Quote# 114808

Adams is so great. Fuck all you dirty piece of shit feminists you should be FUCKING SHOT or sterilized. or sent to a rehabilitation facility.
You should lose your right to vote. Ignorance is dangeorus. and Feminism is evil ignorance. Feminism is not about equal rights and has not been for many decades. Maybe if this was the 1960s america you could say something to me, but now you can shove it up your fucking ass. Fuck american womena nd fuck feminism.
Men will stop getting marreid more and more. THe spawn of the MGTOW groups are evidence of this.
The government is getting what they want. People to stop breeding.
I think every feminist should be sent to a labor camp or imprisoned or shot dead. I don’t care. You are scum and if you are not capable of changing you should lose your right to live. All humans are a burden to the earth, but Feminists are a burden to all humans and everything else, especially men.
Women are treated like children and coddled with kid gloves and in some ways you always have been.
Even in 1890 there was a female bandit in the west that did crazy shit and got away with it for years. But there were men that did the same that were shot dead instantly.
And men have always fought the wars. Women rarely in any society ever had to do so. You got to stay home. You got the easier job.
The only way now for a normal guy to have a healthy relationship with a girl under 30 in the new generation is to scare the shit out of your woman and make her fear you and make her think you will end her life if she tries to screw you over. That is the only way to keep them in line from being destructive bitches. And even then you might have to sit them down and threaten them now and then.
I had to, i’ve had to with the last girl i dated. all the time.
Look what happened when i didn’t. She told her friend i was a drug dealer simply because she was jealous she liked me. She publically slandered me. So i used her took her virginity which honestly id trade for her hotter friend at this point.
Unless you are rich and powerful and good looking youre only real option to have a good time and enough control that you can relax is to scare the shit out of these girls, find some way to blackmail them or scare them and use it. That is the only way.
Even without me saying any of this it remains true and feminism has destroyed the country and everyone born from the 90s onward.
David Futrelle is a piece of shit beta male and should lose his right to vote among other freedoms for supporting such a piece of shit ideology.
The US and Canada and most 1st world countries are female dominated all the way up to the super rich who then are the men having power but everyone who is not rich is ruled and controlled by females if they want any kind of success. Period.
Unless you do as I was saying before, find a way to scare a girl and blackmail her into doing what you want. Because even if she likes you, even if you are perfect for her, she would rather run away and flirt with many other guys and fuck things up. So scare her into submission.

John Doe, We Hunted the Mammoth 22 Comments [11/27/2015 5:33:43 AM]
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Submitted By: skybison
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Quote# 22356

A young Christian man had been having a problem with speeding and with minor traffic violations. For example, he would periodically make a wrong turn because he did not notice a traffic sign. He had been cited for some of these violations. We broke curses over him in these areas and cast out spirits of speeding, careless driver and traffic violations.

Additional spirits that are active in this category of daily living are: blocked concentration (of driver), roving mind, heavy foot, fear of making mistakes in driving, fear of getting caught by police, and others.

Stan, demonbuster 57 Comments [3/22/2007 12:00:00 AM]
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Submitted By: Heather
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Quote# 5395

Whatever happened to the consequences for sin? I think that those who are sexually promiscuous and contract HIV, or any other STD as a matter of fact, have heaped that punishment upon themselves, that is the truth. You ought not to be breaking the commandments of the Lord, and fornicating, in the first place.

blixation, Christian Forums 3 Comments [11/1/2003 12:00:00 AM]
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Quote# 106878

Following Benjamin Netanyahu's speech to Congress yesterday, Rep. Louie Gohmert called into the "Point of View" radio program to discuss the Israeli Prime Minister's remarks. During the discussion, the Texas Congressman alleged that the Obama administration told the Nigerian government that the U.S. will not assist in the fight against the terrorist organization Boko Haram until Nigeria legalizes gay marriage.

"I don't know if you saw this story," Gohmert said, "but it was reported from Nigeria that this administration said unless you change your law to allow same-sex marriage, then we're not going to help you against the radical Islamist Boko Haram, which is killing Christians, having young girls raped and sold into sex slavery."

