Submission Guidelines

  1. No resubmissions, check the given lists of quotes when they are presented
  2. Quotes must be both Fundie AND Darndest to be worthy of submission. Simple declarations of faith need not apply.
  3. No commentary in quote submissions. That's what the comments are for.
  4. No name alterations on the source, this causes annoyance for the mods and problems with the search mechanisms
  5. When quoting a general source do not make generalizations. Find the proper name for the real source.
  6. When quoting an individual from a news article, name the person quoted rather than the article.
  7. No Quoting Quote sites.
The moderators have a log of collected violations and the administrator tracks offenses. Repeated offenses will result in being added to the banned list, which disables commentary, quote submission and most anything other than reading the site.