. Some looked like they were fused together, and the toes were green and yellow. Then the creature started staggering around the waiting room on its bare hind paws. I observed that there were other nigger animals sleeping on the floors this thing was walking on. And of course, there were now either lice or fleas on the bench where it has been sitting. Security told the creature several times to put its shoes back on, and finally succeeded in getting it to do so.

4) I've got to give the nigger staff credit--they did recognize the potential biohazard of the broken down street creature, so after they got rid of the thing, they sent a little old nigger woman house keeper to come mop the floor where green toes had been sitting. (But they never did wipe down the bench it was sitting on). My mother tried to be nice and talk to the house keeper, but I couldn't understand a thing it was saying in return. It smiled and appeared to be pleasantly interacting with my mother, but then as it turned to presumably go back to work, it whacked my mom in the head with the end of its mop handle!

5) A mated pair of subhumans were escorted out of the emergency room. The pregnant female had been examined by a doctor and began cursing and abusing him, so it was escorted out to the sidewalk. The male partner had been inside the bathroom for a long time, which was immediately behind our bench. A security guard startled us by beating on the bathroom door, which produced the inside occupant. It was told to leave the hospital, that its pregnant mate was already outside on the sidewalk.

At this the male started cursing and threatening the security guard. Multiple guards got involved at this point. The snake headed security guard who initiated the contact was a skinny little nigger that couldn't have weighed over 120 pounds. But when other security guards started physically dragging the cursing, threatening male outside, the little security guard was running behind yelling "I'm here--watchu gonna do? I'm here, come on show me watchus got!" Very professional. Many more observations from ghetto hell that night, but we finally were allowed to enter the interior of the hospital to where brother was sometime between 3 and 4:00 am.

cr500af, Niggermania 4 Comments [9/19/2017 10:17:52 AM]
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Is opposing "white" genocide (yes, it is happening, shut up SJW filth, your understanding of the situation is grossly beneath mine) racist?
Benefits of homogeneous territories:

1. Islamic threat severely reduced. The overwhelming majority of Muslims are of foreign racial groups. Creating a division like this acts as a layer of defence. Islam is a supremacist, aggressive and totalitarian ideology. See Muslim opinion polls.
2. Protection against other dangerous alien cultures. E.g Rotherham rape gangs, acid attacks, mass sexual assault by aliens in Europe.
3. Racial and demographic invulnerability. No more worrying about the threat of being replaced or going extinct. Our racial variant (more specific than the crude designation of "white"), on a general level, is clearly the most beautiful. It is the most deserving of preservation. It is in quite serious danger of extinction at this time.
4. Partial protection against violent crime. Many alien ethnic groups commit grossly disproportionately high levels of violent crime. Being away from them will reduce our exposure to the depredations of these belligerent and dysfunctional people.
5. Globalist elite and leftist subversion threats neutralised. They want us wiped out. Self-defence is not racism.
6. Miscegenation threat greatly reduced. Vigorous preservation measures are the only viable counter to this.
7. Peaceful and cohesive societies. Few to no culture or identity clashes.
8. Foreign criminals will be significantly easier to detect. They are more conspicuous in homogeneous societies.
Update: 9. Reduced hate crime. Since the vast majority of hate crimes are motivated primarily out of fear of being replaced or rendered vulnerable in some other way, a guarantee of survival would help calm anxieties and stop prejudiced attacks.
10. No more concern over accusations of not catering and providing sufficient adaptation or special treatment for those from different cultures or backgrounds.

Anonymous, Yahoo! Answers 7 Comments [9/19/2017 10:16:40 AM]
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Submitted By: zipperback

Quote# 131813

Americans are dumb as dirt for not seeing the Jews’ hand in this evil agenda. How much more evil will have to be inflicted on us before they do?

“Oh, don’t you ever criticize the Jews! That will bring God’s curse on us!”

Fool! We are already being cursed for NOT criticizing the Jews and their evil agenda!

