Quote# 109172

The trouble is "National Socialism" destroyed the German people, never again should aristocratic cabals be allowed to direct the actions of a country. Most of the German aristocratic elite were involved in the occult and were homosexual. That does not fill me with pride of country.

Ceawlin, Anglo-Saxon Foundation 11 Comments [6/2/2015 3:18:18 AM]
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Quote# 109796

Not only do the Scriptures teach that homosexuality is Sin and that identical genders cannot Marry one another, if a person will ask God, He will confirm it.

False religion is simply a textual religion. Christianity isn't a mere religion. Christianity is centered on a risen Savior who is seated at the Right Hand of the Father, while the Holy Spirit is on the earth saving and changing those who will and have received the Truth. Christianity is Reality. God is not just an idea. Those who know God also hear His voice.

Follow Jesus, find Truth.

FoJC_Forever, Christian News Network 19 Comments [6/19/2015 5:52:19 PM]
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Quote# 118964

(About a meme mocking the DPRK)

“Hahahahaha,” the Enlightened Western Leftist laughed to themselves. “Look at this Funny Internet Meme making fun of a small independent country’s resistance to the brutal war machine which slaughtered millions of its people! If only those Backwards Easterners weren’t so stupid, maybe they’d realize that only The Western Left knows what’s best for them!”

Arbetarmakt, Tumblr 13 Comments [5/15/2016 5:05:54 PM]
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Submitted By: Ivurm
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Quote# 5865

Oh man...that cosmology site is the biggest bunch of unsubstanciated wish projection I've ever seen. Grandiose speculation of Orwellian proportions. ahh, I love big words!

hayden, POD Warrior Forum 3 Comments [1/1/2004 12:00:00 AM]
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Quote# 62728

The reason we went to war against Iraq is because THEY fought US! You're right, though, religion is bad. I'm against religion. That's why I'm a Christian.

directorsden, YouTube 56 Comments [5/30/2009 1:36:37 AM]
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Quote# 113562

We're weeding out our geniuses. We're killing off our prophets. We're drugging our messiahs.

Were she alive today, Sylvia Plath would be on anti-depressants. Salvador Dali would be on anti-psychotics. Beethoven would be on Lithium. Newton would likely be committed as well as heavily drugged for his multiple, pervasive mental illness symptoms.

Don't even get me started on Jesus Christ.

Heroin addiction is as much a symptom of spiritual malaise as it is a cure.


If you're thinking that medications would have decreased these people's suffering while allowing their gifts and talents to be explored, I'd suggest reading Ken's book for a sobering look at the effects of Lithium. Then, go on Google and look up some common mental illness medications, their symptoms, and their side effects.

Perhaps the drugs would have prevented some suicides, though even that is questionable (as you'll find on your search - many medications have been linked to suicide). But suppose they had. Then we'd have artificially extended their lifespans allowing them to fade into obscurity, known by few, admired by fewer.

Vironika Tugaleva, High Existence 23 Comments [10/13/2015 1:46:10 PM]
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Quote# 59156

[If A=evolution isn't proven, then how does that lead to B=God did it ?
Please cite using objective evidence, preferably peer-reviewed studies.]

The only peer-reviewed study I need is the WORD of GOD. It has never and will never be found wrong. So A= GOD did it, then that leads to B=evolution cannot be proven.

Ogie237, RR 58 Comments [2/19/2009 8:05:40 PM]
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Quote# 111812

the only real practical action white people is to stay away from black people.They will be happier an we will be safer-a win/win. We are putting way too much effort in trying to get along-and it is wasted effort from all evidence available. Instead of butting heads lets all back away from each other and live our lives separately.
bama is trying to put black people with white people precisely to keep people from calming down and living decent lives.

omni, WND 16 Comments [8/15/2015 10:24:39 AM]
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Quote# 36731

The Neanderthal Man was constructed from a skeleton found in France; later research found it to be one of an old man that had arthritis.

Truth-4-Teens, Truth-4-Teens 65 Comments [3/26/2008 4:23:40 PM]
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Quote# 3558

Likewise, the god of this world, satan and his minions, speak to you, but you mistake those voices for your own thoughts.

dmac5, Theology Forums 7 Comments [8/1/2003 12:00:00 AM]
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Quote# 47693

And for the record, Obama is pro-infanticide. He advocates allowing a baby who survives an abortion to be left in a closet to die with no medical intervention.

BrideOfChrist, Rapture Ready 66 Comments [9/21/2008 4:28:48 AM]
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Submitted By: fritistat
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Quote# 857

[In a debate]

Just as I expected. More smoke and mirrors because that's all you athiests can do when someone has you up a tree with no way down and your bare butt showing.
I will give you credit for trying, but it doesn't work with me pal. You lose.

Sonny Burnett, FaithForum.org 9 Comments [10/1/2002 12:00:00 AM]
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Quote# 3280

I heard it on a radio talk show where the caller who brought it up was a rabid anti-abortionist.

yguy, Internet Infidels 4 Comments [6/1/2003 12:00:00 AM]
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Quote# 96098

[OP wants to go to study medicine, but is worried about having to learn about evolution]

Don't worry, if you get hit up with an exam question or assignment that requires you to demonstrate evolution, then give 'em the evolution of the lowly caterpillar into a beautiful butterfly.

