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A video on how to spot a trannies

Jeremiah Weeps, youtube 5 Comments [6/25/2017 11:16:23 PM]
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Remember that it takes a considerably higher level of intellectual enlightenment to see that misandry is the greatest evil of our age. Crude racism/tribalism is the currency of those who haven’t evolved since 10,000 BC, so it becomes the default ideology of the intellectually weak. Plus, any ethno-centric ideology has 99% overlap with feminism and hence is a huge part of the problem, for obvious reasons.

[Later comment]

Why are feminists complaining about the prevalence of male villains in children’s picture books?

Women get gina tingles from villains. There is no more to it than that.

That is why the strict control of women was essential to civilizational progress. Since this is unlikely in the modern age, the next most like outcome is increasing female obsolescence.


The truth is, marriage worked when poverty was more widespread. Furthermore, women aren’t really useful for too many roles in modern society, particularly since people don’t have 8 kids anymore.

Marriage is on its way out. Plus, women are obsolete.

Anon, Dalrock 8 Comments [1/26/2018 2:04:07 PM]
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BETA ENABLERS are the reason society is so shitty

Think about it. Women never got power through their own means, it was beta enablers who gave them free reign over modern western civilization. If men stopped white knighting then this wouldn't be a problem

shaquille_o_meal, /r/incels 2 Comments [8/26/2017 6:03:35 AM]
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Sisters. I am worn out.

I cannot escape males. A few days ago, I was at the store, bagging my groceries, only to have a white male let me know how entitled to my attention he was by telling me how "plastic bags are tricky". He said that plastic bags are tricky for him!

And he could help little, feminine, silly girl me with my groceries, because if *he* has trouble with plastic bags, then it is a given that inept ladies will, too! He even offered to follow me to my car! How helpful!

I literally cannot escape them. And NOPE, sorry dudes, you can't be a feminist. I don't care what Jordan grommet beaty tells you. It isn't up to him.

Hekate Jayne, Feminist Current 6 Comments [10/1/2017 3:17:44 AM]
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I hate to say it, but the Muslims come a lot closer to being right than we Americana do. But you say, wait a minute preacher! They abuse women in Arab countries. They can't even show their faces in public. Yes, I am aware of such abuses and do not agree with them. God created Eve from Adam's rib, the nearest thing to his heart. A woman should be loved and cared for, not treated as a dog. However, they've learned in Muslim culture that to give a woman an inch means she'll take a foot. If you allow feminism to get it's ugly foot in the door, their culture will fall apart overnight like America's has. Don't believe it? Look at the hellhole culture in the U.S. today...

ABC debuted a shameful new ABC sitcom TV series called “GCB” (Good Christian Bitches) on March 4, 2012. In a Muslim country such sacrilegious blasphemy against their religion would mean certain death. We've used our freedoms in America as an occasion to commit wickedness against God.

David J. Stewart, Jesus is Savior 4 Comments [5/19/2017 11:31:21 AM]
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Famous women possessed by the Jezebel-spirit

Signs of Jezebel-possession: argumentative, dominating, outspoken, proud, flaunting, sexually uninhibited, career-oriented, feminist, resisting man's natural authority, and so on.

* Hillary Clinton
* Arianna Huffington
* Jennifer Anniston
* Khloe Kardashian
* Jessica Simpson
* Ellen Degeneres
* Janet Yellen
* Loretta Lynch

And many more.

Anonymous Coward, Godlike Productions 11 Comments [1/6/2018 10:24:49 AM]
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I have spent the past couple of months trying to teach myself empathy for females. It's just too hard. How can I have any empathy for the most spoiled, malevolent group of beings on the face of the earth?

I have tried to reason with what may be going through their minds. Maybe they're confused. Maybe they're lost. Maybe they're being taken advantage of. I have found the opposite to be true.

Females are the most spoiled, privileged group of organisms in the universe. Every single day these creatures get flooded with texts and snaps from multitudes of guys. There are literal male organisms lined up out the door to get their turn at a fehemhorrhoid. And what do they do in response? Nothing but bitch and moan and pout about how unfair life is, all the while they suck a million different dicks.

These malevolent beings are also the most ungrateful bunch of organisms on the planet. They will dump a guy for any number of reasons. If the guy doesn't live up to their ridiculous standards, they are gone at the drop of a hat. Female are totally incapable of genuine love. They only care about what can be done for them. When they are broken up with, it is not their heart that hurts, but their ego.

Finally, fehemhorroids are malicious and malevolent. They will constantly backstab their friends. They enjoy tormenting BETA males. They all think that the world revolves around them.

None of them have a fucking hobby, save for about 1 or 2. All they do is mope around on their fucking phones all day bitching about life all the while texting 12 different guys at once, while simultaneously slandering one of their "friends".

