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flighdog77, I never bought race into this but as usual your probably a black person and your so use to using your color to get things that you just can't help using the race card like you people always do

bob2763, ireport 13 Comments [11/27/2008 2:12:12 PM]
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Quote# 103855

Never has there been a population more resentful than blacks of being told “what’s good for them.” They already resent the “restrictions” on their EBT cards, and look for any way to cheat the system to get what they want.

Sometimes parents would claim to want something positive–for example, testing for their child so he could qualify for special resource classes–until they realized something was going to be required of them in return. In this case, a home visit by a social worker.

As a brand-new teacher, I was asked to submit names of students who needed special testing, and I obliged. I had no idea what was involved after I turned in those names, but I certainly wasn’t expecting the 300-pound mother waiting for me in the office one morning, yelling about “sending the motherf***ing government” to her house to “spy” on her.

I believe blacks have a different idea of “a balanced life.” “Learning,” “thinking,” “drawing,” “painting,” “singing,” and “working” are considered “white” activities and to be avoided. “Rapping” is not considered “singing.”

“Playing,” however, was a multiracial activity and therefore an acceptable pastime. So was “inappropriate sexual contact.” I discovered three five-year-olds–a boy and two girls–French kissing in the reading corner. When I caught them, the boy smiled and said, “Them my hoes.”

They seemed to live by the idea that “anything worth doing, is worth doing to excess,” so “playing” became their main preoccupation while at school.

However, they had a few other interests in their “balanced” life: fighting, cheating, lying, and stealing.

At this point, only politically incorrect solutions can save our country. Either way, I’ll be putting as much distance as I can between myself and the nearest black population, will start weaning myself from the grid, and have my ammo handy. When the EBT cards finally run out (and we know they will), they’ll come for my goofy liberal Emory friends first.

Nancy Jennings, American Renaissance 6 Comments [10/3/2014 3:26:30 AM]
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Quote# 24473

I hate fuckin' mexicans! The y take all the jobs and money. They always get what they want because if they don't, then they're screamin' "racist." If there are any mexicans reading this, KISS MY CAUCASIAN ASS!

deathsangel, uSuCK.CoM 4 Comments [4/30/2007 12:00:00 AM]
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Quote# 16892

( He is talking about " The Fürhers Face " a Donald Duck cartoon.)

This movie is a disgrace, everything in this is a joke. Hitler was no coward and this movie like so many others was made by some ignorant fool who knows nothing of what really took place in WWII. 1)The US never cared about the jews and no one in Europe cared either. 2)When the jews wrote their books they took what happened in the "Holocaust" and changed it into something much worse then it actually was; germany put the jews in camps, like what the USA did to the japanese, but they were never killed off, the ovens were actually just for jews who had already died, instead of burial.

StonerRivers, What The Heck? 32 Comments [11/9/2006 12:00:00 AM]
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Quote# 129749

It is obvious now that the Jews have total control of America.

Notice especially the decline in American popular culture, particularly in television and most movies as well. Television programs on all of the major networks is nothing but Jewish frivolity and degeneracy.

Long gone are the good and wholesome American television dramas and shows of decades past.

And the Jews are also once again trying to play the anti-Semitic card. They claim anti-Semitic crimes are “rising” across the USA:

Such crimes, if they are even true, are probably being instigated by the Jews themselves.

AJ, Real Jew News 1 Comments [7/26/2017 8:10:28 AM]
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Submitted By: Katie
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Quote# 55175

The Simulacrum Candidus (The White Emblem)

Symbolism of our Flag:

(1)The "W", of course, stands for our White Race, which we regard as the most precious treasure on the face of the earth.

(2)The Crown signifies our Aristocratic position in Nature's scheme of things, indicating that we are the Elite.

(3)The Halo indicates that we regard our Race as being unique and sacred above all other values.

(4)The blood-red color of our flag symbolizes our struggle for the survival, expansion and advancement of the White Race.

(5)The triangle of pure white color at one end of the flag symbolizes the emergence of a Whiter and Brighter World out of our struggle.

(6)The center of the flag is adorned with the Creator logo, which symbolizes our unique White Racial Religion - CREATIVITY: the Beacon of Hope and Salvation for the White People.

