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[discussing how the digital switchover may actually be a government ploy to monitor Christians]

I have tried plugging in a microphone into a speaker socket and it works as a speaker. I have tried plugging a speaker into a microphone socket and it works as a microphone.

I'm pretty sure that their plan is to watch us through our tv and maybe even tell us what to do. With an RFID chip installed in our bodies required to buy and sell they can just turn it off. The ultimate form of slavery and control.

Jsmythe, Rapture Ready 72 Comments [1/26/2009 8:51:22 PM]
Fundie Index: 3
Submitted By: Laura

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Microphones and speakers don't work that way!

1/26/2009 8:54:12 PM


God grief, a Rapture Readian discovers that a microphone and a speaker are basically the same thing and then uses this "new" piece of knowledge to convince themselves that the govt. is going to spy on them.

1/26/2009 8:56:31 PM


Microphones and speakers are essentially the same technology, just optimized for their respective purposes. It has been that way since they were first invented.
Video cameras and players are not.
You seem a bit paranoid, stay away from fundi preachers.

1/26/2009 8:59:58 PM


This goes to the conspiracy section. Also, we know what you are thinking.

1/26/2009 9:01:01 PM

Tomby Stone

Good work, now try plugging a metal fork into the plug socket and the entire thing will come together.

1/26/2009 9:04:04 PM

Argle Bargle

You are not that important.

1/26/2009 9:04:04 PM

Nope, just their way of eventually forcing everyone to get the expensive digital cable. Get satellite and tell them to go fuck themselves!

1/26/2009 9:05:00 PM


Yeah, it's like when they figured out that the GPS system KNOWS WHERE YOU ARE RIGHT NOW.

1/26/2009 9:05:59 PM


You're not Winston Smith, get over it.

1/26/2009 9:10:49 PM

Electro-magnetic induction, byatch!

1/26/2009 9:12:31 PM

Are you sure you aren't Wsmith of Airstrip One, Oceania?

[edit] Aw shit, I was beaten to it.

1/26/2009 9:14:08 PM


Sounds like Subject JS-608314 is on to something. Time to call FEMA.

1/26/2009 9:15:06 PM


I have tried plugging in a microphone into a speaker socket and it works as a speaker. I have tried plugging a speaker into a microphone socket and it works as a microphone.

That's nice, but have you ever tried using a radio receiver as a transmitter? Have you ever tried running an audio amplifier backwards? Have you ever tried using a TV screen as a camera? Because you fucking can't. (Some smartass will probably remark that early video cameras were basically tweaked CRTs - but without any optics to focus an image of the room it's in back onto the screen, a TV still couldn't be used that way)

Honestly, there's just no excuse for being this goddamn ignorant about fundamental engineering when you live in a mechanised society. And if you had even minimal actual technological education, you could easily dismantle most consumer equipment and satisfy yourself that there isn't a secret camera, microphone and radio transmitter in it.

1/26/2009 9:16:26 PM


Who is the elusive "they"?

I imagine it's either Obama, liberals, atheists, gays, democrats or all of them rolled into one.

1/26/2009 9:17:26 PM


I think this one might have trouble dismantling a cardboard box.

1/26/2009 9:18:37 PM

Mookie Blaylock

Nope. Completely wrong. Mikes and speakers don't work that way.

Please read a real book sometime.

1/26/2009 9:23:57 PM

The Lazy One

Yes, yes, we've known for a long time what you're thinking.

1/26/2009 9:26:47 PM

Reverend Jeremiah

Actually..Microphones and speakers CAN work that way.. but that doesnt mean squat compared to what this person is rambling on about.

1/26/2009 9:27:43 PM

Allegory for Jesus

"With an RFID chip installed in our bodies required to buy and sell they can just turn it off"

Where the hell did that come from!?

1/26/2009 9:33:29 PM


"Where the hell did that come from!?"

They're all up in arms about RFID chips, you know what with Revelations going on about taking the mark of the Beast, well RFID chips fit the bill, and what's more some piece of unidentified research has shown that the best place to put these is either in the back of the hand or forehead due to body temperature fluctuations or something.

1/26/2009 9:45:19 PM


Call the enclave!!11!one1!1!!

1/26/2009 9:47:54 PM


When I was younger I saw a intercom system without a Mic,Small, low watt speakers do act like microphones. If you hooked a stereo speaker to your mic port you'd get crap though, Too much resistance. Oddly enough things have specific properties to suit their use. That intercom I spoke of had awful sound.

But to the main point of his post. NOBODY CARES ABOUT YOU FUCKS

1/26/2009 9:54:09 PM


is he implying that a video screen can work as a video camera? or maybe if you yell loud enough into the screen, the sound will appear on the screen as oscillating waves.
i've just lost all faith in humanity...

1/26/2009 9:54:53 PM

Doctor Whom

1/26/2009 9:56:38 PM


Who the eff wants to hear your non-stop rambling about Jeebus bad enough to bug your living room?

1/26/2009 9:56:42 PM

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