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(claiming all Christians believe in the rapture and that "scripture interprets scripture"):

A two second Google search will tell you that many Christians, if not most, don't believe in the rapture and don't consider it Biblical.

And they are then not Christian ........... there are certain common beliefs to be considered within orthodoxy ........ the rapture is one of them ....... non-belief would put them outside orthodoxy and make them not christian .......

So scripture has not interpreted scripture.

YUP ......... hence the heresies pointed out earlier ........ and those that preach them .... as scripture points out ...........

Amos Moses, Christian News Network 34 Comments [8/11/2016 3:36:43 AM]
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Submitted By: Jocasta

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Rapture is Biblical but the specifics implied by the Rapture-obsessed crowd are often not well supported by the Bible. Indeed, those that reject the Biblical teachings are not Christians--they are satanists (Matthew 12:30), a.k.a. pagans. But the true Christian must be careful to not accept unBiblical fantasies that various false Christians ascribe to the Rapture.

In the name of the Lord,

8/11/2016 4:07:04 AM

Citizen Justin

Fuck off Jerry, everyone knows you're not for real.

8/11/2016 4:28:17 AM

Citizen Justin

'The Rapture' (as something that will happen on Earth sometime in the future to all True Believers still living) is mostly believed in by US Evangelical Christians and people who've been converted by them.

I would go as far as to say that the majority of Christians worldwide aren't even aware of the concept. Most Catholics for a start.

8/11/2016 4:33:15 AM

Mister Spak

No true Scotsman. . . . Been there . . . . done that.

8/11/2016 4:42:08 AM


Why does ....... Amos Moses ...... keep writing like .... this?

8/11/2016 4:54:35 AM

Doubting Thomas

OK, point out in the bible where Jesus described the rapture.

8/11/2016 5:26:29 AM

Jocasta McFucken

If I had a nickel for every time Amos had No True Scotsman pointed out to him, I could retire.

8/11/2016 5:45:48 AM


That's funny. If the rapture is so Biblical then why is it that we only first heard of it in the 18th century? (1590 if you consider Francisco Ribera's idea as equivalent to the Protestant repture). Are you saying that anyone born before the concept was developed wasn't a Christian and therefore went straight to hell? In that case, how do you know YOU aren't going to hell because of some concept that isn't going to get developed until centuries later?

8/11/2016 5:51:01 AM

Thinking Allowed

@ Jerry

For the last time fuckwit, Satanists are not pagans. Most Satanists don't believe in any gods were ALL PAGANS believe in at least one of the many gods except those of the Abrahamic religions (Judaism, Christianity, and Islam).

Just go home. You're not wanted here anymore.

8/11/2016 7:54:02 AM


The rapture isn't in the bible.

8/11/2016 8:11:57 AM

Dr. Razark


You serve no purpose here. You bring nothing useful to this site, and you refuse to learn. You're not even amusing any more. You sound like a broken record.

Go away.

8/11/2016 8:24:43 AM


Jerry has yet again shown he knows not what words mean. He constantly says non Christian=Pagan=satanist. In other words he doesn't know what Pagan nor satanist actually means and speaks from ignorance. Either that or he's a troll. If latter he still sucks but at least he wasn't serious. Though if he tries that argument now, it's too little too late. He will only be known for ignorance and stupidity. It would be him trying to downplay it. This is the same guy who mistook Bible for Qu'aran. He says first amendment only applies to Christians forgetting no endorsement part. He makes god sound quite unjust sending people to hell even though they haven't had chance to repent. He claims Catholics aren't Christian yet agrees with many of their stances. By his words he agrees with satanists/pagans. He should've stopped while he was behind and failing. Instead he keeps going trying to bring out the elect. Another argument against his god. He predestines people for hell and elect already are meant for heaven so he has no purpose here. And he convinces people not to be Christian. His failure is complete.

