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[From “Human Rights” Kikes Scream as Putin Decriminalizes Slapping Hoes, Bitches]

Just as it is axiomatic that Jews belong in the oven, so is it that women deserve to be slapped.

Women are at a physical disadvantage to men, so their evolved field-leveler is the ability to emotionally abuse men manipulating and berating him. When you remove the ability of a man to lay down the law in response to emotional abuse by women with the back of his hand, you create a situation where women have total dominance over men.

We have all seen women on rampages. What they want in that situation – what is required – is physical discipline. This is how healthy families work – women who won’t shut their mouths get their mouths shut for them.

The Jewish system has told us that it is “wrong” to hit a woman, but has never made any comment on the ways women jab and poke at men. It is a recipe for matriarchy, and I’m very happy to see Putin clearing out this bit of liberal nonsense.

Same week he banned a top porno website too, showing that Putin deeply cares about the mental and emotional health of Russian men.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed a law that decriminalizes some forms of domestic violence, according to state-run news agency Tass.


A member of the Russian Duma Vitaly Milonov, who supported the law, told CNN: I don’t think that we should violate the rights of family and sometimes a man and a woman, wife and husband, have a conflict.


“Frankly speaking what we call home violence is not home violence — it’s sort of a new picture of family relations created by liberal media.”


The (((liberal media))) at it again.

Sometimes you have conflict, sometimes you have to slap a bitch.

It’s not “abuse,” it’s just a fact of life.

Human Rights Watch had urged parliament to reject the law, calling it “dangerous and incompatible with Russia’s international human rights obligations.”


[Citation needed]
I would personally never actually harm a woman physically, and I don’t support it. However, simply slapping a woman is not harm, and it is usually necessary.

Who runs this “Human Rights Watch” anyway?

Oh, right.

Kenneth Roth.

He’s only concerned about the well-being of little goyim girlies, I’m sure.

If you believe that, I got a pair of tickets to Hamilton I wanna sell ya.

Andrew Anglin, Daily Stormer 16 Comments [3/29/2017 1:44:43 PM]
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Submitted By: JeanP
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[Talking about a 19 year-old girl who was raped and murdered by two immigrants in Germany]

With all this in mind, who was Maria Ladenburger? Well, her Wikipedia article says she was a German medical student who died when she was almost 20 and unmarried (search results on other sites say she was a daughter of some EU official but that is less important for the quantitative part).

So let us try to bring statistics into this equation. This amusing Durex study shows that she was likely not a virgin. These stats show that it was about 35 percent likely she would have a child out of wedlock in just 2014 (Table 3) and that her chances of being married at all were… well, getting slimmer every year, with a slight change upwards in 2014 (Table 1). That is if she would ever have kids – luckily, there’s Muslims. Now, we can speculate this or that on her personality. Obviously none of us knew her. But even using just some quickly found statistics one can easily see why Maria Ladenburger was, like most young Western European women, likely on her way to be a slut who was to be childless or have a child out of wedlock. And bear in mind, she was not even 20. All the indicators I outlined here will get worse, not better. As one character from a TV show I used to watch said “I know it’s tragic to think that way but you can’t argue with the fucking logic !”

Qualitatively, things are a bit more tricky as they go into the emotional aspect which can’t be expressed with just numbers. But I’ll argue that they’re covered well enough. Most decent, moral men have their horror stories with women. Along with my February 2014 text, I highly recommend these stories written on CoAlpha forums in September 2015. One of the worst problems with anecdotal, qualitative evidence is that you can always find some moron whose stories with Western women were happy and most of our idiocratic society will find his story to be more uplifting and credible because the author is mainstream, even if it’s obvious by the way he acts later that his success was due to the fact that he was a massive asshole and as dumb as dirt. But, I won’t go into that any longer, seeing I already covered it and concluded that one must make their own conclusions on whether or not today’s Western women are worth it.

