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The anti-White establishment in Britain is now openly admitting it’s genocidal plans again the indigenous White Northern Irish people…but says it’s okay because it was all just a little “joke”

A recent news article had this to say

“Newly-declassified documents released at the National Archives in Kew, west London reveal how senior civil servants reacted enthusiastically to proposals in 1983 from a University of Reading
academic that a chunk of Ulster – between Coleraine and Londonderry – beturned into a new home for Hong Kong’s 5.5m citizens.”

Just to be clear, the current population of Northern Ireland today is1.8 million. If flooding 5.5 million non Whites into the Northern Irish peoples living space is not genocide as per the UN Genocide Convention then what is?

“Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part.” (Article 2c Genocide Convention)

The article continues:

“The proponents of the plan, which one Northern Ireland office official declared should be “taken seriously”, suggested the mass transportation of Cantonese speakers would have the dual advantage of boosting the Ulster economy while solving Britain’s dilemma over what to do with the millions of Hong Kong residents concerned they would have no future under Chinese rule.”

The anti-Whites were “concerned” that 5.5 million non-Whites would have “no future” in Hong Kong but it didn’t seem to bother them that generations of White children would have no future in their ancestral
homeland because it was turned non-White by traitors?

That’s pretty anti-White don’t you think?

It seems that some anti-Whites are trying to pass this plan off as a “joke”, or so they claim. After all wouldn’t you lie about a genocidal scheme if your cover was blown?! How pathetic are these anti-Whites anyway?

The thing is, if it was just a “joke” as they are trying to pass it off as then why are they still working on the replacement of the Northern Irish today, albeit at a slower place? You see, it can be argued the only reason they didn’t go ahead with this plan in 1983 is because the N Irish would have noticed something was wrong if 5.5 million non-Whites were suddenly transplanted into their homeland. Instead they are taking the slow route to replacing the Northern Irish, only this time it includes: Africans, Middle Easterners AND Asians.

Let’s not forget either that a prominent anti-White “politician” in Northern Ireland is Anna Lo, originally from Hong Kong; an ardent proponent of anti-White policy in Northern Ireland today.

Remember folks, White genocide is not just happening in one or two White countries. This plan is for ALL and Only White countries.

Cecil11, Council of European Canadians 17 Comments [4/3/2016 3:54:23 AM]
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Quote# 7434

I don't think the viewers of Fox news hold misperceptions about Iraq and Terrorism. I think that they are among the best informed viewers out there. It is the liberal media which sleeps on many of those stories because if they did followup on them, it would lend credence to the actions that Bush is taking.

jamesrwright3, Christian Forums 11 Comments [6/1/2004 12:00:00 AM]
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Until recent decades, the American pulpit embraced a revolutionary purpose as curator and exponent of the “whole counsel of God,” resulting in a ubiquitous, healthy fear of God among the American people. Colonial ministers were chief advocates of the political ideology embodied in our nation’s Founding Charters. The historical evidence is irrefutable: the colonial pulpit, set ablaze by the Great Awakening, became the Foundry of America’s Charters of Freedom. Modern historians have confirmed that the rights asserted in our Founding Charters were preached from colonial pulpits in the fifteen years that culminated in the Battle of Lexington. The clergy were not just spectators that cheered from the sideline of the Rebellion. They stood out among chief agitators of the Revolution, and after it began, among the most successful in keeping revolutionary ardor alive, both from the pulpit and on the battlefield.

Today’s Pulpit, however, has forgotten its legacy and largely abandoned the inconvenient truths of Scripture that engender the fear of God and behavior that is conducive to Liberty, opting instead for market-driven “messaging” that scratches itching ears, and anesthetizes consciences. Much of that which passes for Bible-based preaching today is devoid of power to convince hearts of sin and restore broken lives. In the quest for a more palatable way to maintain attendance and charitable revenue, American pulpits are unwittingly “hewing out cisterns” (Jeremiah 2:13) that cannot retain an enduring move of the Holy Spirit, and produce washed-out salt in the pew, that Jesus warned would be “good for nothing” but road salt, to be “tossed out and trodden underfoot of men.”


