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Why aren't races classified biologically by subspecies?

I mean, blacks have very dissimilar appearences to whites and Asians or Indians.
You can denote several different physical features in different races other than skin color.

Blacks have dark skin, flat noses, big dicks etc.
Asians have tiny penises, light skin, slanted eyes, you get the picture.

I don't believe it's all cultural, there has to be some genetics involved.

sexypony, newgrounds forum 15 Comments [6/27/2008 12:56:13 PM]
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Quote# 98207

I notice SOWs do not limit their disgusting mentality between themselves and their great handsome white man/woman but infect their family from the mutt that gets excreted who in turn then perpetuates this dynamic by fuking asian if its male or fuking white of its female but also the extended family of the SOW who in turn have to then accept mixed families. Mixed families are usually SOW female and white male but even if its a white female and golden male, the mindset that he has "ACHIEVED" by getting a white woman is no less different to SOW females and often is white washed and his offspring certainly are not going to reject half breeds which are by far going to be SOW female excreted mutts and thereby reinforce this dynamic.

So you wind up getting whole hive colonies of these mutt networks that the SOW weaves from her suky suky behaviour.

Rooting out SOWs will not only take scorning their individual behaviour but we have to put napalm and a flame thrower to their spawned hives of a network they have weaved. This means our entire culture and society must heap scorn on their behaviour as a community to not only them but to their entire extended family and unless their family gets with the program and rejects the SOW they will also be scorned. You cant surgically snipe them individually in terms of social scorn, you have to Napalm that shit with a blanket scorn from our whole commmunity against their entire family tree because that tree will eventually twist into a SOW perpetuator/collaborator/sympathiser. Scorning that shit has to become part of our identity as asians. Kind of like how the black identity is anti white by default.

These mutt hive colonies are even impudent as to judge others or take use asian culture to scorn others in that culture. I mean you have this utter TOOLs and assburgers on other asian forums who basically reject anti SOW views becausse they have SOWs in their family and they support the multi-culturalisation of Korea or supprt white men with asian girls as a result. You know in such context you have to put a flame thrower to that entire network. Its all corrupted. I even read on a forum, some half breed mutts family tell their kid in Korea to avoid some Korean single mother and her kid because in Korean society single mothers are like lowly and untouchable kind of. I mean, this halfies family where the SOW married an american G.I (LOLOL) and this family, had the gall to tell the halfy that some single mother was too low for them to associate with. LOLOLOLOL! YOu know, you just have to torch that entire family tree when it comes to SOWs.

DarkAngelsFirstCom, Model Minority 7 Comments [12/13/2013 4:02:58 AM]
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The narrative also likes to pretend that slavery didn’t exist anywhere else. Ever. In human history. Didn’t happen ‘ever’ in the ‘enlightened eras of Greece, or Rome or Egypt’, that the Amerinds never practiced it, that the Africans didn’t practice it, the Chinese didn’t, nor the Indians, or the Japanese, or Vikings, or Celts, or ANY OTHER CULTURE and YOU LIE!!111 about Arabs/Muslims practicing it now. (But of course, the Jews practiced it and yes, Christians did and that’s why they’re evilbadmustbedestroyed.)

And ‘happiness in slavery’? BUT THAT CANNOT BE!!! (Never mind that there were people who did not mind their status of slave, because in those eras, it was possible for a slave to be a trusted servant, or an influencing teacher to the master’s children, and indeed would come to love the family they belonged to. They ‘don’t exist and you’re a bigot if you cite facts!’)

Okay, stopping there. This trying to think like a social justice zombie is making my head hurt and it’s likely to become very hot over here today.

Shadowdancer Duskstar / Cutelildrow, According to Hoyt 5 Comments [3/30/2018 9:46:39 AM]
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I admit I created an image of Barrack Hussein Obama in my home the other day. Then I flushed.

EZLucas, Rapture Ready 22 Comments [2/3/2009 2:47:55 PM]
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Post birth abortions, every leftist supports them, their parents should all perform them.