Why the fuck did I bother trying to understand them when I already understood them? And, just for the record, this is my GENUINE opinion. None of them knows what actual suffering is; they've been pampered with multitudes of friendships, guys, and parties since fucking middle school.

They don't deserve anything nice to be done for them. Don't hold the fucking doors.

ItheIthe, incels.me 17 Comments [1/18/2018 11:40:28 PM]
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Submitted By: Katie
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Ever since women have been allowed to vote, our world has steadily become a worse mess because of it. Most women simply ain't women any more, they have turned into greedy, hate-filled sociopaths, the likes of which Humanity has never witnessed. Sad but true. Great vid by the way.?

Sir Growalott, Youtube 3 Comments [10/18/2017 7:38:51 AM]
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The real objective of inceldom should be to eliminate female control of sex. There are only two ways to do this. Create a sexual substitute that men have absolute authority over, or to completely end the aging process rendering reproduction obsolete. In doing this, the dangerous ability to discriminate against men will end. We will live in a constant state of Nirvana. There will be peace on Earth. War will largely end.

Robo Sapien, incels.me 4 Comments [7/3/2018 1:55:34 PM]
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Men's looks matter more than women admit, study shows (repost for new visitors)

The study suggests that women value physical attractiveness in a potential mate far more than they say they do, said study author Madeleine Fugère, a professor of social psychology at Eastern Connecticut State University in Willimantic.

If a man is viewed as less than moderately attractive, it doesn't seem to matter as much to women what his personality is like, Fugère explained.

In addition, the findings demonstrated that "a moderate level of attractiveness is a necessity to young women and to their moms, and they are not willing to give that up in favor of personality," Fugère said.

Sounds an awful lot like incels were right all along...

It happens so fuckin often and it is extremely annoying. So amazing to have a level-headed smart individual agree with the objective stuff we say and support us in and out of this sub. Thank you dude. Sex is everything, it's everything. It's impossible for most men. The funny thing is, most of the cucks white knighting and disagreeing with us here admit they've never been in any relationship either. Seriously?!?! Is it a joke? Do they really think females are as innocent as they pretend they are?

We are right. If society admits it, 80% of men driving their mediocre cars, going to sporting events, doing all of this shit to put themselves out there, working to buy things to make themselves positioned for a woman that they think will eventually truly love them, will all fall apart. Those men will all start to LDAR when they realize their best possible outcome is Chad's frigid and used leftovers that is chewed up and spit out, irreparably broken and incapable of love.

Normies will be like:

Of cOUrse SinCe wE MeN juStt wäNt hUGe tiTs aNn aSS. (Except me tho I only care about personality. DM me gurls)

And not because women just want Chad and are extremely picky that they just take 8+/10 men.

Can U inCels stop Keep diScussing aboUt meaN thIngs abouT girls?!?!? you'vE never even haD sex before like we normies have. At least we have sex one time every year.

It drives me insane when normies say men like curves so it's okay for women to have standards. I have NEVER heard of a flat-chested girl having problems in dating men at all (apart from the common complaint: "My boyfriend watches pornstars with big boobs and I feel insecure??").

Hell, even Chad would fuck a chick with tiny breasts if she had a pretty face.


Maxims & Myths of Facial Beauty

“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder,” “Never judge a book by its cover,” and “Beauty is only skin deep” are but three examples of widely held beliefs and teachings about the role of facial attractiveness in our culture. Are these aphorisms true or false?

META-ANALYSIS is a statistical technique that quantitatively evaluates the conclusions of published and unpublished research. In our case, we reviewed the literature on the effects of facial attractiveness from 1932 to June, 1999.

Langlois, J. H., Kalakanis, L., Rubenstein, A. J., Larson, A., Hallam, M., & Smoot, M. (2000). Maxims or myths of beauty? A meta-analytic and theoretical review. Psychological Bulletin, 126, 390-423. PDF Version (2.2 MB) © American Psychological Association.

1) Is beauty merely in the eye of the beholder? NO

Contrary to common assumption, adults and children agree about who is and is not attractive, both within and across ethnicity and cultures. Instead,There seem to be universal standards by which facial attractiveness is judged.

2) Do we judge books by their covers? YES

Adults and children judge other adults and children more favorably than unattractive adults and children, even by those who know them. Furthermore,Adults and children treat other adults and children more positively than unattractive adults and children, even by those who know them.

3) Is beauty only skin deep? NO

Beauty is more than skin-deep: Although both attractive and unattractive people exhibit positive behaviors and traits, attractive people exhibit more positive behaviors and traits than unattractive individuals. However,We do not yet know why. Perhaps because attractive and unattractive people are treated differently, they learn to behave differently.

4) Other interesting results of the meta-analysis:

Attractiveness is as important for males as for females in judging people we know.Attractiveness is as important, if not more so, for children than for adults.

