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Gluttonous, slothful, irresponsible and entitled: Today's "poor" are the "rich" Jesus warned us about.

Kathy Shaidle, Pajamas Media 78 Comments [10/17/2012 3:46:21 AM]
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No they're not. You're just a cunt. also FIRST!

10/17/2012 4:04:31 AM

Filin De Blanc

Wow, that is the most blatant misappropriation of terms I've ever seen. Uncomfortable with the fact that the Bible celebrates the poor and condemns the rich? Just swap the two around!

10/17/2012 4:17:26 AM

Gluttonous, slothful, irresponsible and entitled

Sounds like every American I ever heard of.

10/17/2012 4:26:02 AM


You know when the right warns about transforming natural rights, which we have a duty to protect, into gifts we receive from the government? Well, saying "entitlements" instead of "human rights" is exactly that. If you think the poor have it too easy, go join them.

By the way, gluttony and slouth accurately describe most of humanity, since capital "sins" are tailored to cover almost every meaningful feeling you will ever have. They were chosen with the deliberate purpose to make people guilty.

10/17/2012 4:27:14 AM



10/17/2012 4:33:56 AM


Let all do the Fundie Word Redefinition Dance.

10/17/2012 4:37:52 AM

Ask the people starving to death in Eritrea, Sudan and other Saharan countries how gluttonous they feel.
What? You forgot that the US is not The World?

10/17/2012 4:44:05 AM

Pule Thamex

The invisible rays of Bible God are having a deleterious effect on certain individuals. The invisible rays tend to turn some humans with faulty minds into mounds of the the most stinking filth imaginable, e.g, Kathy Shaidle.

One answer might be for Bible God to relocate his cloud so that it hovers somewhere other than over the USA. His presence there is driving people nuts.

10/17/2012 5:05:09 AM

Doubting Thomas

So people today who are poor will not get into heaven, but rich Republicans will?

Why do you people feel it necessary to constantly give me reasons to not practice your religion?

10/17/2012 5:15:38 AM


Your semi-god was a social-ist, deal with it.

10/17/2012 5:32:50 AM


Poor is rich!

Brought to you by those whacky folks that think death is life. Next week, "How putting you in the ground gets you up in the sky!"

10/17/2012 5:34:28 AM

Mister Spak

And todays 'rich' are the 'poor' Jesus said would enter the kingdom of heaven.

10/17/2012 5:35:48 AM


What these people never get is that, given our economic system, there will always be poor people. Poverty is inherent in it. Not everyone can be rich. The rich are rich not necessarily because they work hard, but because they've got a lot of people working hard for them.

10/17/2012 5:40:37 AM


This may be some of the sickest, most warped crap I've ever read on this site, or on any other.

10/17/2012 5:45:42 AM


So when Jesus said "blessed are you who are poor..." (Luke 6:20) was he talking about the poor who are rich or the rich who are poor?

On second though, who cares?

10/17/2012 5:47:58 AM


Evidently, the chief difference between high life and low life is how much it costs.

10/17/2012 5:50:06 AM


Poor is still poor, you stupid cow.

10/17/2012 6:05:38 AM

Whore of Spamylon

Well, if your politics aren't compatible with your religion, make your religion compatible with your politics!

10/17/2012 6:07:06 AM


War is peace, freedom is slavery, yada yada yada.

10/17/2012 6:14:30 AM


"Gluttonous, slothful, irresponsible and entitled: Today's "poor" are the "rich" Jesus warned us about."

No, I'm pretty sure Jesus was talking about people who have any money at all--and even those with assets which can be turned into money, such as when he told his followers to sell everything they owned and give the money to the poor--who don't use that money to help those worse off than they are.

If you want to make Jesus happy, you should be tithing 10% of your income to your church and giving everything else away to the poor. Strangely, I've yet to see a Christian do this.

10/17/2012 6:32:55 AM

The Crimson Ghost

Quite possibly the most heartless & incorrect thing I've read here in a while.

@1459451-Up yours. Is that you Headache?

10/17/2012 6:43:05 AM


If today's poor are Jesus's "rich", the actual rich must be Satan incarnate.

10/17/2012 6:57:30 AM


Only a spoiled american could say that.

10/17/2012 7:05:11 AM


The poor are rich. Ladies and gentlemen, words no longer have any meaning.

10/17/2012 7:15:52 AM


Yes, because I see poor people driving 8 different cars and living in mansions all the time. That happens right?

10/17/2012 7:17:38 AM

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