None of this should or WOULD be happening if people weren’t so enamored with their “Christian” pastors or favorite TV talking heads. This is mind control on a scale never before seen in history!

Stephen, Real Jew News 2 Comments [9/19/2017 10:04:42 AM]
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Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 131807

The Church doesn't give a shite about individual nations because it's been infiltrated and judaized. Who are the leading agent provocateurs of the destruction of ethnic Europe? Jews. They openly boast about- and their role in the destruction of the American Republic is of a similar nature as Jewish and judiazed politicians are the chief agents of the flooding of the land with hispanics and other foreigners, i.e. saracens, hindoos, chinamen, etc.

God, unlike modern politicians, respects national and ethnic and cultural borders- He created every nation, etnicity, and culture. The Tower of Babel is a metaphor for multiculturalism- God, after the flood, wanted man to disperse around the world and form distinct nations with distinct identities.

Man didn't do this and settled in a single place and began to build a tower of idolatry to himself, just as is happening nowdays. God wants Englishmen to be Englishmen just as he wants Persians to be Persians or Italians to be Italians.

I've been beating my head trying to get this point across.

Cerdic, Anglo-Saxon Foundation  2 Comments [9/19/2017 10:02:32 AM]
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Quote# 131806

My problem with Christianity, especially Catholicism is this -

At a time when the Roman empire was strained and feeling the pressure of it's past decisions, they decided they needed a religion to bind the material empire with a spiritual empire. The problem was too many cultures, ethnicities and religion under one rule.

Catholicism means 'universal', and the plan was to stop the inter religious differences with Rome as the headquarters of the new faith. Then we can all pass the plate around in our own countries and the RC Church becomes the richest organisation on the planet.

Now as if this isn't corrupt enough it is understood that at this point in history (AD 391 the worship of other Gods was made illegal) that the highest concentration of Ashkenazi Jews in the world was Rome. We know they have a gift for manipulation and story telling and coupled with their Gold and monetary influence I don't think it's a coincidence that Judaeo Christianity was taken as the religion of Rome.

Many Popes have been Jewish or part Jewish. The Vatican is also sighted as one of the foundation pillars of modern day Zionism. It would sure explain the Catholic churches insatiable appetite for hoarding Gold and money.

To me Christianity is a form of control - mind control. The all seeing God that demands you love him or be condemned to hell fore and brimstone , conveniently decided that the Jews are the chosen people, and knows all of your thoughts and actions. If that isn't control and social engineering, what is ?

What is really interesting, is that once Christianity has served it's purpose of penetrating the formerly impenetrable with it's convert or die rampage , it is , with beyond coincidental timing that the all seeing God of Christianity is cut off at the knees and dismantled just as the All seeing eye of Television becomes an essential part of every home.

One mind control becomes obsolete as the new improved version emerges. No prizes for guessing which group of people are behind our televisions either...

AelfredSeax, Anglo-Saxon Foundation  0 Comments [9/19/2017 10:02:29 AM]
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Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 131804

Although I have nothing against them as an ethnic group or even as a religion in particular, there are certain groups of them that I despise, and that are causing much of this modern rot. Rothschilds and other Ashkenazi mass banking families of either Atheist or sometimes even Satanist beliefs funded the French and Russian revolutions, among other destructive movements. The Zionist control of gentile governments is highly destructive, as is the Judiazation of Christianity.

I do not in any way view them as a "chosen people" at this time. The only reason they were such in the first place was to provide a clean line for Jesus to rise out of; God could have just as easily chosen any other people. As soon as they abandoned Him and broke the old covenant, they entirely forfeited that status. This is why I don't see Christianity as a Jewish or Semitic faith, because it is designed for all of mankind and that group of people no longer holds any special position within it (Unlike Islam, which often affords such a position to the Arabs and their language).

The various races and ethnicities are allowed to live as their own groups, without suppression of any traditions that are not conflicting with it. However, many churches (notoriously the medieval Catholics) did try and suppress native cultures, hence their common refusal to translate the Bible. These groups usually were hijacked at some point by forces wanting to push their own dominance. Throughout most of history true Christians haven't had a real uncorrupted organization, other than individual worship.

