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I notice that South Asians are much less conformist, less risk adverse, more bold, confrontational and more verbally competent than mongoloid asians on average.

enjoythedecline2043, Reddit 2 Comments [3/3/2018 7:29:22 AM]
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Quote# 136990

I really don't understand a black person who associate with white afrikaaners, engage in their activities and sees nothing wrong with it SMH.

PrinceGJZ, Twitter 2 Comments [3/1/2018 12:57:08 PM]
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Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 136989

The defenders of Apartheid were right about everything.

Africans have taken a once thriving nation and driven it into the ground.

Now, they’re making their final move to “kill the boer” by confisacating white people’s land.

Will Westcott? , Twitter 1 Comments [3/1/2018 12:56:57 PM]
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Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 136987

SOUTH Africa’s parliament has voted in favour of a motion that will begin the process of amending the country’s Constitution to allow for the confiscation of white-owned land without compensation. The motion was brought by Julius Malema, leader of the radical Marxist opposition party the Economic Freedom Fighters, and passed overwhelmingly by 241 votes to 83 against. The only parties who did not support the motion were the Democratic Alliance, Freedom Front Plus, Cope and the African Christian Democratic Party.

It was amended but supported by the ruling African National Congress and new president Cyril Ramaphosa, who made land expropriation a key pillar of his policy platform after taking over from ousted PM Jacob Zuma earlier this month. “The time for reconciliation is over. Now is the time for justice,” Mr Malema was quoted by News24 as telling parliament. “We must ensure that we restore the dignity of our people without compensating the criminals who stole our land.”

According to Bloomberg, a 2017 government audit found white people owned 72 per cent of farmland in South Africa.

ANC deputy chief whip Dorries Eunice Dlakude said the party “recognises that the current policy instruments, including the willing-buyer willing-seller policy and other provisions of Section 25 of the Constitution may be hindering effective land reform”. ANC rural affairs minister Gugile Nkwinti added, “The ANC unequivocally supports the principle of land expropriation without compensation. There is no doubt about it, land shall be expropriated without compensation.”

Thandeka Mbabama from the Democatic Alliance party, which opposed the motion, said there was a need to right the wrongs of the past but expropriation “cannot be part of the solution”. “By arguing for expropriation without compensation, the ANC has been gifted the perfect scapegoat to explain away its own failure,” she said in a statement. “Making this argument lets the ANC off the hook on the real impediments — corruption, bad policy and chronic underfunding. Expropriation without compensation would severely undermine the national economy, only hurting poor black people even further.”

Pieter Groenewald, leader of the Freedom Front Plus party representing the white Afrikaner minority, asked what would happen to the land once it was expropriated. “If you continue on this course, I can assure you there is going to be unforeseen consequences that is not in the interest of South Africa,” he said.

Cope leader Mosiuoa Lekota said there was a “danger that those who think equality in our lifetime equates that we must dominate whites”, News24 reported. Mr Malema has been leading calls for land confiscation, forcing the ANC to follow suit out of fear of losing the support of poorer black voters. In 2016, he told supporters he was “not calling for the slaughter of white people‚ at least for now”.

Civil rights groups have accused the EFF and ANC of inciting an ongoing spate of attacks on white farmers characterised by extreme brutality, rape and torture — last year, more than 70 people were killed in more than 340 such attacks. Ernst Roets, deputy chief executive of civil rights group Afriforum, said the parliamentary motion was a violation of the 1994 agreement in which the ANC promised minority interests would be protected post-apartheid.

“This motion is based on a distorted image of the past,” Mr Roets said in a statement. “The term ‘expropriation without compensation’ is a form of semantic fraud. It is nothing more than racist theft.”

He earlier hit out at “simply deceitful” claims that “white people who own land necessarily obtained it by means of oppression, violence or forced removals”. “The EFF’s view on redistribution is merely a racist process to chase white people off their land and establish it within the state,” he said. “This is not only deceiving, but also a duplication of the economic policies that the world’s worst economies put in place.”

Afriforum said it would take its fight to the United Nations if necessary. The matter has been referred to the parliament’s Constitutional Review Committee, which must report back by August 30. Earlier this month, Louis Meintjes, president of the farmers’ group the Transvaal Agricultural Union, warned the country risked going down the same route as Zimbabwe, which plunged into famine after a government-sanctioned purge of white farmers in the 2000s.