We Creators say: to hell with the J.O.G. flag, which has become a symbol of race mixing; we Creators now have our own flag, which proudly proclaims - WHITE PEOPLE AWAKE! SAVE THE WHITE RACE! Our battle flag is the flag of a Whiter and Brighter Future, so let us make sure that it will be flying over all of Planet Earth soon. RAHOWA!

Rahowa, Rahowa 4 Comments [12/31/2008 6:49:21 AM]
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Quote# 74465

This was drawn by an Aztec shaman (witch doctor) in the 1500s, depicting one of the White Gods (one of the white men) who came to the primitive Aztec savages as a teacher.

The white man is having his beating heart cut out of his bleeding body by an Aztec shaman.

Nothing has changed since then!

Poor Richard, White News Now Forums 25 Comments [7/16/2010 8:51:57 AM]
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Submitted By: WickedWitch
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Quote# 133856

EtchyTWA is totally on the money here. It's fucking ridiculous to listen to Jewish people on this subject. They are conditioned to be extremely paranoid and perceive threats everywhere due to the irrational hatred of Jews. These threats are more or less nonexistent and Jews are safe in most parts of the world. It's a fear that is very much understandable due to not so distant history but the post Holocaust generation are cultivating this paranoia for political reasons and it is to the detriment of Jewish people and it is to do with the state of Israel and not to do with racism about Jews.

Anti-semitism nowadays is a political tool being used by Israel supporters, both Jewish and non-Jewish. It makes Jewish people mental. It is making a whole culture live in a state of suspicion vis-a-vis everyone else purely to make willing supporters of the Israeli state who will put their money up or their bodies to help murder Palestinians and steal their land. That's it.

Labour party anti-semitism is a nonsensical myth that's been created by people who are using anti-semitism as a political tool, just like the Israelis do. It's time for all people to call this shit out for what it is and Jewish people need to get a grip already and tell everyone that they are OK actually.

aaaaaaaaaaaargh, r/unitedkingdom 0 Comments [11/6/2017 6:31:40 AM]
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Submitted By: Katie
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Quote# 134730

The Jewish Lobby is that obnoxious kid in school who whines to the teacher that no one likes him. Guess what, they still don’t.

Karmagal, Twitter 0 Comments [12/1/2017 10:01:20 AM]
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Submitted By: Katie
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Quote# 97824

I believe that most states had laws against master's abusing their slaves. The popular image exploited by propaganda such as this film is that cruel, white slave masters ruthlessly and relentlessly beat their slaves senseless out of pure sadism. Now why would a man spend $1000 (of 1840's money) on a laborer from whose work he expected to profit and then incapacitate the man? Is it likely that a white man who was cursed with such poor impulse control and had such a flagrant disregard for his own monetary welfare would have even accumulated $1000 to begin with?

In general, the relationship between races on plantations was far more cordial than this movie ["12 Years a Slave"] depicts. Many black slaves were better off than poor southern whites because white laborers could not work as cheaply as slaves and were forced to scrape by as best they could. Thus it was the white laborer and not the wealthy planter who was antagonistic towards blacks. Unfortunately, this movie doesn't present these historical truths and therefore adds nothing of value to understanding the actual daily life of slavery.

And finally, why should we believe that white slave owners raped their black women slaves? It's almost unheard of today for a white man to rape a black woman and it strains credulity to believe that tastes have changed so much that there was any more white on black rape back then.

rowingfool, American Renaissance 18 Comments [11/23/2013 3:30:03 PM]
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Quote# 129102

Living in the city by the bay at present is like never before in my memory. The mall riot at Westfield Shopping Center recently just confirmed the out of control state of minority groups most especially blacks in the city.

Add to that the mind boggling actions of public agencies such as BART, all invariably run by a cadre of cuck white males, white hating white females, bull dyes and razor ladies (the tight haircut dykes usually with spiky hair dyed pink etc. when they feel really bold), smarmy latinos, black gay men, a transgender if they can get them in there, effete straight while guys who will do just about anything to stay at BART and keep their big salary, money grabbing asians, fake filipinos and a few grumpy group think russian. That will give you a fair cross section on what goes into a public agency in San Francisco.

