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God said He would not be mocked; but it seems the radical abortionist religion of peace LGBT war mongering drone using gun running Crucifix covering over posing in front of Che Guevara loser in the WH won't be content until he makes an outright and endless joke out of Him and this formerly God fearing nation.

Robert Roselli, WND 18 Comments [4/9/2016 5:15:06 AM]
Fundie Index: 10
Submitted By: Ibuki Mioda

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the new sheriff is a nig -DONGGG!

4/9/2016 5:49:01 AM


Chapter and verse where God speaks out about abortions, please. Oh, and the verse where He speaks about the US, or even the Americas, would be good, while you're at it.

Funny, it looks like English, and I understand each word separately, but put together like this, they just form gibberish...

4/9/2016 5:53:38 AM

Some Guy Passing Through


I don't get it.

4/9/2016 6:08:15 AM

Doubting Thomas

Seriously, what has Obama done to restrict or mock Christianity?

4/9/2016 6:38:05 AM

Churchy LaFemme

God said He would not be mocked, but He seems to be taking His own sweet time doing anything about it. It's almost as if He didn't notice, didn't care, or didn't exist.

4/9/2016 6:46:14 AM

Word salad for breakfast

4/9/2016 7:44:28 AM

Thinking Allowed

Newsflash for you Bob. This nation was never a god-fearing nation. Just take a look at the Constitution. If you don't feel like reading that much, just skip everything except the First Amendment.

4/9/2016 8:08:04 AM


4/9/2016 12:29:31 PM


I was curious about the "crucifix covering" bit, and this is what RR might be referring to:

I doubt that there even is a crucifix in the White House, unless the Kennedys left one there. Crucifixes and other church statuary are covered during Lent, BTW.

4/9/2016 1:34:24 PM


How about god's cheering squad? Can we mock them? Because I intend to continue.

4/9/2016 1:47:30 PM


Protip: A sentence has a Subject (That which applies a verb) and an Object (That which the verb applies towards).

Example. -Bob throws a Ball.

The Subject (Bob) acts through a verb (throws, second person singular conjugation of the verb Throw) and effects an Object (The ball)

4/9/2016 2:01:17 PM

Old Viking

God appreciates your support, Robert.

4/9/2016 3:39:18 PM


How dare they live as they see fit!

4/9/2016 4:16:30 PM


"God said He would not be mocked"

Well, British comedian/comedy writer & author Richard Herring proves...:

(check one):

[ ] ...that he can. Not seeing your 'God' doing anything about it, therefore he doesn't exist.

[ ] Your 'God' never existed in the first place. Thus the joke's on you.

Choose wisely.

4/9/2016 7:40:49 PM


Breathe, Robert, breathe!

4/9/2016 9:13:24 PM

Philbert McAdamia

God said He would not be mocked; but...

Your wimpy, iron chariot fearing, sadistic, genocidal maniac,
invisible sky loser is our bitch. Mock, mock mock.
He is an outright and endless joke, always has been
Take that, Bob & Gawd.

4/9/2016 9:40:18 PM


Crucifix covering?

It was a cross, not a crucifix. Given how often these fundies fall into the 'Catholics aren't Christian' camp you'd think they'd know the difference.

4/9/2016 10:30:07 PM


English grammar. Learn it.

4/10/2016 5:02:16 AM

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