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Half Sigma, I married a great lady with Jewish heritage, so don’t take this the wrong way. But you are negatively obsessed with Sarah Palin. I’ve noticed that this is a common reaction among commentators with Jewish heritage:


I have a theory on this. Sarah Palin is an outdoor-type; look at her here:


Jews were not as outdoorsy as non-Jews during the course of human development. I believe that this is why Palin is accepted more readily among non-Jewish DNA than among Jewish DNA. I suspect that is why you are negatively obsessed with Sarah Palin.

Brick Oven Bill, halfsigma 22 Comments [9/5/2008 11:04:00 PM]
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Quote# 19570

[On whether Jazz is Satanic]

Yes,the Bible does say to praise the Lord but it says in psalms and spiritual hymns. Jazz in niether one of those two. Jazz is evil and things pertaining to evil we should stay away from.

Kirsten, Teens-4-Christ 79 Comments [1/17/2007 12:00:00 AM]
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Submitted By: JustinGG
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Quote# 132749

One thing I want to add. No one is bothering with the REAL terrorists, which is ISLAM. That's what Islam is all about.

The Jewish media always comes to the defense of this depraved program. Why? Because Islam has a long history of mass murder, destruction of libraries, destruction of anything spiritual or of value to humanity. Country by country has been raped by Islam throughout history. (Jews always get Gentiles to do their dirty work for them, such as fighting wars, destroying anything that is a threat to their invisible empire and rule and so forth).

In addition, Islam makes life so ugly, unbearable and miserable, many are only too grateful to readily accept Jewish communism.

The Jews know this. If anybody was really serious about fighting terrorism, Islam would be outlawed worldwide.

There isn't ANYTHING more depraved or outright ROTTEN than Islam.

High Priestess Maxine Dietrich, Joy of Satan 0 Comments [10/8/2017 12:21:52 PM]
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Submitted By: Katie
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Quote# 139945

Screw classical liberalism. That ideology is how we got here the first place.

Canada is ours because we took the land and built upon it. It will be ours until it is taken from us. It's that simple and there is no need for moral justification beyond this. Likewise, Sir John A. was a great man because he founded our country; his legacy does not need to be defended by appealing to whatever beneficence he may have felt towards the Asians from whom our ancestors conquered this territory.

This is not a popular opinion. However, until it becomes the default opinion of the Right, and of White Canadians more generally, we will continue to lose. We will lose so long as we accept the moral premises of the leftist traitors who wish to give our land to aliens without a fight. Most especially we shall continue to lose so long as we persist in the illusion that the Left has any moral principles beyond "European culture is evil". By appealing to the Left's pretended beliefs in universal morality, that is precisely what this article does.

Astrofrog, Eurocanadian 5 Comments [8/21/2018 3:09:23 AM]
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Quote# 141218

It’s easy to mock this sort of leftist lunacy, now in “Confederate!” form.

But of course the GOP is the party of–and Trump appeals to–married white gentiles. The closer you are demographically to being a (private sector employed) married white gentile, the more likely you are to be a Trump voter.

Rather the big lie here is that the “who whom” is precisely the reverse of what she claims.

His supporters hark back to an 1860s fantasy of white male dominance. But the Confederacy won’t win in the long run

In the 158th year of the American civil war, also known as 2018, the Confederacy continues its recent resurgence. Its victims include black people, of course, but also immigrants, Jews, Muslims, Latinos, trans people, gay people and women who want to exercise jurisdiction over their bodies.

The desire–demand!–for dominance here is not white men wanting to dominate “black people” and “immigrants, Jews, Muslims, Latinos, trans people, gay people and women”, but the reverse!

“Black people” and “immigrants, Jews, Muslims, Latinos, trans people, gay people and women” are demanding the right to dominate white guys–make white guys work for them and give them their white guy stuff.

They–the “coalition of the fringes” are the “slave power”, trying to enslave white men. Trump’s appeal to us evil white guys is essentially that we can be left alone, live our lives as free men and not be looted and abused by the fringes.

The way you can prove this is who is demanding what from whom? Or who is willing to separate form whom?