Though the above statements are empirically true, their inclusion is not meant as an endorsement by the Langlois Lab. Most of us are unaware that we hold these biases about attractive and/or unattractive people, yet they continue to affect people’s daily lives

various incels, r/Incels 13 Comments [8/10/2017 3:29:43 PM]
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[When you claim to be a top-tier womanizer but have absolutely shit taste]

A telling anecdote about the state of America’s girls and women:

" In 15 years as a BSA leader I never heard dads speak so proudly as when saying that their daughters were tomboys."

I’ve heard the same thing from dads of daughters. One psychological urge at work here is the desire of fathers who secretly wished for sons to impart their unrequited longings onto their daughters. “Butching up” a daughter is a facsimile, however poor, of having the real thing… a son.

Another reason for this glorification of grrlpower and imputation of male sex roles onto daughters by beta dads is, it must be said, a subconscious kowtowing to the reigning feminist shrikegeist. The culture is so steeped in feminist idiocy and the attendant ugly woman project of training girls to grow up into ballbusting men (and of shaming men to become supplicating nancyboys) that it seems perfectly reasonable and normal for the regular dad on the suburban street to crow about reshaping his daughter into an androgynous weirdo with a penchant for throwing balls… but still like a girl.

If things are to change for the better, a full frontal assault by real-thinking men AND women is needed. The goal is to establish positive feedback loops to fight back the poz before it metastasizes.

CH, Chateau Heartiste 7 Comments [6/25/2017 6:17:41 AM]
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[Comments under "Catfishing incel gets a taste of his own medicine"]

I have touched one, funnily enough. I'm incel because I've never had someone want to have sex with me, but I have stuck my penis into a vagina.

I think you mean rape, fuckface.

I have already replied to these allegations in a previous comment. "I haven't overpowered anyone and it wasn't rape, either, unless you're the "omg i drank so much by my own volution but it was rape!!!" SJW types.

Also, there's a huge difference between stupid drunk sex and I-put-my-dick-inside-an-unconscious-broad sex. You are a rapist. An unpunished rapist.

Have I forced someone to drink? Have I spiked someone's drink? No. Men are predators by nature and it's, quite frankly, mostly your fault if you get piss drunk and pass out.

knajjd11, Reddit - r/Drama 11 Comments [6/30/2017 6:39:09 AM]
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Quote# 132030

As long as there is a systematic oppression on women by men and a mental conditioning on women from their birth, I don't believe there's real consent in heterosexual acts. And I do believe that women identified women (aka women living for themselves according to their own codes, free from patriarchal conditioning, nothing to do with identity politic and trans bs) should avoid having hetero intercourses, as long as the oppression is here.

Wich does'nt necessarily mean a complete separation from males of course, just no sexual or romance stuff. And it doesnt mean not having kids either. But that's just pure theory of course, if a woman wants to have sex with a male i'm not going to prevent her. I just don't believe in the reality of «choice», there's too much factors. But there is a moral difference between things that should be banned and things we should just criticize.

RadFHarva, r/Ask_Radical_Feminists 3 Comments [9/24/2017 10:29:11 AM]
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Submitted By: Katie
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Quote# 127128

Sexual Market Value (SMV) is defined as the value a person has within the sexual marketplace. It has an effect much like any market place the higher your value the higher value partner you can demand.

So you have this case where women start off with a very high initial value, youth bumps their SMV to the highest it will ever be (minus major plastic surgery) then it stay generally high until they hit their 30’s where they have this cliff like drop off.

Men’s SMV is much more connected to thing like confidence, power, earning ability so on. So they start getting higher value as they get into their late 20’s.

makeshift alpha male, Journey from Beta to Alpha Male 5 Comments [5/13/2017 12:15:08 PM]
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Quote# 132356

RIYADH (Reuters) - Saudi Arabia’s public prosecutor issued an arrest warrant on Saturday for a Twitter user who called for anyone who supports women driving to be killed, days after a royal decree ended a long-time ban on women taking the wheel.

The Twitter user, who was not named, was alleged to have referred to men who support women driving as “cuckolds who should be killed,” according to state-linked Asharq al-Awsat newspaper.

The prosecutor’s announcement comes two days after a separate arrest warrant was issued for a man who threatened in a video clip posted online to attack women drivers.

Unnamed Saudi Twitter user, Reuters 0 Comments [9/30/2017 11:46:48 PM]
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Quote# 137970

Women can play all they want in the life sciences and humanities, but there has to a male-only space in these disciplines.

It may be the case that women on the balance have higher verbal skills (although the SAT seems to suggest otherwise), but that doesn’t matter given their deficiencies in other areas, especially objectivity.

There are lots of smart women out there, but they’re often the biggest offenders in academia, and lots of other areas, too. A woman’s higher IQ just makes her a more formidable opponent of reason, which is an enormous drain on one’s time and mental health.