Maria Ladenburger was likely to become everything or at least most of things this blog is so vehemently against. Her parents’ money would likely ensure that she is protected from any consequences of her future shenanigans and that she is able to proceed with these on a high level. She was likely rotten even at the time of her death and even more likely to become rotten very soon. And she was, like current women in Trump’s USA, not to improve if some right wing party had won the elections. Had she lived, she would very likely be a source of trauma for every decent man in Germany (well, um, both of them) who was unlucky enough to see potential for anything more serious than careless pump and dump in her. She would almost certainly be a pest, let us be honest, Westerners. She is the kind of girl who would reject you for treating her respectfully so you can be called an asshole and a “nice guy” by her brain-dead army of liberal virginal fanatics (whose ultimate prize isn’t pussy anyway but being loyal soldiers of their own tragedies) if you object in any way while the moron with an IQ of 20 fucking her somehow has “actual personality” – a stance these loyal liberals would hold as long as those being annoyed with Maria are members of the appropriate groups one is allowed to hate (you can usually tell them by the color of their skin and lack of gay mannerisms).

With its brain-dead youth, assholish majority of population and complete internalization of cancerous social policies like feminism West is dying old man. So Maria was a sad but a necessary victim of a situation where West has forfeited its reproductive, economic and every other future to a stronger group like Muslims.

Caamib, CoAlphaAntiModernistIncelBlogger 42 Comments [2/26/2017 6:58:53 PM]
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Even in my dreams I am incel

I cannot get laid or any action from females even in my dreams. I watched a chad get a blowjob from a cute girl in a classroom, in my fucking dreams. Can you believe that shit. I am utterly defeated.

Anonymous Coward, Godlike Productions 11 Comments [4/11/2017 10:26:59 PM]
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Quote# 126600

For the PRC (Predatory Ruling Class), the neo-con propaganda outlet FOX News has, for the past 20 years or so, served the important purpose of keeping conservatives on a leash long enough to allow to them vent off their frustration, yet just short enough to keep them from wandering off into the land of total truth. The sole saving grace of the network was that, in allowing just enough cosmetic "conservatism" to air before millions of viewers, a percentage of the more astute elements of the massive audience would eventually wander off the plantation completely and join the ranks of the full truth "conspiracy theorists" TM. Indeed, during the late 1990's, your now fully enlightened Editor here passed through the FAUX News / Rush Limbaugh halfway-house before growing out of the "Left-Right" control cage altogether.

For that reason, in spite of our disdain for Rupert Murdoch's FAUX, we are nonetheless troubled by the recent and much-publicized rise of his de-balled sons (Lachlin & James) and their stupid and controlling communist wives (Sarah & Kathyrn). The scuttlebutt is that the contemptible, yet immensely popular, Bill O'Reilly was forced out by these beautiful women. O'Reilly's coveted 8 PM slot will be filled by Tucker Carlson, whose first guest as the new 8-PMer under the reign of the Bolshevik Bitches will be a man that O'Reilly once mocked -- the freakish trannie, Bruce Jenner (now referred to as "Caitlyn").

1. Kathryn made no effort to hide her love for Hillary and red-hot hatred for Trump & Bannon (She likes Ivanka though!)

2. Kathryn's "kinder, gentler" FOX will feature the degenerate freak Bruce Jenner.

Expect some of O'Reilly's elderly following to have heart attacks when Jenner appears with Carlson this coming Monday (April 24th)! But don't blame Carlson (who is actually not that bad) for having such a vile Satanic creature on his program. You can be sure that the Murdoch women, Kathryn in particular, are behind this obscenity. The Sisters-in-Law Murdoch had already previously amended the company's benefits package to include "expanded coverage for our transgender colleagues.”