None of the sick degenerate race mixers have the right to bring a mixed race child into this world! It is not fair to the child, it is not fair to anyone.

14_words_of_truth, Stormfront 3 Comments [1/26/2018 1:18:23 AM]
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Quote# 131735

How strange that Hitler has been proven right time and time again. Let’s look at 2008.

Oh you remember the “bank” bailouts folks right? Yeah. If you look up those banks, then you will see they were all owned and operated by Juden.

If I recall, Hitler spoke about this and went to war over it. He lost. And now, who just ripped off your Grandpa, your Mom, and other family?……..the Juden bankers.

They ruined the price of your house. They stole $$$ from you. They fooled you all along. Hitler knew of this before many. He tried to stop them. He lost, and those that thought they won — were brainwashed.

Even to this very day, they are either too stupid, too brainwashed, or too lost down the rabbit hole to ever figure that connection out. It was Hitler that was the hope — now it’s over.

Your Juden bankers reign over you the goyim.

They steal from you, all while you still demonize Hitler and think he’s the bad guy. It’s game, set, match on all you fools who thought you won.

Frank Pentangeli, Real Jew News 3 Comments [9/17/2017 2:07:34 PM]
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Quote# 23644

I hate racist, proud niggers with a passion, Fuck you al sharpton!!!

brittany _2008, Gaia 7 Comments [4/14/2007 12:00:00 AM]
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Quote# 134360

Wow. It's been several years since I've posted here. Time flies far too quickly.

I was once a member of the black diversity cult. White guilt caused my well-meaning mother to fill us with pro-nigger prejudice. Over the years, constantly being terrorized, disappointed, annoyed, and victimized by blacks took all that imposed good will and whittled it away until there was nothing left. I was prejudiced to accept blacks, then cruel reality forced me to abandon that position in a painstakingly-reasoned process fully based on experience and facts, not prejudice. In fact, I DETEST prejudice with every ounce of my being.

From the 7th to 10th grades, I played football. I lived in one of the nicest big city neighborhoods in the nation, but my junior high and high schools served both my area and a big chunk of the wrong side of the tracks. I was the only person in my neighborhood that had black friends - mostly my teammates. The first time I had a bunch of them over for pool party and cookout, they stole almost everything they could get their hands on (we were still noticing things missing a year later), made a thousand times more noise than necessary, acted like animals, and KEPT COMING BACK unannounced and uninvited, sometimes with their families in tow!!! They even stole Mom's Oil of Olay! I mean, WTH? We'd had guests from our neighborhood innumerable times and they were always well-mannered and certainly never stole anything.

Mom made a hundred excuses for them, telling me stories about how the slave ships would open up and dump them into the sea when the authorities showed up. How that had anything to do with those beasts in 1982 tearing up our patio furniture and acting stunningly entitled and rude while we served them the best food they've ever eaten was beyond me, though. One thing I'll never forget - they freaked out like motherfuckers on Stouffer's Mac and Cheese to the point of physically fighting over the residue in the pan.

The resulting unpleasantness messed up our team chemistry, and fortunately (LOL) I was horribly injured a short time later and was unable to play ball anymore. That led to new, much better associations (long-haired heavy metal stoner freaks, mostly) who always treated our property with respect and turned out to be great friends I still see today. Instead of being an asshole jock forced to consort (and shower!) with niggers, I instead went on a Motley Crue-style party rampage that lasted thru college with zero serious problems. Thank goodness I got hurt.

Archie Bunker, Niggermania 0 Comments [11/20/2017 4:12:48 AM]
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Watching hockey on NBC. Three commercials so far with interracial couples. That's three in less than two hours.

Many of you might not find this shocking, but for someone like me who only tunes in about once a year, it's pretty disturbing.

I don't know why companies and advertisers are pushing this so hard. I don't know what they have to gain or even what kind of strange social engineering they hope to accomplish.