The "reports" that Gohmert mentioned seem to have come from right-wing outlets such as WorldNetDaily and The Gateway Pundit, so obviously they are very reliable.

Gohmert then went on to warn that God will punish America for "turning its back on Christians and Jews around the world."

"I am very afraid since I know," he said, "that the judgements of the Lord are true and righteous altogether. It doesn't matter how many people in America are faithful followers, we have put into place leaders who may bring down judgment on the United States if we don't start helping the good guys"

Louie Gohmert, Right Wing Watch 20 Comments [3/7/2015 8:14:44 AM]
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Submitted By: Giveitaday
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Quote# 122765

1. Dismantle The Mainstream Media

As more and more of us start to wake up, the media will begin to sense this—in fact, they already have. Have you wondered why they’ve started to cover anti-Hillary stories? It’s because they realize that they’re losing credibility.

The mainstream media is very well aware that they’re losing their chokehold on the American public’s mind, so in a last ditch effort, they’re trying to seem unbiased. Do not buy into their lies—it’s all a giant farce; an attempt to regain their former credibility.

Over the next four years, it will be extremely important to start dismantling these outlets. It’s time to call them out for what they are. Start sharing alt-right stories on Facebook and Twitter, get our message out there. Don’t watch any mainstream media. Don’t buy mainstream magazines, don’t watch their news shows, hell, don’t even pay for cable. Do everything you can to bleed their pockets dry.

As more and more money moves away from the mainstream media, it will naturally move towards alternative news sources—sites like Return Of Kings, Info Wars, Matt Forney, and Danger and Play will become the new media.

Don’t expect this to happen at first, however. In one final cry, before its gory death, the media will proclaim that there is a new “racist, xenophobic” enemy that helped Donald get into office: the alt-right. Expect them to demonize us. Expect them to lie about us, to scream and shout, and to protest. This is fine, however—for we are anti-fragile. The alt-right is in a very unique position.

Any and all hatred towards the alt-right will be a net win for us. Why? It’s simple: any publicity is good publicity. A single mention of an alternative news site by the MSM can, and often does, net us tens of thousands of new viewers. In other words: if they ignore us, we continue to grow in power. If they attack us, we grow even faster. They can’t win.

2. Drain The Swamp

Everything that we’ve done up to this point to get Donald in office will be completely pointless if we don’t drain the swamp. This is our one chance—we have four years to do this.

In order for us to bring about permanent change in this country, we need to hold the cucks and libtards accountable for their actions. Anyone who pushed the pro-Islam agenda, rape culture, or feminazi philosophy must be called out for the traitors that they are.

The elites, the corrupt bankers, and the globalists must all be brought to light. In order for us to bring about true change, and to prevent a globalist dictatorship from happening in the near future, we must ensure that at least 25% of Americans are aware of the elites’ “conspiracy” by the next election.

This is a grass roots movement, and it is growing in power—but we must take away power from those who tried so hard to fight us. Now is the time to cause a ruckus and email your representatives. Now is the time to demand Hillary be thrown in prison. Every single person involved in Hillary Clinton’s private email server must be thrown in jail. Pedophiles and Satanists such as Anthony Weiner and Marina Abramovic, and traitors such as Huma Abedin and Comey must be thrown in jail for their crimes.

Now is the time to clear out the murky waters—to sift through the dirt and rotten garbage lurking below. I believe, that once all is said and done, America will enter into a new age of prosperity. The patriarchy will return.

3. Normalize Straight Males

For too long have men been oppressed, by the very civilization which we created. We have let the SJW’s and culture warriors back us into a corner, but we’ve finally started to fight back. More and more men, upon being exposed to the manosphere, are starting to wake up and take the red pill. We’re starting to realize, as a nation, that there is no reason to be ashamed of being white or being a man.

Once we start to dismantle the mainstream media and drain the swamp, most of this should happen naturally—it was only through the artificial social engineering that being a white male became a crime.

But, we can’t stop here—it’s time to start slowly red-pilling our blue-pilled friends. The best way to do this, is simply through osmosis. Don’t try to convince them with logic, because they did not arrive at a blue-pilled position through logic. They did so through emotion.