Both Kathryn and Sarah are known to be "progressives." Of the two, Katryn (much like another silly little rich girl, Ivanka Trump) wields more power in her own right. She is a real fanatic when it comes to Trump-bashing, homosexuality, trannies and the Global Warming TM / Climate Change TM hoax. Since the Murdochs swallowed up National Geographic in 2015, that psuedo-scientific rag has continued to aggressively push the hoax while not allowing any real scientists to rebut the "settled science." The "philanthropist" Kathryn also worked for both the Clinton Climate Initiative and the Environmental Defense Fund. (here)

Old man Rupert once dismissed the Global Warming TM / Climate Change TM hoax as "alarmist nonsense." We expect this attitude at FOX News to "evolve" and eventually align with the views of the young Murdochs' National Geographic and Kathryn's beloved Environmental Defense Fund.

Now if you thought those National Geographic covers were bad, get a load of the EVIL boy-trannie child-abuse abomination that the next generation of the House of Murdoch recently put out. It's enough to almost make us want to plead with wretched old man Rupert Murdoch and that arrogant ass-clown Bill O'Reilly -- "Please, stay!"

Childhood psycho-sexual abuse --- coming soon to FOX's conservative audience.

The modern trend of men allowing their deranged women to rule over them is yet another symptom of the decay and decline of Western Civilization. Another high profile example of this alarming phenomenon is baby girl's Ivanka Trump-Kushner's uncontrolled White House antics -- such as her uninformed public support for the Global Warming TM / Climate Change TM hoax, "women's workplace issues," and her meeting with the baby butchers and baby body-part dealers of Planned Parenthood. Neither "The Donald" nor Ivanka's typically P-whipped Jewish husband, Jared Kushner, could reign in this spoiled little brat even if they wanted to.

And speaking of P-whipped, does it get any more pathetic than Pro Football Super Star and Trumpstein supporter, Tom Brady, failing to show up at the White House ceremony to honor the New England Patriots Super Bowl victory? You see, boys and girls, Brady's super-model wife, Giselle Bundchen, is an outspoken pro-abortionist, an anti-Trump tweeter, and a "Climate Change" TM libtard who is evidently embarrassed and fed-up with her husband's support for Trumpstein. We'll bet you dimes to doughnuts that the lovely Giselle put her high-heeled foot down and threatened to close down the candy store until pretty Tommy put an end to his public support for Trumpstein.

Your old-school Editor here at The Anti-New York Times has the utmost gentlemanly respect for the ladies. That respect does not extend to any "man" who allows a woman, no matter how blonde and beautiful, to de-ball and dictate to him. Unless and until men rediscover their balls and tell the Ivanka Trumps, the Giselle Bundchens, the Kathryn Murdochs and the Sarah Murdochs of our diseased and decaying society: "Shut up and sit down, you silly woman!" -- there will be no hope for the recovery of our collective sanity. Then again, in fairness to such men and in consideration of what our Marxist courts allow these wayward women to inflict upon husbands and fathers, many bullied men have no choice but to meekly accept the mischief of their wives -- or face alienation from their children.

Sick upside-down world!

Proverbs 21:19: Better to dwell in the wilderness, than with a contentious and angry woman.

Boobus Americanus 1: I read in the New York Times that the Murdoch sons and their wives are much more liberal than the old man.

Boobus Americanus 2: It would be nice if they overhaul FOX News and make it more objective. As it stands now, I can't stomach it.

Sugar: Hey Boobusss! Ya think your panssie-ass could stomach a ssubscription to the Anti-New York Times?

Editor: If Boobus can't even handle the watered-down half-truths of FAUX News, then he'd surely puke his guts up over the true stuff we put out.

Mike King, Tomato Bubble 5 Comments [4/23/2017 12:22:04 PM]
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Quote# 119339

Women enjoy being raped

Did you know women often orgasm during rape? Isn't that weird? Most of them can't even get off with their own man, but need a creepy nigger lurking the streets at night to get it going.

