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Last week, the mainstream conservative press went apoplectic with rage at the epithet “cuckservative,” a popular insult in alternative right and neoreactionary circles. For the uninitiated, cuckservatives are right-wing politicians and pundits who make a big show of defending traditional values, yet when push comes to shove, they roll over for the left on every issue out of fear of being called “racist,” “sexist” or “homophobic.”

Conservatives like Red State’s Erick Erickson who throw tantrums over the term “cuckservative” are doing so because the term describes them perfectly. If you’re wondering whether you might be a cuckservative, Return of Kings has put together this handy guide to show you. Read on and discover if you’re the kind of conservative who enjoys watching your nation get brutally gang-raped by cultural Marxists…


4. You think the reason Detroit and other major U.S. cities are falling apart is because of unions

Cuckservatives are so desperate to avoid being called “racist” that they completely deny the role of race in American society. For example, National Review’s Kevin Williamson absurdly blames the dysfunction of Detroit on unions run amok and not the fact that the city is more than 80 percent black. While socialist policies will eventually ruin a nation, white liberal areas such as Vermont and Oregon have considerably higher standards of living than black areas with the same politics.


6. You support corporations, despite their advocacy for leftist causes

Cuckservatives are vociferously opposed to any government action that limits the power of corporations, from higher taxes to environmental regulations to minimum wage increases. These corporations have rewarded cuckservatives by eagerly shoving left-wing degeneracy down Americans’ throats. Not only does Hollywood and other popular media glorify homosexuality, transsexuality and other perversions, most corporations enforce leftist orthodoxy, contrary to the left’s claim that big business is pro-Republican.

For example, following the Supreme Court’s decision legalizing gay marriage, a whole host of corporations, from Google to Facebook, suddenly put up rainbow flag logos in solidarity with the LGBT movement. Here in Chicago, Allstate currently has posters plastered all over the L featuring two men holding hands. Just a few days ago, the WWE acceded to left-wing hysteria about “racism” by firing Hulk Hogan solely because he used a racial slur in a private conversation nearly a decade ago.

Even supposedly right-wing corporate figures are further to the left than the average American. For instance, the Koch brothers, favorite boogeymen of the left, are in favor of open borders. Yet despite being turkey-slapped repeatedly by their corporate masters, cuckservatives are all too happy to spread their cheeks for these multinational purveyors of leftist degeneracy.


Unfortunately for cuckservatives, their reign of squeezing their clammy mitts around conservatism’s balls is coming to an end. The sudden popularity of the “cuckservative” epithet shows that grassroots right-wingers are tired of the movement’s spinelessness and groveling to the left. With Donald Trump on the rise and cuckservatives on the run, reversing America’s decline has never looked more possible.

Matt Forney, Return of Kings 23 Comments [7/30/2015 4:43:30 PM]
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Remember: liberals are the white supremacists. Somehow.

7/30/2015 5:15:57 PM


Yesterday's Dixiecrats are today's RotK members.

7/30/2015 6:04:42 PM


Man, its almost like those leftists are right when they tell you that the basic thing corporations care for is profit. So they don't actually care if you politically support their economic plans if there's a chance to make more money by being social liberal. But that can't be right, can it?

Also the Koch brothers being called establishment republicans is hilarious. They are pretty representative of more right wing libertarians, in that they have the usual social liberal , economic conservative views but are entirely willing to throw the social liberal thing under the bus for economic conservatism.

7/30/2015 6:12:16 PM

Goomy pls

"Cuckservative" is a stupid epithet and empty insult. Its primary users are fascists, and it exposes the far-right for what they are. I am personally glad people have started to use it. It shows us a lot. For example, the crazed movement of American hyper-conservatism is dying and trying desperately to stay relevant.

7/30/2015 7:39:33 PM

YES! Let the purges begin! Go! Go! Find the fifth columnists before it's too late! The party must be purified! The ideological traitors that fail the revolution must be uncovered! Forward to success in the perfection of the conservative state!

I'll be right back, I'm going to start the popcorn.

7/30/2015 7:48:41 PM


@ Nemo: pointing out that Matt Forney is a racist bigot is racist, which automatically means Palin is president and 9-11 was an inside job by Mossad to benefit the reptilloids. Real liberals would be tolerant of his intolerance. Chessmate, libulardos!1one.

7/30/2015 7:55:26 PM


I'm back!

7/30/2015 7:57:58 PM


With Donald Trump on the rise and cuckservatives on the run, reversing America’s decline has never looked more possible.