Simply be a beacon of masculinity. Be confident in yourself, be assertive, and don’t cave into ridiculous HR requests or political correctness social pressures. Again, once the mainstream media is dismantled and the manosphere grows in popularity, our movement will gain strength exponentially.

The normalization of males, especially white males, is essential for our culture to continue—the second that we started to become ashamed of our heritage and of our nationality was the second that the cucks started closing in. We cannot give them an inch, or they will take a mile.

This is not to say that our country shouldn’t accept immigrants—IF they go through the legal process. How did it get so far that it became socially unacceptable to shame ILLEGAL immigrants? Again, ILLEGAL immigrants? Like I said, it got this way due to an overwhelming amount of white guilt. Do not be ashamed of your heritage, men.

We have made a gigantic step towards national sovereignty with Donald Trump being elected as president, and we cannot let this victory go in vain. We must push onward and continue to normalize what is NORMAL. Being a straight male, white or note, should be the norm, not being a transgender, green-haired, SJW.

Jon Anthony, Return of Kings 16 Comments [11/30/2016 6:17:06 AM]
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Submitted By: Chris
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Quote# 103256

[I know atheists who are good, decent people with a strong sense of right and wrong.]

They are not atheists.

Real atheism is to believe in the giant fuckhole of empty space and to be so enveloped by the soul destroying vacuum effect of nihilism and the idea of sheer random chance that madness ensues. It is a pathetic, meaningless existence. And I admire real atheists for their decision and their honesty. They are very few. Not many have the courage to embrace the inherent mental disease that comes with such a conclusion.

Everyone else you just mentioned is merely a weekend warrior, armchair atheist. They might like the Satrbuckian atmosphere of urban hip Wiccan tea settings, but they are not real atheists. Understand, inexistence, a belief in the oblivion if held to, requires tremendous faith and dedication for it will destroy anyone who tries to fool the self into the lure of absence.

Most 'atheists' I know are Hindu also rans discovering their claim of own self-godhood. It was always this way from the beginning, even from the Garden tale, removing one self from the Origin to become an origin unto themselves. This is not the bravery of atheism, it is merely selfish delusions of grandeur.

Wyatt Junker, Where Liberty Dwells 54 Comments [9/7/2014 7:02:13 AM]
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Submitted By: David
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Quote# 44072

e "Watchers" are in a different category (not elitist-mind you) than those who "don't see." Maybe this is where some of the depression comes in.? Those who don't get it (or don't want to) seem to be scurrying about with everyday "stuff." Pumped up in themselves. Almost like they're trying to prolong the inevitable that they don't even understand.

We, on the other hand, know the WONDERMENT just over the horizon and it's almost too much for us to bear.

It's too overwhelming to those who have been taught that the Bible has been totally mistranstlated through the years and therefore unreliable, to those who don't have a firm relationship with Christ, who haven't studied prophesy to hear that this is it --- the time for Christ's 2nd coming is just a few years off --- we'll be transformed into new heavenly bodies and taken up to live with the Lord in an instance, prior to all the chaos that will ensue here during seven years of tribulation with the Anti-Christ.

That we'll receive our crowns, which we then leave at Jesus' feet, become His bride and attend the wedding feast, then come down with Him as His Warriors, when he sets His feet on the Mount of Olives, and help Him fight and win the Battle of Armageddon. I mean, do you see how crazy this can sound to the unbeliever and even the new believer and those who don't keep up with international news like we do?

We are WEIRDOS to them.


1angel4u, RaptureReady 33 Comments [8/2/2008 8:29:01 PM]
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Quote# 60949

...I don't "SMACK" my kids... I spanked them. I used a belt, or a paddle. You use terms like "abuse"... "smack" ... to make it sound like abuse when it is and was not. I didn't just hit my kids or whale on them at a whim... We talked to them, we explained to them why we believed what we believed, our responsibility to God as their parent, how serious we took that role and then we spanked them for deliberate disobedience...