James, sluthate.com 24 Comments [5/30/2016 4:58:04 AM]
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Quote# 126385


Min Jap Hussein, Facebook 3 Comments [4/17/2017 1:12:47 AM]
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Quote# 128293

I’m coming out

So yeah, I’m going to come out from the “closet” now: I’m an incel.
What’s that, you wonder? Incel means “Involuntarily celibate”, in other words, men won’t have sex with me no matter what I do. You may have noticed this from one of my previous posts, that even the tiniest compliment will make men furious and think I’m a total creep.
This is a life-long medical condition, and it gets little to no attention or research, despite being life-threatening (the intense desire for sex and romance is a vital part and lack of such could result in an incel committing mass-murder spree and perhaps killing themselves. This is at no fault of their own, it’s forced upon them by being a long-term incel). Being an incel makes you shunned, alienated and despised by the society, and I’ll probably lose a couple of followers for coming out with this, but fuck you all.
I’m not making any apologies for my suffering. I’m not going to hide from your oppression.
No matter how nice I am, no matter how many compliments I give… Men are shallow, ugly, selfish pricks.
(Ok, not all of them, some got really nice butts)

equalistmusings, Tumblr 5 Comments [6/19/2017 1:38:00 PM]
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Quote# 127725

I hope every man will boycott Austin and do what he can to diminish Austin and to cause damage to the city’s image. The theater that pandered to the sexism typical of women will, I hope, regret it’s decision. The notion of a woman hero is a fine example of women’s eagerness to accept the appearance of achievement without actual achievement. Women learn from an early age to value make-up, that it’s OK to pretend that you are greater than you actually are. Women pretend they do not know that only men serve in combat because they are content to have an easier ride. Women gladly accept gold medals at the Olympics for coming in 10th and competing only against the second class of athletes. Name something invented by a woman! Achievements by the second rate gender pale in comparison to virtually everything great in human history was accomplished by men, not women. If Austin does not host a men only counter event, I will never visit Austin and will welcome it’s deteriorati on. And I will not forget that Austin is best known for Charles Whitman. Does Austin stand for gender equality or for kissing up to women? Don’t bother to respond. I already know the answer. I do not hate women. I hate their rampant hypocrisy and the hypocrisy of the “women’s movement.” Women do not want gender equality; they want more for women. Don’t bother to respond because I am sure your cowardice will generate nothing worth reading.

Richard A. Ameduri, Mayoradler.com 9 Comments [6/1/2017 9:54:47 AM]
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Quote# 127903

During a talk about the meaning of Bible verses on male headship — where men are leaders in the home and the church — an image of newly-shorn actress Kristen Stewart flashed onto an overhead screen.

Was this platinum blonde buzz cut, asked the speaker, Carmelina Read, appropriate for a woman? Was it feminine and submissive, or instead flagging independence and rebellion?

But what disturbed some attendees more — roughly 3,000 Anglican, Presbyterian and Baptist women were there, with an estimated 1,600 watching by livestream — was that another thread had emerged at the Sydney Convention Centre: that women should also consider themselves "helpers" of men in the workplace.

While it is generally accepted amongst conservative Christians that "headship" means women should submit to men at home and in the church, extending the idea to the world beyond is considered controversial, a form of mission creep.

Eternity reported that one conference speaker said if a woman became a CEO, "she should perform her role in a way that was helpful to men".

And a video was shown in which a female minister said, "what makes her happy is when she is able to make her male colleagues 'shine'".

What is the doctrine of headship?

The doctrine of headship means, in short, that men are to be the heads of women in the church as well as in marriage.

The idea of headship has long divided Protestants in Australia, with the conservative pockets — where women are not allowed to be priests, such as the Sydney Anglican diocese, and Presbyterian church — adhering to it most vigorously.

Those who argue for male headship are called complementarians; the idea being that women and men are equal before God, but have different and complementary roles to play (as per literal interpretations of verses in Ephesians 5, where wives are told to submit to their husbands as their heads, and 1 Timothy 2, where women are told not to teach or have authority over a man).

Those who believe those verses should be read in their cultural context and were never intended to permanently ouster women from leadership — and that the hallmark of a Christian marriage is mutual submission, not male headship — are called egalitarians.