The essential meaning of Liberty is beyond the reach of unregenerate minds, because they are controlled by “the prince of the power of the air.” (Ephesians 2:2) The popular notion that ministers and their flocks ought to avoid active involvement in “the dirty business of politics,” or limit their interaction with government to the voting booth, comes not from God, but is a damnable heresy conceived by the prince of darkness. The Church in America has largely abandoned its curative mission in government, precisely because it has been indoctrinated by the pulpit, which has allowed itself to be indoctrinated and its voice constrained by a practical gnosis that originated with the spirit of the age working in and through the children of tyranny.

The Pulpit’s failure to equip God’s flock with the knowledge needed to steward the “Blessings of Liberty to itself and to its Posterity,” has facilitated their antipathy toward electoral politics and, for the abysmal few that do participate in elections, unwitting support for “wolves in sheep’s clothing” in the voting booth. The failure to equip God’s Flock with a biblical worldview, is a failure to shepherd them to safe haven (i.e. “green pastures”) where they are able to lie down in the presence of their enemies and be nourished by “every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God.” (Matthew 4:4) Neglect of this ecclesial duty is tantamount to fattening sheep for slaughter.

America will indeed perish unless her pulpits quickly rediscover their Founding legacy and become the “pulpits aflame with righteousness” that French philosopher Alexander de Tocqueville astutely observed and reported in his time as the reason for America’s “greatness and genius.” Revolutionary pulpits, garrisoned by men of courage and conviction, the Black Robe Regiments of America, are the only thing that can save the American Republic now.

Rev. William Cook, BarbWire 9 Comments [5/22/2015 3:14:46 AM]
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The Homo naledi discovery has barely seen the light of day and already an ANC MP has challenged scientists for a debate on the “whole truth about evolution”.

Dr Mathole Motshekga, who is an ANC member of Parliament and executive director of the Kara Heritage Institute, caused a storm on Twitter yesterday after he made controversial statements about the discovery of the fossils of a new species in Gauteng.

Motshekga made his doubts known on a chat show on radio station 702.

He later told City Press that the Homo naledi find confirmed “pseudo science that Africans are descendents of baboons”.

He insisted that it was his and the Kara Institute’s position, and not the position of the ANC.

Earlier yesterday, President Jacob Zuma and Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa had praised the discovery.

The president said from Tuynhuys at Parliament hat he was very excited about the discovery and was proud that it had happened in South Africa.

“Our country is truly the cradle of mankind,” he said.

Motshekga insisted that he values scientific work.

“But the African story can not only be told with stones and skulls. There is ancient literature about the universe that offers a broader perspective.”

According to him, the Kara Heritage Institute had done a lot of research. A lot of “ancient knowledge” was being suppressed.

Motshekga later replied by text message: “Palaeontology seeks to establish that humanity evolved from apes.This is based on the Western materialist world view which says ‘the world is all that is’.”

According to Motshekga this approach is one-sided and misleading and it leaves out of account the Kemetic (African) literature showing that the material universe and humanity evolved from and are made of the same substance with the creator.

“This idea is contained in the Kemetic law of correspondence which says ‘As above, so below’. A human being is both spiritual and material and pre-exists its material shape. Attempts to link human ancestors and apes are a futile exercise.”
Motshekga said a total paradigm shift was needed to educate people.

He also referred to the ancient text of Egyptian philosopher Hermes Mercurius Trismegistus, The Divine Pymander.

The document has been hailed as the book of all books in which the true knowledge of God and nature was contained.

“It provides a different view on how we understand evolution,” he said. “I challenge them [scientists] to a debate on this.”

The Democratic Alliance praised the scientists for the discovery and labelled it as a great achievement for South Africa.

Mathole Motshekga, News24 16 Comments [9/14/2015 2:22:00 AM]
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Quote# 2052

Regarding the Antichrist: I believe (though I am not absolutely, 100% certain) that God has shown me, in several ways, who the Antichrist is. I believe King Juan Carlos of Spain is the Antichrist. I have several studies that I've done about him on floppy disk, but here is a webpage that has an article about him: <a href="http://members.tripod.com/vaulterjohn/King_Juan_Carlos.htm">King_Juan_Carlos.htm</a>

Godsword, PlanetWisdom 5 Comments [1/1/2003 12:00:00 AM]
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[A recent poll found that 55 percent of Americans believe the U.S. Constitution establishes a Christian nation. What do you think?]

I would probably have to say yes, that the Constitution established the United States of America as a Christian nation. But I say that in the broadest sense. The lady that holds her lamp beside the golden door doesn't say, “I only welcome Christians.” We welcome the poor, the tired, the huddled masses. But when they come here they know that they are in a nation founded on Christian principles.