I do know when you take one part of the population with an average IQ of 100 and another part of the population with an average IQ of 85 and coerce them into mixing, the net effect is an average IQ lower than 100. And a population with a lower IQ is easier to control. This combined with all the garbage in the food will continue our downward spiral into sheep-itude. But come on. Advertisers can't be that patient, can they? Chipping away at the fabric of society for years and years to bring us down a few notches on the IQ scale for later?

There must be more to it. It can't all be about IQ.

Anonymous Coward, Godlike Productions 3 Comments [5/16/2017 2:01:38 PM]
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Quote# 134875

An influential Russian Bishop has prompted investigators to consider whether “ritual killing” was behind the death of the Tsar.

Bishop Tikhon, who is rumoured to be a personal spiritual advisor to Vladimir Putin, told a conference that was attended by top Russian intelligence agents that they should investigate whether the Tsar’s death was a “ritual killing”, a claim that clearly mirrors medieval blood libel. Hardliners in the Russian Orthodox Church have long claimed that the Tsar’s death was a “Jewish” ritual murder. Father Chaplin, formerly a spokesman for the Russian Orthodox Church, once commented that “many people in today’s church believe the tsar was killed by Jews”.

Tikhon’s comments to the attendees at the conference made no explicit reference to the “ritual killing” being carried out by Jews, but Jewish groups have criticised him for reinvigorating a long-standing piece of antisemitic rhetoric, and lending credence to those who genuinely advocate the idea that Jews killed Nicholas II. Alexander Boroda, head of the Federation of Jewish Communities in Russia, said that the “accusation against Jews of involvement in ritual murders is one of the most ancient forms of antisemitic slander”. Accusations of Jews carrying out ritual murder have been used to incite violence against Jews, particularly in medieval Europe, and are known as “blood libel”.

The investigation into the deaths of Nicholas II and his family was reopened after pressure from the Church, who considers him a saint, in 2015.

Bishop Tikhon, Everyday Antisemitism 1 Comments [12/5/2017 2:09:32 PM]
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Quote# 23434

(In a topic asking why white women marry outside of their race)

I think i have a idea why white women would like non-white men. It probley comes down to them feeling better about them selfs and having more contol. How easy would it be to feel good about your self when your always with some one that is less then your self (being non-white). If they were with a white partner they would be more equal and have more expected from them.

Well it is sort of the same for my friends brother who has a non-white girl friend. I asked him why and he said because she is easy to control and doesnt expect as much of him as any of his EX white girl friends.

majinsoftware, Resistance Records 5 Comments [4/11/2007 12:00:00 AM]
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Quote# 133501

Michael Chikindas, a Microbiology Professor at Rutgers University, has made a myriad of shamelessly antisemitic claims in a series of Facebook posts. Chikindas peddled several antisemitic conspiracy theories, referencing “international fat Jewish pockets” and blaming Jews for everything from 9/11 to cancer.

He described “orthodox judaism” and Zionism as “the best of two forms of racism”, calling Judaism the “most racist religion in the world. Disgracefully, he claimed that the Armenian Genocide, a Genocide so awful that many scholars compare it to the Holocaust, was “orchestrated by the Turkish Jews who pretended to be the Turks”.

He also said that Israel was aiming at the “extermination” of the Palestinians, bizarrely attributing its failure to do so to Israel’s thriving LGBT+ population, saying that it is “because of the number of the Jews of ‘alternative’ sexual orientation (25% of the Tel Aviv inhabitants are gay/lesbians and Israel has more of these than the Netherlands)”. Chikindas, apparently fixated on LGBT+ Jews, had previously posted that “Israel, the country of the Jews and for the Jews, has one of the highest percentage of gays in the world”.

Chikindas also shared a series of antisemitic conspiracy theories on his profile. One used the “happy merchant”, an antisemitic caricature of a Jew which is commonly used online by antisemites, and blames Jews for everything from “Hollywood” to the “cancer industry”. Another showed a caricature of a Jew being carried by America whilst saying “I am God’s chosen people, you filthy goyim”.