Many complementarians are wary of feminism, and Ms Read reportedly said her experience showed her that it is not possible to be Christian and a feminist.

Feminism would "trick me into thinking that God's design isn't good," she said, leading her to indulge in sinful thinking: "I want headship; I want control."

It's not enough to say Islam does not condone domestic violence. We must also challenge the idea of male headship that normalises the violation of women's rights.

"More and more the world thinks in a gender-neutral way that we're people and not men and women," she said.

Carmelina Read, abc.net 0 Comments [6/7/2017 1:29:37 PM]
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Sour Grapes Award

Behold the dread harem of strawwomen!

Quote# 125970

List of things normie males pretend to be OK with:

• Her storied sexual past which includes a double digit partner count, orgies, and other forms of sheer degeneracy, with men better endowed/better looking than himself (Chads)

• The fact that she did anal/deep throating/MFF threesomes for Chad but never will for him, since she has "grown out of it" now

• The fact that her prime sexual years are behind her and that she is "too busy" or "too tired" for sex pretty much all the time now

• Her telling him she's too tired for sex or has a headache for the 7th time that week

• Her browsing FB, keeping tabs on old flames and having private messages with ex boyfriends, male colleagues and bosses that he will never be privy to (for good reason)

• Her ladies' nights out with her BFFs where she doesn't text or call for long periods

• Her insistence that trust is essential, and that she should be able to go out and have drinks with male friends/coworkers, party all night, sleep at friends houses, all without ever being questioned

• The fact that she constantly complains about not having enough money, pressures him to "self improve" by getting a better job so she can buy the things she wants

• Her pushing him to spend more time looking after the kids, cleaning up the house, giving her emotional care, and other shit she would never think to pester Chad for

• Her interest in the polyamorous lifestyle

• Her "feminist awakening" where she realized she needed to be "sexually liberated" and draw "energy and validation" from the attentions and cocks of strange men

• The knowledge that divorce (which seems more certain by the day) will financially and socially ruin him while benefitting her

• The fact that at least one of their children doesn't really resemble him much

Sure, we may be incel, but at least we will never have to live with all the rationalizations and bullshit a non Chadly male has to endure in order to maintain a relationship with an FHO in this day and age. Can the pro-feminist beta male cucks who come here to complain say the same? Thought not. LOL game over normshits, you lose again!

EveryDayIsANightmare, /r/incels 16 Comments [4/3/2017 12:05:46 PM]
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Submitted By: Pharaoh Bastethotep
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Quote# 128220

Does Islam need feminism?


No, judging by the damage it has done in western societies.

The book The Garbage generation was released in 1990. Gives a good insight into he kind of society feminists want to create.

The Garbage generation

The feminist/sexual revolution is not a breakthrough but a throwback. Its program, highly successful thanks to the betrayal of the family by the legal system, is to undermine and destroy patriarchal social organisation, based on male kinship, and to restore matriliny, the female kinship system whose results can be seen in the ghettos, on Indian reservations, in the islands of the Caribbean, and in surviving Stone Age societies.

In primitive tribal society matriliny is well adapted to the peoples needs. In civilised society it is pathological – the source of most crime, delinquency, illegitimacy, educational failure, drug addiction, infantilism, gang violence, demoralisation and sexual confusion.

According to todays lawmakers and judges, society must provide props for the strongest link in the family, the mother infant tie. According to Daniel Amneus, society must instead provide props for the weakest link, the fathers role. Mom got along without patriarchal society and the legal system for two hundred million years, but Dad has got to have them and have them on his side or there will be no two parent family.

The solution: place the children of divorce in the custody of the fathers rather than the mothers. This was the 19th century practice and it made the Victorian family a stable institution. There were only 7000 divorces annually in the 1860s, when John Stuart Mill wrote, ‘They are by law his children’.

Todays judges are virtual accessories to child abuse when they place children in female headed households where they are far more likely to be mistreated, neglected, impoverished and delinquent.

