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"I hear nothing, I see nothing, I know nothing!".

As Christians that means we follow the teaching of Christ Jesus.

JohnR7, Christian Forums 44 Comments [1/15/2007 12:00:00 AM]
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Fundamentalism in a Nutshell? Another BEAUTIFUL one-liner from our old buddy JohnR7!

1/15/2007 10:04:40 AM


Yet more refreshing honesty.

1/15/2007 10:28:54 AM


...and circle gets the square!

That's the only true thing he's ever said.

1/15/2007 10:30:49 AM


And the Beatitudes, the sermons, the cure of the blind man and the apparition to Mary the Magdalene plus Melquisedec, how can they be then properly explained?

1/15/2007 10:34:11 AM


\"I know nothing!\" What, Jesus is actually Sgt. Schulz from Hogan's Heroes?

1/15/2007 10:41:34 AM


\"Truth In Advertising\" award?

1/15/2007 10:49:59 AM


I thought his first name was jesus? Now I'm confused.

1/15/2007 11:51:31 AM


With eedjits like this, what use do we serve by pointing out their already blaring stupidity?

1/15/2007 11:55:41 AM


Yeah too bad he never said anything like: \"Thou shall follow the scientific method and use it religiously.\"

1/15/2007 12:39:08 PM

Winston Jen

\"By Jove, I Think He's Got It!\" Award?

1/15/2007 1:00:15 PM

Man Called True

I thought his first name was jesus? Now I'm confused.

\"Christ\" is a title, so it works either way.

Wow... John, you aren't even trying to be subtle about it anymore, are you?

1/15/2007 1:27:06 PM


JohnR7 never disappoints, does he? I really have to wonder at the fundies, though, that they can honestly think that their god gave them a brain in order for them NOT to use it.

1/15/2007 1:32:18 PM


How 'bout that. Hogan's Heroes is revealed scripture.

You learn something new every day.

1/15/2007 1:38:01 PM


Man Called True: That was a joke.

1/15/2007 1:40:07 PM

Mister Spak

JohnR7 takes the fundie cup back from Carico.

1/15/2007 2:45:36 PM


All I get from it is those damned three monkeys with the hands over teh eyes, the ears, the mouth.

1/15/2007 2:51:00 PM


A Challenger for [fstdt=19419]ME[/fstdt] Appears!

1/15/2007 3:07:50 PM


Welcome back John, missed ya!

1/15/2007 3:56:41 PM


Admitting you know nothing is the second step in fundie rehabilitation. First, you have to admit you have a problem. But it's good to see that you're trying.

1/15/2007 4:06:17 PM

The Watcher

Ah, I finally agree with JohnR7.

1/15/2007 4:39:08 PM


He is a troll, he's got to be. This is just absurd

1/15/2007 4:45:07 PM

Burning Stake

Then maybe you should note that Jesus said nothing about homosexuality. Why all the interest in it then?

Adrian: BWAH!

1/15/2007 4:45:30 PM


That is a PERFECT Fundamentalism in a Nutshell winner. I don't think it could be made any better.

1/15/2007 4:48:31 PM

David D.G.

I loved Hogan's Heroes. The thought of someone using Sgt. Schultz's signature line for something like this in SUPPORT of Christian fundamentalist narrow-mindedness (narrowing to the point of no mind at all) is just too over the top for me to believe.

This comment makes me more suspicious than ever that JohnR7 is a troll, not a true fundie after all. But I'd have to say that being THAT dedicated a troll indicates some serious mental imbalance on its own!

~David D.G.

1/15/2007 4:57:09 PM



1/15/2007 5:03:35 PM

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