Emeric, Anglo-Saxon Foundation  0 Comments [9/19/2017 10:02:23 AM]
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Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 131802

Christianity’s rotten democratic heart promotes weakness as virtue and nourishes instincts most normal people feel ashamed of. Everyone likes to be told they count for something, yet even during vigorous exchanges in the 19th century – yes even then - our state religion campaigned ferociously against protecting the race it publicly championed and long before political correctness made it mandatory to do so.

It stymied the eugenics movement. It bullied science into listing Sub-Saharan blacks as modern humans instead of categorizing them as a separate species. You might think we can defuse this ideological time-bomb but should we really take the risk?

By contrast Jews feel no compulsion to save the world but, like Muslims, fight to control it. The Jewish God is a national God. Jews seek no converts and leave the spiritual welfare of others to others. What’s wrong with that? In a closed society you could probably deify Axminster carpets or Haagen Dazs ice cream to much the same effect. As long as your concerned with ‘humanity’ you’ve no chance and, with christianity, no choice.

Nothing I can think of goes to the heart of our dilemma in the modern world more than universalism – a founding and ineradicable tenet of christianity and a flaw waiting to be exploited. Resurrections are all very well, but resurrecting a collective fetish for self-sacrifice in the interests of genetic aliens is intrinsic to this religion and will always follow at some point if we restore christianity to national life. I think we’ll have to beg to differ on this one.

African blacks are the nearest of the three major races to gorillas and chimpanzees and Nigerians - Ibo [Igbo] and Hausa - the nearest among Africans blacks, who alone carry their alleles. A white woman who creates a mulatto child with a Bantu African [Bantus having been more isolated than other groups] will almost certainly be more closely related genetically to a white child selected at random than her own offspring.

Antony, Anglo-Saxon Foundation  0 Comments [9/19/2017 10:02:16 AM]
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Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 131799

We already have an Aryan religion, it's called Odinism... or Wodenism if you prefer.

It is racially exclusive for Northern Indo Europeans and any others from the rest of Europe and the rest of the world that can claim Northern Indo European blood connections.

There is no point in trying to accommodate uncle tom cobley and all by creating some sort of new Hybrid faith because it can't be done and if it could, it would be for ever twisting and changing in an attempt to be inclusive for all the latest temporary fancies and whims that become fashionable overnight.

Odinism/Wodenism is unchanging and is as constant as the North star, as a religion it is a one size fits all, you either fit into it or you don’t,, it’s your ancestral heritage, all you need to do is reach out and claim it...….end of.

Quite simple really.

Hodekin, Anglo-Saxon Foundation  5 Comments [9/19/2017 9:44:57 AM]
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Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 131784

The Jews were very instrumental in starting WW2, in a multitude of ways.

One facet that is NEVER taught in Jewmerica schools is the real HOLOCAUST that was caused by Ashkenazi-Zionist Jews in Russia, resulting in the deaths of over 80 million!

This fact is hard to ignore when trying to understand why the Nazis could hate so much (they were just evil, or on meth! etc.). In 1918 stories of the atrocities in Russia were reaching western Europe, as were the Bolsheviks themselves.

In 1919 they basically “invaded” Bavaria, installing the “Bolshevik state of Bavaria” under the murderous Jew thug Tolleffson. Over 10,000 were killed in the fighting. Only the German Friekorps could finally oust these Bolshevik murderers.

Do you know who lived in Bavaria and witnessed this Bolshevik barbarism 1st hand?? Goebbels, Joseph Streicher,and ADOLF HITLER. They knew, as did millions of Russian Christians, what these Bolshevik vermin were capable of.

Every Christian (and Torah Jew) Must read Solyztnishin’s “The Gulag Archipelago” volumes 1-4. Only when one understands what happened in Russia can one grasp the entirety of Pre-ww2 Europe.