Junon, IslamicBoard 6 Comments [6/17/2017 2:25:02 PM]
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Submitted By: Katie
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Quote# 84872

The stay-at-home-daughters movement, which is promoted by Vision Forum, encourages young girls and single women to forgo college and outside employment in favor of training as “keepers at home” until they marry. Young women pursuing their own ambitions and goals are viewed as selfish and antifamily; marriage is not a choice or one piece of a larger life plan, but the ultimate goal. Stay-at-home daughters spend their days learning “advanced homemaking” skills, such as cooking and sewing, and other skills that at one time were a necessity -- knitting, crocheting, soap- and candle-making. A father is considered his daughter’s authority until he transfers control to her husband.

Doug Phillips, Vision Forum 100 Comments [11/21/2011 4:15:32 AM]
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Submitted By: PK
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Quote# 125839

(Why is it when women have sex with someone and regret it the next night they cry rape? And when men have sex with someone and regret it that don't do anything about it other than get over it?

Why are women such idiots?)

Women aren't idiots (ok they are) but this isn't an example of their stupidity. Women are children with slightly more awareness.

When a toddler gets stroppy and throws its toys out of the pram, the parent returns it, but the toddler is too young to take advantage of that.

Women are treated in this exact way by society, and they know it, so they abuse it. A woman could walk up to a man on the street, shout at him and assault him, and men would rush to her support.

Why should females not take advatange of this? Because it's immoral? As if that ever mattered to gender niggers. No, women are idiots in other ways. In this context, they're the same stubborn children that they've been taught to be since birth

RippedRichAndIncel, /r/incels 10 Comments [3/30/2017 4:12:25 AM]
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Submitted By: Pharaoh Bastethotep
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Quote# 104276

I have and I still believe I'd have sex with a woman against her consent. The difference now is that when I wrote that I thought that rape is forceful sex against a woman's consent. I was wrong, since I didn't know enough history and was brainwashed my feminist propaganda. Rape is a crime against women's owner or her chastity and consent is irrelevant for women. In fact, should you expect it you're bound to be seen as a complete loser by a woman. All that anti-rape propaganda is actually aimed to keep dumbasses who believe women even want to consent away from getting any sex whatsoever.

So while I'd still forcibly have a sex with a woman I'd never rape, since I wouldn't have forcible sex with a woman who is somebody's property or chaste.

caamib, Why, God, Why? 181 Comments [10/23/2014 3:21:57 AM]
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Quote# 127761

Females are not human

they simply aren't

smileatthecrocodile, /r/incels 9 Comments [6/2/2017 9:13:59 AM]
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Submitted By: Pharaoh Bastethotep
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Quote# 125632

" No hidden agenda. I say that if I prove myself capable of doing the same labor, why should it bother you if I do? That is not a claim that all women are capable of it, nor that the scale should be made to slide on the behalf of those who aren’t capable."

Bullshit. There is definitely an agenda. You haven’t proven anything — you’re just making arguments like the typical feminist you are.

You say you want “equality” and then next thing we know women are laying claim to their husbands’ life essence by using biased, feminist laws such as VAWA. They are claiming “discrimination” to get into jobs they shouldn’t be in. Why, that pull-up test was sexist! I wouldn’t have crashed that fighter plane if those men hadn’t made me feel insecure. If only the Army developed bionic tampons, I could haul 100lb. packs up the mountains of Afghanistan! Etc., etc.

So you can chop wood and change tires? Post a verifiable picture of yourself doing so and let the men here see for themselves how “demure” and feminine you are.

Nothing turns guys on like a sweaty, thick-armed, heavy-handed woman wielding a wrench or an ax…

So sexy, baby.

Bet you like to be on top, no?

