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Thus, it is very very clear that any doctrine of the world is evil, and not to be accepted by any true follower of Christ, or even condoned, or tolerated by any follower of Christ. For to even tolerate, or condone such doctrines is itself to be an enemy of God. The Bible is inerrant which all in the true universal Church would accept. However, it is not enough to accept that it is inerrant. Anyone who wants to be a follower of Christ and serve God must, not should, but must, believe that it is sufficient, that is not only is true, but that there is absolutely no additional truth to the Bible, which can be sourced any where else. The only Truth is the Bible and all true spiritual revelation which truly comes from God.

Anything, even that which is not contradicting it, or even agreeing in part with some of the Bible, is not true. As such, such doctrines must be rejected by the follower of Christ. There is no such thing as "personal truth", a doctrine of post-modernism, which has infected much of the modern Church in the west, manifested in the belief that if one believes something, or feels something, it is true, that is true for oneself. This disease of post-modernism infects even reformed calvinist evangelicals who think that they are the most Biblical and theologically correct people in the whole of Christendom, but yet think that whenever they think something, for example, that whenever something offends them, it must be false. Such is the vile hypocrisy of such reformed calvinist evangelicals!

The doctrine of "separation of church and state" comes from the so-called 'enlightenment' era, which is an era which rejected the Word of God as backwards, oppressive, repressive, and having no place in society. To even think that the Word of God has no place in society is itself to hate God, and is the height of all arrogance, thinking that one need not God. The doctrine of "separation of church and state" purports the government is entitled to makes it own laws as it sees fit, without having regard to what the Word of God requires for all of humankind. The state, in other words, need not, or should seek counsel from the true Church of Jesus Christ in making laws, punishing evil and rewarding good. However, of course, in a somewhat ironic way, the state is entitled to stop the Church from doing things which offends it, or general society, such as speaking up against sodomite "marriage" or against the decriminalisation of bestiality, which is now starting to occur in some nations of the world.

However, what is more disturbing is that this doctrine is often credited to John Locke, a (professing) Christian, who satan deceived and used to spread his deception, through not the secular humanists, but through some professing Christian. That is just how subtly satan deceives. That a (professing) Christian first advocated for separation of church and state, if that is even true, does not in any way mean that the doctrine of "separation of church and state" is Biblical at all. Do not ever be deceived, just because a well-respected Christian leader advocates for a particular idea does not mean it is pure and Biblical. Do not even fall into leader worship, where one just loves a particular Christian leader so much that one falls into worshiping him.

Anti Mammon and Usury Conquerors, Fighting the Four Evils 5 Comments [7/10/2016 4:34:11 AM]
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"...there is absolutely no additional truth to the Bible..." so what the hell are you doing on the internet, Auntie?

7/10/2016 7:11:18 AM


A good comment to bring over here as Fundies are certainly men worshippers, some even get vapors when we justifiably criticize Sarah Palin, Ann Coulter, Ken Ham or Michelle Bachman.

That being said I'm sure the hypocrite's got his own idols. They all do, they are surrogates for the almighty in their dogma, that's why stupid shit like " You best watch what you say about (some knob pastor) and repent now!" is common.

7/10/2016 7:39:57 AM


the true Church of Jesus Christ

Which one?

7/12/2016 7:49:36 PM


"the world is evil, and not to be accepted by any true follower of Christ, or even condoned, or tolerated by any follower of Christ."

The 'Heaven's Gate'-rs weren't particularly religious; merely Sci-Fi fans who took things just a little too far. Incidentally, 'Suicide is a Sin' is purely Catholic doctrine.

You could always follow their example, if this world is 'evil', or don't you have faith in your 'Faith'?

Every second you're not doing so, you further prove that you are in fact more Atheist than we Atheists are: and we accept that this is the only life.

So what's stopping you...?!

7/13/2016 4:12:20 AM


Nice tie in to today's Jesus and Mo

kudos to the tag Anti Mammon and Usury Conquerors 'coz I think that's cool

7/13/2016 6:35:01 AM

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