Every American student knows the names of Hitler and Himmler etc..(and as a Christian, I can never condone their actions), but no American student has never even heard of Genrich Yagoda, Kaganovich etc., because they were Jews, and their quantity of murders made the Nazis look like choir boys.

keyne, Real Jew News 2 Comments [9/18/2017 11:20:38 AM]
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Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 131783

The Jews (and their Freemason cohorts) already run Amerika, they are running into the ground bleeding it dry and extorting us of our livelihoods in order to finance their crime syndicate of IsraHELL.

The union of Synagogue and State can only be stopped by all Amerikans converting to Orthodox Christianity, the Church is the impregnable bulwark that will stop the Jews and ultimately stop the Devil from destroying the world.

Amerika is Jew territory and needs to get on her knees and repent, or else it will be hell to pay before the dread judgement seat of Christ.

Justin, Real Jew News 0 Comments [9/18/2017 11:18:24 AM]
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Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 131782

There is enough information to explain exactly how the 9/11 attack was achieved by the Jews and their buddies. Unfortunately, most 9/11 researchers get part of it right and the rest wrong.

A good example is the well known 9/11 Truth moron named James Fetzer who claims that micro nukes and controlled demolition were used (RIGHT) but then claims the airplanes that collided with the two towers were holographic projections and didn’t really exist. (WRONG)

I know exactly how 9/11 was done and I’m certain it’s secretly taught in every Chabad House but the internet forum board moderators, many of whom are Jews, don’t want me to express myself and quickly remove my posts or delete those critical parts that prove 9/11 was an inside job.

Seek The Truth, Real Jew News 0 Comments [9/18/2017 11:16:36 AM]
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Quote# 131773

Why did our ancestors use the laziest race as slaves?

Black people are the laziest race of people on earth.

Also, since they've had freedoms, they've been nothing but problems and us hardworking folks are tired of them.

How can we fix the negro problem?

Anonymous Coward, Godlike Productions 6 Comments [9/18/2017 11:13:40 AM]
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Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 131772

Working on several huge ESPNZone projects (early 2000's), we always had a weekly conference call for all the trades/contractors hosted by an appointed ESPNZone Project Manager. The next & newest one was some nigger feetsball player NOW appointed PM over this new huge project. During the initial kickoff conference call, I'd always mute my speaker phone so not to disturb conversations and play a few good games of solitaire on my PC bored out of my skull.

Well, this nigger ooked something totally off the wall while I listened in (can't remember what it was). I laughed and said, "What a dumbshit clown". OH FUCK...my phone wasn't muted after we all first report we're on the line and present.

This nigger went into CAT 5 chimpout mode asking each and everyone on the conference, "Who sayid dat?". Of course I said "not me" when it was my turn to deny. Holy shit, that nigger went on & on for an hour cussing and throwing a fit while all these professional trades were on the line. Someone else even told the nigger to calm down which sent the nigger into overtime chimpout.

My boss/owner of the company at the time walked past my office to catch this nigger chimping and asked me what that was all about. I said I didn't know, but the new PM is upset over something. My boss & the head guy over ESPNZone were long time friends and client. Later that day, he told me a call was made to discuss the new PM and to expect a non banana peeler next week's conference call. LMAO

CADpro, Niggermania 1 Comments [9/18/2017 11:13:28 AM]
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Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 131771

OK, long story. My best friend owned a large company in our business and I worked for him for extra cash and helped run it when he was dying. He employed a nigger that I was very familiar with. So we were building a treestand for deer and his phone rings. The nigger knew he was about to be fired so he faked a sprained wrist of all things. My friend paid workman's comp claims out of pocket to save on insurance.

So the nigger was laid off a week later. My regular employer picked it up for some spare labor. We had 3 foremen on this job and I was 1 of them. 1 guy ran the curtainwall crew and I ran the storefront crew because I had fabricated it in the shop and the layout was complex. The other guy was the lead and he was a salty old man 65 years old. The old guys were tough as nails. So day 2 this nigger starts limping around pretending to have a back injury.