All within a matter of days mind you.

$teve, RaptureReady 43 Comments [8/22/2013 3:27:37 AM]
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Quote# 82724

A clause hidden in the Obamacare bill, which is now law, gives Obama the right to form a private army.

Why isn't anyone freaking out?

Hitler did this.

Hitler, like Obama, was a "socialist" who came from a dysfunctional family, had a communist father who abused alcohol, womanized and sired several children from different mothers, had a white mother, suffered child abuse and neglect, moved often, lied about his birth and heritage, changed his name, was a narcissist, rose to power with the help of disreputable men, had the Rothschilds as financial backers, stirred up racial conflict and class warfare, wrote a biography about race at age 35, followed up with another book used to launch a political career, supported infanticide (partial-birth abortion), gave big speeches in stadiums, promised change and a new social order, had youth groups singing his praises, used propaganda, used voter fraud and intimidation, controlled the media, created "crises," used a poor economy, hated Jews (Israel), pretended to be "Christian," advocated population control and euthanasia, socialized medicine, formed a private army and then … killed his political opposition with his private army.

Well, I am Obama's political opposition. That's why I am concerned.

Victoria Jackson, WorldNetDaily 102 Comments [7/22/2011 5:59:28 AM]
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Quote# 92850

Atheists and so-called "non-religious" people residing in christian countries are always very vocal and very keen to destroy the foundations of that society, I have noticed.

Despite the liberties granted to them magnanimously by Christian society, they nevertheless refuse to reciprocate this kindness and instead seek laws and conventions designed to limit the rights of believers to practice their faith freely.

Atheism produces nothing but demands everything, a comparatively TINY minority of Atheists think it right that a majority christian nation conforms entirely to an Atheistic way of doing things, all the while refusing to acknowledge that all of the freedoms they enjoy and abuse stem from the faith they hate so much.

An Atheistic society is an authoritarian horror and a police state, and yet this is what the Atheist movement would have us emulate. This MUST NOT be allowed to happen.

Atheism Exposed, FSTDT forums 53 Comments [3/27/2013 5:33:54 AM]
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Quote# 91464

I asked a guy why he skipped "under God" in the Pledge of allegience and he said he didnt believe in god so I punch him right in the face. Suspended for a week but worth it lol. love jesus

[next post]

cant belive they suspend you thats what obama has turned this country into tho. keep your faith

Grant and Zak, Failblog 74 Comments [12/17/2012 4:37:59 AM]
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Submitted By: TB Tabby
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Quote# 128586

Lady Checkmate's headline: "Sodom & Gomorrah was NOT about hospitality, it was about homosexuality"

Many alt-left homosexuals are spreading the lie that God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah because the homosexual males were not hospitable to the visiting men/angels. That is a bold face lie and those who spread that lie do so intentionally to deceive and mislead those who do not know God's Truth for themselves. Please seek Jesus Christ, repent of your sins, pray for godly wisdom and understanding, study the Holy Bible and read the biblical account for yourself. Do not trade the truth for a lie.

God's word is like a two-edged sword separating soul from spirit and bone from marrow. It is the ONLY truth. Amen.

(Omitted: Jack Chick tract "The Gay Blade" reproduced in its entirety)

Lady Checkmate, Disqus - Faith & Religion 17 Comments [6/27/2017 9:54:49 PM]
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Submitted By: Jocasta
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Quote# 106174

I read Joshua Alcorn's post and am as devastated by his suicide as you are. It is a horrific tragedy. I cannot imagine the pain that he must have gone through which led to his Gender Identity Disorder and then to his suicide. This young man needed unconditional love - not to have his genitals surgically mutilated at the age of 16. There was nothing wrong with him or his male body. It is a tragedy that the "transgender" propaganda convinced him that the only way he could be happy would be change who he is.

I do not know what kind of church his family went to or what kind of counselor they talked to. I do know that IF he had gone for real Reparative Therapy it would have helped him to heal and accept himself as a man. I have three friends in Joel 2:25 who are Ex-"Transgendered." They would also encourage anyone in Joshua's position to seek out healing. I do not know what other emotional wounds he had though so I do not know whether that would have prevented this suicide. This kind of tragedy goes much deeper than politics.

Jeremy Schwab, My Journey 17 Comments [2/5/2015 3:45:49 AM]
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Quote# 19647

[Emphasis added...]

Have you ever wondered why you aren't as immoral as you could be? Theres only one reason why. The grace of God has hindered you. If God were to pull back from you...no..let's make you feel better about this...if God were to pull back from me COMPLETELY, I'd be the most hideous, grotesque monster you have ever seen and I would make Hitler look like a saint. <u>God even restrained Hitler did you know that?</u> He loved his mother. If God were to pull away from him completely he would have been much worse.

asianangel, Christian Forums 54 Comments [1/19/2007 12:00:00 AM]
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