Many of the decision makers at BART are usually Black anyhow. The few white execs at the very top are as cuck as you ever get. How else could they get to the top of that rotten heap without going along with the whole diversity is golden nonsense. Pirates in neckties as they say what needs to be said and worry about the last part of of the bonus and how is the Charles Schwab account looking for them.

Now, what is the most damaging element in the whole mix above?. Of them all, it is the Black women. Here in the Bay Area they feel particularly emboldened with a level of direct involvement to further their own race at any chance they can get. Some nasty ladies from what I have experienced. I had an experience wherein a fairly beefy white guy was being verbally harassed by a big black guy. All happening in a bank I worked as a tech consultant some years back. The white guy eventually complained of harassment and it was very personal insulting stuff. No excuse for it whatsoever. The blacks were of the belief their guy was just stressed lately and blamed the job and the system in general for his behavior. No honor or integrity in Black women and are truly the source of so much strife not just in this city but worldwide.

I would be almost certain the pressure was placed on the powers that be in BART by black employees to withhold these videos. To sit through meetings watching the offending videos of young blacks who look like their own children or relatives and to see it day after day must be embarrassing to Black women. The gay blacks and the black women work together to be a fairly considerable force in many office environments in the Bay Area.

millner, Stormfront 0 Comments [7/11/2017 7:07:13 AM]
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Submitted By: Katie
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Quote# 62690

[In a thread titled "DC Council: Ban Single Slice Pizza To Stop Crime".]

It's always tough to come up with a reason for nigger crime, since everybody knows nigger crime isn't due to niggers.

I've hear poverty blamed. I've heard lack of education blamed. I've heard institutional racism blamed. I've heard lack of jobs blamed.

And now I've heard large slices of pizza blamed.

I doubt I'll ever hear niggers being blamed for their innate criminality.

Oy Ze Hate, Yanguard News Network Forum 28 Comments [5/28/2009 9:00:56 AM]
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Submitted By: ausador
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Quote# 122403

What all this whining indicates is that the ruthless, relentless meming of the Alt-Right is effective. When they cry racist, send them King Kong and field hand memes. When they cry anti-Semitism, send them swastika and oven memes. The reason they are attempting to ban memes from social media is because it is powerfully effective rhetoric. It is rhetoric that resonates and persuades.

White nationalism and white identity politics are the future for whites. The inescapable future. There is no future for "I don't see color" posing anymore, because even if you want to pretend you don't - and we all know you do, because you make such a particular point of your faux moral preening - every single black, Muslim, Jew, Japanese, Han, Mexican, and Pakistani most certainly does. They see more than color, they see culture and creed too. Even if you're unwilling to accept that your color, culture, and creed is your uniform, all of those things will be their target.

And if we're lucky, you will be what you'll superficially pass for.

I understand this is difficult to accept for those with mixed blood or mixed families. It doesn't matter. Human nature has not changed. The patterns of history have not changed. Ethnic conflict and ethnic cleansing are going to happen in the United States just as they have happened in almost every other polity that allowed itself to become seriously mixed. Homogeneous societies do not appear ex nihilo, they are born from heterogeneous societies.

Guess how?

In fact, the primary reason the ethnic conflict now taking place in the USA is happening at a relatively low level is because the ethnic cleansing is still voluntary. We call it "white flight" and "Hispanization", but the effect is still the same. Don't delude yourself. The socio-political disintegration of the USA is already underway. By the time the mainstream notices and is willing to admit what it is and why it is happening, it will be far late to even slow the process down.

Vox Day, Vox Popoli 13 Comments [11/9/2016 2:56:09 PM]
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Quote# 125542

Just ignore the rape and oppression of German women by Shari'a Muslims. That's Merkel's policy, I can see why she's sooooooo great.

Jace Clayson, Facebook 2 Comments [3/19/2017 1:52:54 PM]
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Quote# 48274

They had a bust here not to long ago that netted 40 black street whores..and outta the 40 37 tested positive for aids!They're wiping their own selves out with their animalistic behavior and its predicted that in 30 years that 2/3 of the black race will have fallen to this disease.very promising news...i just hope the beaner numbers escalate as well.14/88

aleister bates, ANSWP forums 27 Comments [9/24/2008 10:10:46 PM]
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Quote# 62220

Good news!!!!