This is the acid test that i was attempting to flush out in the previous Zero Ammendment comment thread:


And the distinction between the whines of “oppression” from the fringes and actually slavery in the earlier comment:



This “who-whom” dependency issue is why i think raising the “separate nations” question is quite powerful and needs to be done by Trump and nationalists repeatedly.

Given the open treason and hatred (for white gentiles) that is now routine on the pages of the NYT, i’d be more than happy to split America right now. (We aren’t one nation, when “elites” openly spew out there desire to see the nation’s actual core population dispossesed.)

Let’s have all the Hillary voters group up in their areas–i’ll happily move if that’s necessary. They can have their rainbow hued, open-borders, “nation of immigrants”, hands-up-don’t-shoot, gender fluid utopia. I’m actually not dependent on them and don’t need them whatsoever.

We Trump voters can then have our regular old American nation. We’ll farm our fields, build our houses, tractors, trucks, cars, airplanes, drill for oil and gas (and do solar and nukes) and live our lives and get along just fine … in fact better! without being looted by the fringes.

Mention “separate nations” and the resulting screams of anguish will tell you who is actually intent on looting whom.

AnotherDad, Unz 2 Comments [11/19/2018 12:54:29 PM]
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Quote# 139988

Even if the Negro anti-gun forces don't succeed this time they are still on the war path towards doing everything they can to make things miserable for Whites. I really think that White people in South Africa have no choice but to get the heck out of there while they still can given the animal behavior of those Black Apes.

Defend our Homeland, Stormfront 1 Comments [8/22/2018 9:47:35 AM]
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Submitted By: Katie
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Quote# 132650

[Bolding added.]

Sept. 27, Black Lives Matter protestors at the College of William and Mary interrupted “Students and the First Amendment,” a scheduled event co-sponsored by AMP and the American Civil Liberties Union.

First Amendment rights have dominated national conversation in recent months, with opposing sides debating the extent to which hate speech counts as free speech. Following the Aug. 11-12 Charlottesville protests, the ACLU voiced a decisive stance on the issue by defending white nationalists’ right to free speech. The move attracted widespread backlash from ACLU supporters and detractors alike, as well as the College’s BLM chapter, which responded by staging its Sept. 27 protest.

The ACLU discussion never occurred because protesters took over the stage within five minutes of Executive Director of the ACLU of Virginia Claire Guthrie Gastañaga’s entrance. Signs in hand, the protesters shouted chants such as “liberalism is white supremacy” and “the revolution will not uphold the constitution.”

Twenty minutes into the protest, AMP Director of Internal Affairs Hasini Bandara ’18 approached the group with a microphone and gave members an opportunity to read their prepared statement.

In the statement, BLM criticized the ACLU’s approach to white supremacy in regard to the white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, suggesting that the organization provides an unnecessary platform for white supremacists.

“When is the free speech of the oppressed protected?” a BLM group representative asked. “We know from personal experience that rights granted to wealthy, white, cis, male, straight bodies do not trickle down to marginalized groups. We face greater barriers and consequences for speaking.”

After reading the statement aloud, the group’s representative took her place back in line, and the protesters continued to chant.

One student who attended the event, Laith Hashem ’19, was bothered by protesters’ refusal to engage in an open, two-sided discussion.

“I think they had every right to do what they did. I don’t agree with their method, [but] they’re completely entitled to their opinions,” Hashem said. “But the thing I disagreed with most was that every opportunity they had to have a discussion, both with the speaker and the audience, they responded by increasing their volume and shouting louder.”

Thirty minutes into the protest, the discussion was cancelled.

“It was a collective decision from people in the AMP leadership team and our advisers,” AMP director Miguel Dayan ’19 said. “It was clear that we [were] unable to continue with the event, and it was appropriate to cancel.”

After the cancellation was announced, remaining students clustered around Gastañaga, hoping to ask questions and voice concerns. These students dispersed, however, when the protesters began circling around them, drowning out Gastañaga and chanting with increased volume.

Hashem, who was one of the students hoping to speak to Gastañaga, said he was disturbed by the aggression he perceived, as it bordered on not just verbal assault, but physical intimidation.