I'm still pissed he cost my buddy $1000. So around 9 that night the owner of my regular company called me to discuss 2 other projects I was doing out of town and asked how things were going on the 17 story project. I was half in the bag so I told him great but you need to get rid of this nigger. He freaked out because I notoriously would not snitch and take the blame for mistakes made under my supervision.

He called #2 and asked him and he really spilled the beans on the worthless nigger. Dec. 23 the next day, the lead guy fired him at quitting time in front of everyone. Usually you are let go at lunch as a courtesy and in private. The nigger shuffled off mumbling and I never saw it again. Merry Christmas nigger.

ghetto lobster, Niggermania 0 Comments [9/18/2017 11:13:25 AM]
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Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 131769


Remember people, when it's a white actor it's racist but when a black actor does it www.hollywoodreporter.com/heat… it's okay because fuck white people, right!? Look, I don't care what the actor's race is and whether it's the same as the source material or not but I have a big fucking problem when people bash someone for being a different race than the source material and let's face it, it's mostly white people who get so much hate while other races are given praises for being "inclusive" when really all they're saying is "I'm glad a white person isn't playing this character!" Also I'd like to give a big FUCK YOU to white guilt bitches that bow down every goddamn time someone is "offended" grow some fucking balls goddammit! I'll wait when the woman playing a pale Irish woman in the reboot steps down because she's not the same race as the character in the source material but let's be honest...it's not gonna happen because we live in a world where these racist fucks are being up front with their racism but instead of everyone calling out this shit it's called "A good thing because diversity" instead of what it truly is, say it with me! RACISM! This is why I want the marvel character Black Panther to be white because...where he comes from it's mostly black people so we gotta be inclusive, right!? And I'm not talking about some alternate universe(though let's be honest, people would still be pissed at that)I'm talking about it being in continuity to give big middle finger to these assholes who want to bring identity politics into things we love and being racist towards white people and treating other races like children!

Shawntheimmortal94, Deviantart 1 Comments [9/18/2017 11:13:09 AM]
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Quote# 131766

the word is nigger
don't be such a fucking baby, it's not like by saying some big black Voldemort is gonna appear and have your ass

BumwineBaudelaire, Reddit - /r/savedyouaclick 1 Comments [9/18/2017 11:12:53 AM]
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Quote# 131751

The white, heterosexual, conservative male strikes back, and is promptly sacked. Each holocaust documentary, every survivor's tall tale, each statue to the fallen, every visit to Auschwitz, has made the Jews untouchable. Criticise Jews, and your livelihood will be taken away.

Malo, The Independent 0 Comments [9/17/2017 2:12:13 PM]
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Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 131748

I live in the US, where Jews ARE the establishment, and comprise fairly close to half the billionaires in the country, despite making up less than 2 percent of the nation. So cry me a river.

Nearly half of all jews in the US make over 100,000 dollars a year. This at a time most of the nation is struggling and economic inequality is at record highs. Jews have become a pampered elite, completely out of touch with most Americans.

This is bound to result in ill feelings and suspicion.

dudemanguy, The Independent 1 Comments [9/17/2017 2:11:21 PM]
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Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 131742

Take my daughter and her friend today. We do a whole bunch of different stuff and culminate at dinner at a chain steakhouse. Good enough food with decent prices.

Sitting at the table across from us are two shitskins and two sprogs. Two adults and at least 5 beer mugs and two margarita glasses. Cuz I know I often feel the need to get drunk at dinner with my daughter (oh wait - I am human and have self control).

They finally finish stuffing their faces and yes, the bill arrives...and the chimpout begins. First the beers are "way too damn much money" and the "service was slow and sheet" and when is there a damn coupon and sheet. The manager pointed out that every price, including the liquor, is on the menu. There are no coupons. And the service was quite fast. No discount.