I got my stimulus package in the Mail today
It contained Watermelon seeds, cornbread mix, & 10 coupons to KFC.

Obama SUCKS, Topix 31 Comments [5/11/2009 12:21:15 PM]
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Quote# 57555

At at a time when any decent baker should have been selling racially harmonious black and white cookies by the truckload, one Greenwich Village bakery popular with celebrities and shows like Sex and the City has outraged neighbors by selling a "Drunken Negro Face" cookie in, um, "honor" of President Obama. [Video below.] A shocked customer tells My Fox NY that Ted Kefalinos, proprietor of Lafayette French Pastry, asked her, "Would you like some drunken negro heads to go with your coffee? They're in honor of our new president. He's following in the same path of Abraham Lincoln; he will get his."

Later, her friend stopped by the bakery and said Kefalinos corrected her about the name of the cookies—they're actually drunken "N-word" cookies. She says the backwards baker then repeated the dark suggestion that, like Lincoln, President Obama "will get what's coming to him."

Ted Kefalinos, The Gothamist 4 Comments [1/30/2009 12:02:59 AM]
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Quote# 129359

History is always written by the winners. When you look back and examine it, factually, you'll see that most of it is fabricated, and a good amount of it is outright bullshit -- all to push narratives and agendas.
An example....the term "Native Americans," when "Native" Americans are not native to America, and crossed the Bering Strait to get here.

[Native Americans ARE native to America. Their ancestors crossed the Bering Strait, but all Native Americans are descended from a group of people UNIQUE to America. The Folsom Culture People. These people are genetically differentiated from all other Peoples and their genetic variations cannot be found elsewhere.
Same as how Europeans descend from Africans but are uniquely different.
Still, your comment is at best non sequitur to the OP, at worst a troll.]

Do you have any solid proof of the out of Africa THEORY? Here's a hint...a theory is not a fact. This THEORY has never been proven.
Or any other credible sources (not "Marxist Weekly") you would like to provide, for that matter. "Native" Americans are Asiatic people. I know some people don't like to hear the truth, but at the end of the day, it is the truth.
Of course, anyone that provides information that doesn't go along with your "little believeys" is a troll. Got it.

[Let's make it simple, find any instances of the uniquely mutated Amerindian haplogroups in Asia.
Good luck with that.]

Let's make it even simpler, provide solid proof for your claim. I love how people think human/American history begins with the "Native" Americans. They found tools used by European people, in America, thousands of years before "Native" Americans even stepped foot in what is now America.

Paladin2903, r/MGTOW 3 Comments [7/16/2017 5:48:47 AM]
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Submitted By: The Reptilian Jew
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Quote# 121819

The grievance in [the Charlotte demonstrators] mind is the animus, the anger," he said. "They hate white people, because white people are successful and they're not."

Without being prompted, Pittenger quickly pivoted to a discussion about welfare and race. "I mean, yes, it is. It is a welfare state. We have spent trillions of dollars on welfare, we have put people in bondage so that they can't be all they're capable of being.

"America is the opportunity of freedom and liberty. We didn't become that way because we have great government, who provided everything for everyone. No. That's the destiny of America, the freedom to come to this country, why they're still coming to our shores is because they can take their work ethic and their hard effort and put up their capital and the risk and build out their lives."

Robert Pittenger (R-N.C.), Washington Post 5 Comments [9/30/2016 2:14:41 AM]
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Quote# 77231

[Responding to a video of an overweight white woman miming sex acts with a black dancer at the Notting Hill carnival]

I gave up caring about these race mixing sheep long ago. The way I now see it, they are doing us a favour with all this Multi-cult nonsense as the weaker minded of our kind will breed themselves out of existence.

The whites who remain are going to be of much better stock that those throwing their history and blood away we see such as in this video today.

paul, 21st Century British Nationalism 38 Comments [11/3/2010 4:54:31 AM]
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