“Where in the world has expropriation without compensation coupled to the waste of agricultural land, resulted in foreign confidence, economic growth and increased food production?” Mr Meintjes said. “If Mr Ramaphosa is set on creating an untenable situation, he should actively create circumstances which will promote famine. His promise to expropriate land without compensation, sows the seed for revolution. Expropriation without compensation is theft”.

Julius Malema, Cyril Ramaphosa and Gugile Nkwinti, News.com.au 1 Comments [3/1/2018 12:56:41 PM]
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Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 136978

[Highlights from the video]

[Poorly imitating an Arabic accent]
"Oh no! Here we have a woman without her shawl on! Time for a stoning! Today, on al-Qaeda Cops!"

"Jeez, I swear to God, you Jews, you Mexicans, you Asians, you're so demanding."

[Poorly imitating an Asian accent]
"In China they say chicky chang wang Charlie chang chicky chaka chukka cha."
[Normal voice]
"Shut the fuck up. I don't care what they say in China. Hahaha!"
[Imitating accent again]
"In China dey say cat very delicious! Hahahaha!"

[Poorly imitating a German accent]
"Zis is what happens when you let ze Jews do whatever they want. Hahaha! You let the Jews overrun space and now look at zis! Their greed has had the artifact turn everyone into necromorphs. So now I, the last remaining Nazi, must exterminate them.

"You know when he's black there's gonna be trouble."

DSPGaming, YouTube 6 Comments [3/1/2018 12:52:54 PM]
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Quote# 136964

And they are ALL complicit to mass murder of innocent people.

The Zionist militia with their military killer gear and Gaza Strip training (the REAL murderers in Florida, and so many other places on planet Lucifer), the Jewish fake news people, the orchestrated protesters, the Jewish psychiatrists and mind controllers of little boy Cruz.

They are ALL responsible for all these mass shootings on schools. What to do with these Jewish fake news people, who play an important part in the attempt to DISARM the American people, when they stick a mike in your face?

They are ALL Lucifer’s most useful and most Jewish idiots, who cannot and will not survive Lucifer’s plan for this planet: to make Earth as dead as possible, such that the most arrogant and sickest of all spirits do not have to come here anymore to learn his lessons.

My only hope is that Lucifer’s most useful idiots, aka the JEWS, will realize they have been SETUP by their own false G-D, LUCIFER, and that they all will end up DEAD as well.

Wake up, little Jewish boys and Jewish girls, you mass murderers are chosen by G-D to be whipped out as well in the end.

Koen, Real Jew News 0 Comments [3/1/2018 12:49:55 PM]
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Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 136963

Great article once again…

And isn’t also true that most of these alleged shootings or hoaxes are committed by the Jews themselves? Jewish operatives within U.S. intelligence, in coordination with MOSSAD, seem to be the likely culprits, and not these kids.

For why would any person, even a young man who was somewhat disturbed, carry out a mass shooting knowing his own life would be over when he was brought to justice?

Jews have been carrying out these kinds of crimes for centuries throughout the World. They committed the 9/11 attacks. It’s basically the same M.O. they have always had. They committed massacres throughout Europe in the 19th and 20th Centuries to destabilize Europe and exterminate White European Christians.

They got away with most of it because of their control of World Finance and the media. With their World control, they can commit all of these crimes with impunity while they shamelessly blame others (these bogeymen could be anyone - “disturbed” kids supposedly on psychoactive drugs, Muslims, other nations/leaders, etc).

Americans will never give up their guns so the Jews would actually be smart to cut the crap because they are being exposed more and more here and elsewhere.

AJ, Real Jew News 2 Comments [3/1/2018 12:49:30 PM]
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Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 136962

Trump is another patsy being used by Jews. The non-federal, non-reserve, never-audited “what’s the problem” Jew-owned private “central bank” & the illegal, never ratified by a single state “16th Amendment”-enabled Israel Revenue Service are nothing but Jew con games run on the “goyim.” if nobody pays, they will go away.