Senator John McCain, GOP presidential candidate nominee, beliefnet 24 Comments [9/30/2007 10:54:47 PM]
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Quote# 33780

if ToE is taught as science I see no reason astrology couldn't as well.

supersport, CARM 43 Comments [1/18/2008 6:57:23 PM]
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Quote# 107471

Tesla was the AntiChrist

The Antichrist will not desire women
Tesla was celibate for life!

The AntiChrist will make fire stream down from Heaven
Tesla's Death Beam Weapon did this !

The AntiChrist will Attempt to Edadicate Human Life
Tesla's AC Electricity changed the Schumann Resonancia frequency affecting brain waves and is used in mind control.

The AntiChrist will Change Religion
Tesla's dad was a Christian Preacher, Tesla denounced Christianity to persue science as Religion and used the Hindu Vedas as his model for Electricity.

The AntiChrist will declare he is GOD
Tesla said he would make MEN like GODs (Godlike)
same as biblical devil

AntiChrist will take away freedom
Tesla created the precursor for internet the greatest invasion of privacy ever Orwell's TV watching you via NSA

The AntiChrist will be against GOD to ALTER Nature
Tesla did more to alter nature via technology than any man.
GOD created nature ... Tesla like the biblical Satan altered GODs creation a resonance of 7 (perfection) hertz

Lucifer is said to be the light bringer
Tesla illuminated earth lighting up the whole planet.
The electromagnetic radiation from his AC (AntiChrist) power is known to cause cancers and brain damage near wires or power generators.

The Devil will fall as LIGHTNING

Saturn is Satan
Tesla says he will make EARTH LIKE SATURN

TESLA: I wanted to illuminate the whole earth. There is enough electricity to become a second sun. Light would appear around the equator, as a ring around Saturn.
[link to www.freedomtek.org]

the Tanguska phenomena (explosion) is said to be Russia's test of Teslas DEATH BEAM a wepon many times more deadly than a nuke bomb !!!

Other scientists said they FEARED Tesla because he bragged he could destroy the earth.

USA CIA NSA FBI DEA = D.O.A., Godlike Productions 49 Comments [3/31/2015 2:55:21 AM]
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you can not be instantly forgiven, no matter, you have to repent, you have to prove to allah that you are worthy his forgiveness. if it was that simple there would be no need ot be good, to live you life by the rules, you just have to beleive and not prove anything.

and you tried being GAY!!!!!!! i dispise anything GAY. you should have your genetles removed for this hainous crime to humanity. you should never be able to please your self in a sacred way.!!!

Borat, Inthepursuitofgod.com 21 Comments [11/23/2006 12:00:00 AM]
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Quote# 23311

(Supersport explains how animals in the wild never get sick. From three different comments in the thread)

Darwin, why do you think animals in the wild don't get diabetes? Why do they not get alzheimers? Why do they not get MS or or lupus or Depression? Why do they not get cancer? Why is it that dogs and cats start coming down with diseases such as cancer and diabetes only after they are in captivity....only after humans care for them and vaccinate them and give them all kinds of drugs, and processed food?

why is that?

[Mind-boggingly stupid statement. Animals in the wild do get various illnesses, but they don't usually survive long enough for us to find them while they are convalescing in a den or a nest, because they either starve or get eaten. In the wild getting sick is close to a death sentence.]

No they don't. Please show me where animals in the wild get diabetes, for example.

supersport, CARM 34 Comments [4/8/2007 12:00:00 AM]
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Quote# 133318

I knew the moderators wouldn't listen to us, I've decided to scrap the petition while we're ahead.
Alike google, steam has fallen victim to ignorant favouritism.
Groups will take the Fascist Coalitions place, I'm so proud of how far we have progressed as a community in that group.
They haven't given us a reason for why it was banned, they just disabled it then and there like it never existed, no warning, nothing.

The community lives and moves onwards, we continue the activist fight for rights of a Hard-Right European doctrine, inside and outside of steam.
Thank you all for the amazing journey but it doesn't end there, they obviously fear us and we've made a difference which triggered them into making such an outragious bigoted thing.
Hail Europe! Hail Victory! Hail the real European people!

FrostyB, Steam Community 4 Comments [10/22/2017 10:55:08 AM]
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The second law of thermodynamics is frequently cited by Christians as a manifestation of the sin nature. God originally created everything in a perfect state; when Adam and Eve disobeyed and fell from grace, the structure of all things was transformed to a flawed state.