“Silencing certain voices in order to advance the cause of others is not acceptable in our community,” College President Taylor Reveley said in a written statement. “This stifles debate and prevents those who’ve come to hear a speaker, our students in particular, from asking questions, often hard questions, and from engaging in debate where the strength of ideas, not the power of shouting, is the currency.”

Although the protesters identified themselves as merely “concerned students,” the College’s BLM chapter took credit on its Facebook page through a livestream of the event, as well as a written post stating, “Tonight, we shut down an event at William & Mary where Claire Gastañaga, executive director of the ACLU of Virginia, was speaking. In contrast to the ACLU, we want to reaffirm our position of zero tolerance for white supremacy no matter what form it decides to masquerade in.”

Students in attendance at the event were disappointed that the discussion could not take place as planned. Tyler Senio ’19 took issue with the protesters’ method but recognized their right to assemble.

“I do not believe that preventing discussion from happening is a viable pathway to get what you want,” Senio said. “I believe it is important for people to express themselves and stand up for the issues they believe in. However, once these expressions start to negatively affect others and prevent progress in the area they are protesting, that’s when the justification becomes questionable.”

Dayan did not expect the event to be protested but said, on behalf of AMP, that he was pleased to have a civically engaged campus.

“We are proud of be a part of a politically active community that voices their concerns and fights for their rights,” Dayan said. “However, we hoped for a two-sided dialogue so our students could learn about their rights and [have] the chance to question, critique and engage in conversation with the director herself.”

This event was planned five months prior, and according to Dayan, as of now there are no plans to reschedule.

Black Lives Matter, Flat Hat News 6 Comments [10/6/2017 3:08:56 AM]
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Quote# 97784

Who are you kidding? While the Jews did give us positive things in the sciences, they also were(and are) the epicenter of much that is despised on WND. Gay rights, open borders, multiculturalism, gun-control, Marxism, Boasian anthropology, the Frankfurt School, the "Left-Wing" media, toothless neoconservatism, and more. They are a powerful and pathologically narcissistic group of people that, at a minimum, have a very low opinion of Gentiles(including Christians), and often hold us in utter contempt.

Covington13, WND 25 Comments [11/22/2013 4:07:37 AM]
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Submitted By: Nemo
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Quote# 101808

You know,we White people should be proud of our pets here.
We dragged them out of the forest and thru time we've evolved them into a higher life form.
Yeah it took 400 years but considering the task it was an amazing accomplishment!
Now if we can train them to stop interweaving their bitching and complaining into every conversation they have about their accomplishments (or lack thereof) our job will be finished...I'm afraid that by that time we as a race will be displaced and finished also..then they'll complain about how our grave stones represent racist relics of the past and will all be bulldozed over..
But hey,it's the success that counts right??

UsAndThem, Stormfront.com 5 Comments [6/30/2014 4:28:59 AM]
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Submitted By: HEIL SATAN
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Quote# 131913

People really should open their eyes to the harm done to the rest of the world by, i will say, zionists. Not the innocents of history, by far!! Spoken like a true goyim.

Chris Wood, Facebook 0 Comments [9/21/2017 11:40:13 AM]
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Submitted By: Katie
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Quote# 21815

You are full of shit because Hitler had to exterminate the jews because the jews were about ready to take over Germany and make it a communist country, and the jews would have slaughter every innocent aryan Germans for their money because you people are the most greadiest people on the face of this planet. Even Moses would have agreed with me. I am half German and half Persian. In otherwords, I am half Nazi and half Shitte Muslim, and we will someday kick your fucking ass.Prepare for a racial holy war.

Karl Noever, Westnet 24 Comments [3/7/2007 12:00:00 AM]
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Quote# 123535

As to why young white girls like black men, it could be to do with them having massive penises, massive athletic ability, natural confidence and flowing conversational skills with women, and a domination of urban youth culture including popular music. Also, as you say, black men are about 14 times more likely to be violent criminals, and about 70 times more likely to be violent rapists, so if it’s true that white girls like thugs, then even a white girl with an IQ of 30 would be able to work out that black men are ‘desirable’.

theantifeminist, Resisting the Rape of the Male – Sex Positive Men's Rights 9 Comments [1/9/2017 11:53:17 AM]
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Submitted By: Xavier
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Quote# 101415

1. God Is White:

God is white and said that he created man in his own image so therefour God did not create dark skinned people.