More 20th century explained for dummies:

Communism — the Jews own all the dachas, Mercedes and gold, and the “goyim” own NOTHING, because there is no “private property” for them, only for their Jew slave masters.

When they come for your guns, give them the bullets.

benzion kook, Real Jew News 5 Comments [3/1/2018 12:49:22 PM]
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Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 136932

When I arrived at the commercial centre of Saint-Jaques, I crossed paths with a bearded black in djellaba, who seemed directly transplanted from a muslim country in Black Africa and that had no will to assimilate himself in France, like his clothes were proving.

But it's in the flunch that a scene happened that will make you go crazy.

After having put our appetizers and cutlery on our plates (the flunch is a restaurant with free service), we queued to the checkout to order our plates and pay for our meal.

In front of us there was a young black (in the 20-22 age range) who seemed healthy. When he arrived in front of the cashier, he presented to her a sheet of paper (of A4 format), divided in lines and columns. The left column indicated the day of the week and the three other columns had titles such as "breakfast", "lunch" and "dinner'.

The cashier wrote something in the check box for dinner in the day we were in and signed. After that she addressed herself with familiarity to the young Black, which proves that she saw him often in the restaurant :

- What do you want as your meal?

- Do you also want a dessert?

-Do you want bread?

- Do you want a drink?

- Try to come sooner tomorrow so that we can serve you before the restaurant is full.

Then I was shocked to see the young black taking his plate without paying anything!

Following the view of the young black, I saw him join two other black muslims (because, from the available data, 95% of the people who enter France illegally are Muslim) eat freely in the Flunch every morning, midday and evening due to this "magical" piece of paper.

Original French:
En arrivant dans la galerie commerciale du centre Saint-Jacques, nous avons ensuite croisé un Noir barbu en djellaba, qui semblait directement transplanté d’un pays musulman d’Afrique Noire, et qui n’avait visiblement aucune envie de s’assimiler en France, comme sa tenue le prouvait.

Mais c’est dans le Flunch qu’eut lieu la scène que je vais vous narrer.

Après avoir posé nos entrées et nos couverts sur nos plateaux (le Flunch est un restaurant en libre-service), nous avons fait la queue à la caisse pour commander nos plats et payer nos repas.

Devant nous se trouvait un jeune Noir (dans les 20-22 ans), visiblement en pleine santé. Arrivé devant la caissière, il lui présenta une feuille de papier (format A4), divisée en lignes et en colonnes. Dans la colonne de gauche étaient indiqués les jours de la semaine, et les trois autres colonnes portaient comme titres " petit-déjeuner ", " déjeuner " et " dîner ".

La caissière écrivit quelque chose dans la case " dîner " correspondant au jour en cours, et signa. Ensuite, elle s’adressa avec familiarité au jeune Noir, ce qui prouve qu’elle l’avait déjà souvent vu dans ce restaurant :

– Tu veux quoi comme plat ?

– Tu veux un dessert aussi ?

–Tu veux du pain ?

– Tu veux une boisson ?

– Tu veux un café ?

– Demain, essaie d’arriver un peu plus tôt, pour qu’on puisse te servir avant que le restaurant ne se remplisse.

Puis, à ma stupéfaction, le jeune Noir emporta son plateau, sans avoir payé quoi que ce soit !

Je compris alors que ce jeune Noir était un clandestin, qui mangeait gratuitement au Flunch depuis des semaines, puisque, sur le papier qu’il avait présenté à la caissière, toutes les cases précédant celle du dîner du jour en cours étaient remplies !

Suivant du regard le jeune Noir, je le vis rejoindre deux autres jeunes Noirs qui étaient déjà en train de manger à une table, et s’asseoir à côté d’eux, après leur avoir adressé la parole dans une langue africaine.

Ainsi, ces clandestins noirs, très probablement musulmans (puisque, selon les données disponibles, 95% des clandestins qui entrent illégalement en France sont musulmans), mangent gratuitement au
Flunch, chaque matin, chaque midi et chaque soir, grâce à cette feuille de papier " magique " !

Geneviève Clovis , Riposte Laïque 5 Comments [3/1/2018 6:56:29 AM]
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Submitted By: hydrolythe
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