As sympathetic as I am (at times) to bright women, I actually grew up with them and live with them to this day, and it is no bed of roses let me tell you. Sometimes, guys just need a break to think about things. This is how material progress occurs. Without male-only spaces this will not happen.

Women can rail against “the patriarchy” all they want, but its existence only proves that men need safe spaces, too. The destruction of these male organizations and societies goes a long way to explain the precipitous decline in civil society and male achievement.

Charles Murray should explore this angle, but he prefers to pile onto hard-pressed men and praise the great achievements of the women who live in the mediocre, non-productive communities they create and prefer when given the whip hand over the local men.

Bill P, Unz 2 Comments [6/8/2018 4:10:18 AM]
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Quote# 127461

(A woman asks "Why should I be banned?)

because, while most ppl here are frauds and have gf's and look fine, there are som ehere that are ugly and virgins.. then there are a select few, namely just me, that were born good looking and became disfigured and are depressed kissless virgins who dropped out of prestigious unis that mog the ivy league for their majors and now rot at home, not leaving for months at a time... and just use this place as a refuge from all this crap. we dont need ppl like u coming here trying to tell us its ok, just go try, etc etc.. and we sure as shit dont need ppl, male or female, boasting about their sexual success when for men its just a natural consequence of their face height and penis, and for women its a consequence of being born with a vagina.

Rigor Mortis, Lookism.net 7 Comments [5/24/2017 2:31:36 PM]
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Submitted By: The Reptilian Jew
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Quote# 137126

[RageFuel] Nice Guy Husband vs Asshole Chad Doctor on Jezebel

I can't believe normies still cope when the evidence for the black pill is INSURMOUNTABLE. It's literally the same way in which the people refused evolution for so long, they couldn't imagine anything other than what they were taught as being true.


Even when you win you still lose to chad

Stop this cope. It is not about nice vs asshole it is about high value (doctor plus looks) vs low value(regular hubby)

"You just need to treat women with respect!!!"

Femoids are heartless and incapable of love, even if their husband treats them like a queen they'll still leave him for Chad.


this blackpill is just... the cursor for typing in this reply box has been blinking for 2 minutes. i dont know what to say. i feel like a broken record repeating what i would normally say.

i seriously want a board where incels and inceltears refute blackpills. just to see how hard they backpedal and how hard i can lmao.

acting like his looks are a bonus and not the main reason she wants his cawk

I always knew feminists were just as susceptible to this, feminists are all into bdsm

Reminder that if anyone here escapes this is what they'll end up with. It's over.

Lol, really shows her true colours.
>Haven't had sex in 2 years
Imagine being her husband lmao, getting cucked and not even knowing.

Feminist is just a joke, they are just women who use it as an excuse to get more benefits

To the betas who oppose us and lurk here, THIS IS YOUR FUTURE! Enjoy!

the thing is, it's about your personality and how your present yourself, confidence etc, not about looks.

various commenters, incels.me 7 Comments [3/8/2018 2:04:00 PM]
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Quote# 132928

The tool being the internet. It's really more of a curse than a gift. It deteriorates your attention span and your ability to focus because it adjusts your mind to handle constant and varied stimulation at your every whim. And for normies with real world potential, keeps them distracted from real life social interaction that could actually be beneficial for them.

It gets women worshipped like they're household gods in ancient Rome by their pictures, allowing them to collect beta orbiters like trophies while giving them access to virtually unlimited Chads to fulfill their desires. It has greatly enhanced women's value while plummeting men's.

It also makes men weak and provides little real world ability in a society so comfortable that looks is all that really matters in couples pairing up. This will likely lead to a lower quality following generation of children along with the fact that people are generally having children much later [bad for genetic quality too]. The social effects are profound but there's little real talk about it.

not_here_4_points, r/incels 5 Comments [10/13/2017 11:31:37 AM]
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Quote# 29161

I am from India, but I have been living in Saudi Arabia for 20 years.

I am married and I have daughters. We don't have a driver - I drive them about myself. This works fine and the women in my family do not want to drive.

In the interests of safety and security, I don't want women driving in Saudi Arabia

Women should not be allowed to drive in Saudi Arabia. If this happens, there will be more crime, accidents and disorder.

There will be more accidents because of the increase in traffic. However, the government is preparing for more traffic by building new roads and new overhead bridges.

If Saudi Arabia allows women to drive, there will have to be more law-enforcement officers in and around the cities.

There would also have to be more night patrols throughout the kingdom. There would also have to be women-only garages and service centres.

It will mean more social problems in the future.

Maybe a few women do want to drive, but this is not really a big issue.

In the interests of safety and security - I don't want women driving in Saudi Arabia.

Ibrahim, BBC News 29 Comments [9/21/2007 11:10:01 AM]
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