The more I see it, the more neoreactionary/21st century right is the new fascism. It's probably the most openly fascist the right-wing has been since the civil rights era (at least in the US).

Thankfully they don't exist much outside the internet, hence the liberal (OMG!) use of the word "cuck". Needs moar memes, Matt!

7/30/2015 9:07:46 PM


One genuinely sincere comment that I just have to make, though, is that Return of Kings seems to criticize "leftist degeneracy", but I've never really seen them ever talk about what devout Christians they are. Mind you, they go after some of the same issues as Christians, but their posts don't talk about Jesus or God that much.

7/30/2015 9:38:03 PM

So, next time I see a neo nazi member he might be a liberal. Or homosexual, for that matter

7/30/2015 9:38:04 PM

Oxymoron's Razor

<With Donald Trump on the rise and cuckservatives on the run, reversing America’s decline has never looked more possible.>

If by "reversing (the) decline" you mean dragging the country kicking and screaming back into the 1800's, then sure... why not?

7/31/2015 12:14:40 AM


Well people like Matt Forney are Cockseratives.

7/31/2015 1:08:12 AM


Why "cuck"? Sounds like "cock"; are those bad? You want vaginas to rule?

Ya know, those corporations "from Google to Facebook" (which don't seem that far from each other) that put up rainbow flags. They want to MAKE MONEY, and as the majority of the public is for human rights, it's wise to be seen to support these things, whether you really do or not.

Of course the Koch brothers are in favor of open borders; how else are they going to get enough poor people willing to work for slave wages?

I think your view of the "average American" is way too far to the right.
You're the spineless ones, you silly boy.

7/31/2015 1:25:21 AM

Hasan Prishtina

With Donald Trump on the rise and cuckservatives on the run, reversing America’s decline has never looked more possible.

Because there's nobody who more truly represents the conservative values of the average American than a Republican Reform Democrat Independent Republican reality TV star and general chancer with inherited wealth who isn't religious and whose businesses have gone bankrupt. Frequently.

In other news, the president is still black.

7/31/2015 5:03:22 AM

Doubting Thomas

Honestly I love how conservatives are turning on each other. The extreme conservatives can't stand anyone who might even show a hint of being a moderate.

7/31/2015 7:07:58 AM

Doubting Thomas

With Donald Trump on the rise and cuckservatives on the run, reversing America’s decline has never looked more possible.

I just wanted to say that if you think Trump is the great white hope, you're deluding yourself. Even with him riding a high wave of support right now, Trump has no idea how to run a presidential campaign and is trailing Hillary in the polls by about 20 points. All that needs to be done to destroy Trump's chances of becoming president is to allow him to open his mouth and start speaking.

7/31/2015 7:50:46 AM

Insult to Rocks

Anyone who calls Oregon a "white liberal area" has obviously never been here. We have very large Asian and Latino populations, and a good deal of the white population is religious and conservative (especially the unfortunately large contingents of Mormons and Jehovas Witnesses that live here).

7/31/2015 8:38:36 AM


So lets see, antivaxxers go right, and hopefully this pushes the more sane right to go left.

Its win-win for Democrats =D

7/31/2015 9:55:22 AM


Ignoring this new term because I can't figure out who is supposed to be the cheating wife in this mangled metaphor. It's based on cuckold, right? Stick to RINO.

7/31/2015 10:39:08 AM


Now politically impotent, post-late 2012 - and will be for the foreseeable future - the Cuntservatives are eating each other.

And as Donald Fart's only hope is to run as an independent in 2016, the Repubicans are shitting themselves over how that could further cause schisms in an already thinly-spread voter base, and the various factions, post-Teabaggers.

So explain to me, o Matt Porney, how what you describe has any downsides for we left-wingers, especially for Hillary Clinton?!

'The ancient sages said: "Evil must have Good to feed upon. And then, destroys itself".'

-"The Water Margin"

7/31/2015 3:19:29 PM

Old Viking

Like a dog eating its own vomit.

7/31/2015 6:55:50 PM


Even supposedly right-wing corporate figures are further to the left than the average American

That's a flat lie. When surveyed on the policies (not just whether they identify as a D or R), the majority of Americans swing left on everything except the death penalty.

8/2/2015 7:28:15 PM

Pharaoh Bastethotep

It is more that the conservatives have lost control over their useful idiots on the right fringe, and now the inmates are running the asylum.

The only thing the term "cuckservatives" reveals is your insecurity and probably your projected sexual immorality - men who are worthy do be called so generally do not see adultery everywhere.

3/17/2017 5:45:45 AM

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