Why DO YOU try to make those who consider spanking... "NOT SMACKING" or "BEATING" or Abusing suitable for training a child in the way he should go.... appear as abusers? Is it to excuse your lazy attitude towards your own responsibility in raising your own children? Don't accuse me of smacking my child again... or abuse.


PS.... I would use a switch also if I did not have a belt or a paddle, I'm not hurting my hand trying to spank the bottom of a disobedient child by hitting his jeans...

kensington, Grace Centered Christian Forums 62 Comments [3/27/2009 7:09:18 PM]
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Quote# 64441

[On Iranians]

Every since I was in the eighth grade and the Iranians held the people hostage during Carter's Administration, I have seen nothing of them on news stories except "Death to Americans", "America is the great Satan", "Israel will be wiped of the map" etc. These muslims extremists cannot be converted so they will always have a vengeful attitude towards America today, tomorrow, the day after that and the day after that. When Christian Missionaries try and spread the gospels to these people they wind up getting beheaded. They will never have any Positive influence in our society at all. If a military action is forth coming, It might be a blessing to try and exterminate this pestilence once and for all. I am not a war monger, just think the situation has gone on long enough and if not dealt with fast and effectively will only progress into something much worse. If you don't believe me ask Charlie Daniels. He will tell you the same thing.

john boland, Rapture Ready 58 Comments [7/31/2009 3:33:06 PM]
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Submitted By: DevilsChaplain
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Quote# 119317

All of yall are ignorant, sorry but look up Martial Law declared by Obama start your research from there, you'll realize the game makes more sense knowing these facts. Obama just signed a bill declaring Martial law, all the conspiracies you hear about the government are are coming true and they were all along ..

Here's an idea. Get a real fucking job you art degree toting useless cunt. So sick of you talentless hacks injecting "MAH POLITIKS" in every fucking thing under the sun.

Next week "Sunlight causes Patriarchy". If your entire job can be done by a Sokal generator, find a new career.

The worst part, you don't even have any facts, just pseudo-intellectual deepties and the ramblings of someone one who came out of college stupider than they went in.

Wtf us wrong with this guy? You think people like me are racist white guys who have an "insurrection theory" of government tyranny!? Give me a break!!!! AND yes we are under threat from Government tyranny and foreign nations! You sir are a very very....nevermind.

Jared Gonzalez, killscreen 16 Comments [5/29/2016 7:17:39 AM]
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Quote# 4393

the first cell in the big bang theory is flawed. It would have to be a complicated cell because it would have to produce its own food since it would have nothing to feed off of... How would it ever live?

oddchild, Christian Forums 11 Comments [9/1/2003 12:00:00 AM]
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Quote# 110112

I believe that having openly gay people in the military is not good. I think that having openly gay people in the military is detrimental because it brings a sexual tension and an interpersonal tension into the combat unit scenario that is an unnecessary distraction. It very easily causes tension between members of the unit because it is a very unnatural lifestyle. Plus it is hard to get past all the stereo types that accompany the lifestyle such thinking gay guys are feminine or that they are more likely child molesters. Those two stereotypes alone very easily lead to tension.

TasticBran, debate.org 29 Comments [6/27/2015 5:23:19 AM]
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Quote# 108679

The first Left Behind series led me to Christ actually. Grew up Catholic without knowing God wanted to have a personal relationship with me. Only had head knowledge not heart knowledge.

Read the explanation of salvation and that God wanted me and from there on in it was Holy Spirit indwelt and tears for the rest of the night.

Woke up the next day as a new creation who had a personal relationship with his Creator.

I know God has a sense of humor.

agentx216, Reddit, /r/TrueChristian 20 Comments [5/17/2015 7:14:50 AM]
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Submitted By: Meeeh
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Quote# 89682

We stood strong (aside from Jimmy Carter) with Israel for 70 years. We had a COVENANT with them that Obama Hussein CONFIRMED WITH MANY when he was elected and inaugurated as POTUS. Just a few months ago, after 3.5 years, Obama Hussein broke that COVENANT.