Sharing an article about a “global elite”, he wrote “These jewish motherf*****s do not control me. They can go and f**k each other in their fat a***s — you see, I really do not have anything to loose (sic), hence nothing to be controlled”. Despite his Facebook profile providing a dozens of examples of blatant antisemitism, when interviewed by the Algemeiner, Chikindas predictably denied being antisemitic, claiming to have previously been married to a Jewish woman. Attempting to justify his claims of Jewish racism, he pointed to the Talmud. Antisemites frequently cite fabricated, mistranslated or otherwise misleadingly presented passages from the Talmud to attempt to portray Jews as inherently elitist to support Antisemitic conspiracy theories.

When pressed for comment, Rutgers University’s Neal Buccino stated that “Professor Michael Chikindas’ comments and posts on social media are antithetical to our university’s principles and values of respect for people of all backgrounds, including, among other groups, our large and vibrant Jewish community. Such comments do not represent the position of the University”, and whilst the University respects free speech, it aims for an “an environment free from discrimination, as articulated in our policy prohibiting discrimination”.

With respect to Chikindas’ future at the University, Buccino added “the university is reviewing this matter to determine if actions taken in the context of his role as a faculty member at Rutgers may have violated that policy”. We will be watching the progression of this investigation with keen interest. Any outcome that does not remove Chikandas from contact with students would be to allow an antisemite a respected position from which he could influence students with his virulent antisemitic views.

Michael Chikindas, Everyday Antisemitism 2 Comments [10/28/2017 1:31:00 AM]
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Quote# 22580

If you guys want a laugh, this was the first thing I heard this morning.

Me calling to Allyson from the other room "Come here you little booger"

Allyson runs in my room with the most disturbed face and blurts out at me "Mommy don't call me a nigger I took a bath last night"

Trying not laugh I told her I called her a booger and would never call her a nigger, but then i asked her what taking a bath had anything do with it, and she said because mommy you always say "dirty niggers".

I laughed so hard I almost fell out of bed!

Michelle, Tight Rope 20 Comments [3/27/2007 12:00:00 AM]
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Quote# 118687

Ken Livingstone was today suspended from Labour in disgrace after plunging the party into a new anti-Semitism storm.

The former London Mayor sparked fury by claiming that Adolf Hitler was “supporting Zionism” before he “went mad and ended up killing six million Jews”.

During a surreal few hours in Westminster, Jeremy Corbyn's close ally also spoke of a “well-orchestrated campaign” by “the Israel lobby” in comments that immediately provoked a wave of criticism.

A Labour spokesman said: “Ken Livingstone has been suspended by the Labour Party, pending an investigation, for bringing the Party into disrepute.”

He was later confronted by furious Labour MP John Mann, who branded him a Nazi apologist and accused him of "rewriting history".

A Labour spokesman said Mr Mann, MP for Bassetlaw, has now been summoned to Chief Whip Rosie Winterton to explain his actions.

Mr Livingstone's suspension came after Labour's current mayoral candidate, Sadiq Khan, led calls for him to be kicked out of the party.

Ken Livingstone, Evening Standard 8 Comments [5/3/2016 3:32:53 AM]
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Quote# 122468

A group of Black Lives Matter activists who showed up to check on the family of a black man who was shot and killed by a Chicago police officer were threatened by a white mob and told “n****rs go home,” reports DNAInfo.

According to police, Joshua Beal, 25, was shot and killed by a police officer Saturday afternoon after getting into a road rage incident with an off-duty firefighter while Beal was participating in a funeral procession.

Police state that Beal was shot to death after failing to drop a gun when confronted by the police officer, but refused to say whether the man fired his weapon.

Saturday evening, a group of Black Lives Matters activists attempted to visit the site of the shooting to check on Beal’s family only to run into a mob holding a “Blue Lives Matter” flag and telling them to go away.