So after some more ooking and threats of "putin dis sheet online and raycisst and sheet" they scrounge up some cash. I am watching this part. The bill had to have been well over $100 with all the liquor. They throw $25 in the holder and run out as fast as possible.

I flag the manager and just point to the table. He knows. Tells me he already called the wranglers assuming they would dine and dash. I can see the cops in the parking lot with flashers on. Can only hope both are off to NU and the sprogs are off to foster care.

Just cant have anything nice. My daughter's friend was like "what jerks". Might be a NM in training.

Niggers Be Gone, Niggermania 4 Comments [9/17/2017 2:09:40 PM]
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Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 131741

[Source NSFW. Also "vaginal suction" what the shit]

Biological reason why Asian women are exclusively mating with White men.

For centuries, East Asian cultures procreated with no emphasis on female sexual gratification. As a collective culture, assertiveness, individuality, and aggression are frowned upon. Testosterone levels are generally low among the males as a way to facilitate harmony and cooperation, and thus, their primary mating strategy revolved around avoiding mating competitions and mate-guarding.
As a result, the women were kept sexually repressed, powerless, and submissive through imposed social norms. Women had little rights and often went through their entire lives with only one sexual partner. Without the need to compete with other males, these men were able to reproduce with relatively tiny penises and testes compared to the men of other races. Sex generally lasted only a few minutes and rarely pleasurable for the women since only the male orgasm is required for conception. Men thus, worried little about their physical sex appeal and only focused on advancing their social standing and financial success to secure mates. Over time, their bodies and faces evolved to be bare and devoid of most of its masculinity.
This mating strategy that involved collective self-emasculation and suppressing female sexuality worked for a long period of time, up until the day Western men were introduced to their society. Forged in a culture that celebrates individuality and aggression, Caucasian men have retained most of their virile qualities while also advancing further as a civilization. While the Asian man was being taught to avoid confrontation at all costs, the Caucasian man had already been practicing the mating game with other sexually aggressive males since his early teens. Along with the privilege and status the comes with being White male, the White man already put the Asian man at a severe disadvantage. Not only is the East Asian woman already conditioned to seek after higher status males, the White man also has an assortment of mating tools in his arsenal that Asian men do not possess.

For generations, sexually repressed Asian women rarely got to experience sexual arousal or climax as it wasn’t required to procreate in an Asian society. To the Asian female, sex is just a chore and often a painful one due to there being no lubrication from her lack of arousal. Generations of feeling sexually apathetic towards her men leave her helpless in the face of unfamiliar erotic desire The White man’s high status already coincides with her social value of seeking after successful men, but it’s his testosterone filled physique and attitude that makes her forsake all social stigmas imposed by the feeble Asian male and mate with the White man.
For once, her genitals become supple and wet, ready for penetration. Her vagina, which has only ever accommodated small Asian members, is extremely tight and virginal to the foreign man. Though she experiences tremendous pain as her White lover enters her, his larger phallus is able to stretch her out and reach orifices Asian men typically can’t, stimulating an array of unexplored nerve endings. He, in turn, introduces a multitude of erotic sensations completely foreign to her, making her experience immense pleasure from sex for the very first time.
The White man’s more sexually experienced background empowers him to delay his climax. His muscular physique from maintaining his sex appeal enables him to continue thrusting vigorously without tire. As he is doing this, his cock is acting as a suction piston, emptying the contents her vagina of any previous insemination. The longer and more rapid he thrusts, the more her vagina is sucked clean. His larger cock also makes him more effective at removal, leaving not a spec of the Asian man’s sperm behind. Her sexual repression and inexperience leave her easily overwhelmed by all the erotic sensations his cock is giving her, and before long she will have already achieved orgasm; an experience the majority of East Asian men are unable to give her.

