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[The following series of posts by 'Jesusfreek' is brought to you courtesy of <a href="fstdt_faq.htm#contributors" target="_self">lordpuma</a> who submitted them via email accompanied by the following comment:</font> <font color="#808080">"At first I just figured English was his third or fourth language (as may well be the case), but after reading through all of his post (which takes a bit of effort), I can only hope he was under the influence of something you can't buy at Walgreen's."</font>]

tahs a lot of stuff , but hears what i think , ok get this u konw what makes the big differance is not the ida of evolution its the 2 other idias that go along with it , natural selection and meterilisim

Jesusfreek, FaithForum.org 2 Comments [9/1/2003 12:00:00 AM]
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"No-one understands my inner agony measured in feet and pounds"?

1/16/2008 8:13:55 PM


Huh, I never thought a scientific concept called evolution by natural selection would involve... natural selection.

11/13/2011 1:33:13 PM

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