According to BLM activist Kofi Ademola, his group didn’t come to the area to protest, but to speak with Beal’s family

“There was no protest,” Ademola said. “We were there to check on the family to make sure they were safe. Next thing we knew, we were surrounded by a bunch of angry white people. Nobody said anything to them.”

In a video posted on Facebook, a man can be heard telling them, if they don’t support police, “you’re a criminal,” while another man told them to get out of his neighborhood.

“A young white guy [walked] up with a baseball bat,” Ademola said. “The police took the baseball bat from him. White people are driving by and yelling at us ‘n****rs go home!’ Get the f— out of here! Blue Lives Matter.’ More of them got out of the car and chanted ‘CPD! Blue Lives Matter.'”

According to Ademola, police kept the groups separated from each other on opposite sides of the street.

Police authorities have not released the name of the officer and are currently investigating the shouting.

Blue Lives Matter protestors, Raw Story 18 Comments [11/12/2016 1:41:57 PM]
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Quote# 90071

The Jew-loving terrorist group “Hindus United For Israel” recently declared a ‘kosher fatwa’ against the website JewishProblem.com for its accurate and concise analysis on problems that Jews create in the world


The comrade who runs that website has assured me that he is not deterred by these pathetic threats and has stated that he suspects this group is most likely run by “a Bombay-based Jew pretending to be an Indian Jew-lover.” That is certainly a strong possibility, but even if it is run by curry-stinking Hindu Zionists it just goes to show that Jews have recruited and inducted the degenerate dregs of every racial, ethnic and religious group into the service of the Jew World Order, shaping them into the ‘foot-soldiers of Zion.’

ZionCrimeFactory, ZionCrimeFactory 15 Comments [10/14/2012 3:26:00 AM]
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Quote# 120103

Durban – A KwaZulu-Natal based radio presenter said she was reeling after interviewing Sodwana Bay Guest House owner, Andre Slade on Thursday afternoon.

“I knew that there was hatred but I did not know that someone could hate you so deeply because of the colour of your skin. It’s shocking,” said Vuma FM presenter Jacinta Ngobese, 28 - who is herself black - of her interview with Slade during her lunch time radio show, The Brunch.

Slade was interviewed during the show, which aired between 09:00 and 12:00 on Thursday.

Slade made headlines on Thursday after an e-mail he sent to a would-be visitor to Sodwana Bay Guest House in northern KwaZulu-Natal, went viral. The e-mail read, “Hi. We do not accommodate blacks or government officials any longer.”

The e-mail was reportedly signed Enki Andre M Slade, with the postscript Proverbs 29:2, which read: “When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice: but when the wicked beareth rule, the people mourn”.

In the 19-minute radio interview, Ngobese called the guesthouse and asked to speak to Slade. The woman who answered asked her if she was from the media.

Ngobese said no.

When Slade answered the phone he realised that he was speaking to the media.

Ngobese asked Slade if she could book accommodation for next week and Slade responded by saying, “No you won’t be able to because you are phoning about a statement I made last night and it is now world news.

“We have not had any phone calls for a long time and then in one day we have so many blacks phoning for accommodation.”

'You are not homosapien'

Slade then asked Ngobese if she was black and she asked him why did the colour of her skin matter.

He responded by saying he was asking because the guesthouse did not accommodate black people.

When she asked him what was wrong with black people he said, “Well, we have to restore what is happening in the world right now and the hierarchy of the world is wrong at this point in time.”

He said black people were servants and the Bible made it very clear.

When asked which Bible he was referring to, he said the King James Bible.

Slade told Ngobese that his Bible said he could not mix with another race.

“We do not have the same blood, skin, hair and there is about 300 differences between you and me,” he said.

Slade said he had melanin because he was royal and Ngobese was short of it because she was an animal.

“You are classified in the Bible as an animal, you are not homosapien.”

Slade said if Ngobese was intelligent, she should go and read the book [Bible].