Since the experienced White man is only competing with sexually incompetent men, it was incredibly easy for the White man to bring his sexually repressed Asian partner to climax. He, in turn, still has a lot of endurance leftover. While she has already reached her sexual peak, he still isn’t done relentlessly thrusting his cock inside her, pushing her to a brink of continuous, multiple orgasms. Liquid starts gushing out of her, something she did not know is possible. Her body begins to convulse uncontrollably, her already tight snatch spasms on his cock, finally making the White stallion ejaculate. His large cock is then able to ejaculate his semen directly to the top of her vagina, making them first in line to enter the cervix. His large gonads allow him to generate and deploy a large enough load to both impregnate her and still leave a large sum behind to block rivaling sperm from entering. His ability to make his partner climax also means her cervix will dip uncontrollably into his seminal pool, proactively drawing his sperm inside her.
Once she has mated with the White man, she will no longer desire to mate with an Asian male. This is unfortunately due to the fact that there is no biological purpose for her to do so. The Asian man’s mating strategy has been rendered obsolete in the face of foreign competition; his genitals simply aren’t equipped for competing with other men, much less foreign men. His tiny phallus won’t be able to reach deep enough to scoop out the White man’s deeply-planted sperms. His sexual inexperience prohibits him from thrusting for very long before ejaculating, making him unable to generate enough suction to displace the White man’s seminal pool. His gonads, which is two-fold smaller, only produces half the number of spermatozoa as White men. His small penis won’t be able to deploy his sperm directly to the top of her vagina either, leaving his small army of swimmers to be blocked from entering the cervix by the large remnants of the Caucasian man’s load that he was unable to displace. Due to the absence of his partner’s orgasm, her cervix won’t dip into his seminal pool. Instead, her lack of arousal makes her vagina dry and inhospitable, giving his already smaller army of sperms even less of a chance to fight through to the cervix. This essentially renders the whole act of mating with the Asian male pointless. Even in the event where the Asian male mated first, her sexual frustration from his inadequate performance will lead her to seek out a Caucasian male, who will in turn empty the contents of her vagina of his inferior sperm.
Though procreation isn’t on the mind of any of these individuals, the White man’s superior mating abilities are what causes the Asian woman to start longing for sexually competent males. He, in turn, compromises the East Asian male’s primary mating strategy, which involves collectively emasculating themselves and keeping their women sexually repressed to avoid sexual competition with one another. This essentially completely backfires, handicapping themselves against the sexually competent White men who also tower over them in social standing. Even if they wanted to change, their bodies and faces have already evolved to be devoid of most of its masculinity, making them the least sexually desirable among women of all races including their own. Unable to escape their genetics, they will forever be resigned to the fate of watching over half of their women mate exclusively with White men.

emasculasian, Tumblr 2 Comments [9/17/2017 2:09:19 PM]
Fundie Index: 1
Submitted By: The Reptilian Jew

Quote# 131735

How strange that Hitler has been proven right time and time again. Let’s look at 2008.

Oh you remember the “bank” bailouts folks right? Yeah. If you look up those banks, then you will see they were all owned and operated by Juden.

If I recall, Hitler spoke about this and went to war over it. He lost. And now, who just ripped off your Grandpa, your Mom, and other family?……..the Juden bankers.

They ruined the price of your house. They stole $$$ from you. They fooled you all along. Hitler knew of this before many. He tried to stop them. He lost, and those that thought they won — were brainwashed.

Even to this very day, they are either too stupid, too brainwashed, or too lost down the rabbit hole to ever figure that connection out. It was Hitler that was the hope — now it’s over.

Your Juden bankers reign over you the goyim.

They steal from you, all while you still demonize Hitler and think he’s the bad guy. It’s game, set, match on all you fools who thought you won.

Frank Pentangeli, Real Jew News 3 Comments [9/17/2017 2:07:34 PM]
Fundie Index: 2
Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 131733

I do wonder how many Jews belonged to the KKK.

After all, they profited highly from the slave trade and were very much a part of the Confederacy both as politicians and military leaders.

It is the perfect disguise to put on white robes and carry a cross. No one would ever suspect any Jews belonged.