We are all born captives of a disintegration process. Since the fall, everything has been affixed with an expiration date. Some material items may have a longer shelf-life than others, but in the end they all fall victim to decay. The next time your water heater goes on the fritz, you can blame Adam for your aggravation.

"Wherefore, as by one man sin entered into the world, and death by sin; and so death passed upon all men"(Rom. 5:12).

Todd Strandberg, Rapture Ready  26 Comments [11/1/2007 11:55:17 PM]
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Quote# 30791

[Right...so, if all current types of terrestrial life on earth came from the ark, why didn't the more efficient placentals beat marsupials from Mt. Ararat to Australia and why did marsupials make it at all?]

Did it occur to anyone that cats hate water.And perhaps marsupials could have easily made the swim from Papua New Guinea to Austrailia.

cutegecko3, IIDB 34 Comments [11/4/2007 10:54:36 AM]
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Quote# 54460

("4mankin; go join Westboro Baptist Church!!!")

I live too far away from WBC, I'm in a different state. My neighbor and I try to send Fred Phelps donations every month. Ever since a gay man molested her son at a daycare preschool she's been sending WBC her tithings. I know the sodomites are angry but God is VERY ANGRY with them.

("4mankind666; what a couple of sad bastards you are sending Fred Phelps "donations",the most hated family in the US. There are plenty of hetero peadophiles mate too.
"God is angry" - LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!")

A bastard is someone without a father, I and my neighbor both were born in wedlock and had fathers who provided for the family. I know bastards are more prone to convert to becoming fagots because they lack masculine guidance. When the radical left calls WBC "the most hated family in America" that's not what mainstream America thinks. As in ancient Greece pedophiles are gays and bisexuals that are married men. NAMBLA is the C.I.A. of the gay-community always undercover.

Jesus4mankind, Youtube 52 Comments [12/16/2008 10:36:29 PM]
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Quote# 55474

("Grow up and start thinking and learning for yourselves.")

I am a well-educated and well-researched man and those statements by you show you look at us as stupid and uneducated. Mankind has arrogantly decided to lean on their own understanding of science alone as the end-all way to view the world and religion. Foolish indeed! The day you do that is the day you end up with a Godless view like you have. I believe the reason most atheists are atheists is because they do not WANT to believe in God so they can have no obligation to other people or to God.

al1967dude, Youtube 37 Comments [1/4/2009 6:27:11 PM]
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Submitted By: Janta
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Quote# 635

[Replying to 'would you like to be put on an island by someone?']

I don't believe in the lie of "tolerance." Furthermore, I would LOVE to be put on an island with other believers. To spend day and night in the presence of God with fellow believers would be awesome to me.

Cammie, Christian Forums 6 Comments [9/1/2002 12:00:00 AM]
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Quote# 44561

If you want to have fun, just ask an athiest if animals have the same rights that we do; then ask at what stage of evolution did Man get more rights than the rest of the animals. Snap Crackle Pop

VRW Conspirator, freerepublic.com 48 Comments [8/9/2008 7:33:07 PM]
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Quote# 57285

To bad we don't have "POST Birth Abortions" for Socialist and liberals (actually the same thing).

EZLucas, Rapture Ready 31 Comments [1/29/2009 11:05:48 PM]
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Quote# 39892

There is a huge difference between angels and fairies. There are sane people who believe in angels, and I'm not so sure a sane person would believe in fairies. Angels are messengers from God, and some of them have wings and some of them don't. They are strong, powerful, spirit beings. Fairies are just magical and someone's imagination.

Joy, Yahoo!Answers 51 Comments [5/25/2008 12:45:31 PM]
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Submitted By: TheOutsider
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Quote# 11451

I think the alien fits the description of anti-Christ. The bible describes him as the beast, which means a sub-human being.

Maybe the crop circles and UFO sightings are real, they want to make us familiar with them first, before their formal landings on our earth. When they are here, there's nothing our super powers can do, our missiles are of no use. The whole world will submit to them, in seconds. There comes a new ruler of our world, the anti-Christ.

This is just one possibility, if it's true, it means the end time can happen anytime, like Jesus says, no-one knows the day and hour, it comes when most unexpected.

matthewgoh, Christian Forums 25 Comments [5/6/2006 12:00:00 AM]
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Submitted By: Alejandro
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