[Submitter's note: >he doesn't enjoy cowgirl]

Welmer, Chateau Heartiste 10 Comments [3/22/2017 8:32:18 AM]
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Quote# 127376

I can't wait til the next election when women don't even have the right to vote thanks to the great Donald J. Trump. #RepealTheNineteenth

THEaidandean, Twitter 16 Comments [5/21/2017 2:10:20 PM]
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Submitted By: The Reptilian Jew
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Quote# 125816

Men want sex for pleasure and not much else. Women also want pleasure, but they have many more reasons for sex, including their ability to use it to manipulate men. If men no longer need women for sexual pleasure, then women lose their power over men.

Crowhill, Resisting the Rape of the Male – Sex Positive Men's Rights 7 Comments [3/29/2017 1:41:08 PM]
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Submitted By: Xavier Hugo
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Quote# 126794

Single mothers typically raise their daughters to be strong and their sons to be weak. They'll teach their sons things like:

"You have to be nice to girls. Open doors for them. Buy them flowers. Tell them how nice they look. Always make her feel good or another guy might take your place." Etc.

Things that virtually guarantee he will be treated like a sucker by today's uber aggressive female lioness.

Meanwhile they're teaching their daughters things like:

"Don't depend on any man! Never let your left hand know what your right hand is doing. Never be vulnerable. Don't let him see you weak. Girls can play too. You gotta use what you got to get what you want in life." Etc.

In other words things that virtually guarantee a life of perpetual single hood and ineligibility for marriage that will plague that daughter for the rest of her life.

Truth is: it takes a lion to deal with a lioness! That means today's man must be aggressive and confident himself if he's ever going to obtain success in his relationship with a woman. The world will teach men to be passive, demure and to tuck your balls. That way you won't turn women off with your natural God-given masculinity.

I'm here to tell you emphatically: that is very GAY.

Aggression and masculinity are hallmarks of manhood! They are manly traits that come natural to every man: provided his single mother hasn't already beat those traits out of him by the time he's an adult.

It's time out for this pansy, tiptoeing through the flower patch, effeminate, girly-man phenomenon that's confusing the genders today! Men were created to be men! You're supposed to act manly and macho. Aggression is not a feminine trait.

That's why aggressive women are such a turn off in the work place. Watching an aggressive woman at work is like watching a cat bark or a dog climbing a tree. It doesn't go together and violates simple protocols of nature.

I encourage all men to take back their masculinity, and all women to recapture their femininity.

It's amazing to me how women today have allowed gays and trannies to steal their style, hijack their female-ness and place them subordinate to the men with a clear identity crisis.

Gays and trannies are still men! So that tells me women today are so confused they'll accept being subordinate to queer men, but refuse to submit to normal men! When gay men and especially trannies tend to treat women egregiously disrespectful, and don't even WANT you!

All I'm saying is, we need order restored. Because clearly we are madly out of order with all this gender role confusion. Men - get back to acting like and being men. Untuck yourself, for crying out loud!

And ladies: learn to be vulnerable and worthy of being captured. You're not supposed to be the huntress: you're supposed to be the hunted. And I mean that in a good way. Learn what it takes to be found attractive and capture worthy.

Because only the best should be worthy of capturing you anyway. That's the proper mindset to have.

For the guys I created a product titled Power - and for the ladies a created one titled Saved Sexy And Still Single. Both are ebooks that are instantly available to be downloaded, read and studied right now.

Applying this information to your life will help undo much of the wrong teaching and indoctrination that has messed you up and left you incapable of carrying on a successful relationship. Call it 'vitally important corrective measures.'

Mack Major, Facebook 7 Comments [4/30/2017 1:06:52 PM]
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Quote# 125728

Having a waifu is just another form of female worship

Cut that shit out.

Stop worshipping fictional female characters, it's pathetic and THEY'RE WOMEN FOR FUCKS SAKE.

Hell I'd say that simply liking a female character is just another form of female worship.

Females need to be violently shoved off the pedestal, not put on an even higher one.

All females deserve our utter hatred. Including ones that aren't real.

IFA_MTBL, /r/incels 11 Comments [3/25/2017 11:16:31 PM]
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Submitted By: Pharaoh Bastethotep
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