It’s as perfect as Jews hiding among Arabs and Muslims and blaming them for terrorism when, it’s Jews that pushed the remote control buttons that blew up the WTC to start a huge hate war between Christians and Muslims.

Not so certain that Confederate Generals like Nathan Bedford Forrest, one of the founders of the KKK, didn’t have a little Jewish blood and ancestry. Many claim he did.

Jews are the masters of deception and masters of disguise. So don’t be surprised that the KKK was just another disguise for the Jews who always considered Blacks to be sub human animals that they despised.

Seek The Truth, Real Jew News 1 Comments [9/17/2017 2:07:07 PM]
Fundie Index: 1
Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 131732

Dear christian friends.

I am a 2nd generation Canadian born Muslim and I’ve been diving into the deceptive world of jewry for a few years now and I only want to say that from what I see, despite all the false wars and negative propaganda about Muslims and the middle east, it is the Christians who are the real victims in all of this and have been the victims for at least 100 years.

It would appear in the big scheme of things that it comes naturally to the Jew to launch a full scale attack wherever possible on the morals and traditions of the Christian people and the attack just keeps getting passed down to the next generation of jews.

Throughout the generations the jew has consistently been able to one up the Christian people’s in every aspect of their lives, and by one up I mean pull the wool over their eyes and all of a sudden another tradition is gone from their lives.

Today we have the sick disease of pornography created by the jew, deceptive social media exposing the most intimate times of people’s lives leaving them ridiculed, and an obsessive fascination with the almighty dollar that is making people drop every bit of decency they had while the jew sits back in theirs castles laughing and throwing darts at Jesus paintings.

Even though the Jews have Muslim blood all over their hands and have corrupted most of the world against us and spent a great deal of effort painting a negative picture of us with their media troops, it still does not compare to the damage done to the fabrics of the Christian faith and the white race.

What the Jews tried to accomplish in Germany and failed, they have succeeded in accomplishing in America and Christianity is bearing the brunt of it. I sincerely feel for you and hope that you would wake up and take back control of your country and expel the jew from there.

They are nothing but the soldiers of the devil himself and you are slaves for their deceptive plot. In Islamic teachings the jew is cursed until the day of judgement by the Lord for their plotting and evil ways. Don’t be naive to their plans wake up

Muslim, Real Jew News 3 Comments [9/17/2017 2:06:54 PM]
Fundie Index: 0
Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 131730

We should view the Jewish problem the same as we do the mentally ill… commit them and try to rehabilitate them.

Only when they are rehabilitated can they be allowed to enter civil society.

Why not create FEMA-style camps for Jews to deprogram them of their Jewish brainwashing and instill in them Christian values and ethics?

Why not mass arrests on a grand scale to remove the Jews from power everywhere.

It doesn’t sound that hard. Problem solved. Done. No blood, no “holocaust.”

A. J., Real Jew News 1 Comments [9/17/2017 2:05:52 PM]
Fundie Index: 0
Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 131729

Brother Nathanael described the Byzantine Solution.

Get the Jews out of banking and they cannot control the economic life of the community.

Get die Juden out of education and they cannot pervert the minds of the young.

Get them out of medicine and they cannot invalidate the Hippocratic oath.

Get the Jews out of government and they cannot betray the nation.

Get the Jews out of media and they cannot defile the culture.

Get die Juden out of law and they cannot corrupt the truth.

The solution worked for the Byzantine Empire for centuries and it flourished by instituting and enforcing the above controls on alien Jews.

It is your conditioning reacting Herman. Zyklon-B was used to kill lice which caused the dreaded typhus disease. It saved lives. Many “survivors” would not be here today to continue to extort billions from Germany if it were not for Z-B.

“The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion” is not a fraud/forgery either. It is today as Henry Ford said circa 1920, “It fits with what is going on.”

It fits to a T I might add.

The Elder of Zyklon-B, Real Jew News 2 Comments [9/17/2017 2:05:43 PM]
Fundie Index: 2
Submitted By: Katie
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