Obama Hussein does not stand with the Father and the Son. Obama Hussein stands with the 'great' (his words) Islam. He stands with THEM; he stands with their FALSE PROPHET; and he stands with their god ALLAH.

Jerusalem is the center of the world, the capital of Israel, and the center of chaos that was begun by the 9/11 attacks on our Consulate in Libya.

Until Obama Hussein, we stood beside her. Now, she stands with only God as her Protector. As a nation, that which elected a man named "Hussein," we have foresaken her.

Yet, everyone seems so surprised...

Ronald B. Stetton, World Net Daily 61 Comments [9/21/2012 3:15:40 AM]
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Quote# 97102

Hold on there, cowboy. The fact that religion is widespread across time and cultures shows that it meets the evidential standard determined by convention or community. This definition goes against your position.

John V, Atheist Forums 39 Comments [10/18/2013 3:09:23 AM]
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Submitted By: Doubting Thomas
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Quote# 120999

[I believe sexual agency means you are allowed to not sleep with whomever you want for whatever reason.]

Sexual agency means people are allowed to not sleep with people for bigoted reasons. It does not mean those reasons are not bigoted.

When people say they will not date members of (insert marginalized group), it is usually a red flag that the person is likely bigoted against that group.

[It does mean that you question someone's decision to not sleep with certain people, just because they belong to a marginalized group. I think doing so and preaching sexual agency at the same time hurts both causes. If someone is bigotted, then surely you will find another reason to call them out for. And if this is the only instance that could be interpreted as them being bigotted, and/or they have other reasons for it (e.g. if they were raped by a member of that marginalized group), then discounting them as "bigotted" seems like an awfully bad idea.]

That is like saying that believing in free speech and criticizing bigoted speech hurts both causes. That is bullshit.

Sexual preference is arbitrarily treated as sacred, and as such is often one of the only places where otherwise people who like to think of themselves as progressive are able to openly express bigotry. No one should have to wait until a less acceptable form of bigotry is expressed before they write off a toxic person for what they are.

And avoiding a marginalized group because one member committed a traumatizing crime is pretty much an embodiment of the definition of prejudice. If that is the case, it should be acknowledged as a problem and worked on.

shaedofblue, Reddit - r/SRSDiscussion 35 Comments [8/8/2016 3:25:11 AM]
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Quote# 2626

Just because people are praying in the room doesn't mean that the government is forcing Christianity on anyone. If those same individuals do not want Satan in the room with them, they should have that right. Common sense should prevail, but alas there is no common sense left.

Jesus Groupie, Rapture Ready 7 Comments [8/11/2005 12:00:00 AM]
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Quote# 97448

[Please present evidence that God was the cause.]

The cause is the evidence.

God is the cause. The cause is God. Therefore the cause is the evidence of God.

Joe is the plumber. The plumber is Joe. Therefore the plumber is the evidence of Joe.

Find the plumber and you will find Joe.

Doveaman, Christianforums 63 Comments [11/2/2013 7:41:21 AM]
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Quote# 116488

“I’d honestly love if the manosphere would actually focus on helping men in relationships and self-improvement.”

I had this comment offered in a recent thread. It’s a common gripe from women who believe they’re in some way Red Pill and want to divert their new acceptance of Red Pill truths to serve the same tired ends of the Feminine Imperative. The operative, of course, is always whose definition do we base the measure of ‘improvement’ on? For most women the term ‘improvement’ always aligns with whatever best serves a female sexual strategy – because from a feminine-solipsistic perspective whatever serve women should necessarily serve men.

As with most uneducated women’s concerns I’d already addressed this long ago in The Bitter Taste of the Red Pill

Rollo Tomassi, The Rational Male 18 Comments [2/2/2016 3:41:34 AM]
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Submitted By: Xadoy
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Quote# 36482

Fundamentalism gets a bad rap and is often associated with hate and bigotry, but I think fundamentalism can be a good thing. Real Christian fundamentalism would look like this:

1. Belief that the Christian is a superior form of life. In fact, the greatest possible form of contingent life in the universe.

Edward Gordon, Christian Crosstalk 60 Comments [3/20/2008 1:57:14 AM]
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