“Most of the times that we get blacks walking through these doors, they bring prostitutes here and they fuck all night in their rooms and make me feel uncomfortable.

“They bring booze here and sit and get drunk and break things…And when my maid has left, they come to me and demand things. They ask me to clean their bedrooms…”

He said white people did not behave that way.

“I have never had this problem with white people,” said Slade.

He said black people were “not people”.


The presenter then offered Slade an opportunity to spend a week with her and other black people but he referred her to a woman called Katalina.

Ngobese said afterwards, “I was saddened by how much hatred he has for black people. I feel like he needs help. He is oblivious to reality and he is clearly naïve about black people.”

Ngobese said not all black people behaved the way Slade had described.

“I am traumatised by the interview. I would be interested, and hope others will join me, in teaching him about black people and what it feels like to be treated like nothing.

“Maybe then he will understand that he is wrong,” she said.

KwaZulu-Natal Economic Development, Tourism and Environmental Affairs MEC Sihle Zikalala said he was investigating the matter.

Andre Slade, News24 3 Comments [6/27/2016 3:23:26 AM]
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Quote# 111981

Someone named “Teresa Israel” privately sent me a message on my Facebook profile. Here is what the message reads:

“You should spend your time learning TRUE facts instead of writing the trash you write about the Jewish people. Perhaps instead of sleeping so much you might study TRUE FACTS and learn something.
What an idiot you are!

My reply was:

“Okay Teresa, I did not notice your comment here. Here is a small suggestion. If you need to say something, do that on my website instead of sending me private message. If you really have something to say opposing my thoughts that I posted on my website, post your comments there or perhaps you can comment publicly on my timeline on the corresponding post. That would at least show your courage. This behavior of sending me a private message is not at all acceptable and shows off a really dark side of your moral values. To be more specific, you prefer sneaking up into people’s privacy. Build up some courage and comment publicly. That will be really appreciated. Of course you can have your own thoughts and you are always welcome to share that but take it to public. Sending me private messages won’t really help. If you want to prove something, do that publicly and let people decide.”

Funny! They don’t even have the courage to post publicly and instead prefer a backdoor entry in people’s privacy!

Sankalan Baidya, Facts Legend 2 Comments [8/18/2015 6:00:33 PM]
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Submitted By: The Reptilian Jew
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Quote# 35626

While promoting Obama as a "post-racial" figure, his campaign has purposefully polluted the contest with a new strain of what historically has been the most toxic poison in American politics. . . More than any other maneuver, this one has brought Clinton into disrepute with important portions of the Democratic Party. A review of what actually happened shows that the charges that the Clintons played the “race card” were not simply false; they were deliberately manufactured by the Obama camp and trumpeted by a credulous and/or compliant press corps in order to strip away her once formidable majority among black voters and to outrage affluent, college-educated white liberals as well as college students.

egalia, Tennessee Guerrilla Women 1 Comments [2/29/2008 2:22:55 AM]
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Submitted By: Dave
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Quote# 103653

Re: Women who try to tear other women down

I couldn't agree with your more!! Black woman are such savages and will always revert to their animalistic tendencies because they are able to deal actual human emotion and will always lash out with physical violence when they are threatened. Honestly, if someone has a problem with me I would rather talk it over in a civilized manner and get to the root of the issues. But you can't to that with blacks. They just lack the ability to perform regular human behavior and rationalization. It is best to steer clear of them as much as possible. And not to engage with them in any way if it is possible. You never know what they are going to do. I believe animals are more predictable than the negro woman. They get crazy over anything. It is scary.

Also if a black woman says you have no booty... GOOD!! Who in their right mind would want a grossly inflated body that looks like a bunch of sausage links! Not to mention their genetics are sooooo terrible that all black woman will inevitably become grotesquely over weight as they get older. I would rather have my scrawny white booty over that anyday!

DDZ, Stormfront.com 5 Comments [9/23/2014 3:28:36 AM]
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