This is not being racist it is just a fact and proven by the Bible:

Genesis 4:5
“And the Lord was wroth with Cain. He beat Cain’s face with hail, which blackened like coal, and thus he remained with a black face”[This quote sources from Armenian apocrypha from the early Christian period]

2. The Descendents of Cain:

God cursed the descendents of Cain with dark skin so that people can always know what they’re evil ancestor did.

Police also use this because it is statiscally proven that the descendants of Cain cause more crime,rapes,thefts,vandalism,homosexual activities,witchcraft,murders, and rapes then the descendents of Abel and God.

God also says that The descendents of Cain are to be punished and used as slaves and that they cannot enter Heaven.

Ephesians 6:5
“Slaves, obey your earthly masters with deep respect and fear. Serve them sincerely as you would serve Christ.”

Church of Illumination, Church of Illumination 19 Comments [6/10/2014 3:26:20 AM]
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Submitted By: Doubting Thomas
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Quote# 103158

Re: How do WNs think about Pakistanis?

I just wish Pakistanis would stop brutally raping women (honor rape, WTF?) and cool it with the building of so many nuclear weapons, which does not look good for a nation known for harboring muslim extremists in it's borders at times.

they also need to leave the Hindus alone.

So Back off Paki-Muslims!

as for Pakistani people, they generally look and smell the same as Indians and other freaks who paint small dots on their foreheads.

Pakistanis stink and their food sucks.

WeMustSecure88, Stormfront.com 8 Comments [9/4/2014 3:16:20 AM]
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Submitted By: HEIL SATAN
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Quote# 109087

Re: A Few Notes On An American Race War

I would be greatly surprised if there is a Turner Diaries style race war between Black and White people per se. Yes, such a war is being ginned up by the Usual Suspects in the media, but they are relying on an old paradigm that no longer exists since the Hart-Celler Immigration Reform Act that Teddy Kennedy sponsored back in 1965.

I do not count lethal doses of Knockout King or Polar Bear Hunting performed on European Americans as a Black/White war, because war suggests mutual combat. We are not seeing White combatants, just White victims.

There is a low-intensity race war between Blacks and Hispanics. Blacks have been racially cleansed out of their old stomping grounds of Compton and Watts near Los Angeles by Hispanics. Blacks are fighting with Hispanics in Houston and Dallas.

The media is keeping a lid on this for fear of all the other Non-Blacks being inspired to go nuclear on Blacks especially before the end of Barack Obama's historic presidential term.

Clytemnestra, Stormfront.com 4 Comments [5/31/2015 5:19:39 AM]
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Submitted By: HEIL SATAN
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Quote# 121274

A Hasidic Rabbi was stabbed this afternoon in Strabourg, by an attacker shouting “Allahu Ackbar”.

Rabbi Chalom Levy, who is described as belonging to a Hasidic sect, was stabbed in the Jewish quarter of the city, 500 metres from the Great Synagogue.

Rabbi Mendel Samama, another Rabbi in Strasbourg, said that Rabbi Levy described his survival as a “miracle”.

“He was shocked. He is weak. He was hit in the abdominal region a few centimetres from a vital organ”, said Rabbi Samama.

The Grand Rabbi of Strasbourg, Rabbi René Gutman, has said that this is the work of one lone attacker, and is not reflective of a wider problem in the city, but has requested additional security.

Strasbourg has a Jewish community numbering around 15,000.

The attacker has reportedly been involved in a similar attack previously.

France has been described as one of the most dangerous countries to be a Jew and over half of French Jews wish to leave the country for Israel.

Unnamed attacker, Everyday Antisemitism 6 Comments [8/23/2016 10:55:20 AM]
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Submitted By: Demon Duck of Doom
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Quote# 135776

In this rapidly advancing technological world mixed with an increasingly politically correct and race baiting culture we are fucked if we say anything even remotely offensive. It is now to the extent that you will be fucked over and publicly crucified if you say anything that could be remotely offensive. Jokingly call your B..Rother a "ni&&a", get into a verbal altercation on COD, call a guy a fa&&ot for saying he likes to wear eyeliner, literally anything.

