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The gaydar AI algorithm would peg this face [picture of Mary Wollstonecraft] as a rugmuncher mug.

Wollstonecraft married, but in the 18th Century it would have been common for lesbians and gays to marry into heterosexual relationships.

The origin of modern feminism — the particularly nasty and virulent form of feminism that seeks to invert the sexual market to the perceived benefit of ugly women by removing all constraints on female sexuality and stripping moral agency from women, while maximally restricting and pathologizing male sexuality and burdening men with all moral responsibility — was disproportionately a Jewish and ugly woman movement. The book that begat modern feminism was The Feminine Mystique, by Jewish woman Betty Friedan.

What followed in Friedan’s wake was a freak parade of uglier and uglier women fronting the modern feminist agenda, and enacting their warped vision of the sexes into policy (e.g. Title IX).

Steve Sailer argues feminism is a WASP concept, and 20th Century Jewish immigration and dominance in media and Hollywood actually delayed the triumph of feminism (seen in the WASPs passing Female Suffrage and Prohibition), because Jewish men, like all Semitic men, evolved in a patriarchal and ethnocentric culture and didn’t see a need to extend respect to shiksas.

Maybe proto-feminism is WASPy, but that doesn’t explain the Jewishness of modern feminism, unless one considers Jewish feminism an ethnic-scale case of intratribal negative transference. Jewish female feminists were rebelling against their patriarchal religion (and seething with resentment against their Jewish men lusting after pretty Gentile women), but as is the wont of their tribe they organized their resistance around defiance of the Gentile soft-patriarchy culture of comfortably accepted sex roles and sex-based preferences, instead of targeting their attacks against their own Swinesteins. They transferred the cause of their bad feelings onto the contemptible goyium.

Jewish-led feminism was actually a reaction to their own anti-feminist ethnic culture. But since Jewish men, like all men, are more interested than are women in acquiring status and power to exchange for sex, the heights of industries like Hollywood filled with patriarchal Jewish men instead of feminist Jewish women.

That’s not the end of the story. Jewish men eventually caught on that hypocritically espousing the radical feminism of their tribeswomen was a great stick with which to beat goy society and poison relations between Gentile men and their women….and also to fool naive feminists into bed using the “Hugo Schwyzer” male feminist ruse. If you’re a casting couch sleazebag running a de facto brothel for skanky actress wannabes, posturing like a champion of women’s lib is an effective way to keep the heat off you and your whores satisfied with a pittance of hush money and empty promises.

When one sees feminism, and especially modern feminism, through the lens of homosexuality, ugliness, and Jewishness, the tenets and demands of the twisted ideology begin to make sense.

Lesbians resent men. They love feminism because they want to be men in every way that matters, and that means they have a stake in undermining sex-differentiated norms and even sexual dichotomy.

Lesbian Feminism is the agenda of making unfeminine women into second rate men rather than first rate women.

Ugly women resent pretty women. They love feminism because they want to reduce the competitive advantages pretty women enjoy by enforcing equality and uniformity among women. Ugly women also love feminism because they understand on a deep level that they are too ugly to find a provider husband and must pursue careerism to collect the resources themselves.

Ugly Woman Feminism is the agenda of pitting the bottom quarter of women against the top three quarters of women.

Jewish women resent their patriarchal culture and Gentile social norms. They love feminism because it subverts the traditions of their ethnic religion and gives them cover to corrupt the benignly sex-differentiated Christian culture which largely rejects the radical value system of Jewish women.

Jewish Feminism is the agenda of delegitimizing patriarchal Judaism/Semitism and of poisoning the benevolent sexism of Christian Gentile culture.

Put those three origins of modern (and proto-) feminism together — the lesbian, the ugly, and the Jewish — into one monstrous frankenshrew, and you get intersectional insanity like “white male privilege”, the UVA rape hoax scandal, and the constant invocation of the mythological discriminatory “wage gap“. Not to mention the gross anti-male injustice known as the family court industrial complex.

PS Even WASP feminism is tainted in origin. Prohibition was a failure, and Female Suffrage has inarguably shifted America politically leftward and into the waiting petri dish of Poz.

CH, Chateau Heartiste 6 Comments [10/13/2017 1:59:21 AM]
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Yossarian Lives

You seem to bemoan the patriarchal culture supposedly supported by all Jewish men, but seem at ease with that mindset yourself. You make this clear when you rail against women for not wanting to be a 'first rate woman' and be like a man. They are not wanting to be like men, they want the same opportunities as men. Men like you want women to know their place and condescendingly pretend to have their best interests at heart.

Ugly women resent pretty women. They love feminism because they want to reduce the competitive advantages pretty women enjoy by enforcing equality and uniformity among women. Ugly women also love feminism because they understand on a deep level that they are too ugly to find a provider husband and must pursue careerism to collect the resources themselves.

The causes of women being more active in careers has less to do with looks and more to do with the increase in women, of varying levels of attractiveness, trained as professionals and the lack of stigma of women in careers.

10/13/2017 3:43:40 AM


Enough straw for a huge bonfire upon which to burn reason, literature, and the entire English language, complete with obligatory racism, misogyny, homophobia, pretentious and spurious misinterpretation of facts, and an unconcealed fear of social progress. Oh...CH. Same old same old. Nothing to see here, folks. Move along.

10/13/2017 3:48:08 AM

Citizen Justin

Before the internet happened, the only way you'd hear stuff like this was from a drunk acquaintance of an acquaintance after a heavy night when all the fun people have gone home, and he's droning on while you're slowly falling asleep and wondering how you got into this shit.

10/13/2017 10:10:07 AM


Mary Wollstonecraft was no lesbian, she was most notorious in the 18C for being a single mother, considered SCANDALOUS! Eventually she did marry William Godwin, but her past was used to denigrate her after her death.

@Citizen Justin
Yes, or else on the toilet wall of a particularly seedy public convenience.

10/13/2017 6:33:48 PM

The Angry Dybbuk

"...intratribal negative transference."

When it's both pretentious and dumb, it's probably CH. The second I read the above-quoted line, I started scrolling through the wall of text to discover that, yes, it is indeed the idiot.

Here's a rough synopsis of everything CH says in the OP:'Woman I don't wanna fuck are speaking in public again. Mooooommy!'

10/13/2017 7:39:26 PM


This is what a victim of a wookalar sounds like!

10/14/2017 12:06:30 PM

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