8/11/2016 8:26:11 AM


there are certain common beliefs to be considered within orthodoxy

Sure. But those "common beliefs" are not as common as you might think. Almost all Christian churches adhere to some form of the Nicene Creed, which says only that "he [Christ] shall come again, with glory, to judge the quick and the dead". But beyond that, each church has its own "confession of faith". For Roman Catholics, it's the "Greater Catechism"; for Anglicans and Presbyterians, it's some form of the "Westminster Confession". Baptists have their own, also. "Common beliefs" certainly don't include a detailed interpretation of Revelation or support for or pre- or post "millennialism". Luther almost didn't include Revelation in his Bible.

8/11/2016 8:46:48 AM


Amos Moses, there's a whole big country out beyond the bayou, founded by folks who didn't believe in a rapture.

Now everyone blamed his old man
For making him mean as a snake
When Amos Moses was a boy
His daddy would use him for alligator bait
Tie a rope around his neck and throw him in the swamp

8/11/2016 10:51:34 AM



How are satanists pagan? Even if we accept the absurd premise that every satanist in the world is theistic, theistic satanists believe in YOUR mythology. Not Greek, Roman, Egyptian, Mayan, Aztec, Slavic, etc. mythology. They believe in the same god you do they just think that Yahweh stands for tyranny and Lucifer stands for freedom. And given how oppressively Yahweh acted in the Bible, killing millions, allowing slavery, commanding his followers to kill people, etc. it's not hard to see why they take that stance.

8/11/2016 11:19:53 AM

Mister Spak



How are satanists pagan?"

They're Satanists in the sense that there are only 2 sides, god and satan. Pagans are obviously not on gods side, so satan is the only alternative.

8/11/2016 11:25:24 AM


I hear bagpipes, playing the same old sad song.

8/11/2016 12:14:41 PM


The idea of the rapture seems to be based on a misinterpretation of a single verse from one of the Epistles where it states that " we shall meet the Lord in the air" . Sorry I can't find find chapter and verse as my internet connection is a bit dodgy at the moment.

Clearly the phrase "we shall meet the Lord in the air" has any number of poetic, metaphorical ,and mystical meanings besides the image of a whole lot of American Fundies rising up physically into the air like a lot of uncontrolled hydrogen balloons

8/11/2016 12:24:55 PM


Well, the good news is that the number of Christians in the country has gone down significantly.

Thanks, Amos!

8/11/2016 12:26:46 PM

Thinking Allowed

@ Sasha

The bad news is they're still the majority.

8/11/2016 1:25:49 PM


@Thinking Allowed,

But their numbers continue to go down, albeit slowly, which is progress.

8/11/2016 4:30:16 PM

Old Viking

What's orthodox in one sect is heresy in the next. The only thing common to all flavors of Christianity is credulity.

8/11/2016 4:46:56 PM


Those you subjectively define as 'Pagans' - especially here in FSTDT - compared to your behaviour & the mindset such is based on, are infinitely more Christian than even your 'Lord' will ever be, Jerky, never mind you.

No Jerko, you are the Pagans.

And then Jerkoid was a Hellbound zombie.

"Rapture is Biblical"

So why is it that the only times the word 'Rapture' appear in your 'Christian Bible', they have absolutely nothing to do with being 'Taken Up', as per 1 Corinthians 15:52; mentioned early on in the Bond film "You Only Live Twice".

But then, you'd known that if you'd actually read your QJV.

Just keep proving what a theologically illiterate pagan you are, Jerkiepoos.

If guns/firearms are 'Biblical' Jerkoid, chapter & verse verbatim: the words 'Guns' and/or 'Firearms' in the Bible or prove that they - as well as the (C)Rapture - AREN'T Biblical.

But then, neither are pagans like you, Jerko.

8/11/2016 4:54:14 PM



Because he... is a reject... from the eighties... thundercats.

8/11/2016 8:39:24 PM


@ Dionysus.

As the last verse of Revelation reads 'For I testify unto every man that heareth the words of the prophecy of this book, If any man shall add unto these things, God shall add unto him the plagues that are written in this book' the Rapturites would seem to be condemning themselves to Hell...

8/11/2016 10:42:38 PM

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