Im also not just talking about like being ridiculed for being an idiot, your life will be ruined. If you make a sex tape with your wife, and afterward you say "my boss is a fucking D*ke" and that sex tape is stolen from your house...the person who stole the sex tape wont be in trouble, your life will be ruined though. You will be blackballed as a sexist and insensitive to women.

If two random guys at a party bang out a drunk girl and you go home and joke about how she was so drunk she was "dead', you will receive death threats until you need psychiatric counseling and get kicked out of college.

If you have sex with a girl, and then reject her, no matter how much proof you have that she wanted you and it wasn't rape, she will destroy your life and no one will believe you. It doesnt matter if you have texts before and after saying "I want your cock in my ass" you will be vilified and labeled a rapist.

If you are a police officer and ask a woman to get out of her car, and she curses at you, and refuses, and kicks you and you arrest her you will be labeled a racist and if that woman kills herself, regardless if there is tape showing no one entered her cell, you will be labeled a murderer.

White people and especially white men....we are fucked. Freedom even in our own houses is gone.

HHHisXpacXSteph, Wrestling Forum 4 Comments [1/6/2018 8:20:32 AM]
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Submitted By: Just Along For The Ride
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Quote# 98479

[On Nelson Mandela]

Are you defending the Black son of a Whore??

Those White South African's built South Africa, the Black Natives didn't, besides those Whites of Germanic Heritage have been there for generations, I suppose you might as well say that we Englisc should go back to our Ancestors Homelands, Anglen, Saxony, Denmark, and so on, I bet the Waelasc would love that..... Besides, what's Racism?? a nothing term invented by the Liberal/Left or by their Jewish masters, to beat the White Nations with, of course, it doesn't apply to the Shit Coloured Races dose it, they can't be racist can they, like the Jews can't be racist either, after all, they are the chosen people of the Christian God, right....

So if the Boers have to leave South Africa and return to their Nations of origin then that counts for us as well, and the Americans of English origin, and Canadians, Australians and so on, once you start that, where you going to end??

Teutoburg Weald, Anglo-Saxon Foundation 14 Comments [12/28/2013 4:47:26 AM]
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Quote# 90969

Caucasian Men Have Been Unpersoned

The Democrat Party is an alliance of balkanized special interest groups, each of which is promised special advantages. By definition, special advantages come at the expense of those who do not have them. Therefore, a designated victim group is needed, so that one Democrat constituency doesn’t realize that it is paying for the privileges granted to another. That group is healthy white heterosexual men:

Fresh off his reelection, President Barack Obama is asking his supporters to complete a survey that asks the people being polled to check off which “constituency groups” they identify with — there are 22 groups listed but not one for “whites” or “men.”

Blacks, Arabs, perverts, the disabled, et cetera ad nauseam all have entries, but the category of normal American guys who built the country that moonbats are now looting to death is not even acknowledged to exist, because there is no way any of them would support Obama expecting their interests to be defended.

Yet there are some so pathetically brainwashed into hating themselves that they support Democrats anyway, precisely like Jews voting for Hitler.

“Parasites” is checked by default.

Dave Blount, Moonbattery 17 Comments [11/27/2012 12:22:53 AM]
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Submitted By: Rabbit of Caerbannog
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Quote# 97751

Do you know how good things would be if we took the beaners and nigs and gave them the boot out of the USA.

We could easily give our homeless a home, give free college for all and do a ton of other things.

Think about it. A beaner or black like the ones you see day to day with 3-4 kids are getting $952 a month (fam of 6) in food stamps. That's with out obama phone free sec 8 housing in the hood and what ever other crap they get..

They are for lifers.

Do you know happy a white guy on the street would be if you gave him that? He prob got screwed by some mexican case worker who only works for other mexicans.

myjeepgrand87132, Stormfront 9 Comments [11/20/2013 6:46:41 AM]
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