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The man who allegedly pulled a gun on officers on Monday was identified by multiple outlets as a Tennessee man who caused a disturbance at the House of Representatives, the Associated Press reported.

The suspect, 66-year-old Larry Dawson, interrupted a House session last October and yelled that he was a “Prophet of God” from the balcony. Authorities said he was “known to police.”

Dawson was captured on Monday after drawing his weapon at the Capitol Visitors Center and shooting an officer. The suspect was shot and later transported to a hospital. The incident is being investigated as a “criminal act,” but not one linked to terrorism.

Larry Dawson, Raw Story 21 Comments [4/1/2016 3:34:08 AM]
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Submitted By: Demon Duck of Doom

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"The incident is being investigated as a “criminal act,” but not one linked to terrorism."

It is not considered terrorism because it was not violence coming from 'them'.

4/1/2016 4:23:23 AM



And we know he wasn't one of "them" because he was white. I know this because if he weren't, he wouldn't have been "captured."

4/1/2016 4:39:59 AM


Yet with many cases like this NOT being called terrorism, documented white Christian terrorism still outnumbers any other by far.

4/1/2016 5:14:41 AM

Mister Spak

" The incident is being investigated as a “criminal act,” but not one linked to terrorism."

Because he's not one a those muslims.

4/1/2016 5:24:59 AM


"Dawson was captured"

And not, as he hoped, raptured.

4/1/2016 5:27:30 AM


@ Malingspann

Because god's a terble speler.

Everyone knows proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation is of the devil.

4/1/2016 5:43:31 AM


It appears that Dawson is black.

4/1/2016 6:18:10 AM


...and the NRA still oppose background checks.

People can be disqualified from driving. It's a privilege that can be taken away, if you're not fit to drive one safely: it's not a right.

I've always said that, along with the Theory & Practice parts of the driving test - and becoming qualified to own a car like all normal sane people - and are required to be insured (it's compulsory in the UK) - there should be another component to that: Psychological.

You may be physically capable to drive a car (and of course, it's possible for disabled people to drive cars, with the necessary alterations), but if you're not fit in the head, you certainly don't have the right to be behind the wheel.

You don't necessarily need a gun to commit murder, o NRA.

Did Larry Dawson have the right to own that gun...?

4/1/2016 7:50:40 AM


Sorry, Fuzz; But it looks like Terrorism. However; At least you recognized he was a big threat and did your job.

Hopefully his injuries won't be fatal and he'll stand trial and get tossed in The Can.

That said; He also appears to be mentally ill. If he's Black, it's likely it's less "Raging Far-Right Nut" and more "A Poor Soul Who's Genuinely Nuts And Needs Help".

....Unless he's a weird Ruckus-type who identifies with guys like the Bundys.

4/1/2016 8:15:22 AM

Demon Duck of Doom

This sounds like pretty textbook terrorism to me.

4/1/2016 8:30:26 AM



"It is not considered terrorism because it was not violence coming from 'them'."

the paranoia is almost palpable.

it is not considered terrorism because it has no supporting or supported group or widespread ideology. the guy is the representant of an ideology held by exactly one person, i.e. a lunatic. prophet of god, indeed. classifying something as terrorism is aimed at the potential others. if there are no identifiable other, future perpetrators, there's no point crying terrorism.

4/1/2016 9:04:49 AM

A prophet of God.........in his own head

4/1/2016 9:11:45 AM



Really? I think that he wasn't shot is the most shocking part of the whole thing, then.

I mean, nobody's really surprised about gun-toting nutjobs over there in America, right?

4/1/2016 11:19:51 AM

Evgir Unslaad

No evidence that this is terrorism, just a violent nut.

This isn't fundie. This man is deeply ill and needs professional help. Delusions of grandeur at the least.

4/1/2016 11:43:04 AM


But remember it doesn't count as terrorism because he's not Muslim

4/1/2016 1:44:09 PM

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4/1/2016 3:47:09 PM

Old Viking

What the hell does this have to do with fundies? It's a run-of-the-mill page seven news article.

4/1/2016 4:04:42 PM


A Prophet of God "known to the police" ?

But then I suppose they all are.

4/1/2016 4:54:13 PM


I have always been kind of incredulous towards these kinds of stories. It seems to be far too often that something extreme happens and it turns out that it wasn't a lone event, it was part of an escalating pattern that was largely ignored.

I know we all have the benefit of hindsight here, but shouldn't "authorities ignore nut until it turns tragic" be more rare then media coverage would seem to indicate?

4/1/2016 5:49:18 PM


For a black man to cause a disturbance - let alone pull a gun - and not be terminated with extreme prejudice is bucking a hell of a trend. Downplaying the danger of crazy preachers must be that important if they're not pumping the scary black man with a criminal record angle for all it's worth.

(P.S. he sexually harassed an underaged girl.)

4/1/2016 6:22:08 PM


Both this guy and that alleged "DAESH-Lady" in the comment before this one need some serious psychiatric help, not prison.

4/2/2016 12:55:44 PM

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